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Mars Transit in Aries (27 June 2022)

Mars transit in Aries is going to take place on June 27, 2022. In the domain of Vedic astrology, Mars is also known as the red planet. The planet stands as the significator of land, army, might and energy and this planet is also owned by the zodiac sign Aries and Scorpio. In such a situation, Mars is powerful in its exalted zodiac. But the planet’s presence in debilitated signs creates inauspicious situations.

Mars Transit

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Manglik Dosha is not unknown to anyone and is created only by the planet Mars in one’s birth chart. In such a situation, if Mars is present in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house of a person's horoscope, then this condition shows Manglik Dosh in the horoscope of that person. Due to this defect, problems arise in the married life of the person and some people may also face delay in marriage etc.

Mars Transit in Aries : Timing and Date

In such a situation, this red planet Mars transit in Aries will occur on 27th June, Monday morning at 5:39 AM from Pisces, the sign which comes under the lordship of it’s friendly planet, Jupiter. Since Aries is the sign of a fire element along with being ruled by Mars and Mars itself is also signified by the fire element. Therefore, this transit of Mars in Aries is going to be very important. So let us now know in detail how Mars transit in Aries will be beneficial for the people of all the twelve zodiac signs.

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Apart from being the lord of the first house of Aries, the planet Mars is also the lord of your eighth house. Now during this transit, Mars will be sitting in your own zodiac sign i.e. your first house. In the horoscope, where the first house tells about your characteristic features, physical appearance, color, temperament, constitution, perfect body etc. On the other hand, from the eighth house, we find out the uncertainties and sudden changes of life. In such a situation, this transit of Mars in the first house will help you to get rid of all your past health related problems.

Apart from this, at this time, with the immense grace of Mangal Dev, you will be seen doing every work with a new energy at your workplace. This will give you a feeling of positive energy inside yourself. Especially those people who do business related to partnership, this transit is showing the possibility of giving very auspicious results. Along with this, your spouse will also cooperate openly in your business. At the same time, this transit has also brought more auspicious results for the employed people. Because at this time, everyone will appreciate your work at the workplace and as a result you will get complete success. Many natives will also be able to get promotion during this period. But for this, they will need to work hard while keeping themselves focused towards their goal.

However, in family life, you will need to be most careful about your mother's health during this period. Because the apprehension is high that your mother's health will be the biggest cause of concern for you during this transit.

Now talking about your love affairs, then during this transit, some changes will be clearly seen in your love life. Because your relationship will be deeper than ever. In such a situation, if you want to tie the knot with your beloved, then at this time you are going to get favorable results in that too.

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesha and offer Laddoos to Lord Ganesha by visiting any temple.

Aries Weekly Horoscope


For Taurus natives, Mars is the ruling lord of their seventh and twelfth houses. The seventh house in the horoscope gives information about people’s long-term partnerships, trade, import-export, social image, marriage and life partner and the twelfth house is considered to be the house of expenses, disease, travel, foreign etc. In such a situation, during its transit in Aries, Mars will be sitting in the twelfth house of your zodiac. The transit of Mars in this house can create a hole in your pocket.

Also, during this time you will have to avoid getting caught in all kinds of legal troubles. However, there is also a possibility that even if you get caught in any legal issue, then by the grace of Mangal Dev, you will be able to get out of it too. Apart from this, the decision of the people who have been undergoing any court case can also come in your favor.

This period of transit is also looking very auspicious for the people who are interested in foreign travel related to work or settlement abroad. But some problems are likely to ruin your health. Therefore, from the very beginning you are advised to be careful about your health. At the same time, in family life too, you will need to avoid all kinds of differences with your siblings. Because only their cooperation will prove helpful in achieving your goals easily.

Now, talking about people who are into business, then at this time, you need to be very careful while doing all kinds of transactions. However, some good news is also going to come from your maternal side during this transit.

Remedy: Serve your mother and always start any new work by taking her blessings.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope


For Gemini natives, the red planet is the ruling lord of the eleventh house and the sixth house. Now during this transit, they will transit from your zodiac in the eleventh house only. The sixth house of the horoscope gives information about various types of problems, conflicts, troubles, competition, elections, loans, loans, bank loans, illness and opponents. Whereas the eleventh house is taken into account so as to find out about the income and the ambitions of our life. Therefore, this transit of Mars in the eleventh house will create the possibility of a substantial increase in your income. During this time, you will also be able to get some kind of good profit.

If there is any stalled money, then you will get it back during the period of this transit. At the same time, all the efforts made by you at the workplace (whether you are working or associated with business) will be successful and this will also lead to your growth and development. Mangal Dev is going to help you get out of the person whose case was going on in the court.

The period looks less favorable in terms of love affairs. Because due to Mars, there is a high possibility of a dispute arising between you and your lover or spouse. Apart from this, this transit is also going to bring some problems related to education and health. Therefore, it will be best for you to keep yourself calm and be careful about your health. You will also especially need to avoid outside food.

In family life, some natives may meet old friends or new people. At the same time, this transit will also create auspicious yoga in the lives of the children of married people. As a result of which you will get some good news from their side.

Remedy: To get the beneficial results of Mars, always keep a square piece of silver with you.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

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Mars is a very important planet for Cancer natives. Because, it happens to be the lords of Kendra and Trikona house for Cancer natives, they are yogic factors i.e. capable of giving you Raj Yoga. Apart from this, it is the lord of your fifth and tenth house and now during this transit period it will be present in your tenth house only. From the fifth house of the horoscope, we get information about intelligence, ability to think, artistry, children, love relationships and education. Whereas the tenth house of the horoscope is considered to be the strongest Kendra house. Due to which the business, father, workplace etc. of the person are seen. In such a situation, this transit of Mars in the tenth house is going to give immense success to the people of Cancer zodiac in the field. This will increase their salary as well as increase their chances of promotion. Along with this, any big work of yours will also be completed with the help of a colleague at work.

Your hard work will be highly appreciated by the boss and the officers. But despite this, you have to save yourself from getting into any debate at the most at this time. For this, it would be better not to get into an argument with anyone at the workplace, otherwise your image may get tarnished. Because Mangal Dev will also bring some irritability in your nature.

Talking about family life, you are advised to take some time out from your work and spend time with your family members. Because only by doing this, you will be able to strike the right balance between your personal and professional life. This transit will give success to the children of the married people, seeing that they will feel proud of their children. On the other hand, the people falling in love will be seen making their relationship stronger during this transit. Because their love and romance towards each other will be at its peak.

Remedy: To remove the inauspicious effects of Mars in your horoscope, take bath regularly by adding black sesame seeds to the water.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope


For the natives of the Leo zodiac sign, Mars is the ruling lord of the ninth house of fortune, which is also a Trikon house and being the lord of the center house i.e. the fourth house, it is a Yogkaraka planet. The fourth house of the horoscope gives information about all kinds of comforts in our life, about our mother, movable and immovable property etc. On the other hand, the ninth house is called the place of luck and religion. In such a situation, the transit of Mars will be in the ninth house from your zodiac and during this transit, Mars will make you financially strong.

This transit will give you immense success at the workplace, whether you do a job or business. Apart from this, there is a possibility of getting full support from father in family life as well. Along with this, you will be able to get out of any problem by getting the support of your siblings as well. For those people who want to buy a property or are thinking of making any investment, this period will prove to be especially good. You will get happiness due to an increase in your income. For some natives, this transit will make the sum of going on a long distance journey.

Now talk about your health, during this time you will see good health. Because this transit will give you a feeling of new energy from within and with this you will be able to take the right decision in every situation thoughtfully. As a result of this, your social life will also improve. Along with this, you will be able to improve your image in the society and increase rapport with others.

In love relationships, Mars is going to bring more love and strength in the relationship between lovers and married people during this transit. As a result, you spend more time with your partner and lover at this time and will be able to understand each other better.

Remedy: Before taking any important decision, take advice from your father or any person like your father.

Leo Weekly Horoscope


Mars is the lord of the third and eighth house for your zodiac sign. In Vedic astrology, both of these houses are considered to be a bit harsh for natives. Because the eighth house tells about the uncertainty in life and sudden good and bad changes. On the other hand, the third house tells about your courage and might, your siblings, your short journeys, your communication skills, your hard work, your hobbies etc. Now this transit of Mars will be in the eighth house from your zodiac. In such a situation, when the red planet is placed in the eighth house of your zodiac, the situation can be a bit worrying for you. Its biggest effect can bring many problems to your health.

Talking about career, there will be many ups and downs during this period. Because of this, you will have to struggle and work hard at the workplace. Despite this, you will not get success and satisfaction according to your hard work. But if you are associated with business, then this transit period will make chances of getting some benefits for you.

In personal life, married people will get many opportunities to strengthen the relationship with their in-laws. At the same time, you will get good cooperation and benefits from brothers and sisters in family life as well. But during this transit, you will need to take special care of your health and eat a balanced diet and avoid outside food. Because it is feared that this position of Mars in the eighth house can be a bit worrying in terms of your health. Also, due to its effect, many people are at risk of having any blood-borne problems.

Remedy: Worship Maa Katyayani and chant her mantras to get auspicious results from this transit.

Virgo Weekly horoscope


For the people of Libra zodiac sign, Mars is the lord of the second and seventh house. The second house of the horoscope is considered to be the house of wealth, as well as the house of our family, our speech, our food and drink. Apart from this, the seventh house tells about our marriage, life partner, business partnerships and import export etc. In such a situation, now the transit of Mars will be in the seventh house from your zodiac and the best results of this transit will be in the form of auspicious and good profits for the people associated with partnership.

Due to the transit of Mars in Aries, the employed people will also have chances of getting promotion in the field. However, in personal life, married natives may have to face some differences with their spouse due to this transit. Because the apprehension is high that you will not be able to give enough time to your spouse due to the high workload and pressure at the workplace and this may cause some tension and misunderstanding between your relationship. Therefore, during this transit, as much as possible, work patiently in every situation and proceed only by using your understanding.

At the same time, if we talk about your health, then you will see an improvement in your health due to the effect of this transit. Especially those people who were troubled by any of their past problems, they will be able to get rid of their problems to a great extent.

Remedy: To get the special blessings of Mars, you are advised to worship Lord Shiva and go to any temple and do Jal Abhishek of Shivling.

Libra Weekly Horoscope


Any transit of Mars is very important for Scorpio natives because it is the lord of your zodiac sign and the transit position of the lord of the zodiac is very important for every person. Along with your first house, it is also the lord of your sixth house and the sixth house is considered to be a difficult house. This house defines the struggles of our life and also tells that in times of crisis we face it or run away in fear. In such a situation, now the transit of Mars will be in the sixth house from your zodiac and as a result, students of this zodiac will get the most auspicious results.

Especially for the people preparing for competitive exams or exams for any government job, Mangal Dev will create full chances of getting immense success. Along with this, Mangal Dev will also be helpful in giving good performance to the students associated with the field of sports. If any of your case or legal dispute was going on in the court, then this transit is going to give its results in your favor. However, your enemies and opponents will be active at the workplace during this time and will constantly try to harass you. But you too will be able to conquer them due to your understanding and hard work.

Despite this, this transit will motivate you to work harder. Along with this, you are also going to be able to get good results of your present hard work in future. Many natives will have to go on a sudden journey during this period. At the same time, now talk about your health, you will need to be a little cautious about your health from the very beginning. Also, in financial life, try to save your money and save it as much as possible, keeping control on your expenses.

Remedy: You are advised to regularly recite Shri Hanuman Chalisa and visit the temple and offer vermilion to Hanuman ji to get auspicious effects from the planet Mars.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

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For the people of Sagittarius, Mars is the lord of your fifth and twelfth house and the transit of Mars will be in the fifth house from your zodiac. From the fifth house of the horoscope, we get information about children, higher education, romance, new opportunities and creativity etc. In such a situation, now the placement of Mars in the fifth house from your zodiac will bring some changes in your nature. During this time, you may lose some of your precious relationships due to your obstinate nature. Because this transit will also make you somewhat stubborn by nature. In such a situation, do not let your nature dominate you from the beginning.

However, this transit of Mars is going to be very auspicious for the students of Sagittarius. Because at this time they will work hard focusing on their goal and this will help them to get desired results. This time is also going to be favorable for the students who want to study abroad or are preparing to get admission in any foreign college or school.

Talking about your finances, then during this period you will need to save your money by controlling your expenses. In personal life also, married people are advised to treat their spouse with love. Otherwise, your changing nature may create some soreness between the two of you. From the point of view of health, this time may give you some health-related problems. So take special care of yourself by eating good food as much as possible.

Remedy: To achieve better health, sit in the posture of meditation for 5 minutes daily.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope


For your zodiac sign, Mars is the lord of the fourth and eleventh house and now this transit of Mars will be in your fourth house due to being in Aries. In astrology, the fourth house of the horoscope is called the ‘house of happiness’. From this house, we see one’s mother, vehicle, property and all kinds of happiness. Therefore, during this transit you can buy any type of property and chances are high that you will get good profit from that property. At the same time, only those people who were planning to buy any kind of vehicle etc. will have chances of getting success in it during this transit.

In terms of personal life, this period is going to give full support of their spouse to the married people. Despite this, it will be necessary for you to maintain a good rapport with your partner at this time. Along with this, you are strictly instructed not to get into petty disputes with your lover and partner.

Now, talking about family life, then this transit will give you good support from your siblings. Apart from this, you will also be more likely to get any kind of benefit from them. But still, while making any decision related to your family, you have to try to walk in harmony with them by taking the advice of the members of the household.

Remedy: Taking a bath by adding raw milk to the water will give you the auspicious effect of this transit.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope


For the people of Aquarius, Mars is the lord of their third and tenth house and now Mars will transit in your third house. The third house in the horoscope gives information about one’s might, will power, younger siblings, ambition, passion, enthusiasm etc. Therefore, this transit in the third house will make you energetic. With this, you will be more active towards everything you do.

In terms of family life, you will also get good benefits from your siblings at this time. Apart from this, talking about the work, then at this time all your work done with your understanding will be completely successful. Many natives are going to get many offers for a good job and this will pick up their career. Especially those people who are working in any loan, bank or any other institution that does the work of giving loans, they are also seeing very good opportunities at their workplace during this period. On the other hand, if you are thinking of changing your job at this time, then this time will make good yoga for you. Because during this all your efforts will be successful. Along with this, you will be able to get the job quickly and as per your wish.

Time will also be good for the students and they will be able to give good performance in their education by the grace of Mangal Dev.

Remedy: To increase the auspicious effects of Mars, you are advised to light a mustard lamp on the Peepal tree every Saturday.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope


For the natives of Pisces, Mars is the ruling lord of your second and ninth house and during this transit, the planet will enter your second house. The second house of the horoscope is called the house of finances. In astrology, money, family, speech, elementary education etc. are seen from this house. In such a situation, now the transit of Mars in your second house will create the possibility of increasing your income. From this, you will get maximum benefit from any property from your family.

In terms of work, even if you are associated with family business, you are likely to get good profits during this transit. At the same time, for those students who are preparing for competitive exams, this time period is going to be very good. Because Mangal Dev will give good results in education to the students of Pisces sign despite less hard work at this time.

But in personal life, the health of the spouse of married people can increase their problems. In such a situation, taking special care of your partner's health is going to be very important for you at this time.,

From the point of view of family life, you are going to get full support from your father during this period and due to this you will be able to get more benefits in life. But the deteriorating health of the children of the family can give you mental stress. Therefore, you have to take more care of their health during this transit. Otherwise, the deteriorating health of children can cause problems for you. However, Mangal Dev will give you full support of your siblings in every sphere of life. Whether it is in your personal life or professional life, you are going to get compatibility in it with the help of siblings.

Remedy: Worship Bhairav ​​Baba ji regularly to get happiness and prosperity in family life.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

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