Mercury Transit In Sagittarius

Dear readers this article will give you information about the impact of Mercury Transit in Sagittarius but in the last couple of months Mercury has made transit into Scorpio and Sagittarius sign multiple times. Firstly, Mercury has entered Sagittarius on November 27, 2023, then it turned retrograde on December 13, now it will enter Scorpio on December 28, resumes direct motion in Scorpio on January 2, 2024 and again on January 7, 2024 at 20:57 hours IST it will re-enters in Sagittarius sign.

Mercury Transit In Sagittarius

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So now before moving further and knowing the impact of this transit lets know a bit about planet Mercury and Sagittarius sign and its impact on it. 

Mercury decides that piece of the acumen which is defenseless to development through study, statute, perception and impersonation. Mercury impacts the sensory system, sunlight based plexus, intestines, arms, mouth, tongue, feeling of sight, discernment, understanding, between predation and articulation. It manages brief distance and successive voyaging, educating, assistant boat, talking, composing, printing, distributing, writing, writing material, secretaries, accounting, correspondence, mailing and so on. Its day is Wednesday and its metal is fluid metal that is Mercury. Emerald is its gemstone and color.

In Vedic astrology, the ninth sign of the Zodiac Circle is Sagittarius. It is a flaming sign that is dualistic and masculine. Wealth, drive, intelligence, and good fortune are all associated with the Sagittarius sign. This is an excellent time for logicians, specialists, tutors, instructors as of now they can undoubtedly impact others. However, because it is specific to the native, the impact of Mercury Transit in Sagittarius will be determined by the native's Dasha and the position of Mercury in their natal chart.

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Mercury Transit In Sagittarius: Zodiac Wise Impact


Dear Aries natives, for you planet Mercury rules the third house and sixth house and now on 7th January it is going to transit in your ninth house. The house of Dharma, father, long distance travel, pilgrimage, luck and higher education. And Mercury is the planet of intelligence and education so this is the time of curiosity and interest in learning new things especially about religion and philosophy. The ninth house is all about expanding knowledge and seeing the bigger picture, and with Mercury in this house, Aries individuals may feel more curious about exploring deeper topics. This could mean reading books, exploring spiritual teachings, and trying to understand different perspectives, expand their understanding of the world and its diverse belief systems. This Mercury Transit in Sagittarius stimulates a sense of spiritual quest and a longing for higher education. The 9th house is associated with Guru, mentors, and long-distance travels. 

During this time, Aries individuals may feel a strong inclination to seek guidance from spiritual teachers or mentors who can offer insights into the deeper aspects of life. Long-distance travels could play a significant role, providing opportunities to interact with people from different ethnicities and cultures, broadening their worldview. Mercury's aspect on the 3rd house indicates a focus on improving communication skills, demonstrating a willingness to convey ideas more effectively and suggests a keen interest in communication and a desire to share the wisdom acquired in the 9th house. Overall, this transit for Aries individuals indicates a period of expansion of learning, spiritual exploration, and cultural enrichment.

Remedy - Water the Tulsi plant daily and even consume one leaf daily.

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Dear Taurus natives, for you planet Mercury rules the second house and fifth house and now on 7th January this Mercury Transit in Sagittarius is taking place in the eighth house of sudden happenings, secrecy, occult studies. So Taurus natives, as Mercury transits through your 8th house, curiosity and communication turn towards the areas of occult, mysticism and secret matters. Because the 8th house is associated with hidden knowledge, transformation, and the mysteries of life and death. With Mercury's influence, there is a heightened curiosity and a desire to uncover the deeper, esoteric aspects of existence. This period prompts Taurus individuals to dig deep, engaging in research and delving into the hidden layers of information that pique their interest. 

Taurus individuals may find themselves drawn to higher knowledge, seeking to understand the mysteries that go beyond the surface of everyday life from the eighth house Mercury is aspecting the second house, which relates to family and personal wealth. During this Mercury Transit in Sagittarius, Taurus natives may find themselves delving into matters concerning the resources and wealth of their spouse or partner as well. During this time, you may also actively seek information on how to enhance their financial situation, possibly through unconventional or hidden means. Communication with in-laws may increase. But on a negative side this transit could give you health issues like skin infection, UTI, insect bite so be conscious of that.

Remedy - Respect transgenders and if possible give them green color clothes and bangles.

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Dear Gemini natives the planet Mercury is your Lagna and fourth house lord and now on 7th January it is transiting in the seventh house of life partner and business partnership for Gemini natives. So, dear Gemini natives this Mercury Transit In Sagittarius will prove fruitful for you in many aspects of life. So, Gemini natives as Mercury transits through your 7th house, your focus may totally turn toward communication within partnerships, relationships, and marriages. Gemini natives who had a problem in choosing the right partner for themselves can finally do so with the help of their mother, and married natives will be able to spend good quality time with their life partner. Talking about your professional life there might be an inclination towards business and dealing with other people during this transit. 

Gemini individuals may find that their communication skills play a crucial role in business interactions and negotiations and due to that you will also get the opportunities that involve collaboration. Mercury's aspect on the 1st house indicates that Gemini individuals come to realize more about themselves through their interactions with others during this period. The 1st house represents the self, and Mercury's influence suggests that self-discovery occurs through the exchange of ideas and perspectives with partners. Engaging in conversations about higher education, religion, and philosophy becomes a means for Gemini individuals to understand and define their own beliefs and values. Overall, we can say that this transit of mercury in the seventh house is fruitful for Gemini natives' partnerships, both in personal relationships and professional ventures.

Remedy- Keep an indoor plant in your bedroom.

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Dear Cancer natives for you planet Mercury has the lordship of the twelfth and third house and this time on 7th January it is making transit in the sixth house of enemies, health, competition, maternal uncle. So Cancer natives, as Mercury transits through your 6th house you may find yourself becoming more analytical, perfectionist, and even criticizing in your communications. This period encourages a shrewd and strategic mindset, especially during dealing with obstacles, hurdles, and competitors so because of all these reasons this will prove to be a favorable transit for individuals in legal professions, such as lawyers. Cancer individuals may find success by employing their enhanced communication skills to outmaneuver opponents and overcome obstacles in legal matters. 

Moving forward and talking about Mercury's aspect on the 12th house generates the scope of communication to include interactions with foreign individuals or those in multinational corporations. Cancer individuals may feel a strong inclination to connect with people from different cultures, and this Mercury Transit in Sagittarius could involve business dealings, collaborations, or networking with individuals from foreign lands. The desire for spiritual communication also comes to the forefront during this period, indicating an interest in exploring higher realms of knowledge and connecting with spiritual concepts. For Cancer natives the only matter of concern with this transit is towards their own health and wellbeing of their partner as they may also face some health issues, due to which your medical expenses can multiply. 

Remedy- Feed green fodder to the cows daily.

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Dear Leo natives for you, planet Mercury is the planet that controls your finances because it has the lordship of the second house and eleventh house. And now on 7th January it is making transit in your fifth house which represents our education, love relations, children, speculation and it is also the Purva Punya house. So Leo natives as Mercury being the controller of your finances and now transits through your 5th house shows that during this transit you will invest a lot of money in matters related to fifth house like on your education, for your children, for your love life and even in speculation. So Leo natives who are running through an unfavorable Dasha period are advised to avoid any sort of speculation or financial risk. 

Favorable time for Leo students who are in mass communication, or in any sort of language course, or pursuing math or commerce. Mercury's aspect on the 11th house will expand your focus beyond personal development, indicating a desire to teach and share knowledge for the benefit of others and society at large. Leo individuals may feel a calling to contribute to social welfare and serve humanity through their skills and expertise. Networking and communication within the social circles become avenues through which they can fulfill this purpose, connecting with like-minded individuals who share a common goal of making a positive impact. In the end, we can say that this is a favorable time for leo natives for their higher and spiritual learning.

Remedy -  Worship Goddess Saraswati and offer her five red flowers on Fridays.

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Dear Virgo natives for you, planet Mercury is your tenth lord & ascendant lord and now on 7th January Mercury is going to transit in your fourth house and fourth house represents your mother, domestic life, home, vehicle, property. So Virgo natives, as Mercury transits through your 4th house your entire focus and dedication will shift towards the home environment and mother. 

During this transit, Virgo individuals may find themselves inclined to share information and engage in conversations that revolve around home matters. There may be a desire to communicate more openly with the mother to gather information related to domestic happiness and the foundational aspects of life. During this period you may feel inclined to make practical adjustments in the living space to enhance overall comfort. This could involve organizing, decluttering, buying new stuff or making changes at home that contribute to a more convenient and pleasant home environment. Mercury's aspect on the 10th house of career emphasizes a connection between home and professional life. Virgo individuals may express a desire to teach and share their knowledge within their career fields. This aspect suggests a communicative and educational approach to their work, as well as a potential for mentorship or leadership roles. The desire to learn how to gain career success and prestige through their work becomes a focal point, indicating a strategic and goal-oriented mindset. Overall, for Virgo individuals, this transit signifies a period of nurturing within the home.

Remedy -  Wear emeralds of 5-6 cts. Set it in either a Panch Dhatu or gold ring on Wednesday. This will bring auspicious results for the Virgo natives.

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Dear Libra natives, for you planet Mercury has the lordship of the twelfth and ninth houses and this time on 7th January it is transiting in the third house and the third house represents your siblings, hobbies, short distance travel, communication skills. So Libra natives, as Mercury transits through your 3rd house your curiosity will turn towards communication, learning, and travel. During this transit, you will find yourselves particularly talkative and communicative. The desire to gather information and share it with others becomes pronounced, and this communicative energy can lead to the generation of new creative ideas or the exploration of new sectors or interest in life. 

The 3rd house is also linked to short trips, indicating a potential interest in travel or movement, possibly for educational or communicative purposes. This Mercury Transit In Sagittarius is conducive to roles involving communication, counseling, teaching, and travel. Libra individuals may feel a natural inclination towards these activities, making it a favorable period for professions such as teaching, counseling, or any role that involves effective communication. So, the communicative and social nature of this transit is particularly beneficial for those in teaching, preaching, or professorial roles. Libra individuals may find themselves engaging in positive interactions with siblings or cousins during this transit. It's a time for open communication, support, and strengthening their bond with them. Mercury is also aspecting the ninth house from the third house which will provide you the support of your father and your mentor.

Remedy - Plant Tulsi plant on Wednesday in your home.

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Dear Scorpio natives, for you the planet Mercury rules your eleventh and eighth house and now on 7th January it is transiting in the second house of the family, savings, speech for Scorpio natives. So Scorpio natives, as Mercury transits through your 2nd house which will turn your focus towards matters of wealth, resources, and family finances. During this Mercury Transit In Sagittarius, you may become intensely curious and calculative about their financial well-being. But at the same time you will be very mature and impactful in your speech and communication with others and will enjoy mature and spiritual conversations with your family and make the bond stronger. 

This transit also shows that Scorpio individuals may find avenues to increase their wealth through the knowledge and services related to occult practices. So the scorpio natives who are astrologers, numerologist, tarot readers will be benefited during this time. Scorpio professionals may experience sudden gains, promotion or increase in salary. For the people in business will analyze their cash flow, income, and earning power. And there are chances that you can have a joint hidden investment with your partner as the Mercury is placed in the second house and aspecting the eighth house. You can also expect your in-laws visiting your family. Overall, for Scorpio individuals, this Mercury Transit In Sagittarius signifies a period of intense focus on wealth, financial resources, and family matters.

Remedy - Chant the Budh Beej Mantra.

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Dear Sagittarius natives, for you planet Mercury has the lordship of the seventh and tenth houses and now on 7th January it is transiting over your Lagna. So Sagittarius natives, as Mercury transits through the 1st house, you may feel compelled to communicate their insights and knowledge to others. This communicative energy aligns with the expansive nature of Sagittarius, making them natural sharers of higher learning and philosophical perspectives. This Mercury Transit In Sagittarius is good for Sagittarius individuals who are teachers, professors, or preachers, using communication as a tool for spreading wisdom and knowledge. This period encourages Sagittarius individuals to explore and educate themselves on topics of their interests. The pursuit of knowledge becomes a means for self-improvement, and there's a natural inclination to collect information that contributes to personal growth and understanding. 

Sagittarius individuals may feel a sense of connection to their roots and may engage in reflections on their life journey. It's a period to consider life goals, aspirations, and the overall direction in which they want to move forward. This transit provides Sagittarius individuals with an opportunity for fresh starts and initiating new ventures. The aspect of Mercury on the 7th house suggests a specific emphasis on interactions with your spouse and partners, with discussions revolving around higher philosophy, religion, shared values, money, and resources. Engaging in meaningful conversations with your partner about spiritual matters and personal growth may bring fulfillment. Overall, for Sagittarius individuals, this transit signifies a time of self-reflection, personal development, and the pursuit of higher knowledge. 

Remedy - Worship Lord Ganesha and offer him Durva (grass).

Sagittarius Horoscope 2024


Dear Capricorn natives, for you planet Mercury is the lord of the sixth and ninth house and now on 7th January it is transiting in your twelfth house. Twelfth house which represents foreign land, Isolation houses, hospitals, expenditure, foreign companies like MNCs. So Capricorn natives, as Mercury transits through your 12th house and the twelfth house is traditionally associated with hospitals, and Mercury's transit could bring attention to health matters that require a period of healing or rest. This period holds the potential possibilities for foreign travel, offering Capricorn individuals an opportunity to explore and connect with different cultures and spiritual traditions. The communicative and curious nature of Mercury in Sagittarius suggests that these travels may involve interactions with foreign people and the pursuit of higher learning and philosophy. 

Capricorn individuals may find themselves drawn to spirituality, seeking to expand their understanding of higher truths and philosophical concepts reflecting a quest for knowledge that goes beyond the material realm. The aspect of Mercury on the 6th house suggests a connection between spirituality, higher education and daily work. Capricorn individuals may feel inclined to counsel others based on their spiritual views and higher education. This Mercury Transit In Sagittarius supports a communicative daily work environment where the exchange of ideas and spiritual insights becomes a part of their professional interactions. Additionally, you may feel a sense of obligation to engage in communication with individuals from distant lands and different ethnicities. Overall, for Capricorn individuals, this transit of Mercury signifies a time of spiritual exploration, foreign travel, and a deepening interest in higher learning and philosophy. 

Remedy -  Feed green grass to cows on Wednesday.

Capricorn Horoscope 2024


Dear Aquarius natives, for you planet Mercury holds the lordship of the fifth house and 8th house and now on 7th January it will transit in the eleventh house which is the house of financial gains, desire, professional network, elder siblings, paternal uncle. So Aquarius natives, as Mercury transits through your 11th house, the attention in life will be towards interactions within social circles, networking, and communication with friends and elder siblings and paternal family. The influence of Mercury in the 11th house suggests a calculated approach towards financial gains and rise in income. Aquarius individuals may assess their financial standing in comparison to their colleagues and peers. This period prompts consideration of whether they are earning in line with their skills and contributions within their professional circles. 

The 11th house is also associated with large groups and societal causes, so Aquarius individuals may find themselves drawn to roles as teachers or preachers within large groups, particularly those related to religion or philosophy. The desire to utilize their higher education to serve higher purposes aligns with the expansive and visionary energy of Sagittarius. Mercury's aspect on the 5th house indicates an inclination towards education and teaching. Aquarius individuals may express a desire to share their knowledge and insights, potentially engaging in educational activities or mentorship roles. This aspect adds a creative and intellectual dimension to their interactions within social circles, reflecting a keen interest in learning and teaching. Overall, for Aquarius individuals, this Mercury Transit In Sagittarius signifies a time of increased communication within social circles, with a focus on friends, colleagues, and elder siblings.

Remedy -Gift something green to young children.

Aquarius Horoscope 2024


Dear Pisces natives, for you planet Mercury has the lordship of the fourth house and seventh house and now on 7th January it is transiting in the tenth house of profession, workplace. So Pisces natives, as Mercury transits through your 10th house it will bring your focus towards your professional life. This period prompts Pisces individuals to indulge into serious and professional communications, possibly involving discussions about government procedures or legal systems. There may also be a curiosity about understanding and navigating the intricacies of official matters. Communication with the boss regarding career progression or appraisals will be highlighted, making this a potentially significant time for career-related discussions. The 10th house is associated with authority and with Mercury in Sagittarius this is a good transit for Pisces individuals working in roles that involve teaching, preaching, or guiding others, especially if they are associated with government institutions or hold positions of authority. 

Professionally, positive outcomes are likely, with gains and benefits from your workplace, along with support from coworkers and other staff members. You may treat Communication within your spousal relationships and partnerships as your responsibility, indicating the need for careful and considerate interaction during this period. The aspect of Mercury on the 4th house suggests a desire to serve at the homeland through teaching and preaching. Pisces individuals may look for opportunities to contribute to their community or home environment by sharing knowledge and insights related to higher learning. The focus on discussions of higher learning within the home reflects a dedication to intellectual pursuits and a desire to foster an environment of learning and growth. Overall, for Pisces individuals, this Mercury Transit In Sagittarius signifies a time of professional and serious communications, particularly with government agencies, law authorities and authority figures in the workplace.

Remedy - Install Budh Yantra within your house and workplace.

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