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Mercury Transit in Libra (22 September 2020)

The Mercury transit in Libra will take place on 22 September 2020 at 16:55 hours. The planet will move out of Virgo to enter the balanced sign. Then on 14 October 2020 at 06:32 hours, it will turn retrograde and continue to stay in this sign. The significator of mind will once again turn direct on 3 November 2020. It will finally change positions on 28 November 2020 at 07:04 hours, when it will move out of Libra to enter Scorpio. However, the predictions given below only take into account the transit of Mercury in Libra taking place this September.

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Mercury Transit in Libra

Mercury holds the position of the Prince among the Navagraha (nine planets) and its favourable position in one’s kundali offers intellectual abilities to the native. Moreover, such a person also performs well in mathematical subjects. On the flip side, a weakly placed Mercury can negatively influence one’s intelligence, as well as cause skin-related diseases. Let us now take a glimpse at how this Mercury transit in Libra will affect each zodiac sign.

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Aries natives will host the transit of Mercury through their seventh house of partnerships and marriage. The placement of the significator of mind here can create some challenges in the lives of natives.

First, taking a look at your family life, it is evident that you can get into disputes with some members of your household. In such a situation, you need to try to control your anger and solve this problem through conversation. Simultaneously, ups and downs in your marital life are also indicated. You and your spouse can get into an argument over an old topic during this transit. Thus, you need to do all you can to establish coordination between you both.

Caution is advised in terms of your financial front; therefore, keep tabs on your expenses and avoid taking any loan or landing any money. You can plan a feasible budget to save your funds, better. Aries natives who own their business in partnership will need to remain very careful during this transit. Also, keep an eye on the activities of your partner.

As for the natives planning on setting up a new business, they should try to postpone these thoughts for the moment. Healthwise, you need to pay special attention to yourself and consume nutritious food items to keep yourself fit.

Remedy: Feed green fodder to a cow on Wednesday to attain favourable results.


The Lord of the second and fifth houses of Taurus natives, Mercury is changing places to enter their sixth house. This bhava in one’s kundli signifies debts, diseases, debates, and scarcity in life. On the whole, this Mercury transit in Libra will remain beneficial for Taurians.

Students can look forward to favourable results in the field of education, as you create your own niche amongst your classmates through your intellect. Simultaneously, those preparing for competitive exams can emerge victorious in the same. Working professionals will also prevail over their opponents at work. In any situation of a debate or dispute, Taurus native will triumph throughout this Mercury transit in Libra.

Taking a look at your love life, it is evident that there will be harmony between you and your beloved. If due to some reason, there was a distance between you two recently, then it will also vanish. Your name, fame, and respect in society will also grow now.

Married natives can look forward to happiness through their children at this time, as the latter continue to progress in their respective fields. Moreover, on the financial front, predictions indicate that you can finally repay your debts now. Thus, all in all, this transit is here to remove several difficulties from the lives of Taurus natives.

Remedy: Offer fruits to the poor and needy on Wednesday for auspicious results.


Gemini natives will host this Mercury transit in Libra through their fifth house, which signifies your intellect, children/progeny, and love life. The placement of Mercury here indicates that you will have a peaceful family life in this duration. You will be seen spending your time with the younger members of the household, which will help you forget all your worries.

Gemini natives will like to accomplish all their tasks with seriousness at this time, which will bring positivity to your life. On the social front, you will get to spend time with your close friends now. Simultaneously, these natives will not step back from spending money on modes of entertainment. However, you are advised to settle your funds according to your budget only

Those associated with betting can gain profits through it at this time; however, you should avoid getting into such deeds. Jobs like this can offer you advantages once, and you will end up incurring losses numerous times. Students of the sign will be especially benefited through this Mercury transit, and you are likely to succeed in any competitive exams you sit for.

Remedy: Worship Goddess Durga.

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Mercury is the Lord of the twelfth and third houses of Cancer natives. With this Mercury transit in Libra, it will get posited in their fourth house of mother, comforts, and vehicle. Its placement here will bring peace to your family life. You will spend some beautiful moments with your mother, and her love and affection will bring you mental peace. Simultaneously, natives who are living far from their family due to work or studies can return home now.

Coming to the working professionals of this sign, there are strong indications of an increase in your current salary. However, despite that, you will remain worried about your finances. Natives born under the sign of Cancer can find their focus deviating from their studies now. Moreover, you will be seen spending more time with your friends and wasting most of it on social media.

Thus, you are advised not to waste your precious time and instead draw a time table and study according to it. Predictions indicate that health-related issues are on the cards for some Cancerians. To remain fit, you need to exercise regularly and consume a healthy and balanced diet.

Remedy: Donate green bangles on Wednesday for favourable results.


Leo natives will host the transit of Mercury through their third house of might, courage, relations with siblings, and writing. Due to the influence of this Mercury transit in Libra, your bond with your younger brothers and sisters will improve, and you will step forward to help them out at this time. Simultaneously, they will also be seen standing by your side in all situations.

Things at your home will continue as usual, and harmony will persist amongst the members of your household. Due to peaceful family life, you will be able to perform better in the other aspects of your life as well. On a social level, you can gain profits through your friends or near and dear ones. Taking a look at your financial front, the stars are advising you to remain careful in all monetary transactions right now. A small mistake at this time can cause you a significant loss.

Some Leo natives can find themselves grasped by an unknown fear, which can create mental stress for you. In such situations, you can take help of yoga and meditation to keep your mind and heart balanced.

Remedy: You should take blessings from eunuchs to bring positivity in your life.


Mercury is the Lord of the zodiac sign Virgo, and during its transit, will be posited in their second house. This bhava in one’s kundli signifies your family, speech, and property. Due to this Mercury transit in Libra, your family life will remain favourable. You will take care of every member of your household and will not hesitate in spending funds for their needs.

This planetary movement will also influence your social life, as you will be successful in impressing those around you, with your words. The business personnel of this sign will now incur profits through their past projects. You will finally reap the fruits of your labour during this transit.

Student natives will impress their teachers and classmates through their logic. You will quickly understand even the hardest subjects at this time. As for the working professionals of this sign who are senior officials in their office, you need to pay attention to your subordinates and take care of their needs.

Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu and offer Kapur (camphor) as an oblation to him for auspicious results.


The Mercury transit in Libra will cause the planet to be posited in their ascendant. The first house in one’s birth chart signifies their health, characteristics, intellect, and fortune. As a result of this planetary movement, business personnel of this sign will have to face several challenges. If you were planning on expanding your enterprise, then it may get postponed for now.

Student natives of this sign will remain in a dilemma about their future during this transit. You should consult your teachers and parents to reach the right solution for your problems. It will be better for you if you do not make hasty decisions. On a social level, Libra natives need to remain careful, speak less, and stay as far away from debates and disputes as you can. Your words can upset someone at this time.

Apart from this, natives need to work on bringing positive changes in their behaviour during this Mercury transit in Libra. For this, keep the company of virtuous people and read beneficially impactful books. Fate will favour the working professionals of this sign as you obtain favourable outcomes in your workplace.

Remedy: Chanting the Vishnu Sahstranaam Stotra will bring positivity to your life.

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Scorpio natives will host the transit of Mercury through their twelfth house. This bhava in one’s kundli signifies losses, expenses, segregation in relationships, and weaknesses. As a result, this Mercury transit in Libra will bring many financial challenges for Scorpios. This duration will bring a rise in your expenses, which will cause your mental stress to grow. Therefore, plan a feasible budget and spend accordingly, for better wealth accumulation.

Business personnel of this sign whose enterprise is associated with foreign countries or working professionals posted in multinational companies can expect a favourable time ahead. This transitory motion will bring significant progress for the natives. Despite that, things may not be as beneficial for you, healthwise. Take care of your wellbeing and exercise regularly to remain fit.

Remedy: Chant the given Mercury Beej mantra for auspicious results: “ॐ ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रौं सः बुधाय नमः/oṃ brāṃ brīṃ brauṃ saḥ budhāya namaḥ”


The Mercury transit in Libra will take place through the eleventh house of Sagittarius natives. The placement of the significator of mind in your house of profits will bring abundant gains for the natives. You will witness positive changes in various aspects of your life.

Working professionals will finally reap the fruits of their labours now. Some of you can even look forward to a promotion at this time. An increase in the salary is also on the cards for many. Sagittarius natives will be seen pondering upon the right way of spending and saving their money now. In addition to this, your spouse is also likely to incur profits in their workplace.

Apart from this, many of you can obtain the support of your senior officials, which will help you in learning many new things. Taking a look at your family life, it is evident that your relations with your elder siblings will improve which will further enhance the environment at home.

On a social level, you will be seen spending some memorable moments with your friends. Sagittarius natives who have been struggling with some disease for a long time can finally breathe a sigh of relief at this time.

Remedy: Donate green fruits on Wednesday for auspicious results.


With this Mercury transit in Libra, the planet will get posited in the tenth house of Capricorn natives. This position signifies your karma, workplace, and leadership qualities. As a result, the significator of mind will bring you success at your office from this bhava. If you have been associated with an industry or a company for a long time, then you can look forward to promotion right now.

Business personnel will also incur profits at this time, and you will be able to accomplish your incomplete projects now. Simultaneously, this will be a favourable duration for those who wish to expand their enterprise. Capricorn natives will come across numerous opportunities during this transit to improve their life. All you need to do is remain cautious and take the right step at the right time.

This is a favourable duration for the student natives of the sign, as you will accomplish something in your field of education. There will be an increase in your concentration levels, and you will successfully understand even the hard subjects easily. The environment of your household will remain peaceful; however, natives are advised to keep a lid on their temper. Avoid eating fried food from outside to keep yourself fit and fine.

Remedy: Light a diya (lamp) of Kapur (camphor) in your place of worship at home to fill your life with positivity.


The zodiac sign of Saturn, Aquarius will host the transit of Mercury through their ninth house. This bhava in one’s Kundli signifies their fortune, religious activities, and journeys. Thus, Mercury transit in Libra will remain favourable in many aspects for Aquarius natives.

While some of you will actively participate in devotional ceremonies to attain mental peace, others will find themselves getting inclined towards spiritual subjects now. As a result, you will read associated books, and a number of you can become interested in yoga and such activities now.

Aquarius natives will be seen, making significant efforts towards bringing a balance to their family life. Many of you can also go on a pilgrimage or religious trip with the members of your household now. This will be a favourable duration for the student natives of the sign as well. An increase in your intellectual abilities is indicated in this duration, and you will perform well in subjects like maths and science.

Fate will finally favour unemployed natives of the sign as you receive a job offer from an esteemed company. Business personnel can also look forward to a great time ahead. Any work-related trips that you undertake now are likely to incur substantial benefits.

Remedy: Donate green coloured food items on Wednesday for beneficial results.

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The Mercury transit in Libra will take place through the eighth house of Pisces natives. This Bhavs signifies your longevity, imminent ups and downs in life, obstacles, and mystical subjects. As a result, this duration can remain challenging for the natives of this sign.

Working professionals will face some problems at their office. Many of you can even be framed in a fake matter because your opponents will remain active at this time. Therefore, Pisceans need to remain cautious throughout this period. Despite that, you will move forward on the path of spirituality. A number of you can even take the help of yoga and meditation to attain favourable results during this transit. Natives will receive several opportunities for spiritual progress at this time.

Students associated with research will enjoy a favourable time ahead. Moreover, your work can attain a new pace and direction now. Caution while driving is advised to all because accidents are on the cards. Remain very careful because they can happen because of your mistake or somebody else’s. You will have no control over the latter.

Healthwise, you need to remain prudent, pay attention to your diet, and drink sufficient water to keep your stomach sound. Remember, early to bed, early to rise, makes Pisceans healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Remedy: Present a gift to your maternal/paternal aunt or little girls to get freedom from many problems.

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