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Retrograde Mercury transit in Libra - 7 November, 2019

While providing information about various planets, Vedic astrology states that Mercury is the significator of intelligence and business. It also rules over our speech. Talking about zodiac signs, it can be seen that it is the ruling lord of the signs, Gemini and Cancer. Along with this, Virgo is its Mool Trikon as well as exalted sign. Pisces happens to be its debilitated zodiac sign. Amongst the Nakshatras, Ashlesha, Jyestha, and Revati are also ruled by the planet Mercury.

Retrograde Mercury transit in Libra

The princely planet occupies the first position in the solar system. It has an equal amount of control over the fiery, aery, and cold nature, i.e. the three elements of Ayurveda. When it remains weak in one’s Kundali, then the person suffers from diseases which are related to the aforementioned three. Since the planet has attained the status of a prince, it is inquisitive in nature and also possesses a desire to attain knowledge. This is the reason why this neutral planet procures positive results while it remains in the company of a beneficial planet and negative results come forward when it gets placed with a malefic planet. An individual becomes the beholder of a sharp intellect and memory power when he/she receives the blessings of Mercury.

It remains strong all throughout the day and night and provides beneficial results during its major period (maha dasha) in a complacent manner. The Mercury retrograde is always considered to be a special event in the realm of astrology. When the significator of speech and communication moves in a retrograde motion, natives indulge in fights with each other without any particular reason and often also experiences hurdles in accomplishing tasks which are associated with it. If this planet is strong in your kundli, then the retrograde Mercury usually proves to be quite beneficial for the native, however, in the case of the opposite scenario being true, the effects of this retrograde lessens to a certain level.

The Timing of Transit

On 23 October 2019, Mercury had entered the zodiac sign of Scorpio from where it started to move in retrograde on 31 October 2019. In the same motion, it will launch into the Libra zodiac sign on Thursday, 7 November 2019 at 4:04 pm in the evening. It will then move in a direct motion on 21 November 2019 to make its transit in Scorpio once again on Thursday, 5 December 2019 at 10:23 pm.

The effect of this transit which is also taking place in a retrograde motion will be visible on the lives of the natives belonging to all the 12 zodiac signs. Let us move on to read its impacts.

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The planet Mercury is the ruling Lord of your third and sixth house. During this transit, it will move into the seventh house of your zodiac sign in a retrograde motion. The same house is also known as the house of marriage and partnership. We select our life partner with the help of this house. Not only that, other partnership ventures are also seen through this house only. Additionally it also looks after one’s business which is established in a foreign country. The retrograde Mercury will primarily impact your seventh house because of which troubles may crop up in paradise for married natives. Your relationship with your business partner can also remain low on simmer. Do not get involved in any fight with your life partner unnecessarily. Communicate with each other to put an end to your differences. In the aftermath of this transit, you may also incur losses in your business. You will also face difficulties while taking important decisions in life due to which several other problems will also arise. Short distance journeys undertaken during this period will not prove to be fruitful. You may experience discomfort, which is why precautions must be taken beforehand. Also, it is advised to be careful of your enemies and avoid taking any loan during the period of this transit.

Remedy: Smear the yard of your house using cow dung and if it is not possible, then put frankincense and gugal in cow dung cake, burn them, and spread the smoke in the entire house.


For the natives of Taurus, Venus is the ruling lord of your second and fifth house. During the period of this transit, which will also take place in retrograde motion, it will remain posited in your sixth house, which also provides information about the impending challenges which are yet to take place in one’s life. It also provides guidance to achieve success in competitive exams and also to gain dominance over your rivals. Moreover, it is also taken into account while fighting any legal procedure as well as to gain information about various kinds of diseases and loans. Mercury’s residency in the sixth house is indicating that your health will not remain stable during this time, hence, you should pay heed towards it. Visit a doctor whenever it is necessary. You will prevail over your rivals but may try to repay an old loan of yours by undertaking a new one. This duration will also be beneficial for your children, and they will progress in their respective field. If you are a student, then you will see the face of success after working hard rigorously. Sudden expenses will occur, while your accumulated monetary resources may get used up because of unnecessary arguments or in paying the medical bills of a certain relative. You can also try to go on an overseas trip, but there are less chances of you succeeding in the endeavour. The love life of Taurus natives may also face ups and downs during this time period.

Remedy: Offer bread and milk to a dog that has different colored patches.


Apart from being the ruling lord of your ascendant house, the planet Mercury also rules over your fourth house. It will move into your fifth house during this transit, which is the governor of your intellect and direction of knowledge. On the basis of this house only, one can attain information about studies, love affairs, and progeny. Due to the transit of retrograde Mercury in your fifth house, you will be appetent to learn new things and try your level best to do so. If you are a student, then you will keep revising your syllabus and show interest in subjects like mythology, mathematics, statistics, and subjects related to logic. You will remain quite concerned about your children and will do your best to make them successful. During this time period, you are also likely to earn well and will never be short of money. Your mother may also receive some sort of profits at this point of time. Some Gemini natives may also try their hand at an artistic activity and its positive results will be just around the corner. Property related deals should rather be postponed as profit is not on the cards.

Remedy: It will be beneficial for you feed some green fodder and jaggery to cows regularly.


For the natives of Cancer, Mercury is the ruling lord of your twelfth house. While it is moving in a retrograde motion, it will make its transit in the fourth house of your zodiac sign. It is your house of happiness and also provides information about one’s mother. Apart from that, it also enlightens the natives about the status of his/her property or vehicle. Retrograde Mercury’s transit in the fourth house of your zodiac sign will create certain problems for you. On the one hand, your mother’s health will remain unstable while on the other, clashes may also occur in the family. The reason behind this is the occurence of unnecessary debates taking place between the members of the family due to unnecessary and excessive speaking with each other. Thus, familial life will be a bit chaotic. However, your colleagues will pave the way for your success at workplace and you will receive positive results because of your personal efforts. You should pay more attention at workplace to touch great heights of success in your professional life. Your efforts will bear fruits of prosperity very soon. You may also bring a new vehicle home during this period and a new property can also be bought by you. The door of attaining profits from foreign connections will also be open for you.

Remedy: Worship Lord Hanuman and offer him sweet paan on Tuesdays.


The eleventh house of Leo natives is ruled by the planet Mercury. It will remain posited in the third house of your zodiac sign during its transit in retrograde motion. The third house happens to be the house of your speech and communication mediums. With the help of this house, information can be obtained about our younger siblings, short distance journey prospects, one’s efforts, as well as courage and might. Due to this transit, you will make more efforts to achieve something and will give your best while performing any task. You will come forward to offer economic help to your younger brothers and sisters as well. However, they may face problems during this period of time. Leo natives may also get to hear good news via media or any other communication source. Short journeys undertaken in this period will prove to be fruitful for you and you will remain joyous during this entire time. While your relationship with your father may remain turbulent, his health may also remain poor. However, an old friend or a relative might pay you a visit at this point of time due to which a happy environment will prevail at home. Behave cordially with your colleagues as some one may plot things against you otherwise. The repercussions will be hard to deal with.

Remedy: Your problems will come to an end if a mixture of flour (not in its dough form) and sugar is fed to cows.

Procure Positive Results From Mercury, By Wearing Emerald


The planet Mercury rules over this zodiac sign which means that it has dominance over its lagna or ascendant house. Along with this, it is also the governor of the tenth house of Virgo natives. During the transit of retrograde Mercury, the second house of this zodiac sign will be resided by it which also happens to be the significator of food and speech. Additionally, it also provides information about our accumulated wealth as well as our kith and kin (kutumb). Due to the transit of Mercury in this specific house, your relationships with family members may turn bitter. It is quite possible that a trivial matter can pave the way for a big fight because of which the peace of your familial life will be at stake. However, efforts will be visible on your part in trying to stabilize the situation. There are good chances of earning economic gains and the wealth earned during this period will contribute to your bank balance. During this while, you may accomplish such a task which will refine your image in front of your family members. While looking at the negative side, you may fall prey to obesity at this point of time. Because of your sense of humour, you will stand out in the crowd and people will get attracted towards you.

Remedy: It will be beneficial for you to offer Chaya Daan (fill a vessel with oil, look at your reflection in it, and then donate that oil) on Saturday.


For the natives of Libra, the planet Mercury is the ruling lord of your twelfth and ninth house and it will remain posited in the first house of your zodiac sign while it moves in a retrograde motion to make its transit in your zodiac sign. The first house is known as the house of self which also acts as a mirror to our personalities. Through this house, aspects like our body, societal stature, and immunity system can be determined. Retrograde Mercury’s transit in your lagna or ascendant house will make you work harder, again and again, in order to fulfill a particular task. For example, if you lock your home, you will want to double and triple check if you locked it properly or not. While looking at the positive side of this, it can be seen that benefits will be garnered through this practice. However, it will also give birth to mental tensions at the same time. You will not remain very optimistic during this period which will have a negative impact on your life. Profits may also come into your hands from foreign connections. Luck will also remain by your side which is why you should complete each and every task with full dedication. Only then, the face of success can be seen. Father and mentors will also provide you unconditional support in getting things done easily. During this transit period, you may also spend some of your resources on yourself.

Remedy: Seek the blessings of small girls while touching their feet and give them white colored sweets on a Friday.


Mercury will move through your twelfth house during its transit which is taking place in retrograde motion. It is also the ruling lord of your eighth and eleventh house. The twelfth house, where the transit is taking place, provides information about the foreign trips present in one’s Kundali. With the aid of this house, one can keep track of expenses, losses, disadvantages, and sound sleep. It is also examined to retrieve knowledge about one’s spiritual inclinations as it is also associated with salvation triangle (fourth, eighth, and twelfth houses). Mercury’s presence in this house will steadily increase your expenses which can hamper the balance of your financial budget. Sudden journeys may also create a hole in your pocket. Certain health problems will also trouble you. It is highly unsafe for you to get involved in any sort of debates and arguments. Rivals may also try to prevail over you, which is why it is advised to remain cautious.

Remedy : Worship Lord Vishnu by chanting Shri Vishnu Sahasranam stotram regularly.


The eleventh house of your zodiac sign will host the transit of Mercury. This planet is also considered to be the ruling lord of your seventh and tenth house. The eleventh house of one’s Kundali is taken into account to comprehend our wishes and goals in life, and whether our hard work will bear fruits of success or not? This is also seen through the help of this house only. It is also the significator of intelligence. While the transit of Mercury takes place, you are most likely to earn great profits because of your spouse. However, you may also fall for a different person because of which your conjugal life may fall apart. At workplace, you will obtain the support of your senior officials because of which your position and stature will increase. Relations will elder siblings will improve and your ambitions will get fulfilled. Profits may be received from a distant source which will also become a source of your income for quite an extended period of time. Student natives may encounter some difficulties in the path of education. Extreme hard work and concentration power is necessary to get through those thorns which are scattered in your path. Natives who have children are also advised to take care of them as this transit will not prove to be much beneficial for them.

Remedy: Offer water to a Peepal tree on Thursday without touching it and also feed a proper meal and offer donations to a Brahmin.


For Capricorn natives, Mercury is the ruling lord of your sixth and ninth house. During its transit that is taking place in retrograde motion, it will take nest in your tenth house. This is the house which governs over one’s profession or karma and also determines our direction of work. It is also taken into account to navigate our societal status. Due to the presence of Mercury in your tenth house, your position at workplace will become more influential as compared to before. You will also get tasks of your own choice. Senior officials will want your sole involvement in certain projects as you have maintained a good image of yourself in front of them. A transfer to a favourable location is also on the cards for you in this duration, which will keep you content. Happiness and peace will be a part of your familial life and it will inspire you to move forward in life. Hard work done until this time will bear fruits of success during the period of this transit. It is also the right time to fulfill your unaccomplished tasks which have been on hold for quite a long time. It is also possible that this task will pave the way for your success in the future.

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesha regularly and offer him durvankur.


The retrograde Mercury will make its transit in the ninth house of your zodiac sign. The fifth and eighth house of Aquarius natives are ruled by this planet. Since the ninth house is considered the house of luck, it tells about the rise of our fortune. Along with this, it also provides information about long distance journeys, mentors, achievement of name and fame, and religious activities. While this transit is taking place in your ninth house, you may stumble upon sudden economic prospects and some of you may also obtain possession of an ancestral property. Take proper care of your father’s health as it can remain under the weather. Those natives who wish to pursue higher studies can witness the fulfilment of their wishes and may get admitted in a prestigious institution. This time period will also be quite rewarding for your children. If you are planning on putting forward any love proposal, you will receive a positive response now. An overseas trip may be undertaken by you and your beloved during this time which will bring enhancement and depth to your relationship.

Remedy: Worship Goddess Durga while reciting the Durga Chalisa and also gift green colored bangles to small girls on Wednesday.


The seventh and fourth house of Pisces natives are governed by the planet Mercury. During this particular transit, it will launch in the eighth house of your zodiac sign which also happens to be the house of uncertainties. With the help of this house, one gains knowledge about spirituality and sudden, unexpected incidents which are yet to take place in life. This transit will bring forward mixed results for Pisces natives. On the one hand, you will receive economic profits, while on the other, your conjugal life will be surrounded by tensions. Differences can seep into your relationship with your in-laws as well which will, again, have a negative impact on your marriage. There are also chances of you undertaking an unwanted journey which will result in health problems for you. During this transit period, your life partner’s health will also remain unstable because of which expenses will increase.

Remedy: Feed jaggery and fodder to a green colored cow and seek blessings from eunuchs.

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