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Mercury Transit in Virgo (2 September 2020)

Mercury transit in Virgo will take place on 2 September 2020, at 12:03 hours, as it moves out of the zodiac sign Leo. The planet will remain posited in this sign until 22 September 2020, at 16:55 hours after which it will move on in the zodiac cycle to enter Libra.

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The significator of mind, Mercury will be entering its own sign, Virgo on 2 September 2020. Considered the Prince of the Navagraha, it influences one’s speech, business, education, and more. A beneficially posited Mercury in one’s birth chart offers natives intellectual skills and honeyed tones. On the flip side, a malefic Mercury in one’s Kundli causes a lack of intellect and skin-related diseases in the person. If the planet is not favourably placed in your birth chart, then you should perform Remedy associated with it.

As Mercury transit in Virgo takes place, the planet will influence each sign differently. Let us take a look at how the dualistic planet will change your life.

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Mercury Transit in Virgo


The first sign of the zodiac cycle, Aries, will be hosting the transit of Mercury through their sixth house. This placement signifies your enemies, debts, debates, and so on. Thus, the Mercury transit in Virgo will bring the most auspicious results for the working professionals of this sign. You can get a good promotion in your current job at this time, while those who are still unemployed, can come across a new opportunity now.

If you are looking for a new position, then you can also receive a fantastic offer from a reputable industry. This transit will bring an increase in your creativity, as well as an improvement in your performance. Moreover, Arians will also remain at the forefront in risk-taking. As a result, they will be able to accomplish all their tasks efficiently.

Coming to the business personnel of the sign, you need to avoid taking any loan at this time; although, you will be approached with many offers for the same. Additionally, instead of thinking about expanding your enterprise, you should focus on strengthening your current position. Healthwise, Aries native need to remain a bit more cautious as skin-related problems are on the cards for some.

Remedy: Donate wheat to the needy on Wednesday.


Taurus natives will host the transit of Mercury through their fifth house of education, intellect, and love. Student natives of this sign are most likely to incur benefits due to this planetary movement. If you are acquiring higher education, then you can accomplish something great at this time.

Simultaneously, this duration will prove to be the best for Taurus natives studying in fields related to finance and management. Coming to natives in love, this transit is in your favour and you will spend many romantic moments with your beloved. However, you should not dissect your partner’s behaviour or words, unnecessarily.

Taurus natives prefer accomplishing all their tasks with perfection, as a result of which, many of your tasks can remain unfinished. Although you should complete your work properly, but in such a way that it does not impede your other responsibilities. Your thinking abilities will grow at this time, and you will improve yourself by learning many new things. Many of you can also plan for your future right now.

Remedy: Present a gift to your sister or paternal aunt to attain promising results.


Mercury transit in Virgo will lead the planet to get posited in the fourth house of Gemini natives. This house signifies your mother, comforts, and luxuries. This duration will be quite favourable for the natives. Many of you can also take the help of creative activities like singing, dancing, writing, etc. to attain inner peace. As a result of this tranquillity, you will be able to learn new things swiftly.

Taking a look at your family life, it is evident that your relations with your mother will improve. If she has been struggling with fragile health for quite some time, then things will improve for her now. Some Gemini natives can also plan on buying a new vehicle or property at this time. If you want to sell your property, then this is a good time for that as well. Socially, you will meet many new people and learn several new things from them as well.

As for the married natives of the sign, their spouse can incur benefits during this transitory motion. Since Mercury is the significator of mind, thus this movement of the planet will bring benefits for the student natives as their concentration level grows. You will be able to easily understand even the toughest subject.

Remedy: Taking the blessings of eunuchs on Wednesday will be beneficial for you.


With its transit in Virgo, Mercury will activate the third house of Cancer natives. It signifies your mind, courage and younger siblings. This movement of the dualistic planet in your third house brings an increase in your communication skills. You will be able to create your own niche in society, based on your speech only. You will meet new people and learn a lot from them.

Many Cancer natives can even receive some good news through social media or the internet at this time. Benefits through journeys are on the cards, especially short trips. You will listen carefully to the people around you, due to which their confidence and trust in you will grow. Moreover, you too, will be able to learn a lot from them.

Cancerians associated with the field of media or writing can progress at this time. Healthwise, this is a good duration for you. However, some of you can face problems related to allergies at this time; therefore, you should avoid dusty places. If any issues occur or persist, then immediately consult a doctor.

Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu on Wednesday to get rid of imminent problems in life.

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Mercury transit in Virgo will cause the planet to be posited in the second house of Leo natives, which signifies speech, wealth, family, and more. As a result of this planetary movement, you will spend more time with your family. You will take care of your responsibilities properly. Open communication with the members of your household will resolve all problems. In addition to this, many of you can also welcome a new member to the family, as you are blessed with a baby.

On the other hand, Leo natives need to remain careful in terms of their financial front. Plan a feasible budget to save more and spend according to it. Coming to the working professionals and business personnel of this sign, fate will favour you during this Mercury transit. Due to this, you can receive favourable results even if you put in lesser efforts at this time. Students will remain determined towards the accomplishment of their goals and will work hard for the same.

Many Leos will be seen making efforts towards improving their marital life, and you will do all you can to appease your spouse. Many of you can also be seen riding the wave of imagination at this time. However, you need to realize that this will only be a waste of time right now. Therefore, stay in the present and work upon it.

Remedy: Donating green-coloured objects to eunuchs will be auspicious for you.


Mercury is the lord of the zodiac sign Virgo and during its transitory motion will be getting posited in their first house. One’s ascendant signifies their health, nature, intellect and behaviour. With this movement of the significator of mind, business personnel born under the sign of Virgo can look forward to tremendous profits. There will be an increase in your business sense, and you will be able to quickly determine any gains and losses in your trade. As a result, you will be easily able to evade many difficult situations.

There will be a positivity visible within the natives in this duration. Because of this, the environment around you will also remain joyous. Your family members will be happy with you and people in society will also be attracted towards you. Mercury maintains its directional strength while posited in Virgo; therefore, you may become more inclined towards creative activities. This can also lead to you becoming a topic of discussion among the people.

Healthwise, Virgo natives, need not worry too much at this time because your immunity system will remain at an astounding level right now.However, you should still not become absolutely careless on reading this and keep up the necessary efforts in keeping yourself fit.

There are possibilities of you over-analyzing each situation during this Mercury transit. Due to this, some of your tasks can end up remaining pending. Therefore, you need to avoid overthinking everything.

Remedy: Reciting the Durga Saptashati on Wednesday will be beneficial for you.


The seventh sign of the zodiac cycle Libra will host the transit of Mercury through their twelfth house. Natives need to remain careful in this transit because this house signifies your losses and debts. You may find yourself surrounded by challenges right now, which may affect your decision-making ability. Thus, you should take the help of yoga and meditation to remove all unnecessary things from your mind and focus only on the essential factors.

Actively participating in religious activities will also be beneficial for the natives. Taking a look at your financial front indicates that there may be an increase in your expenses right now, which will cause you mental stress. To avoid this, you should plan a feasible budget and spend according to it.

Healthwise too, Librans need to remain careful because some old disease can return to trouble you now. A proper diet and a hearty daily routine can help you avoid most fitness issues. Student natives can find their concentration constantly breaking at this time. Therefore, you should stay away from such people who fill you with negativity and instead focus on your studies more.

Remedy: Serving a cow and feeding her green fodder will remove all obstacles from your life.

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The transit of Mercury will take place in the eleventh house of Scorpio natives. Also known as your house of profits, it signifies your elder siblings, desires, and friends. Thus, this Mercury transit in Virgo is likely to bring benefits in various aspects of your lives. Working professionals can look forward to progress in their workplace. However, you should avoid taking more than one task in your hands at a time; otherwise, it will end up troubling you.

Moreover, one of your tasks can also end up getting messed up. The business personnel of this sign will also be able to incur positive results based on their hard work. However, you should not unthinkingly jump in, to do something, in hopes of excessive profits. Taking a look at your family life, it is evident that the atmosphere at home will remain pleasant. You will receive the support of your elder siblings and relations with them will also improve.

Since this house also signifies your friends; therefore, you may cross paths with an old friend of yours. Taking a dip through the golden pages of nostalgia is also on the cards for many. Any investments that you do for your future right now will prove beneficial for you in the next time. On the whole, this Mercury transit in Virgo will prove to be auspicious for Scorpio natives with respect to long-term results.

Remedy: Chant the following mantra on Wednesday for beneficial results: “ॐ ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रौं सः बुधाय नमः/oṃ brāṃ brīṃ brauṃ saḥ budhāya namaḥ”


Sagittarius natives will host the transit of Mercury through their tenth house, which will offer them desired results. Since this house signifies your career; therefore, working professionals of the sign can look forward to favourable results in the same. Your seniors will love your working style and may even praise you in front of others. As a result, your name and respect at your workplace will grow. Many of you can also look forward to a promotion in your current position.

Taking a look at your family life, it is evident that you will receive the support of your father. If there was any bad blood between you two, then it will be resolved now, and the environment at home will once again turn favourable. The business personnel of the sign will also be successful in attaining sufficient profits in their trade. Student natives can gain respect on the basis of their hard work at this time.

During this Mercury transit in Virgo, many Sagittarians can think about bringing necessary changes in your behaviour, because the tenth house also signifies your character. You may remain a bit worried about your health; however, no significant problems are predicted.

Remedy: Worship young girls and offer them gifts for favourable results.


As Mercury once again changes places, it will move on to enter the ninth house of Capricorn natives which signifies your religion, higher education, and journeys. Favourable results are indicated throughout this Mercury transit in Virgo. Natives of the sign, acquiring higher education will be able to understand even the toughest subjects easily right now.

As for the working professionals, you will impress your colleagues and seniors with your work efficiency. Moreover, if your behaviour with your colleagues was not up to the mark, then you can also make efforts in improving the same. Many Capricorns will remain busy in religious activities throughout the duration. Besides, you can also become inclined towards spiritual topics now and may read books associated with this topic.

Coming to the business personnel of the sign, any trips that you undertake, concerning your enterprise, will prove to be beneficial for you. As for your family life, you will spend time with the elders of your household and learn from their experiences. On the whole, this will be a promising time for Capricorn natives.

Remedy: Donate the whole moong lentils on Wednesday for favourable results.


Mercury will transit into the eighth house of Aquarius natives, which signifies imminent obstacles in life, accidents, research and mystical subjects. This Mercury transit in Virgo is indicated to remain favourable for Aquarius natives associated with research. Such student natives can now come across numerous essential information through various sources concerning their study.

Simultaneously, natives acquiring primary education will be seen, making efforts towards learning something new right now. Taking a look at your financial life indicates profit through an ancestral property. In addition to this, you can receive an unexpected gift suddenly from your friend or relatives. Things will continue as usual in your family life; however, you may remain worried about your children’s health. You need to stay cautious about the latter from the beginning.

Moreover, many Aquarius natives can also find themselves getting inclined towards mystical subjects like astrology and spirituality at this time. Married natives can expect some profit through their in-laws. Healthwise, you need to remain careful as stomach-related problems are on the cards. Therefore, maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly, because that will keep you safe from numerous diseases.

Remedy: Donate green elaichi (Cardamom) on Wednesday for success.


Mercury will change places to enter the seventh house of Pisces natives, which signifies partnerships, business, and your spouse. This Mercury transit in Virgo will prove to be favourable for Pisceans. You will reap the benefits of your hard work now. If you own your business in a partnership, then there are high chances of profits at this time. Your relations with your partner will also improve.

Simultaneously, working professionals will also come across favourable situations in their workplace. However, you need to work on your behaviour, because during this Mercury transit, you will be seen criticizing the work of others. Even though you may be right in what you are saying; however, instead of pointing out somebody’s mistakes in front of others, you should talk to them personally.

Since the seventh house also signifies your marital life; therefore, this Mercury transit will bring an improvement in the same. You will grow closer with your spouse, and your bond will strengthen. Moreover, there are also possibilities of your partner getting some benefits at their workplace. In addition to this, Pisces natives who wish to go abroad should increase their efforts in this direction as success is on the cards for them.

Remedy: Establish the Budh Yantra in your office or home to escape many difficulties.

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