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Venus Transit in Leo (28 September 2020)

The Venus transit in Leo will take place on 28 September 2020 at 00:50 hours, as the significator of beauty moves out of the zodiac sign Cancer. It will continue to remain in this position until 23 October at 10:44 hours, after which it will move on to enter Virgo. The presence of Shukra in the sign of the Sun will influence each zodiac sign differently.

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Venus is acknowledged to be the brightest planet in our solar system. This is an auspicious Graha; therefore, its beneficial position in one’s kundli offers numerous comforts and luxuries to the native. But more importantly, it brings an increase in the love life and materialistic pleasures for the person. In addition to this, the strong placement of Venus also influences their marital life as it brings them happiness and peace.

On the other hand, a weakly placed Venus can create tensions and problems in one’s marriage. In such a situation, natives should perform remedies associated with the significator of communication to attain positive results. Let us now take a look at what changes this Venus transit in Leo will bring in your life.

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Venus Transit in Leo


Venus, the deity of beauty, will move through the fifth house of Aries natives, which signifies your progeny, education, and love. This Venus transit in Leo will bring many positive results for Arians in a relationship. You will spend many tender moments with your beloved, which will bring an intensity to your bond. Romance will dominate your mind and heart at this time, due to which your partner will also remain attracted towards you.

On the flip side, married natives of the sign need to remain careful throughout this transit. There are indications of disputes between you and your spouse. Despite that, this Venus transit will bring a promotion in the workplace for your life partner. Moreover, at this time, Aries natives will not step back from spending on modes of entertainment. Student natives can find their focus deviating from their studies now as they will become more interested in games and social media.

Predictions also indicate auspicious results in the family life of natives. The members of your household will also be supportive of you. Things will continue as usual for you healthwise as well. However, you need to avoid too spicy food; otherwise, some stomach related problems can erupt.

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva and offer white flowers to him.


The Venus transit in Leo will take place through the fourth house of comforts of Taurus natives. The significator of beauty is the Lord of your sign, as well as of your sixth house. Therefore, during this planetary movement, it will bring an increase in your immunity. Taurians who were planning on buying a new home or thinking of getting interior decoration done, your desires can be fulfilled now. Simultaneously, others can also plan on purchasing a vehicle at this time. However, you are advised to spend according to your budget, or you may end up facing a financial crunch.

The spouses of the married natives of the sign will also benefit from this transit, as they get promoted to a higher post in their workplace. As for the Taurus natives, you need to have confidence in your abilities and not hesitate in taking risks. Many-a-times, despite having the full capability to accomplish a task, you get anxious about it and miss out on an excellent opportunity.

Favourable outcomes are also indicated in the family life of natives. Despite that, you may worry about your mother’s health. Thus, spend time with her and try to learn what is troubling her exactly. As for your own wellbeing, take help of regular exercises to bring positive changes in your fitness.

Remedy: Offer food to the needy on Friday to attain auspicious results yourself.


The Lord of your fifth and twelfth houses, Venus will be making its transit through the third house of Gemini natives. This bhava in one’s kundli signifies might, courage, and younger siblings. This Venus transit in Leo will remain favourable for Gemini natives in many aspects of life.

Working professionals will earn respect at their office, while business personnel can also look forward to some beneficial results now. Any work-related trips that you may undertake now will bring you profits. Positive changes are also indicated in the lives of married natives. Any disputes that may have been ongoing between you and your spouse will now come to an end. As for the Gemini natives in love, you are advised to be careful with your words during this transit. Do not make fun of your beloved in any manner; otherwise, their thoughts about you can undergo a change which can cause a rift in your relationship. Gemini native associated with creative activities like writing, singing, dancing, and so all will earn name, fame, and respect during this transit. You will attract others with your inventiveness and may even create something new now.

Remedy: Chanting the Venus Beej Mantra will be fruitful for you: “ॐ द्रां द्रीं द्रौं सः शुक्राय नमः/oṃ drāṃ drīṃ drauṃ saḥ śukrāya namaḥ”

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Venus is the Lord of the fourth and eleventh houses of Cancer natives, and during its transit, it will get posited in their second house. This bhava signifies your speech, family, and wealth.

Cancerians associated with the family business can look forward to profits in this duration. You will find even the younger members of your household standing by your side now. Moreover, this is a beneficial time for those who wish to expand their enterprise. As for the working professionals of this sign, favourable results are indicated for you as well. Some of you can expect an increase in your current salary, which will improve your financial status.

Venus is often known as the Goddess of Love. Thus, with this transit in Leo, it will bring an increase in romance for Cancer natives who are in a relationship. Many of you will even give up your important tasks at the moment, to spend time with your beloved. Since the second house also signifies your speech; therefore, the position of this benefic planet here will bring pleasantness to your words. You will make the proper utilization of your knowledge at this time. In addition to this, people will be impressed by you on a social level. Some eye-related problems are on the cards for Cancer natives now; therefore, pay attention to the same.

Remedy: Visit the temple of a Goddess on Friday and offer red flowers to Her as an oblation.


Venus transit in Leo will cause the planet to get posited in the ascendant of the natives. The first house of any kundli signifies one’s body, character, nature, health and intellect. Therefore, this planetary movement will bring many positive changes in the lives of Leo natives, as many virtues become a part of your character.

Fate will favour you now completely, which will help you get out of many problems. This will be a favourable duration for those who wish to turn their creative abilities into their profession. Leo natives will remain determined towards advancing their career at this time. However, you should not hold on to too many desires; otherwise, your focus can deviate into several directions. As a result, you will not be able to accomplish any of your tasks properly.

The placement of Venus in your ascendant will also bring an improvement in your behaviour, as a result of which, you will earn name and respect in society. Many of you can even take help of spirituality during this transit as you try to get a better insight about yourself. Positive changes are on the cards for Leos healthwise too, and you will get to savour all colours of life now.

Remedy: Establish the Shukra Yantra in your home or office on Friday.


Virgo natives will host the Venus transit in Leo through their twelfth house. The house of losses signifies upcoming problems in life, expenses, and your relations to foreign countries. This duration will prove to be rather challenging for the natives of this sign.

Caution is advised to Virgoans at this time, especially in terms of health. Go for regular checkups if you are suffering from any disease. Do not ignore even the smallest of problems at this point. Moreover, you also need to remain very careful while driving and follow all traffic rules.

Financially, Virgo natives can face some problems; therefore, avoid lending any money to others at this time. Instead, work on accumulating more funds by properly utilizing every resource that you have with you. On the flip side, this duration will be very advantageous for natives who are employed in a multinational company. Business personnel whose enterprise is associated with foreign countries will also incur sufficient benefits at this time.

Remedy: Serve a cow and feed white-coloured food items to her, like cooked rice.


Venus is the Lord of Libra and also of their eighth house. As it changes places across the zodiac plane, it will get positioned in their eleventh house. This Venus transit in Leo will bring many positive changes in the lives of Librans.

Working professionals will attain the complete support of the seniors, as well as earn respect in their office. In addition to this, some of you can suddenly receive a present from your friend or relative. Many of you can turn quite ambitious at this time and will suddenly start expecting better results from your tasks. However, you are advised to avoid doing so and instead focus only on your work. You will reap the fruits of your labour when the time comes for it.

Libra natives in love will witness an increase in the romance in their life. Simultaneously, married natives will also enjoy harmony in theirs. Since Venus is the Lord of your eighth house; therefore, many of you can even try to learn some mystical subjects at this time. This is a favourable duration for student natives as your interest in learning new topics will grow. Take the help of yoga and meditation to keep yourself fit.

Remedy: Feeding floor dough or jaggery to a cow will be beneficial for you.

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The zodiac sign of Mars, Scorpio will host the transit of Venus through their tenth house, which signifies your karma, leadership skills, and business. As a result of this planetary movement, working professionals of this sign will receive the complete support of their senior officials. However, this can also create some problems for you. As you try to explain something to your colleagues, you will fail in your attempts. Your co-workers can end up misconstruing your words or misunderstanding the concept you are talking about.

Scorpio natives associated with the business of import-export can look forward to profits in their work. As your work picks up pace, your income will improve, which will help you get rid of many tensions concerning the same. Simultaneously, natives associated with the media or film industries will also benefit from their creativity. Your work will be loved and appreciated by the public.

Things are also indicated to remain favourable on the family front for natives. Married natives will receive the complete support of their spouse now. Financially, there are indications of an increase in expenses for some Scorpios. However, you can plan a feasible budget beforehand, and follow the same to easily dodge unnecessary expenditures. Implement essential changes in your daily routine to bring positive changes in your health.

Remedy: wearing the Opal gemstone on your ring finger on a Friday will be auspicious for you.


The Lord of your sixth and eleventh houses, Venus is making its transit through the ninth house of Sagittarius natives. This bhava in one’s Kundli signifies your luck, father, and journeys. Natives are advised to remain cautious throughout this Venus transit in Leo and avoid talking too much.

There are indications of some dispute arising between you and your dad, which will end up ruining the environment at home. Student natives are also likely to remain at loggerheads with their teachers at this time. In such a situation, you are advised to remember your limits while talking to your elders – whether they are your mentors or your father. Do not try to step over the lines of decorum.

On the flip side, the duration will remain favourable for the married natives of the sign as you spend some beautiful moments with your spouse. Natives who are acquiring primary education at this time will also enjoy a favourable time ahead. You will spend this duration brushing up on the subjects which you find harder. No significant issues are indicated in your health life either. However, ensure that you maintain a healthy diet; otherwise, some stomach-related problems can trouble you.

Remedy: Keep your spouse happy and satisfied to enjoy a peaceful and content life yourself.


The tenth sign of the zodiac cycle, Capricorn will host the transit of Venus through their eighth house. The Ayur Bhava, your house of longevity, signifies imminent problems in life, mystical subjects, obstacles, and ancestral property. This Venus transit in Leo may not turn out to be much favourable for Capricorn natives.

You will remain worried about your children throughout this duration. At this time, you also need to carefully observe the company they are keeping. Apart from this, a decline in their health is also indicated, therefore, watch over your kids.

Working professionals can also face some problems at their office right now, which will cause an increase in your mental tensions. You will find yourself surrounded with unnecessary worries and unable to get to a solution. In such a situation, consult the elders of your household and take their advice to reach the right answer.

Yet, despite your concerns, no significant problems are indicated for Capricorn natives financially. Moreover, you can even receive funds from some unexpected places. Nevertheless, you are advised to keep an eye on your valuables while you are travelling. Healthwise, you are advised to regularly eat fresh fruits to keep yourself fit.

Remedy: Wear white colour cloth on Friday to attain favourable results.


Aquarius natives will host the transit of Venus through their seventh house of partnership and spouse. As this Venus transit in Leo influences Aquarians, not only will you receive the complete support of your spouse in all fields but fate will also turn in their favour. Although small tiffs and arguments will persist between you two; however, they will not negatively influence your marital life.

Business personnel of this sign who own their enterprise in partnership will incur significant profits during this transit. Many of your projects will become successful now, and your relationship with the partner will also turn pleasant. Working professionals will also be seen putting in constant efforts towards the improvement of their skills. This duration is here to polish the character of most Aquarius natives.

Venus is also the significator of beauty; therefore, the females of this sign, especially, will not step back from spending money on beauty and makeup products. Student natives born under the sign of Aquarius will be able to easily understand even the hardest subjects with the help of their intellect now. Promising predictions on the health front indicate that natives who were struggling with the disease for quite some time now will finally get relief.

Remedy: Worshipping any form/avatar/incarnation of the Goddess will be beneficial for you.

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The Venus transit in Leo will take place through the sixth house of Pisces natives. This house of enemies signifies your opponents, debts, debates, and subordinates. Working professionals of the sign need to remain very careful at their workplace in this duration. Predictions indicate that your opponents can scheme against you right now.

There are also possibilities of a decline in your health; therefore, consult a doctor immediately, even if you think it is a minor disease. Many of you can struggle with a backache at this time; therefore, avoid lifting heavy weights. Moreover, you also need to try and avoid eating junk food and such items not cooked at home. On another note, Pisces natives should choose their words very carefully while speaking on a social level, during this transit.

Moreover, the farther away from debates you stay, the better it will be for you. If you think that somebody is antagonizing you and trying to provoke you, then instead of giving a reaction, it would be better for you to step away from them. Predictions indicate that your financial front may remain on the weaker side; however, you need to worry less and work harder right now.

Remedy: Chanting the Beej Mantra of Venus on Friday will help you get rid of many problems in life.

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