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Venus Transit in Gemini (13 July 2022)

On 13 July 2022, Venus transit in Gemini will take place, which is considered to be a big phenomenon. Know why this transit is impactful and what changes and challenges it brings with itself for the natives of all zodiac signs. Venus is the planet of love, romance and passion. As rightly advised by the sages this feminine planet is full of beauty and grace. Due to its delicacy and adornment it is well said that women are from Venus and men from Mars.

Venus Transit in Gemini

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Venus in the vedic astrology is the foremost planet for marriage, also it is known as the karak of a wofe in a male’s chart. Venus is associated with luxuries and wealth. If one buys a Porsche then the blessing of Venus is truly on the native that particular moment. Thus, the vehicles, especially the luxurious ones, fall under the ownership of Venus.

Venus when placed in the Lagna showers a native with beautiful looks and sophisticated taste. They aim at achieving all the comforts and luxuries in their life. It also arouses the attraction to opposite sex and the intimacy. Venus is best placed in the water sign of Jupiter which is Pisces. It is in the debilitation in the sign of logic ruled by Mercury which is Virgo.

Venus Transit in Gemini: Timing

Venus Transit in Gemini will take place on July 13, 2022 at 10:41 am and will stay in this sign till August 7, 2022 until it moves to the sign of Cancer. Let’s discover what this transit will unfold for all the moon signs.

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For Aries Moon sign, Venus owns the lordship of the second house of wealth, family and the seventh house of partnership and marriage. During this transit period Venus will be placed in the third house of short travels, siblings and communication.

You will be sweet in expressing yourself during this time and your communication skills will be outstanding. You will be calm and content in making your decisions. You will be socially amiable and will like to be part of every party. You may make get together plans or some picnics at outdoor locations with your family and friends. The members of the house and your siblings will support you through and through during this period. You will spend on travelling and parties during this period.

On the professional front this period will bring good results for those who are into the field of art, drama, theatre, dance and media. You will witness growth and better prospects in your career. This period will bring favourable results if planning to switch your job, as you will get some good opportunities during this period.

Remedy: Eat aniseed regularly after your meals.

Aries Weekly Horoscope


For the Taurus natives Venus is the lagna lord and it also rules over the sixth house of competition, diseases and fights. During this period Venus will be transiting over the second house of family, communication and wealth. The transit of Venus is of vital importance for Taurus natives as it is their lagna lord.

You will be inclined towards your family and will be possessive about the comforts and luxuries of the members of the house. You will keep the members' needs and satisfaction during this period. There are bright possibilities of buying a property or land for personal use. You may also invest on renovation of your existing house during this period.

On the Professional front you can face some tensions at the workplace due to irresponsible behaviour of your team members. You may also have some heated discussion or argument with your seniors during this time. This period will be good for those who are working into stock markets. Also those who are into professional services like surgeon, dermatology and cosmetology will have a favourable period as you will witness the increase in the number of clients.

Remedy: Light a camphor at your home in the evenings in an oil burner.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope


For the Gemini natives, Venus owns the Lordship of the fifth house of love, romance and education. It also rules over the twelfth house of expenditure and forein land. During this time Venus will be transiting in the first house of personality, mind and thoughts.

Love will be in the air for Geminis. You will have a strong inclination torwards opposite sex and for some of you your crush can turn into a potent relationship. Those who are already into a romantic relationship will grow better love and You will be particular about your looks and personality during this time and will spend a good amount of money in changing your wardrobe. You will do lots of self grooming and enjoy buying luxury products.

On the Professional front, you will get good opportunities to begin your career. Those who are working in MNCs or with foreign markets will have a favourable period. You may make some travel plans for promotion of work and it will bring fruitful results. This period will bring outstanding results for those who are into a partnership business.

Remedy: Recite the mantra “ॐ शुं शुक्राय नम: / oṃ śuṃ śukrāya nama:”every morning especially on Fridays.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

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For the Cancer natives, Venus owns the lordship of the fourth house of home and happiness. It also presides over the eleventh house of gains and profits. During this transit Venus will be placed in your twelfth house of expenditure, losses and travels.

Your home comfort will be a bit disturbed during this period. You may have some unforeseen expenditure pertaining to loss of precious things or doctor’s clinic. Your mother’s health will be disturbed during this time. You may plan to travel with your family for a leisure trip as well. You are advised to be careful while driving vehicles as you will be prone to injuries during this period.

On the professional front this period will be better for those who are planning to migrate for a job or searching for some opportunities overseas. Your expenditure will be higher than your income and this may bring botherations to you. You may have to spend a handsome amount on the marketing and promotion of your business during this period.

Remedy: Offer white sandalwood to Lord Shiva and donate some sandalwood at the temple.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope


For Leo Moon Sign, Venus owns the lordship of the third house of strength and courage. Also it presides over the tenth house of profession . During this transit period Venus will be placed in your eleventh house of desires, friends and siblings.

You will be outgoing and make new friends during this period. Your bond with your younger as well as elder siblings will be good and you will spend quality time with them. You will get their support and assistance in your endeavours. You will be relaxed and will not put much effort into doing things. You will explore your hobbies and interests during this period.

On the professional front this period will be good for those who are into clothing, accessories and jewellery business. This period will also bring fruitful results for those who are into the music industry, theatre and fine arts. You wiki,ll get true admirers who will be willing to spend on your outstanding skills. This period is favourable if you wish to earn from your hobbies and interests or take them as your professional career.

Remedy: Donate sugar, rise and milk at the temple on a Friday.

Leo Weekly Horoscope


For the Virgo natives, Venus presides over the second house of wealth and family. Venus also rules the ninth house of fame and fortune for Virgo natives. During this transit period Venus will be in your tenth house of profession. This connection of the ninth and tenth house brings auspicious results.

You will have an inclination towards spirituality and will like to read spiritual text and visit places of religion. You will also make travel plans with your family to visit some pilgrimage place during this period. Your family comfort and peace will be good and there will be love and harmony between the members of the house. You may buy a vehicle for your personal or commercial use during this period.

On the professional front this period will be favorable for those who are into business, especially family business. Those who are into the entertainment and travelling industry will witness a growth during this time. The government employees may have to suffer some politics at their workplace and are advised to be careful as your enemies will try to harm your image during this period. This period will bring good opportunities for the designing students who wish to start their career.

Remedy: Burry a little honey in the ground outside your house this will give you auspicious results.

Virgo Weekly horoscope


For the libra natives, Venus owns the lordship of the eighth house of inheritance. Venus being the lagna lord will be transiting from the ninth house of fortune and luck during this transit period. The transit of lagna lord brings the most impact on the lives of the native, therefore this transit will bring some stroke of luck and popularity to the natives during this phase.

On the personal front your relationship with your father will be friendly and you will receive his support in all your endeavours. You have bright chances of gaining from the ancestral property or favours in terms of cash and kind from your parental lineage. You will be connected to charitable organisations and will do some generous charity during this time.

This period will not be very blooming at the professional front for the entrepreneurs. You are advised to be careful before signing any deals or contracts as there may be some hidden clause. Avoid investing into speculative markets as the risk factor will be high during this time. Those who are into services will comparatively have a better time, you will get opportunities to grow in your career.

Remedy: On Friday, wear a good quality opal in the form of a locket or ring in your ring finger.

Libra Weekly Horoscope


For Scorpio Natives, Venus heads over the seventh house of marriage and associations. Also it rules the twelfth house of losses and expenditure Moon. Venus will be transiting in the eighth house of suddenness, obstacles and inheritance during this transit.

You may have to make some unnecessary travel plans which will not be productive. Your re;lationship with your spouse and in-laws may not be very cordial. You may enter into a cold war or fight with them during this period. You may suffer from throat and eyes issues during this period. Also you will be prone to accidents therefore taking good care of yourself during this period is advisable.

On the professional front this period will not be favourable for the businessmen as the probabilities of losses is high. You are advised not to make any investment during this period as it will not bring fruitful results. The servicemen will go through job securities and losses during this time. You need to be cautious at your workplace as people might conspire against you.

Remedy: Read stories of Parshuram.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

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For Sagittarius natives, Venus owns the lordship of the sixth house of fights, diseases and the eleventh house of expansion and gains. During this transit Venus will be in your seventh house of associations and partnerships.

You may have frequent fights with your spouse on petty things during this period. The singles have bright possibilities of getting hitched to their perfect match or finding a partner during this time. You may plan to start up a new partnership or joint venture with your spouse or friends during this time. You are advised to take care of your health especially if you are diuabetic as this period may bring some concerns to you. Also you may get a surgery done during this time. In terms of health your spouse may suffer from some allergies, infections and bruises during this time.

On the professional front this period will bring a number of chances to make good profit and improve your finances. Those who are into professional services or partnerships will get good publicity and promotion during this time. The servicemen are expected to get favours and appreciations for their outstanding work.

Remedy: Donate potatoes and flour on any Friday during evening time.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope


For the Capricorn natives, Venus rules over your fifth house of love, children and education. Also it presides over your tenth house of profession. Being a yoga karaka planet for Capricorns, its transit is one of the most influential ones for the Capricorn natives. Venus will be transiting in the sixth house of competition, disease, debts for the natives.

You will feel low in vitality during this time. You may enter into fights with your lover or beloved due to trivial issues. The health of your children may not be good during this period therefore you are advised to take good care of them.This period will be fruitful for the students who are preparing or taking the competitive examinations. Your fighting spirit will be good and you will be able to focus well on your subjects.

On the professional front things will be comfortable for the employed natives. You will have a good ambience around you and your fellow workers and teammates will be supportive. You may borrow money from the market for your business activities. Those who are working into financial institutions need to be careful while making any transactions as there may be some confusions pertaining to the money.

Remedy: Wear cream and pink colored clothes on Fridays to get more benefits for Venus.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope


For Aquarius natives, Venus owns the lordship of two important houses i.e fourth house of comforts and luxuries and the ninth house house of luck and religion. Venus will be transiting from the fifth house of love, education and children.

Your love life will grow leaps and bounds, those who are into a romantic relationship. The singles have a bright possibility of getting into a romantic relationship. You will feel happy and fortunate during this transit. You may earn respect and honour because of your children and their outstanding achievements. Some of you may also get positive news of conception during this period. Those who are into further studies or planning for the same will get opportunities to study in the college of their dreams.

On the professional front time isn potent to make investment for the expansion and growth of the business as you will get fruitful results. The finances will improve and you may earn from more than one source during this period. You will have a good reputation with your seniors and bosses which will bring favours in your court.

Remedy: Wear a rose quartz crystal in the form of a locket or a bracelet on your wrist.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope


For Pisces natives, Venus owns the lordship of the third house of strength, courage and might. It also rules over the eight houses of uncertainties, losses and depth. During this transit Venus will be in your fourth house of happiness, comforts and property.

Your home comfort and peace will be good and you will try your best to keep members of the house happy and content. You will spend on buying comforts and luxuries for them. Investing into property or vehicle is not advisable as it will bring reverse effects and you may get into debts due to the same. You will also be prone to accidents therefore investing in vehicles especially four wheelers is not advisable during this period.

On the Professional front this period will bring uncertainties in the business. You may get negative publicity due to the conspiring plans of your enemies. The servicemen are likely to get a forceful transfer during this period. You will have to put forth your best efforts to prove your working skills to your bosses especially if your senior is a female. Overall you have to be particular and cautious at the professional front during this period.

Remedy: Donate white or cream colored clothes to girls on a Friday.

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