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Mercury transit in Gemini - 24 May 2020

Mercury which is called the Prince in the planetary cabinet is transiting in its own sign Gemini on Sunday, 24th May 2020 23:57 IST. Mercury represents communication, organization, analysis and observation in Vedic astrology. It also governs your business sense and when in a strong position bestows you the native with all these qualities.

As Mercury is transiting in its own sign Gemini, Let’s see what benefits it has in store for all zodiac signs.

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The transit of Mercury will happen in the third house which represents communication, siblings and efforts for Aries natives. As the third house also represents the valor and courage, Aries natives will be full of vigor, enthusiasm and might during this time frame and their main purpose or main area of dedication will be to fulfill their goals and ambitions. This will see them not shy away from making efforts to realise their objectives. As the third house represents siblings, it indicates that it is the right time for the Aries individual to spend with their younger brother and sisters. This also indicates that their progress will be a source of joy and happiness for you. This transit of Mercury also indicates that natives of Aries Moon sign are also likely to get good news from alternative sources or medium of communication such as the internet, social media etc. Mercury transit in this sign will be very helpful for those Aries natives who are into creative fields. Also, those who are into the profession of writing and publishing will come across many opportunities that will give the right direction to their career and success. You are likely to repay your loans and debts during this time frame, which have been prolonging for a long time. However, as Mercury is also aspecting the ninth house which represents Father, this indicates that the health of your father may be a source of worry and anxiety for you. Some of Aries natives may also find some altercations or difference of opinion with their father or father figures.

Love and romance would be at an all time high during this transit as Aries natives will be able to fully express their emotions and feelings to their beloved. There will also be great support from the spouse for married natives. Healthwise, this transit seems to be heading in a favorable direction.

Remedy- Worshipping Lord Ganesha on Wednesdays will bring auspicious results.


Dear Taurus, the transit of Mercury in your second house of wealth, speech and family will bring mixed results. Taurus natives will become more family oriented and will like to spend more time with their family. However,as Mercury represents speech, this indicates that be careful in your choice of words.This is because any satire or Joke made by you during this time duration may unintentionally hurt others. Because of this, the family environment may get disrupted. As Second house also represents accumulated wealth, this transit may add on to your accumulated wealth and savings. This is also the right time for Taurus natives to open new bank accounts, invest in new ventures for the long term. This should be their main priority and will help them secure themselves as well as their family future. By doing this, they will be aligning with the energy of planet Mercury. However, the students of this sign are likely to make steady progress in their academic studies during this time frame. For single natives, it is a very good transit as this position of Mercury will help them to express their feelings to the partner, which will strengthen the bond between them. For Married natives, family expansion is on the cards. However, the health of your spouse can be a source of worry and stress for you.

Personal hygiene will play a very important role during this transit for Taurus natives, otherwise there can be problems related to mouth especially teeth. Those natives who have a history of hormone related diseases like thyroid should exercise care and precaution during this transit.

Remedy- Offer water and worship the Tulsi Plant Daily.


Gemini natives will host Mercury in their ascendant or first house which is also called the house of self and personality. Mercury also governs their fourth house of luxuries, comforts, Mother and home, it indicates that this transit will bring favorable results for them. Gemini natives with the position of Mercury in their first house will be more lively, vivacious and charismatic during this time duration. They will be filled with youthful energy and Mercury will bestow them with good oratory or communication skills that will enable them to impress people from all walks of life. The natives in the business and profession are also likely to come across many opportunities that will see their rise in income and comfort during this time frame. Mercury will be in its directional strength during this time, which will make them filled with creative ideas and Sharp in intellect. It will also give them a refined sense of judgement and sharp observational powers, making it easy for them to make better use of the opportunities. This will lead them to success and prosperity during this duration. But beware as this position of Mercury can sometimes make you hop onto one task to another as you become bored of the monotonous routine. This can result in inconsistency, so, be sure to complete one task before you start the other one.

This time frame will also be very favorable for love and romance. The search for single natives will end as they will meet their someone special now. Married natives will also feel happiness and contentment in their relationships.

Remedy- Recite the Beej Mantra of the planet Mercury dailly.

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The transit of Mercury in its twelfth house of expenditures and foreign travels will bring mixed results for the Cancer natives. The most important thing to do for Cancer natives during this time duration is resource management. As this position of Mercury may make them come across certain unprecedented situations which can lead to high expenditures. Indulging in physical exercise, meditation and avoiding stress is also necessary as Cancer natives may face some health problems or scare during this time frame. As Mercury is also aspecting the sixth house of competition, struggles and enemies, it will better to stay away from any conflicts and clashes during this duration. It may result in your image being besmirched. Also, try and stay away from court cases, litigations which may also result in expenditure coupled with mental agony and stress.Also, try and stay away from taking any kind of loans and liabilities during this time frame.

However, the family environment for Cancer natives will be happy and cordial during this time duration. The progress of your siblings will bring joy and happiness. The twelfth house also represents the foreign settlement and gains and Mercury is transiting there in its own house, this indicates that Cancer natives might look for foreign opportunities to settle in the future.

Remedy- Feeding green fodder to the cow on Wednesdays will bring auspicious results.


Leo natives will host the Mercury in its own eleventh house of success and profit. Mercury also governs the house of accumulated wealth, family and savings. This transit will bring auspicious results for the leo natives. Professionally, the Leo natives will find success, recognition and rewards from the senior management. The professionals looking for job change may come across many opportunities to find the job in their desired fields. As the second lord is positioned in the eleventh house which makes a very potent “Dhan” yoga for leo natives. This will increase their capacity to earn riches, fame and success during this duration. Business will also yield gains and profits. This position of Mercury will also enable you to gain from social circles and friends. It also indicates that the more social you are, the more you mingle with the people or promote yourself through mediums like social networking sites, internet etc, more benefit this transit will bring for you.

It is a time duration that will see the fulfillment of your deep longing desires. Concerning love and romance, this transit seems favorable, however, still spending quality time with your spouse and partner is of paramount importance to strengthen the relationship.

Remedy - Lighting camphor in your home will help you in getting auspicious results of the planet Mercury.


Mercury will transit into its own tenth house for Virgo natives. From the tenth house we see the standing and progress of the native in their career and profession. So, this transit will bring auspicious results for you, dear Virgo. This transit will see an increase in the dedication of the Virgo natives, they will be filled with passion and enthusiasm that we seem to complete their pending tasks with vigor. This is likely to increase your productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Also, this transit of Mercury also increases the adaptability and flexibility of the native which makes them complete their task with ease and comfort. This will bring recognition from seniors or persons holding higher positions of authority in the organisation. However, this position of Mercury can sometimes make one conscious of making mistakes, resulting in seeking over perfection in everything. This can result in procrastination of the tasks and unnecessary delays. So, it is suggested to be more action oriented during this time period and put more focus on completion of your tasks rather than seeking perfection, it will help in achieving better results from this transit.

However, in this time frame Virgo natives will be more inclined towards their career, they are likely to be career oriented, leaving no or little time for their loved one or spouse. This can cause some frictions or ups and downs in the relationships.So, it is suggested to strike a balance between your personal and professional life, it will result in bringing fulfillment and happiness in personal life.

Remedy- Chant “ Vishnu Sahastranaam” daily during sunrise.

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The transit of Mercury in its own ninth house of fortune, luck, fate, spirituality and higher education will bring auspicious results for the Libra natives. During this time duration, Libra individuals will themselves get spiritually inclined, they will be more interested in finding the deeper meaning of life. This will see them reading scriptures, spiritual and mythological books during this time frame. As the ninth house also represents Teachers, Gurus and Mentors, it is likely that meeting with such a person during this time frame will bring benefits for them in the long run. The meetings may take place virtually considering the Pandemic situation we are facing currently. Professionally, this transit will see Libra individuals gain good positions and promotion in their workplace or organisation. This is because their efforts will be fully supported by luck and fortune during this time frame. Respect and support from subordinates as well as seniors will be a source of your joy and happiness. As this position of Mercury is making an auspicious “Dhan Yoga”, which will result in rise income and status in this time frame. As Mercury also governs the twelfth house of foreign for Libra natives, there are going to be gains and profits from foreign lands.

However, this position of Mercury can create some problems or difference of opinion with your father. This can be more severe if both of you are working in the same business. So, do not forget to follow the line of decorum while conversing with him.

In matters concerning love and romance, married natives will feel happiness and contentment during this transit. This transit will also bring some good news for the single natives waiting to take their relationship to the next level.

Students will see their grasping power increase during this transit, which will see them getting good results in their higher studies later on.

Remedy - Donate books to the needy children and students.


Scorpions will host Mercury in their house of transformation, changes, research and uncertainties, in the eighth house. As Mercury is a very swift planet, it may bring some fast paced and quick changes in your life resulting in restlessness and anxiety in the beginning. But, these changes are there to make the Scorpio individuals come out of their comfort zone and limits that they have set for themselves. They will start to trust their intuition and insights more which will lead them to discover the hidden potentials within themselves. However, as Mercury is directly aspecting the second house of accumulated wealth, so it may result in some unexpected expenditures. This may lead to saturation in savings, so it is very important to manage and utilise resources and income properly during this time frame. However, as the eighth house also denotes gifts and sudden gains, scorpio natives can expect some sudden profits during this time duration. But, it is advised to stay away from activities involving over speculation during this time frame. For scorpio professionals, it is a time to sharpen and improve their skills rather than look for change in job.

This period will also demand some awareness regarding health matters especially if you have a previous history of some allergy or skin related diseases. Rush to the doctor immediately if you feel any sort of discomfort during this time frame. Also, inculcating yoga, meditation and staying away from stress and negativity will also help you in achieving positive results in health matters.

This time duration will be good for students who are starting with some new course, as this position of Mercury will help them to grasp the subject properly.

In matters pertaining to love and relationships, choose the words wisely before you speak, otherwise there could be some ups and downs or temperamental differences in the relationship.

Remedy- Chant the Mantra “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya” daily 108 times during the Sunrise.


For sagittarius natives, Mercury will move into their house of spouse, partnerships and vocation i.e. the seventh house. This transit of Mercury will bring auspicious results for individuals belonging to this fiery zodiac sign. As Mercury also governs their house of profession and career, professionals of this zodiac sign are likely to get promotion, increment or rise in their professional status or hierarchy during this time duration. This position of Mercury will increase their observation and organisational abilities which will help them to structure their tasks and endeavors in proper order resulting in increased efficiency and results. This will lead to encouragement and acknowledgement from senior management. This is in general favorable transit for business persons, but the individuals owning their business in the form of partnerships are likely to see more profits and gains in this time frame.

Relationships are likely to blossom as romance will in its full bloom during this transit. This is a very good time period to finalise the wedding dates for the individuals interested in taking their relationship to the next level. Married natives will also feel gratification and happiness in their relationships.

Students will find themselves more focused during this time period, which will help them achieve good results in their academics.

Remedy- Chant the Mantra of Mercury during the Mercury Hora daily.

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Capricorn natives will host the Mercury in their sixth house of competitions, enemies and diseases. This position of Mercury will bring auspicious results for the professionals belonging to this sign. They will see rise in their competitive strength and resilient power which will help them to overcome their enemies. There will be a lot of support from your subordinates or colleagues which will result in increased productivity in the workplace. It is a very good time period for the professionals who are looking for new jobs, they will come across many opportunities in their desired fields. For businessmen of this sign, this period will be beneficial and provide you success, if you have been thinking of taking any kind of loans to expand your business.

Personally, Capricorn natives will get good gains and gifts from the maternal side of the family. The legal matters or court cases are likely to go in your favor during this time duration. However, this period can make you a little overserious in love matters which can create some problems in relationships. So, spending quality time with them is of foremost importance, as this will help to address their concerns and strengthen the bond with them.

Students preparing for competitive and government exams are likely to see their efforts bear positive results during this period. There will be a rapid or sudden increase in energy during this time, so indulging in any physical activity like walking, jogging or gymming will provide great benefits to the overall health.

Remedy- Feed Green fodder to the Cows.


Mercury will transit in the fifth house of intellect, offspring, love and romance. This position of Mercury will bring auspicious results. Professionals of this sign will be able to execute their ideas and thoughts in an impressive manner. This will lead to increase in their income and prosperity during this time frame. Businessmen will also see their policies yielding great profits and success. However, it is advised to divert the income or profits that you earn in this duration into some property or long term investment. This will be very beneficial for your future.

Personally, this will be a very auspicious time for married natives, that will see you getting good support from your spouse or beloved. This position of Mercury will provide you with a playful nature and easy go attitude in love matters. This will help in strengthening the bond in the relationship.

Parents of this sign will be happy and joyous with the progress of their child. This position of Mercury will help the students in quickly grasping the subjects which they were finding tough earlier. As a result of which they will perform well in their academics.

However, the natives of this sign could face some problems related to the abdomen or lower abdomen region. So, taking care of your diet and indulging in physical activity will be a must during this transit.

Remedy- Offer prayers to Goddess Saraswati


Mercury will transit into the fourth house of happiness, mother, home, luxuries and comforts for Pisces natives. This position of Mercury will bring auspicious results for family life for individuals of this sign. Happiness and cordial environment will prevail in the family. There will be harmony among all the family members which will be a source of joy for persons born under the sign of the fish. This will bring in peace of mind which will also reflect in their performances in the professional field. However, sometimes laziness can set in as the fourth house also represents comforts. This can easily push the pisceans into their comfort zone which can result in them missing some important future prospects. So, remaining alert and aware is very essential for them to succeed in this duration.

Personally, relationships with the mother are set to improve during this time frame. Some investment or addition in the vehicle or property can be predicted for some Pisces natives. However, take proper care of your expenses before proceeding with any such decision.

There are very high chances of your spouse getting rewards or appreciation for their performance in their organization or workplace. This will bring more happiness and elation in the family. During this joyous time if you openly express your pride for your partner, then it will further strengthen your bond.

Remedy- Honor or worship the Tulsi plant daily.

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