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Venus Transit in Libra (17 November 2020)


The planet Venus which represents Beauty, Creativity, Romance and persuasive powers will be moving out of its debilitated position in Virgo to its Mooltrikona sign “ Libra” on 17th November 12:50am IST. Venus will remain in this sign till 11th December 2020 05:04am IST.

Let’s see what effects will it bring on all the zodiac signs-

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Venus Transit in Libra


Aries native will host Venus in their seventh sign of spouse, business partnerships, vocation and journeys. For your sign Venus governs the second house of accumulated wealth, savings and family. It also holds the responsibility of your house of spouse and business relations. This indicates that Venus will provide auspicious results for your sign.

Professionally, Venus is positioned in the tenth house from your house of profession and career. It indicates that this transit will be very favorable for new beginnings or initiating new tasks that have been pending for long. If you have been looking for opportunities regarding job change for a long time, then this transit is likely to bring auspicious results for you. If you have been thinking about speaking to your higher management regarding appraisal or promotion, then this is the right time duration to do so. Business partnerships are also likely to bring income and prosperity.

For single natives, a very good time to confess your true feelings to the person whom you like, as in this time duration It is very likely that they will reciprocate the same. It is also a very auspicious period for you if you have been looking to take your relationship to the next level. For married natives, relationships will improve and will grow leaps and bound during this transit. It will also be very beneficial, if you have been looking to extend your family.

Voyages or travels taken during this time period will provide benefits and profits. Healthwise, this transit looks fine, but you have to be a little careful regarding your abdomen and below abdomen region. There could be some UTI related problems. So, drink plenty of fluids during this time duration.

Remedy- Wearing white clothes on Mondays and Fridays will help you in getting auspicious results of Venus.


For you, Venus will be transiting in your sixth house of competition, diseases and enemies, dear Taurians. Venus holds the responsibility of your ascendant, self , personality and your sixth house of competition, enemies and diseases. This transit will bring mixed results.

You might see yourself getting embroiled in the plots and schemes of your enemies, which might see them dominating you in your place of work. So, it is advised to remain calm and avoid getting yourself in any clash and conflicts. Some female colleague of yours can be a source of worry and trouble for you. You may be inclined towards job change during this duration, however, it is not the suitable time duration to do so. You are suggested to wait till this transit is over.

In terms of love and romance, especially for those of who you are Married. You may face some ups and downs So, it is advised to keep open communication with your beloved during this time duration.

However, it will be a favorable time period for students preparing for competitive exams.They are likely to see their results bear fruitful results.

Healthwise, some issues with eyesight and abdomen region could be there, so try to keep your diet in check and do not put too much strain on your eyes.

Remedy- Plant white flowers at home.


Gemini natives will hold Venus in their fifth house of love, romance and progeny. Venus holds the responsibility of your twelfth house of foreign and expenditure. It also governs your fifth house of love, romance and progeny. This will be an auspicious transit for you.

Professionally, During this transit, your persuasive powers and creativity will be very good which will help you to present your ideas in an impressive manner. This will hold you in good stead among your peers and higher management. Those of you looking for new opportunities in the job field are likely to get them aplenty during this transit. Those looking for promotion might be able to get their desired location during this transit.

If you are in your own business, you will come across many opportunities that will see you succeed in your ventures.

This period is also a very good time period for relationships, as you will be able to fully express your emotions and feelings to your beloved. This will help you in strengthening the bond between you two. For married natives, this is a very good time period, if you have been looking forward to family expansion.

Students looking for higher education or chances for studying abroad may see their dreams come true.

It is a very good transit for gemini natives overall, but, you may be a little extravagant during this duration. So, managing your savings and resources will be of paramount importance during this duration.

Remedy- Give some part of your food to the cows daily.


Venus will transit in your fourth house which represents Mother, conveyances, luxuries and comforts. This will bring in auspicious results for you, dear cancerians.

During this transit, the health of the mother will improve and you are likely to achieve good support and benefits from her. You will be inclined to jazz up your home interiors and for this you may purchase some decorative stuff for your home. You are also likely to buy new vehicles, conveyances during this transit. You are also likely to spend most of your resources on means of entertainment during this transition. You are also likely to gain from the property related deals during this transit.

Professionally, those of you who are in the fields of creativity and art will see a rise in opportunities to succeed during this transit. You are also likely to get full support from your female colleagues in your workplace.

This will be a very good transit for Love and romance, as the fourth house represents heart and from this place only emotions and feelings can be expressed. So, this will help you in expressing your true feelings and emotions to your beloved. You will be at your romantic best and unconditional in your love. This will help in strengthening the bond between you two.

However, healthwise, you need to avoid eating too much cold stuff as because of that you may face some problems related to chest congestion, cold and cough etc.

Remedy- Donating Misri and milk to young girls on Fridays will bring auspicious results.

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As a leo, you will host Venus in your third house of hobbies, interests and siblings in its own sign. As Venus also holds the responsibility of your tenth house of profession and status. This indicates that this transit will bring in beneficial results for you.

Professionally, you may see your efforts heading in the right direction. As third house also represents communication, the potent position of Venus will help you to exchange your ideas clearly to your team, thus increasing the efficiency of the task. This will also help in increasing the camaraderie within the team. This transit will see you inclined towards the means such as Music, Dance etc..which will help you to connect with yourself and tap onto your creative potential.

For personal relationships, this transit will incline you to spend quality time with your siblings, which will help in improving the bond with them. This period will also be very good for romantic relationships. You will be inclined to undertake recreational activities with your partner, which may strengthen the bond between you two.

Remedy- Reciting the Mantra of Venus “Om Shum Shukraye Namah” 108 times on Fridays will bring you auspicious results.


Venus will transit into its own second house of accumulated wealth, savings and family. Also, from this we see your food eating habits. It indicates that this will be a very auspicious transit for you.

You are likely to receive gains in your accumulated wealth and savings during this transit. You will be more family oriented and will like to spend time with your family which will help in increasing the cordial atmosphere in your family. The businessmen who are involved in their family business will see improvement in their income and gains. Your communication and persuasive skills will be very good during this transit, which will help you in achieving good profits and gains.

As Venus also governs your ninth house of fortune and is positioned in its own second house, which indicates that the advice or support from your father or father figure will be very helpful and provide necessary direction for your future.

This transit will see you grow fond of eating which can result in you putting on weight. So, keeping a check on your eating habits is a must in this time duration.

Remedy- Donate sweet items like sugar, jaggery to the old and needy on Fridays.


The transit of Venus will provide auspicious results for this air sign. As Venus represents manifestation power in astrology, this transit will give you great capacity to attract people and situations through your thoughts and imagination. So, remain confident and optimistic in your approach to gain maximum results from this transit.

You will come across many opportunities that will provide you with gains and income in your professionals sector. The businessmen will also see a rise in their profits. You will share great mutual understanding with your business partner, which will lead to monetary gains and profits. This is also a very good transit for making long term investments. As it is having a direct aspect on your seventh house, which represents society. It indicates that your image and status in society will improve. Your sense of aesthetics will improve in this time duration that will be evident in all aspects of your life.

This is going to be a very auspicious transit for those of you, who are looking to take their relationship to the next level. The married natives are also likely to feel contentment and happiness in their relationships. Those of you who are looking forward to family expansion are likely to benefit from this period.

On the health front , overall health seems fine, but try and avoid over- indulgence of any kind in order to gain maximum results from this transit.

Remedy- Recite “ Lalita Sahstranaam” during sunrise.

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The Transit of Venus in its own sign in its own twelfth house will bring in benefits from foreign lands and sources from foreign lands and sources. Since, it also governs your seventh house which signifies short travel, partnerships and vocation. This indicates that this transit will also make you undertake journeys that you have been planning for a long time.

Professionally, you are going to come across many opportunities related to foreign lands. It can be either in the form of an invitation from Multinational companies or if you are already working there, then you can be offered to settle abroad. This transit will be beneficial for businessmen dealing in import export. This is also a favorable period, if you have been planning to take loans or looking for sanction of loans. As Venus represents comforts also, it indicates that you are likely to spend more during this transit on luxurious items. However, try to plan the budget and spend accordingly.

This position of the Venus will also be favorable for relationships. Married Scorpio natives will be willing to spend quality time with their beloved. You will be inclined to take your beloved or spouse to their favorite destinations or to the destinations, which you both feel nostalgic about. This will help in strengthening the bond between you two. However, single natives of this sign might face some ups and downs and temperamental differences in the relationships. You are advised to have open communication with your partner, it will help you to lead the relationships in the right direction.

Healthwise, try and avoid spending too much time on your television and Mobile during this time duration. As that could put too much strain on your eyes, resulting in weak eyesight.

Remedy- Listening or reading the mythological story of the incarnation of Shri Lord Vishnu, "Lord Parshuram" will bring auspicious results.


Dear sagittarians, the transit of Venus in its own eleventh house of success and profits will bring auspicious results for you. You are likely to achieve appreciation for your efforts from your higher management during this period. You are likely to get rewards and recognition for your performance from your seniors in your workplace. This position of Venus will also yield huge profits and gains for businessmen. Any pending legal cases can be decided in your favor.

As eleventh house also represents friends and social circle, the transit of Venus here indicates good support and gains from friends and social circle. It also indicates that you are going to meet a friend after a long time, which will be a source of both joy and happiness. However, stay away from taking any kind of loans and liabilities in this time duration.

You are also likely to get desired results in terms of love and romance. Your partner will fully understand your feelings and emotions and likely to provide you with their support. For single natives or those of you who are waiting to find your someone special, there are very high chances that you are going to meet them. It will be a very favorable transit for those looking to take their relationship to the next level.

Students preparing for competitive exams are likely to see their efforts succeed during this transit.

Remedy- Reciting "Sri Suktam" in praise of goddess Lakshmi will add on to the benefits of Venus.


The transit of Venus in your tenth house of career and profession will bring mixed results for you, dear capricorn natives. You are going to be faced with recurrent obstacles in your workplace. You are likely to assign some tasks that were not specifically mentioned in your job description. That could lead to frustration and angst which could result in some clashes and arguments with your senior management. However, it is advised to stay calm and patient during this transit as these clashes would further aggravate the situations.

If looking for a new job than analyzing the pros and cons of each proposal before making any decision is necessary.

In terms of personal life, some clashes and arguments could take place between you two. This is because your partner might think you are taking the relationship for granted. So, even doing small things like sending them flowers, gifts, taking them to special places will make them feel special.

This is a very good transit for health,as no worries regarding health are foreseen in this time duration.

Remedy- Wearing white opal of 5-6 cts either in a Silver ring or pendant finger will be very beneficial.


The transit of Venus in the ninth house of fortune, luck and spirituality will bring auspicious results for aquarians.

Professionally, this is a very favorable transit if you are looking for a change in job. You may come across many opportunities in your desired area of work. Business is also likely to yield gains and success. Those in business partnerships may sign some new agreements and contracts that may lead their business into a new direction.

Those continuing their present job are likely to receive support and appreciation from senior management. Benefits from the government can also be foreseen during this transit.

Personally, your father and father like figures will provide great moral and financial support during this transit. Benefits to mother can also be foreseen both in terms of finance and health.

Relationship with the spouse will also yield beneficial results and you are likely to get support from your beloved which will see you grow personally and professionally.

You are also likely to undertake journeys to some spiritual places which may bring peace and contentment both.

Remedy- Gift perfumes, clothes and silver ornaments to the females of your household.


Dear Pisces, the transit of Venus in your eighth house of transformation and uncertainty will provide mixed results.

This position of the Venus may give some health scares which may make it difficult for you to concentrate fully on your work. This may result in creating some blocks or hurdles in your career. This may be a cause of mental stress and anxiety.

Those of you in business have to put in consistent efforts to attain gains and profits. However, as the eighth house also represents sudden gains and gifts, you may be able to get sudden gains like from ancestral property.

The relationship with the partner may reach new dimensions and will be full of happiness. Those who are single may come across their soulmate during this duration.

However, students are advised to avoid going astray during this transit, hanging in bad company will bring adverse effects on their higher education.

Remedy- Donate milk on Mondays and Fridays.

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