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Mars Retrograde in Pisces- 04 October 2020

Mars in its retrograde motion will move from its own sign Aries to Pisces on 04th October 2020 at 10:06 AM and become direct on 14th November 6:06 AM. Then it will move to its own sign Aries on 24th December 2020. So, Mars will remain in transition in this sign for the duration of the whole 81 days. Let’s see the results that this transit will bring for all zodiac signs-

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Mars Retrograde in Pisces


For Aries natives, Mars in its retrograde position will move from your ascendant house, where it was in potent position to your twelfth house of expenditures and foreign travels.

This transit indicates that there are going to be some health issues which can come into reckoning. These health issues if not addressed properly can lead to unnecessary expenditure, thus, leading to stress and mental worries in the process.

This position of the Mars is directly aspecting the third house of siblings and the seventh house of relationships and spouse. This indicates that there are going to be some issues which did not come into your notice earlier, cropping up during this transit. So, it is a very good time to take notice of them and try to make amends in the relationships.

Professionally, you could face some problems regarding the execution of plans and policies, which can sometimes make you anxious in the process. This can result in pessimism, negativity and doubts on your own abilities which can further aggravate the problems. So, you have to understand one thing, that this transit is here to make you more patient and watchful. This will give you the chance and time to learn from the mistakes and then plan accordingly when the transit is favorable for you.

Remedy- Chanting Hanuman Chalisa will bring auspicious results.


Mars in its retrograde position transiting in your eleventh house of success and profits will bring auspicious results. Your expenses will slowly start converting into profits during this auspicious time. Relationships will have a new found energy and slowly move towards a tranquil state. This will help you maintain a steady concentration level in your professional tasks and endeavors and achieve proper recognition and appreciation for your efforts.

However, you can sometimes feel yourself to be invincible, resulting in taking up tasks or projects more than required, which can create unnecessary pressure. You have to understand that this transit is here to make you more aligned towards your main mission in your life. Thus, handling one task at a time will help in improving your efficiency. In this transit, you can be a little stubborn and self-absorbed in nature and may put the blame on your subordinates or friends for the failure. But you have to understand that tasks and targets can only be achieved with teamwork, so keeping your team with you will help you achieve your tasks with great efficiency.

Remedy- Worship Lord Kartikeya on Tuesday.

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The transit of the Mars in retrograde will move into the tenth house of career and profession for Gemini natives.

The finance sector will remain stationary as in this duration, major focus will now shift on how to get things done in a more proficient manner rather than achieving your desires and ambitions.

You are going to be faced with challenges and competition and your enemies will leave no stones unturned to bring you down. This might bring in a feeling of insecurity and fear of losing, which may spruce up aggression and tendency to control the situations. It can further aggravate the negative results in both personal and professional life.

In this time, do not indulge in any confrontations and conflicts. Instead, divert your energy into increasing your productivity. This transit is here to make you understand that there is nothing wrong with falling down and it's a part of the process but how fast you are able to get up and try again shows your true resilient power and strength.

Your major focus in this duration will be on your career, so you might face some ups and downs in the relationships. Instead of putting all the responsibility on your partner to make the relationship better, be clear with communicating with your spouse or partner about the things that you are facing. This will help to avoid misunderstandings and bring you together. Students preparing for competitive exams will find auspicious results in this duration.

On the health part, indulging in any kind of physical activity is likely to help you in channelising your energy in a positive direction and keeping your stress and mental tension at bay.

Remedy- Fasting on Tuesdays is likely to bring better results.


Mars in its retrograde position will move into your ninth house which represents higher education and fortune. This indicates that the execution of plans will be difficult even if you are ready to re-evaluate or modify them. This is because Mars is transiting in its twelfth house from your house of action. So, be patient and let things happen at their own pace rather than pushing or forcing them. This is the right time period to improve your skills, which will help you set the right foundation for the future.

Taking advice from seniors or the higher management will be very helpful in this duration. However, being a Cancer sign, your sense of pride can sometimes take over you and may stop you from taking them. But, you have to understand that in order to grow, you have to let go of your ego and look at the bigger picture.

Try and avoid any kind of travelling in this duration as they may result in unnecessary expenditure and losses. Do not do anything that is in violation of the law or the government, especially regarding filing your taxes on time. Otherwise, you are likely to face many problems.

Personally, there may be certain ups and downs in relationships as you may find yourself short of words in expressing your true feelings to your partner. Because of this, they may think that you are not letting them in your lives and taking the relationship for granted. So, make sure to spend quality time with them, which will help you to mend the relationship and lead them in a desired direction.

Students pursuing higher education have to concentrate a little harder during this transit if they want to achieve good results. In terms of health, no major worries are indicated but if you have a history of B.P or any blood related problem then you have to remain aware and cautious during this transit.

Remedy- Wear Red Coral in your right hand ring finger set in gold (around 6cts.) on Tuesday.


The retrograde Mars is moving in the house of transformation and uncertainty from the house of fortune and luck.

Professionally, your endeavors might hit a dead end, because of which your confidence can get shaken up, thus, making you feel nervous and anxious. However, this transit is here to make you understand that sometimes it is good to stop and look back from where you started the journey and where you are now headed. So, this is a good time to introspect and learn from your past mistakes rather than making adjustments which will help you to achieve beneficial results in the future.

Having faith in your potential and positive approach is a must to encounter this transit. Do not rely on loans, liabilities and other people's resources during this period as you may end up being disappointed. Rather, try to maneuver the resources that are at your disposal till the time you are clear in terms of moving ahead.

On the personal front, the health of the parents might be a cause for worry and anxiety. In terms of personal relationships, this is the best time to rekindle your relationship with your spouse or partner. So, try to spend as much quality time with them and take them to their favourite places.

Health part will remain a little fragile during this transit. You may face some gastric and acidity issues, so keeping your eating habits and dietary patterns in check is of paramount importance. Inculcating yoga, meditation and proper sleep routine will work wonders in terms of improving your health.

Remedy- Offering sindoor to Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays will bring auspicious results.


For Virgo natives, you have to divert your efforts in the right direction in order to achieve beneficial results as Mars is transiting in your seventh house of vocation, partnership and spouse.

This transit might see you facing ups and downs, turbulence in your professional arena or work force. This might lead you to make hasty decisions and tempt you to quit things in between which can further push you down in your career path. So, be patient and analyse each and every situation before you take a step ahead. If you own business in partnership, then the period might result in clashes and arguments. So, instead of getting embroiled in them, try to give respect to your partner and work out the best possible solution with them to solve the problem.

On the finances part, as Mars is having a direct aspect on your second house ,you might see your pocket and savings shrinking a bit. So, proper management of funds and resources is of prime importance.

Personally, you might face some problems in relationships, as you may feel insecure and doubts may cripple your mindset. Because of this, there may be a tendency to control and dominate your partner, which can play spoilsport between you two. So, providing space and freedom to your partner will help you a lot in terms of giving relationships a new dimension.

Remedy- Donating copper on Tuesdays will bring auspicious results.

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This transit of Mars retrograde in your sixth house of competition and obstructions will provide you with very high competitive energy.

Professionally, this energy is going to help you in overcoming obstructions and obstacles in your workspace with ease, which will give you an edge over your competitors. Mars will have an aspect on your house of self or personality, which will give you a warrior and determined approach to become successful. However, you may sometimes try doing things or change things which are out of your reach, which can result in exhaustion of your energy. So, be wise and put your energy only in the tasks that can lead you towards your professional growth.

Financially, if you are planning to pay your debts and outstanding loans, then this is a very good time. However, avoid lending anyone money, as you may find it difficult to recover it afterwards.

Personally, as Mars is moving from the seventh house to the sixth house of diseases, it indicates that the health of the partner may remain a little fragile in this duration. So, try and spend as much quality time with them as possible.

Healthwise, If you have been troubled by a disease or illness for a long time, then this phase will help you to fully recover from that illness.

Remedy- Praying to Lord Narsimha on Tuesdays will bring auspicious results.


The Scorpio natives will host Mars in their fifth house of intellect and planning in its retrograde motion.

Professionally, this position of Mars indicates that you have to be prepared to put in many efforts without expecting any result in the bargain. Take it as you are playing a game of darts, as if you throw numerous darts towards the bull’s eye, then at least some of them would hit.

This is also a period to advance from your old belief system that you may have held for a long time in the right direction. Financially, it is not a period to put all your eggs in a single basket, instead try to put small amounts of money in different ventures which might produce favorable results for you in the long run.

Personally, you can be a little annoyed and easily irritated during this time period which might play spoilsport in terms of relationships. So, keeping your temperament in check in relationships is of paramount importance.

However, if you are married, then the behavior of your children can become a cause of worry for you sometimes. They might act rigid and you may end up having differences of opinion with them. But, instead of forcing them to do anything, try and set an example in front of them regarding how things can be done in a better manner. However, it is a very conducive period for the students pursuing higher studies

Healthwise, some issues around the abdomen region may start to bother you, especially related to gastric and acidic issues. So, try to stay away from fried and junk food in this duration.

Remedy- Wear red coral on your right hand ring finger (5-6cts.).


The position of retrograde Mars in your fourth house of innerself, home and comforts may cause you some restlessness and anxiety. You might feel frustrated, caged and would want to break away from all confinements. This might result in you making decisions in haste, which can result in losses. So, be patient and try to make decisions after properly weighing the pros and cons of each and every situation.

Financially, you might want to renovate your home and property which might result in usage of more money than you anticipated. It can cause some unnecessary stress and worries. So, managing your finances properly is of paramount importance in this duration.

Personally, as Mars is also having an aspect on the house of marriage and relationships, it can create some temperamental differences in the relationships. So, spending quality time with each other is a prerequisite.

On the health part, problems related to blood like B.P etc. can bother you during this period. So, keeping a check on your eating habits and indulging in physical activities is a must in this time frame.

Remedy- Reciting Hanuman Chalisa will bring auspicious results.

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The transit of retrograde Mars in the third house of valor, courage and efforts will bring auspicious results for Capricorn natives.

Professionally, you might think of taking such tasks and endeavors which you were not comfortable taking earlier. Your self-confidence will become higher and you may not hesitate to put in efforts in order to realise your goals and ambitions. If you are working in the field of athletics and sports, you might see an increase in opportunities to showcase your potential and talent. However, there could be some decline in the health of the mother and the siblings might also feel that you are not adhering to their needs, which can make them go away from you.

You might get across some job opportunities during this time for which you were trying earlier but due to some circumstances could not materialise.

For personal relationships, this position of Mars will make you at your romantic and sensual best and you will be prepared to do anything for your partner. This is likely to help you take your relationship to the next level.

Overall, a very good transit that may provide you the platform to fulfill your each desire and help you accomplish each and every goal. But in this time duration, making small and persistent efforts would help you to realise your goals much faster than putting all your energy in taking one big shot.

Remedy- Recite Angaraka Stotram with devotion.

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Financial action must be taken after properly weighing in the pros and cons during the transit of retrograde Mars for Aquarius natives in their second house. The main focus in this time duration is how to properly utilise the resources in hand to their optimum level. This period demands you to avoid any impulsive purchases. Rather, a well thought-out plan or budget is necessary to secure you and your family's future.

On the personal front, Mars in its retrograde motion can make you harsh speech-wise which can create some bitterness in the relationships between you and your loved ones. So, better watch out your words before you speak.

On the health part, stay away from foods that are hard to digest otherwise you can face problems related to teeth and stomach.

Remedy- Reciting Rinn Mochak Mangal Stotra will be favourable for Aquarius natives.


The position of the retrograde Mars in your first house of personality will bring poor results for the Pisces natives. This indicates that even after full utilisation of your resources and potential, results may be hard to achieve. There may be unnecessary delays in all your proceedings. Everything may seem to be in a stationary mode leading you nowhere.

This may end up making you frustrated which you may vent on to your family members and loved ones. It may lead to a lot of problems or disturbances in the family and relationships. The best part to do in this transit is to keep your calm and not push hard for things to happen. Rather relax and trust in the process of life.

On the health front, as Mars is a fiery planet and transiting in your first house, it may cause dryness in your skin. So, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and moisturize yourself properly. Inculcating meditation and physical exercises will help you move your energy in a positive direction.

Do not enter in any kind of conflicts and confrontations as there are chances of you getting hurt or injured in the process. Driving safely and cautiously is one other thing that you should do during this transit.

Remedy- Apply Sandalwood or Chandan tilak on your forehead daily.

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