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Mercury Transit in Cancer (2 August 2020)

Mercury is the crown Prince amongst the nine planets (Navagraha). This planet is known as the significator of mind, skin, business, and so on. A positively placed Mercury in one’s birth chart provides natives with an increase in their intellectual abilities, and they perform well in subjects like maths. This year, the Mercury transit in Cancer will take place on 2 August 2020, at 03:23 hours and will remain in the same position till 17 August 2020, 08:18 hours, after which it will once again change places.

The movement of the messenger of Gods through the sentimental water sign will offer different results to each zodiac. Let us take a look at how the Mercury transit in Cancer will influence your life.

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Mercury Transit in Cancer


Aries natives will host the transit of Mercury in their fourth house. The dualist planet is the significator of your speech and intellect. At the same time, the fourth house signifies your mother, comforts, and so on.

As a result of this planetary movement, success in professional life is indicated for natives. Those who are searching for a new job, their efforts will finally come to fruition now. However, restlessness may enter your mind during this transit period. Thus, you need to discuss your problems with your near and dear ones, to attain peace of mind.

Keep an eye on your, as well as your mother’s health, throughout the duration. Your siblings can also benefit from this transit, and accomplish something in their field of education or career. Unwanted expenses are on the cards for Aries native. Therefore, you need to plan a proper budget in advance and spend accordingly.

You can also approach your mother for help and advice concerning your savings. Although, you may still end up spending some money on home decor, however, you will not regret these. Natives can look forward to success in creative tasks during this Mercury transit. Try to connect with nature, as this will bring an improvement in your thoughts and ideas.

Remedy: Offer food to the needy on Wednesday.

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Taurus natives will host the transit of Mercury in their third house, which signifies your might, courage, writing, and so on. The movement of the dualistic planet in this house will prove to be very favourable for natives. You will come across many new sources of income, which will strengthen your financial front. Due to the influence of this transit, many Taurians will be able to repay their old debts.

Simultaneously, natives associated with creative activities like singing, acting, dancing, etc. can turn their hobby into their job. Moreover, your artistic abilities will be praised. Harmony will prevail in your family, and the members of your household will help and support you in all aspects of life. The creative skills of student natives of the sign will be at its peak, and you will impress your classmates with your ingenuity.

Mercury is the significator of communication; therefore, Taureans can look forward to profits through the internet and social media. Those who upload their videos to Tik Tok, YouTube, and such platforms, can now receive appreciation for their posts. You will earn name, fame, and respect in society. You will enjoy meeting up with new people and holding discussions on grave matters.

Remedy: Offering fruits to Brahmins on Wednesday will bring positivity in your life.


The significator of mind, Mercury, during its transit into Cancer, will be entering the second house of Gemini natives. This house signifies speech, family, and imaginative powers of a native.

As a result of this Mercury transit in Cancer, you can come across excellent job opportunities, as well as various sources of income. The thought of wealth accumulation will enter your mind during this time, and you will be successful in your efforts towards the same.

From a family point of view, this planetary movement will prove to be favourable for Gemini natives, as they get to spend more time with their kith and kin. There are possibilities of the members of your household increasing, as somebody gets married or is blessed by a baby. Some of you can even attain benefits through your mother or members of your maternal family.

Pleasantness will enter your speech, as a result of which, people will be attracted towards you. Your decision-making skills will also improve, and you will be easily able to evade difficult situations. Gemini natives in love can look forward to favourable results ahead. You will try to charm your beloved through your artistic skill right now.

Remedy: Gift their favourite thing to your maternal or paternal aunt.


With the Mercury transit in Cancer, the planet will get posited in the first house or ascendant of the fourth sign of the zodiac cycle, which falls under the lordship of the Moon. This house signifies your character, nature, personality, and souls. As a result, this planetary movement can remain challenging for the natives.

You will need to improve your working methods, and those who prefer procrastinating will face many problems in the coming time. All professionals, whether working or business people, will need to work harder in their workplace now. If you think that some situation or person is causing problems in your tasks, then you need to get far away from them immediately.

On the other hand, student natives can witness a lack of concentration within them right now. Coming to your financial front, you need to restrain your unwanted expenses. Married natives can talk to their spouse concerning savings. Plan a budget properly and spend your funds accordingly. Parents of the sign can remain worried about their children’s education.

Healthwise, you need to stay cautious as you can face breathing problems now. Avoid eating too cold food items. As long as you maintain a balanced daily routine, we can avoid many problems.

Remedy: Serve cows to evade the harmful effects of Mercury.

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With this Mercury transit in Cancer, the planet will get posited in the twelfth house of Leo natives. The twelfth house in your birth chart signifies your expenses, losses, punishments, and more. This celestial motion can bring many challenges in the lives of Leo natives.

You need to keep the company of honourable people, to make yourself mentally strong, as well as read inspirational books for the same reason. This transitory motion can take your thoughts in the wrong direction, and negativity can fill you. Financially, you may face some problems and will not be able to prevent your unwanted expenses, no matter how hard you try. In such a situation, you should approach your family members for help, as their advice can prove to be valuable for you.

Some Leo natives can also face problems in their family life during this transit. You need to keep a balanced approach and try to maintain harmony in your home by listening to what everyone has to say. As for those associated with business from foreign countries will enjoy a favourable time ahead. Simultaneously, those employed in a multinational IT company can look forward to promotion right now. However, healthwise, you need to remain cheerful as there are probabilities of allergies in the near future. If you are already troubled with some allergic reactions, then you should consult a doctor in this duration.

Remedy: Reciting the Vishnu Sahastranaam will be auspicious for you.


Virgo natives will host the Mercury transit in Cancer through their eleventh house. The house of profits signifies your desires, friends, elder siblings, and more. This planetary movement is likely to remain favourable for the natives of this sign.

This house signifies gains in your life and Mercury is the significator of business and finances. Therefore, business personnel born under the sign of Virgo can incur tremendous profits at this time. Any pending tasks can get accomplished now.

Simultaneously, working professionals can also look forward to tremendous success in the workplace. If you had loaned money to anyone, then it may return to you now. You will put in efforts towards the fulfilment of your desires, and there are strong possibilities of success in the same. Virgoans will receive the complete support of their elder siblings now, and your family life will continue to be promising.

Healthwise, many positive changes are on the cards for Virgo natives. If a disease has been troubling you for quite some time, then you will finally take a breath of relief now. Socially, you will spend a memorable time, as you meet some old friends. On the whole, this Mercury transit will bring many opportunities for Virgoans.

Remedy: Donate camphor in temples on Wednesday for promising results.


The Mercury transit in Cancer will take place in the tenth house of Libra natives. This house signifies your karma, workplace, business, and leadership qualities.

As the Lord of the ninth and twelfth houses, Mercury, gets posited in your tenth house, it will turn fate in your favour. There will be a rise in your leadership qualities, as a result of which, you can attain some essential responsibility at your workplace. There are also indications of a promotion for many, on the horizon. The business personnel of this sign will move forward in the right direction as they give their thoughts a tangible form.

Those who wish to start up their own business or set up a new one, this is a favourable duration for the same. As for the student natives born under the Libra sign, you will remain determined towards completing your goals and objectives. You will spend most of the time conversing with your books rather than other people. Natives preparing for competitive exams are also likely to succeed in their efforts now.

Coming to your family life, situations of arguments that may have erupted between you and your father will now come to an end. Many of you can talk to the members of your household concerning the proper management of money. Healthwise, Libra natives need to remain lively and keep their body physically active, to remain fit.

Remedy: Offering a gift to your sister or paternal aunt is likely to bring stability in your life.


The significator of mind, Mercury will be travelling through the ninth house of Scorpio natives. This house signifies your fortune, religion, character, and long-distance travels.

This Mercury transit in Cancer will not prove to be much favourable for Scorpio natives. In order to succeed in your endeavours, you will need to work harder than usual, as well as put in efforts to avoid distractions. There are indications of your father’s health declining at this time, which will bring you stress. Thus, you need to spend more time with him and consult the doctor promptly if he is struggling with an old disease.

On the other hand, working professionals can look forward to a promising time during this transit. New sources of income will open up, which will help you get out of your financial crunch. Simultaneously, there are also indications of a job opportunity arising for many.

On the flip side, this Mercury transit may not be as promising in terms of Journeys for Scorpio natives. Thus, it would be better for you to avoid travelling altogether and postpone pre-planned trips if you can. Student native can find themselves at loggerheads with their mentors. In all your conversations, you need to toe the line of decorum. Ensure that you do not behave in a way or say anything which may appear disrespectful to your teachers.

Remedy: Free a pair of birds on Wednesday.


Sagittarius natives will host the transit of Mercury in their eighth house. The house signifies your age, longevity, challenges in life, obstacles and ancestral property. This Mercury transit in Cancer is likely to remain favourable for Sagittarians.

The grasping power of student natives will remain at its peak. Simultaneously, those associated with politics or similar fields, which requires addressing people, can look forward to promising results during this transit. You will successfully charm those around you, with your words. If Sagittarius natives were facing some obstacles in their lives, which were stopping them from moving forward, then this duration will remove them all from your path.

Things will remain average in your family life; however, you may remain worried about your spouse’s health. Spend your time taking care of them, and you will be able to slowly nurse them back to health. Married natives can receive some help from their in-laws. In addition to this, some of you can also obtain some essential cooperation from your maternal and paternal aunts.

This planetary movement will bring promising results for the student natives, as this is the most favourable time for learning any new subject. On the whole, the duration will remain beneficial for Sagittarians, as long as you do not desire for excessively high profits.

Remedy: Make donations to eunuchs on Wednesday.

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Mercury will change places to enter the seventh house of Capricorn natives. The house signifies all your partnerships in life, as well as your spouse. Thus, this Mercury transit in Cancer can cause some problems in the lives of Capricorn natives.

There are possibilities of you and your spouse remaining at loggerheads over some topic. However, in such a situation, you should have open communication and talk things out. You need to find a solution to the problem by consulting each-other. On the flip side, if you discuss your issues with a third person at this time, then the equation between you can further deteriorate. In addition to this, you also need to work upon your habit of unnecessary satires.

Capricorn natives who own their business in partnership will need to avoid overthinking at this time. You can be seen dressing down and finding faults in even the smallest of things, which can lead to a significant loss in your enterprise. On the other hand, short trips are likely to bring benefits to you. Socially, you need to remain cautious because your harsh words can end up hurting somebody. In turn, you will also feel bad and guilty, concerning the same, later on. The more flexibility you maintain in your behaviour, the better it will be for you.

Remedy: Donating green mung pulses on Wednesday will be beneficial for Capricorn natives.


Aquarius natives will host the transit of Mercury in their sixth house. This house signifies your diseases, debts, arguments, the maternal side of the family, enemies, and so on. This Mercury transit in Cancer will prove to be quite favourable for Aquarius natives, as profits in many aspects of life are indicated.

Those of you, who were worried about your income, can now look forward to an increase in the same, as you come across several new ways of earning money. Simultaneously, many of you can receive a beautiful gift from your beloved or any other near and dear one.

Now let us move on to the working professionals of this sign, who are a senior official in their company. Your subordinates are likely to remain happy with your behaviour and will support you fully. You will be successful in prevailing over opponents with your logic.

Many Capricorn natives can also look forward to support as well as profits through their mother’s side of your family, like your maternal uncle and his wife. This duration is also bringing the opportunity to enjoy many delicious cuisines for the natives. Healthwise, you need to keep an eye on your children’s wellbeing, as a decline in the same is indicated.

Remedy: Feed green fodder to a cow on Wednesday.


Mercury will move through the fifth house of Pisces natives, during its planetary movement. This house signifies your children, education, intellect, love affairs, reputation, and more.

Therefore, the Mercury transit in Cancer will prove to be challenging for Pisceans. There are indications of a decline in your concentration levels. This will especially be true for those who are obtaining an education at this time. In addition to this, there are also possibilities of a lack of comforts and amenities in your life.

Many natives can remain in a state of a dilemma during this transit, which will influence their decision-making power. Moreover, you also need to stay cautious of your opponents, at your workplace as they may plot and scheme against you. Pisceans preparing for competitive exams will need to work harder than usual. Even the slightest of carelessness now will leave you with nothing but regret in the future.

Things will remain average in your family; however, your children’s health can trouble you. Those who actively participate in sports need to ensure that they use all safety equipment because an accident is on the cards for some. On the whole, Pisces natives need to remain very careful during this Mercury transit.

Remedy: Donate pure ghee (calcified butter) to remain safe from future problems in life.

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