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Sun Transit in Virgo (16 September 2020)

The Sun transit in Virgo will take place on 16 September 2020 at 19:07 minutes as the luminary planet moves out of its own sign Leo. It will continue to stay in this position until 17 October 2020, at 07:05 minutes, after which it will move on to enter zodiac sign Libra. Let’s take a detailed look at how this translatory motion will influence each zodiac sign.

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The Sun is considered to be the ruler of the Navagraha, and its transit holds an essential significance in astrology. The luminary planet remains positive in one sign for almost a month after which it moves on to enter the next in the zodiac cycle. Sankranti is another name given to this Sun transit, and there are a total of 12 Sankranti in a year. During September, the Sun moves out of Leo to enter Virgo. Therefore, this day is also known as Kanya Sankranti.

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Sun Transit in Virgo


Aries natives will host the transit of the Sun through their sixth house, also known as your house of enemies. This placement signifies diseases, debts, enemies, and more. As the luminary planet gets posited here, it will bring auspicious results for the natives. You will prevail over your enemies now. Any work-related trips that you may undertake now will be successful.

Student natives preparing for competitive exams or waiting for the results can look forward to positive outcomes now. As for the working professionals of the sign, this will be a favourable period for them as well. Coming to the business personnel born under the sign of Aries, you are advised not to think about expanding your trade yet. Instead work on improving the present state of your enterprise, for which, this transit is an auspicious period.

Taking a look at the love life of Aries natives, it is evident that you can become disinterested in your relationship now. This will create disputes between you and your partner. Apart from this, natives need to pay special attention to their children’s health as a decline in the same is indicated. However, this will be a favourable time in terms of your wellbeing.

Remedy: Offer water to the Lord Sun every day at Sunrise.


The Sun transit in Virgo will cause the planet to get posited in the fifth house of Taurus natives. The house signifies your education and love life. Therefore, this planetary movement will bring you results associated with the same. Taurus natives who had to leave their studies in between can now once again move towards reacquiring education. Simultaneously, students in primary school can look forward to a favourable time ahead.

Moving on, predictions indicate that Taurus natives in love will have to face many problems at this time. You may find yourself unable to understand your partner well, and the same goes for them, as they end up misinterpreting your words.

Married natives are also advised to think carefully before stepping forward in any direction, throughout this duration. There are also possibilities of your children getting irritable at this time, and they can demand something from you. If you cannot fulfil their unyielding request yet, then you should try to talk to them lovingly and make them understand.

The Sun can also cause an increase in your ego at this time. However, you are advised to ensure that this pride does not overcome you, especially in terms of your personal and professional life. Otherwise, it can create problems for you.

Remedy: Reciting the Surya Ashtakam every day will be auspicious for you.


The Sun will be posited in the fourth house of Gemini natives during its transitory motion through the zodiac cycle. This house signifies your family; thus, you need to take special care of your parents during this Sun transit in Virgo.

There are also indications of your father’s health declining right now. Therefore, do not ignore even the smallest of problems and consult a competent physician timely. Your siblings can gain much profit through this transit. There are possibilities for an increase in their current income if they are working.

Gemini natives need to avoid investing at this time and if you are planning on buying or selling a property, then postpone it for now. Working professionals will witness a lack of concentration at their workplace, which will displease your seniors as well. In order to focus on your tasks, you need to stop thinking of unnecessary things.

Mingling more with experienced people will be beneficial for you, as you learn something new every time you talk to them. Some of you can find themselves separate from your family and society at this time. Student natives also need to work hard during the transit if they wish to attain good results in their studies.

Remedy: Chant the following Surya Beej mantra for auspicious results: “ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रौं सः सूर्याय नमः/oṃ hrāṃ hrīṃ hrauṃ saḥ sūryāya namaḥ”


The Sun transit will take place through the third house of courage and might of Cancer natives. This Sun transit in Virgo will bring many positive changes in the lives of Cancerians. You will receive the complete support of your family at this time. As a result of this, many of your pending tasks will be accomplished now. Despite that, there are also possibilities of some disputes between you and your siblings. However, if you talk to them calmly and wisely, then all misunderstandings will wash away.

As for the financial front of Cancer natives, an improvement is indicated, as you come across new sources of income. You will impress and charm all those around you with your words, in both the workplace as well as your social life. Coming to the business personnel of this sign, it is evident that they will also be rewarded due to their communication skills and will be successful in cracking a fantastic deal.

As mentioned earlier, some Cancer natives will come across many new sources of income in this duration. However, you need to avoid taking more than one tasks in your hand at a time; otherwise, you can get into problems. First, fulfil the responsibilities you are working on now, and then move on to the next one.

Remedy: Serve your father and father figures.

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As the luminary planet changes places, it will enter the second house of Leo natives. This Sun transit in Virgo will prove to be auspicious in many aspects of your life. Leadership skills are inherent to Leo natives, and with this transit of the Sun through your second house, there will be an improvement in the same. Senior officials of the sign will impress their juniors with their words.

Many of you will now increase your savings for the betterment of your future. The Sun is a dry planet and is entering your house of speech. Therefore, if you come across a task which is not accomplished as per your desire, then there are possibilities of your words turning rude and harsh.

Several opportunities of financial progress are also on the cards for Leo natives. All you need to do is ensure that your ego does not overcome you. Otherwise, this pride will not let you take proper advantage of these prospects. At this time, you are advised to move towards long-term investments rather than small investments. Moving on, a decline in your health is indicated unless you can bring improvement in your daily diet. Predictions demand that you give special attention to your eyes.

Remedy: Present a gift to your father on Sunday.


The Sun transit in Virgo will cause the planet to be posited in the ascendant house of the natives. Your first house signifies your nature, character health, behaviour, and more. This will be a challenging duration for Virgoans. You need to pay special attention to your health. If you do partake in many physical activities, then this is the time to begin. Waking up early and doing exercise or yoga will be favourable for you. Some Virgo natives can also take help of meditation to avoid mental stress and problems.

This duration can also bring slight irritability in your nature, as well as harshness to your words. Virgoans look for completion in all their tasks. As a result, they turn so serious and concentrated on something, that they forget everything and everyone surrounding them. However, you need to avoid doing so, as it can ruin your relationships.

As for the married natives of the sign disputes between you and your spouse can grow, thereby, ruining the environment at home. Therefore, to find a solution to all your problems, you need to include open communication in all your relations.

Remedy: Donating jaggery on Sunday will be auspicious for you.


Libra natives will host the transit of the Sun through their twelfth house. This planetary movement will prove favourable for natives who work in a multinational company or own a business associated with foreign countries.

Taking a look at your family life, it is evident that you will receive the complete support of your elder siblings, which will prove to be very profitable for you. Simultaneously, your siblings can also obtain some good results in the workplace. However, Librans need to pay special attention to their expenses at this time and avoid spending on unnecessary items. Moreover, avoid doing anything which can lead to you having to use your accumulated wealth.

Coming to the student natives, born under the sign of Libra, this transit will be slightly better than average for you. However, those who wish to go abroad for further studies can now witness their desire being fulfilled. Healthwise, Librans need to remain careful, especially as problems related to your stomach and left eye are on the cards.

Remedy: Serve your father or father figures to attain the blessings of Lord Sun.


Scorpio natives will host the transit of the Sun through their eleventh house. This signifies your benefits, desires, and elder siblings. The presence of the luminary planet in this house indicates that you will attain profits in various aspects of your life in this duration.

Working professionals can receive an increase in their current income right now. Simultaneously, the Sun will also offer many profitable opportunities for the business personnel born under the sign of Scorpio. If you are associated with politics, then this is a favourable duration for you as well. You will be praised by the public for your words.

Scorpio natives who have been working for a long time and now wish to open their own business will also receive new directions for the same. If you are already putting in efforts towards setting up your enterprise, then this will be the most auspicious time for you. However, one of the most important things at this time will be for you to try and control your anger.

If you are associated with some work which includes a lot many other people along with you, then instead of trying to prove yourself right in front of everyone else, you should focus more on your work. Always remember, a good team member is one who moves forward alongside their team. Students will receive the complete support of their father in their studies.

Remedy: Offer essential items to the needy on Sunday.

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The Sun transit in Virgo will cause the planet to enter the tenth house of Sagittarius natives. Here, the Sun is in its most influential position as it receives directional strength, and therefore, will bring promising results for the natives.

Working professionals can get a promotion to a high post right now. You will remain serious about and dedicated to your work, which will impress your colleagues. You can also look forward to profits through the government sector right now. As you actively participate in social practices, you will earn more name, fame, and respect in society. Any task that may have remained pending in the past, you will be able to accomplish it now.

On another note, Sagittarius natives need to avoid being too possessive in love right now because as you try to establish your hold on your partner, they end up pulling away from you. This is the favourable time for the student natives of the sign. Those preparing for administrative services are likely to succeed in their efforts now.

As for your family life, predictions indicate that this duration of the Sun transit will bring an improvement in your relations with your father. Moreover, if he was struggling with some illness for a long time, then it can also vanish now. One of the most essential advice for Sagittarians right now will be to avoid criticizing and nitpicking the work of others.

Remedy: Wear Ruby (Manikya) gemstone in your ring finger on Sunday.


This Sun transit will take place through the ninth house of Capricorn natives, which signifies your fortune, religion, character, and journeys. Natives need to remain very careful, especially in terms of their career during this transitory motion. Do not take any such decision which will affect your future. Moreover, if you are planning on a job change, then you need to postpone the thought as well, for now.

Business personnel planning on expanding their trade should consult an experienced person before moving forward. Predictions indicate possibilities of disputes between Capricorns and their senior officials. Thus, you are advised to remain within the lines of decorum while talking to them. Avoid going on any trips at this time because this Sun transit in Virgo go will not bring favourable results in the same.

As long as you behave well with the elders of your household and serve them, you can look forward to auspicious results in your family life. In addition to this, Capricorn natives need to remain serious concerning their health and exercise regularly – physically, as well as mentally, to keep yourself fit.

Remedy: Doing the Surya Namaskar every morning at Sunrise will be auspicious for you.


The eighth house of Aquarius natives will host the transit of the Sun in Virgo. This placement signifies imminent obstacles and challenges in life. The position of the luminary planet here can cause a negative influence on the wellbeing of your spouse, which will cause you further tensions. In addition to this, there are also indications of your health declining as well.

Your tasks will come to a standstill in this duration, as challenges obstruct your path. In such a scenario, you need to remain calm, patient, and maintain a hopeful attitude. Taking a look at your family life, predictions indicate a distance between you and your father possibly forming now.

Aquarius natives who own their business in partnership can get into a dispute over a small topic with their partner, which can also lead to a loss in your enterprise. Therefore, you need to talk clearly and have open communication with them. You need to especially pay attention to the financial front right now and invest after thinking and weighing all the pros and cons of the situation.

Student natives, especially those associated with research work, will have a favourable time in the transit. However, others will probably need to take help of yoga and meditation to maintain their concentration levels.

Remedy: Make donations in a temple on a Sunday at Sunrise.


The last sign of the zodiac cycle, Pisces, will host the transit of the Sun through their seventh house of marriage and partnerships. As a result of this planetary movement, natives can face some problems in their marital life. You will lose your temper on the smallest of things, which will trouble your spouse as well. Therefore, you should have open communication with your partner and share your thoughts clearly with them. Only then a lot of your problems may clear up.

The biggest mistake one can make in any marriage, is keeping things to yourself and avoiding sharing them with your beloved. Thus, you should avoid the same. The Sun transit will bring an increase in your anger, as a result of which, people will maintain a distance from you. In addition to this, your opponents can take advantage of this celestial movement and put you in trouble. Therefore, you need to remain alert.

Apart from this, you will also need to work on your willpower during this transitory motion. Many of you can face problems in making a decision at this time. Predictions indicate several ups and downs coming to your life at this time. However, you will need to patiently keep moving forward and face the situations bravely.

Remedy: Donate Copper on Sunday for auspicious results.

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