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Venus Transit in Scorpio (October 2, 2021): Know Its Impact on all the 12 Zodiac Signs!

Know about the planet Venus transiting in Scorpio on October 2, 2021, and find out how this planetary transit can transform the lives of natives of all the 12 zodiac signs! Venus, also known as the planet of love and adoration, will transit from its own sign Libra to the deep sign of Mars, that is Scorpio. The love will meet the intensity and passion during this transit. The transit will take place on 2 October 2021 at 9.35 am till Venus will move into the next sign that is in Sagittarius on 30 October at 15.56 pm.

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Venus is the planet of leisure, pleasure and sophistication, truly feminine in nature. The planet of beauty, fertility and prosperity is of vital importance in astrology. It is the Karak of a wife in a male’s chart. It rules the seventh house of marriage of the natural zodiac, which makes it an important planet for marriage in an individual’s chart. It defines the taste buds and aesthetics. The creativity, art, ornaments and jewels are all influenced by this Goddess of beauty. All the good looking and pleasures of the world like dance, music, entertainment, physical pleasures, fragrances, fashion, theatre, fall under this planet. It also rules the genitals and reproductive organs, which are crucial for creating a new life on the earth.

The warmth of love and cosiness of deep feelings are generated by Venus. A well placed Venus brings good healthy relationships in a native’s life and an afflicted Venus can take the individual towards celibacy. This soft planet is at its best in the emotional sign of Jupiter, that is Pisces and in a weaker position in the critical sign of Mercury, that is Virgo. Let us find out the impact of this transit on various zodiac signs.

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The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Call best astrologers on phone and know in detail about the impact of Venus transit on your life.


For Aries sign, Venus governs the second house of accumulated wealth, savings and family and the seventh house of marriage, association and partnerships, Venus will be transiting in your eighth house during this transit. The married natives may face some troubles with the spouse or they may be concerned with the ill health of their partner. You may also face some problems with the intimacy of your relationship. Those who are into partnership business are advised to be careful, as some secret enemies might attack you during this period. You are advised to be crystal clear in your communication with the partners as well as your prospective clients, since any hidden plans may bring a negative impact on your dealings. The business owners will get sudden gains from unaccounted sources, you will also get opportunities to earn illegally. However, we advise being fair and honest in your dealings, as such an income doesn't last long. You may get a favour in cash or kind from the paternal lineage during this period. If waiting for the discussion on the ancestral property, then this time is potent as you may get things in your favour. Your mother may face some health concerns during this period, you should take medical assistance in order to avoid the same from getting worse.


Chant 'Om Shukraya Namah' 108 times a day.


For Taureans, Venus is the lord of your rising sign which represents the self of a native and sixth house of competition, diseases and debt. It will be transiting in your seventh house of marriage, partnerships and associations. The married natives will be blessed with marital bliss during this period. The love and warmth in your relationship will enhance and you may go out on dinner dates with your spouse. If your partner is working in the private industry, then they will get success during this time, which will be another reason to go out and celebrate their achievements. The singles who are searching for their perfect match have bright possibilities of getting hitched during this period. Those who are working in a joint venture or partnership will earn good business, especially those who are into litigation will be very successful. You will be overwhelmed with loads of happiness, love, care and concern during this transit period. You will be sophisticated in your dressing sense and will pay more attention to styling yourself. This will mark an impression on your personality, you will be charismatic and people, especially of the opposite sex, will get attracted towards you.


Using lots of perfumes and fragrances every day, especially the sandalwood aroma will bring auspicious results.


For Gemini natives, Venus owns the lordship of their fifth house of children, romance and love, it also holds the responsibility of your twelfth house of expenditure, overseas travel and pleasure. Venus will be transiting from your sixth house of enemies, health issues and competition. The students who are preparing for competitive examinations will attain success, however, you will have to put extra efforts into achieving good results. Those who are employed in the private sector, especially in the travel, tourism, media or entertainment industry will be fortunate. You will get good opportunities in your profession, which may eventually bring salary hikes and promotions. You may also get a chance to travel and market your products. The ambience at your workplace will be healthy and cordial, your subordinates and team members will support you and follow your instructions religiously. Those who are in love may not have a happening time, you will have fights and differences of opinions with your dear one. You are advised to avoid any kind of debates, in order to save yourself from getting into big fights or breaking up. The married natives may also face some misunderstandings in your relationship. You will be a little disturbed due to the ill health of your children during this period.


Donate white-coloured food or white ornaments to needy young girls on Friday.


For Cancer natives, Venus presides over their fourth house of domestic comforts, property and eleventh house of income and gains. Venus will transit in your fifth house of progeny, relationships and further studies during this transit period. This period will be auspicious in terms of financial matters. The employed natives have bright chances of getting increment and the business representatives will earn good profits from their dealings. Those who are into fashion, interior or decor business will have a fruitful period, you will witness a booming phase in your profession and will get recognition for your good works. You will also earn handsome money from your existing as well as past works. Those who own the jewellery business will also be able to make good money as their products will sell well during this transit period. The natives who are planning to convert their hobbies into the profession should utilise this time as you will get success in your endeavours. You will be happy and prosperous in your personal life and will share a good bond with your family and children.


Light an oil burner with jasmine, rose or sandalwood aroma every evening.

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For the natives of the Leo zodiac sign, Venus rules the third house of efforts and short travels, also the tenth house of authority and status. It will transit in the fourth house of home & family. You will have a joyful ambience at your home. You will have an inclination to do things for the members of the family and they will support you in all your decisions. You may buy a vehicle during this period, which will add to your joy and merriment. Your relationship with your mother will be good and you will be under the shelter of her love and care. Those who are into family business will have an auspicious time, your coordination with the members will be overwhelming and this will help you in taking big decisions which will bring good results. Those who are working from home will also have a favourable period in their career. Fine arts, fashion and interior designing students will have a fruitful period, you will be full of creative thoughts and ideas which will help you in making innovative projects and bagging good grades. The employed natives can get the most awaited transfer during this period. Those who are planning to invest in property can make their investments, as the time is potent.


Consume aniseeds and lemon every day.


For Virgo natives, Venus is the lord of the second house of speech, material possessions and the ninth house of religion and fortune. During this period, Venus will be transiting from the third house of the peer group and expressions. You will have sweetness in your speech and delicacy in your gestures during this time. This will add grace to your overall personality and people will get charmed by the same. You will receive recognition in your society and will make many friends. Your bond with younger siblings will grow and they will help you in accomplishing You may go out on a short trip with your friends and acquaintances. Luck will shine on you and you will achieve success in all your endeavours. You will have a religious bent and will donate money at temples or religious places. You will also make an effort to serve the needy during this time. The students who are pursuing higher studies will have a favourable period. Your inclination will remain strong and you will be able to memorise everything quickly. The single who are looking for their perfect match will face some challenges as you will have to struggle hard to find the match of your choice.


Grow white flowers at your home on Friday and nurture them.


Libra is ruled by sign Venus and it also holds the lordship of eighth houses of occult, mysteries, inheritance. It will be placed in the second house during this transit period. You will have financial abundance during this time. You will earn from different sources. There are bright possibilities of sudden gain or earning through some unfair means. However, you are advised to be fair and honey in all your dealings. You may also gain from the ancestral property or get the legacy of your maternal uncle. The scholars and researchers will have an auspicious time, you will plunge into your studies and dig out the hidden secrets of things. Those who are into the fashion industry or event organisation will also have a fruitful period. Your mother may face some health concerns during this period. You will be inclined towards the happiness of your family and will prefer staying indoors with your dear one. Those who are staying away from the family have bright chances of visiting your natal places and spending joyful time with the members of the house. Women may also face some problems related to hormones or menopause. You are advised not to invest in a speculative business, as you may face sudden losses.


Worship Goddess Lakshmi and offer lotus flowers on Friday.


For the Scorpio natives, Venus rules the twelfth house of expenditure, losses and the seventh house of partnership and associations. It will be in the rising sign, which represents the self of a native. You will be attractive and popular amongst the opposite sex during this transit period. You will be optimistic, cheerful and will enjoy spending time in garden or artistic places. You will be a true admirer of beauty and pleasure during this transit period. The married natives will have warmth and love in their relationship and you will make beautiful memories with your spouse by spending time with them and going on frequent travel plans. You may also spend a lot on buying expensive gifts for your spouse. Love will be in the air for natives who are single, proposing your crush or person of your choice would be beneficial during this time. Time is also potent for the ones who are searching for their better half, as you may meet the person of your dreams. Those who are into fine arts or designing will have a favourable period, your creativity will be at its peak and you will create masterpieces from the same. Those who are into the import-export business pertaining to garment, accessories and home decor will get good opportunities to expand their client base and earn handsome profits. You will spend on luxuries items during this time.


Keep a piece of silver in your wallet every day.

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For Sagittarius natives, Venus holds the sixth house of wellness, services and health, also it rules the eleventh house of gains and success. During this time, the planet Venus will be in the twelfth house of travel and expenditure. This planetary position will bring mixed results for you. Monetary gains at this time will not be easy for you and you will have to work hard and tactfully for achieving success. You may get an opportunity to travel overseas, which will enhance your work profile. Your expenditure will be higher than your savings, you will spend on unproductive things. For married natives, there can be tension in your married life, for which you need to handle every situation very calmly. You will be successful if you are a teacher, stick trader, or invigilator. Those who are into business with a foreign client will have a better time and you will be able to make new clients during this period. You may also make travel plans for promoting your business, you will get success in the same. You need to make sure that you do not get yourself engaged in any unlawful act at this time.


Chant 'Om Shreem Shriye Namah' 108 times every day.


For Capricorns, Venus is a benefic planet and presides over fifth house entertainment, romance and recreation. And the tenth house of career and profession will be in the eleventh house of income, friends and society. This time can be considered as favourable for you. You will make monetary gains with your efforts at your job or business. At the same time, you will also spend on materialistic desires. Your seniors at your work will recognize your efforts, and you can get a salary hike. You will be successful if you are working in the fashion, designing, entertainment and media industry. Your reputation in your social circle and society will increase. People will look up to you for advice and also prefer being in your company. You can get interested in the field of art, stylising, interior and decor, occult and mystical sciences. You will get benefits from your parents and children. Those who are in romantic relationships will have an auspicious time, love in your bond will grow and you will spend a good time with your 1partner. You will be up with a cheerful disposition, which will make you the centre of attraction. You will make many new friends during this period.


Wear a good quality Diamond on the ring finger of your right hand.


For Aquarius natives, the planet Venus is a yoga karak as it owns the lordship of the fourth house which is a Kendra and upholds comforts, luxury and family. Further, it owns the lordship of the ninth house of luck, fortune and culture, which is a Kendra. It will be transit in the tenth house of profession and karma. This house is ruled by Mars, which means that during this time you will be dynamic in your efforts and will find success in your career. Be it your job, or your business, you will get accomplishments. You will touch great heights if you are working in an authoritative position in a government organisation or administration. Your work will be recognized by your seniors, and you can get promoted as well. Your luck will be in favour of you. You will get all the help needed from your parents. It is a good time to invest in property. You will invest in materialistic desires which will make you feel content and happy. You may gain from the ancestral property during this period. The academic students will do well in their studies, your concentration and memorising power will be good and you will take interest in all your subjects.


Wear cream or pink colour clothes on Fridays.


For Pisces, at this time, the planet Venus owns the lordship of their third house of siblings and efforts. It also holds their eighth houses of mysteries and uncertainties will be in the ninth house of luck and religion during this transit period. This time will bring mixed results for you. Your general attitude towards life will be a happy one. You will enjoy every small moment of your life. At work, you will work very intelligently, which will help you in achieving success. However, you will be hard on luck, due to which you will have to put more efforts into winning the hearts of your seniors. You may get inclined towards occult sciences at this time. You need to be careful when in a love relationship, as a small debate with your partner can be harmful to your relationship. Since Venus will be aspecting on the third house at this time, you will have excellent communication skills, and you will be successful if you are working as a teacher. When in a social circle, you will have to speak carefully and do not exaggerate on the subjects, as anything wrongly said by you can decrease your stature in society.


Plant a basil tree at your home on Friday and nurture it.

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