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Astrology Quiz 20: Which Part Of The Native’s Body Got The Disease?

AstroSage Quiz has now reached on its next level. Quiz 20 question is here! You can be the next royalty at AstroSage Quiz Hall of Fame! Surprise doesn’t end here. The lucky winner also gets a chance of winning an exclusive AstroSage gift hamper! Let’s play!

Astrology Quiz helps in analysing your knowledge in astrology.

Question: In September 2014, native has faced illness because of some disease. Please explain with a suitable reason that this disease occurred in which part of the body?

Answer options:

  • (A) Head
  • (B) Arm
  • (C) Stomach
  • (D) Thigh

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें…

Native's birth details:

  • Sex: Male
  • Date of Birth: February 08, 1972
  • Time of Birth: 03:20 IST
  • Place of Birth: Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Longitude: 80:25 E
  • Latitude: 25:48 N

Birth Chart

Astrology quiz20 birthchart for north in English
Astrology quiz20 birthchart for south in English

Detailed chart (Kundli) is shared on following URL -

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Please support your answer with an astrological reasoning. Answers without reasoning will be disqualified.
  2. Entries will be considered till 19/11/2014.
  3. Answer will be announced on 20/11/2014
  4. You can give your answer either in the comment box below or can email us on Answer given at any other place other than the above mentioned one, will not be considered.
  5. If there are more than one winner, only one will be selected randomly for the prize. But, the names of all the winners will go to the 'AstroSage Quiz Hall of Fame'.

Quiz #20 Results had asked you an astrological question in its twentieth quiz. As per the provided birth chart, the question asked was: The native fell ill because of some disease, in September 2014. Please explain with proper astrological reasoning that which part of the native’s body got the disease?

Answer Options:

(A) Head
(B) Arm

Right answer is Option (D) - Thigh

Many contestants gave right answer, but some of them also gave the right explanation. Their names are: Sachin Srivastava, Sonu Tiwari, Amit Chauhan, Khas and Rajesh Chhetry.

Best Answer

Many contestants gave answers according to the rules, but only one among them is to be given the honor of the best answer and this time, the title for the best answer goes to “Sachin Srivastava

His Answer:

Answer of the question is the option (D) Thigh and following are the points to validate the logic:

1. From the Lagna, Sun being the 9th lord and Karaka becomes most important planet to look at, here representing thighs has gone to 2nd house which is 6th to 9th (Bhavat Bhavam) representing injuries, disease to the part of the body. It is conjoining Rahu, planet responsible for subtle long term diseases and aspected by Ketu, planet that gives surgery and injuries as its acts like Mars.

2. Saturn the dispositor of Sun is in the 6th house of disease and also Saturn is responsible for the chronic diseases and gives metals surgery to the body organ.

3. Venus being the most malefic for Sagittarius ascendant owing the 6th and 11th house and an ultimate giver of the diseases to the native, is being the dispositor of Saturn and Moon (dispositor of Ketu acting like a malefic Mars) and present in the 4th house in the exalted state which is 8th from 9th house, giving a long term disease and surgery to the native 9th part of body means thighs.

4. From the Chandra Lagna, 9th house of Gemini is being hemmed by top malefics Saturn and Ketu giving Paap Kartari Yoga which actually damages and weaken the house of Gemini i.e. house of thigh and make vulnerable towards a long term disease. Its lord Mercury is again with Rahu and Sun, both are acting as a separative.

5. In the D-9 chart, lords of the all the trick houses viz, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter all aspecting 9th house and also fully aspected by Rahu from Navamsa Lagna. 9th lord Jupiter is again fully aspected by Ketu represent some sort of injuries or disease. Planets and dries up the blood flowing means blood circulation weakens in the thigh of the native.

6. From the Vimshottari Dasha, native was running through the Ketu Dasha and Moon Antardasha, which is validating the above mentioned points. Saturn being dispositor of Sun, Mercury, Rahu and Moon dispositor of Ketu and shows the blood flow in the part of body is being retarded.

7. From the transit, most probable date of facing the illness is 22 september 2014, as Moon and Venus were transiting the 9th house and its lord Sun were with Rahu.

8. From the BCP method, Native is running through his 43rd years of time and so 7th house become the trigger point of event, see its lord Mercury with Rahu and Sun whose dispositor Saturn lying in the 6th house of disease. Representing disease in the 9th house or thigh part of the body owned by Sun.

Hence the correct option is (D)- Thigh.

Sachin Srivastava

Why Is Option (D) Thigh The Right Answer?

The native was born in Sagittarius Lagna (ascendant) and Aries Navamsa. Ascendant and lord of ascendant both are in Mool Nakshatra (constellation). The lord of Nakshatra (constellation) Ketu is in the eighth house, which is making it obvious for the native to have some health problems from time to time. Although, the native can also be interested in Yoga and meditation, consequently there will be no serious health problem. But, in case of not doing Yoga and meditation, the percentage of health problems can increase.

Sagittarius ascendant and presence of Lord of ascendant ( Jupiter ) on ascendant are indicating stomach related problems. Therefore, those who have calculated stomach related problem are correct to some extent. But, our question is related to a particular time duration. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the Dashas and transits during that time. In the duration of the disease, native was under the influence of Ketu- Moon -Jupiter. Ketu is present in Saturn ’s constellation; whereas, Moon is in Jupiter’s constellation. As per the beliefs, Jupiter rules the organs that are fatter as compared to other body parts. Additionally, Jupiter is also considered as the fixed significator of ninth house, and thigh area is considered through this house; while Saturn is related to pain. In Vrihada Parashara Hora Shastra, Saturn has been associated with muscles. Therefore, this condition is indicating thigh muscle pain.

Like I said before, we consider thigh from the ninth house of birth chart. Lord of ninth house is Sun , which is posited in the second house, that means in the sixth house from his own house (according to the theory of Bhavat Bhavam). Over that, Sun is with Rahu . Sun is in the sign of Saturn, and Saturn is present in house of disease i.e. sixth house. Hence, from these planetary conditions, it is coming to fore that native might have a thigh related problem.

At the time of pain, sixth lord (lord of the disease house), Venus was in ninth house with ninth lord from Lagna (ascendant). At that time, lord of ninth house (Sun) was in the constellation Venus, the lord of sixth house. Therefore, the muscle pain indicated by the lord of sub-period (Antar Dasha) Moon was related to thighs. If we look from the Moon chart, ninth lord (Mercury) was present in twelfth house with Rahu. This not only indicates unbearable pain in thigh, but it indicates pain worth of hospitalization. Some experts also consider eighth house along with ninth house for analysing the condition of thigh. And if we look at the transit of eighth house from Lagna Kundali, we find that lord of ascendant (Jupiter) was in the eighth house and was also being aspected by Saturn. At that time, the native was under the influence of the Dashas of eight house posited Ketu and eighth lord (Moon). Hence, here also planetary conditions are confirming the thigh related problem.

Those who could not answer accurately this time can participate in our next quiz - Quiz 21 . It will help you sharpen your astrology skills. Thanks a lot for participating in AstroSage Quiz 20 .

We hope that those of you who did not get it right this time will give it another shot and join us in the next quiz. AstroSage family congratulates all the participants and winners. If any name is missed out from the winners’ list, please let us know and we will update the list. All these names make a place in " AstroSage Quiz: Hall of Fame ". If you have profile on AstroSage Online Astrologer Directory , please let us know and we will update link to your profile with your name.

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