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Tarot Card Reading 2021: Yearly Tarot Horoscope 2021 Predictions

Tarot Reading 2021 by AstroSage offers Tarot Card Reading and Tarot Card Predictions for 2021 for all twelve zodiac signs. Get Free Tarot Horoscope 2021 now and find out effective remedies that must be performed to acquire desired results.

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The New Year 2021 is the year of Mercury, the total sum of 2021 is 5 which is the number of stability owned by mischievous Mercury. This year will be full of activities since Mercury is always on the movement. The auspicious results of this planet can be witnessed in speech, communication, and trade. Also, since the number represents firmness, therefore this may bring some strength and determination in your life. Let us know what is this year holding for all the Zodiac signs.

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 टैरो कार्ड भविष्यवाणी 2021

Tarot Card Predictions 2021 for Aries

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It is the sign of Ram, who is unflinching, innovative, passionate, and dynamic beings. They are born leaders who are always confident and daring. Their creativity and bravery are unbeatable, impulsive by nature cannot wait to begin tasks. Always in a hurry to start and switch between the works.

As per the Tarot Reading 2021, the professional life of Arians will be on the go this year. You will enjoy a friendly ambiance at work with support and coordination from your colleagues. You will be efficient at organizing and managing your team, with outstanding productivity. You will get chances to celebrate your success in the workplace. You will get recognition and promotion for your hard work. The business owners will also enjoy the fruits of their labor during this year.

There will be financial abundance, you may get a salary hike or gifts and gesture for your accomplished tasks. The business owners will also get handsome earnings from their major projects. You may also get opportunities to earn from miscellaneous sources. The property dealers will have a great year, with good clients and better dealings.

Those who are in a relationship will have a romantic time. You will spend cheerful days with your partner and may take your bond to a next level by tying the knot with them. The singles can run onto the person of their dreams at a party or small gathering. Therefore, there are bright chances of getting into a warm and loving bond. The married couple will have a cozy connection, you may go on a short trip to celebrate your partner’s birthday or anniversary together. You may also get an occasion to celebrate the expansion of your family.

Tarot Horoscope 2021 reveals that there are good possibilities for recovery from a prolonged illness. Your willpower and strength will be high during this period. You are advised to maintain your calm as you may suffer from some High Blood Pressure issues. You should also be cautious while going out in the Sun as you will be prone to heat strokes and skin allergies. Try to drink plenty of water and practice deep breathing exercises and meditation to keep yourself relaxed.


  • Feed Chapati to the brown dog
  • Light Mustard oil lamp especially on Saturdays at Bhairon Temple.
  • Water Peepal Tree

Lucky Color: Brick Red

Tarot Card Predictions 2021 for Taurus

Tarot Horoscope 2021 for Taurus is here to provide Taureans a detailed insight into their upcoming life. This grounded, humble and hardworking sign is governed by the planet of the luxuries, Venus. The Taurians adore relaxing ambiance, beauty, fragrances, and aromas. They have profound taste buds and enjoy relishing versatile cuisine. Ambitious and determined, they do not get influenced by anyone. In relationships, they make a loyal partner however, keeping up to their extraordinary expectations may not be a child’s play.

The career front for these sophisticated bulls will be moderate this year. You are advised not to make any hasty decisions and look into both positive as well as negative parameters of a thing. Your reasoning and analytical skills will assist you in making successful choices and bring fruitful results. The time is favorable for those who are planning to convert their hobbies into a profession. Your creative ideas and enthusiasm will bring good results.

The monetary gains will be good for Taurus natives as per the financial spread. You will have a decent cash flow. This is a favorable time for investing in property, especially farmland or agricultural land. Your income would be satisfactory from all the past endeavors but you are advised not to be a spendthrift and make productive expenditure.

The singles have some good news, as this year will bring new hope, love and romance in your life. If you are looking forward to getting married then you have a bright chance in this new year. You may find your soulmate through on a matrimonial site or at a family gathering, especially among your maternal relatives. The married couple will have a loving year. Those who are planning to move towards the next chapter in their life have good chances of becoming parents.

The health may be fragile especially for the females. You may face some hormonal issues which will require professional treatment. You are advised to adopt a healthy lifestyle and adapt some exercising routines. Also maintain emotional balance, as being over sensitive will disturb your peace of mind.


  • Respect your elders
  • Worship Banana Tree
  • Donate yellow objects on Thursdays.

Lucky Color : Lemon Yellow

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Tarot Card Predictions 2021 for Gemini

Tarot Reading 2021 predicts a year full of mixed results for Gemini natives. This impulsive and curious sign belongs to Mercury. Their love for versatility in everything and adventurous attitude makes them Jack of all and master of none. This sign of twins is of the air element therefore people are playful, quick-witted, and make very good friends. These intelligent Geminis are quite passionate about their hobbies and career.

The professional life will be slow and monotonous for you this year. You will have a lack of motivation and loads of distractions at your workplace. Your dissatisfaction in your career will take your peace of mind. You will look forward to switching your job or profile altogether. You are advised to focus on your existing tasks as any kind of change this time may not be good.

The economic life may not be very great for Geminis this year. You will face some obstacles in drawing out your payments in the business. The working professionals may not get any encouragement, for now, therefore you are advised to save your existing sources of income. Planning a budget and avoiding unproductive expenditure will make you financially stable during this time. Avoid making any investment, especially on fixed assets.

The love life may not be very happening, you will face conflicts and fights on petty issues with your partner. You should keep your temperament down and try to understand the feelings of your partner, as your anger will upset your loved one and may end up breaking your relationship. Married individuals may face some doubts and misunderstandings in your relationships due to a third person. Trusting each other during this tough time will only be the key to build a strong bond.

Health will be on the weaker side as per Yearly Tarot Horoscope 2021, due to the troublesome situations in your personal and professional life. You will feel low, depressed which will draw all your energy. You are advised to keep yourself strong emotionally in order to avoid any kind of major health concern. Doing yoga and meditation will also help in keeping your mind relaxed, this will keep you fit. Also walking barefoot on the grass will provide some relaxation.


  • Keep a glass of water near your head side while sleeping
  • Offer water to Shivling
  • Donate white objects on Monday

Lucky Color : Sky Blue

Tarot Card Predictions 2021 for Cancer

Tarot Horoscope 2021 offers detailed Tarot Card Reading 2021 for Cancerians, a soft water sign ruled by the nurturing planet Moon. Cancers are highly intuitive and very sensitive to their surroundings. These emotional buddies are quite protective for themselves and make loving partners. They are generally shy in nature which makes them appear cold at first. However, they are generous, understanding, and compassionate. They are attached to their home and the family members.

Cancers will get fruitful results at the work front. You will get favorable results of your hard work and all the past endeavors. This year is good to bring success stories of your manifestation and goals. If planning to start a new venture or project, then time is auspicious for you. The card spread suggests that this year is for growth and abundance in terms of your professional life.

The finances will be smooth during this time. However, you may make investments and will have to wait to get their results until the end of the year. If planning for any long term investments then this is the correct time, as you will get fruits of your labor in the form of good returns in the future. This year is for saving and adding value to your money.

Those who are in committed relationships will have a smooth year as predicted by Tarot Reading 2021. You will spend quality time with your loved one and will go on short trips with them. You will also buy expensive gifts for your admirer and will keep them happy. This will strengthen your bond. The singles may not find luck with crushes and blushes during this time. However, if you are looking forward to getting married, then you will get good support from your family in finding a suitable match. The married couples will invest time in each other by helping their spouse at the professional front. You can also start something in a joint venture with your partner.

Those who are suffering from illness have a good chance to recover during this time as per Tarot Card 2021 Horoscope. You will be high in spirit and strength, which will give you a kick to follow a good regime and a healthy lifestyle. This will make you fit and improve all the health concerns. You are advised to be cautious while eating food, as you will be prone to allergies during this year.


  • Apply saffron Tilak on your forehead
  • Feed chapati to Black and white dog
  • Feed seven grains to Birds

Lucky Color : Bright Yellow

Tarot Card Predictions 2021 for Leo

Tarot Reading 2021 for Leo natives offers what’s in store for them throughout the year. This royal sign belongs to the king of the celestial cabinet the Sun. They have a distinctive personality and are natural leaders. Highly dynamic and straight forward in their verses. They make one of the most loyal partners and supportive friends. Driven by ambition , they are unstoppable and have a fearless approach towards every task.

Your work life will not be smooth this year. You may face challenges and hurdles in completing your tasks. You may also face obstacles in work from your colleagues and seniors. You may face some groupism and conflicts between the employees at the workplace, and will have to prove your loyalty towards your friends. If planning to start anything new then you may feel stuck up in two good proposals during this time. You are advised to take advice from some professionals during this period.

The Leos may face some financial troubles during this time as predicted by Tarot Horoscope 2021. You will find it difficult to maintain a balance between your income and expenditure. You will need to make some stringent choices between saving or investing money since you will be a little tight on your earnings. You are advised to make a budget and follow it precisely, in order to bring a balance in your financial situation.

Those who are in relationships may have some complexities. Your bond will be argumentative during this time. You will face issues in coming down to any common point. This may raise questions regarding sticking to the relationship or moving ahead in life. This will be the testing face of your bond and careful evaluation of situations, along with some self-reflection will lead you to the best results. The married natives may feel some pressure in keeping their spouse happy during this period. Your partner may be too demanding and will ask for more time and attention. You are advised to draw some time out and plan short trips with your better half to strengthen your bond.

2021 Tarot Reading says that mental health will be somewhat disturbed. You may face emotional blockages which will lead to anxiety and depression. Your stress will eventually start reflecting on your physical body. You should clear your heart chakra by expressing out your feelings and going for guided meditation sessions. Natural healing and therapy will also help in relaxing your mind.


  • Drink sour milk
  • Donate white objects to the needy

Lucky Color: Optic White

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Tarot Card Predictions 2021 for Virgo

Annual Tarot Horoscope 2021 for Virgo natives provides Tarot Card Predictions 2021 covering major aspects of life. The earth sign Virgo belongs to the planet of communication Mercury. These intellectual people aim at attaining perfection in everything they do. They are determined and will not only set high goals but also focus on achieving them. They make good critics and are reasonable in finding solutions to any problem. They have a skeptical approach towards things and don't believe anything easy until they surf out themselves.

This year will be a learning face in your career as per Tarot Card Reading 2021 predictions. You will put your hard work and dedication into your work which will bring better results in comparison to the past outcomes. Your commitment level will decide the quality of achievement for you. You will get recognition and rewards for your best efforts. The business owners will have a favorable year as you will be on the verge of expansion with new projects and potent clients. However, the growth will be achieved eventually after facing the challenges.

The monetary factors will be good, you may get a promotion or salary hike for your laborious work. The business professionals will have enhancement in their income. Those who are in the trading business will have an auspicious year, with handsome earnings in their court. Your financial troubles will end since this year will bring abundance.

Those who are in a romantic bond may have to put some efforts for the smooth running of their relationship as per Tarot Reading 2021. You should spend time with your partner and try to understand each other’s interest. You can plan a short trip to have some good memories together. The singles will have a good year since there is a possibility of meeting your dream person during this year, you could meet them at a workplace or a place of study. Those who have a one-sided liking will get responses from the other end, you will get a chance to know the person. The married native may have some rough face in their relationship. You are advised to seek guidance from a professional counselor for your marriage to work out.

Those who are working hard on keeping themselves fit have some good news, you will recover from your health concerns. There are possibilities of gaining some weight during this year, therefore, you are advised to continue with your work out and those who are still being lazy need to be on toes. You should avoid oily and starchy food, follow a balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in order to maintain your weight.


  • Keep a yellow carnelian at your workplace
  • Take a yellow flower in your pocket while going for auspicious works

Lucky Color: Orange

Tarot Card Predictions 2021 for Libra

The sign of balance and equilibrium is governed by Venus. The natives belonging to this sign are peace lovers and look forward to harmonizing everything. They adore beautiful things and creativity around them. They are sophisticated and have fine taste in art and architecture. They are pleased by the love and comfortable gestures. Always seeking stability and companionship in relations, they make one of the most caring partners. Their happiness lies in the comforts of their dear ones.

According to Tarot Card Reading 2021, the career front will be overwhelming for the Librans. Those who are in government jobs or on commanding posts will earn a good reputation. You may also get promoted to a new department or higher authority. The entrepreneurs will be able to capture the market well with their products and will gain good name in their respective industry. The cards predict that this year will be auspicious for getting name and fame at the work front for the natives.

Economic life will be stable. If you are planning to make any big investments or make important decisions pertaining to finances, the time is favorable. You need to be careful with your expenditure during this year as predicted by Annual Tarot Card 2021 Horoscope, as you may become a spendthrift and waste money on unproductive things. Doing little charity this time will be good, as you will be rewarded for your good works later during the year.

This year is favorable for getting into a relationship for the singles, as you will get into a stable, secure, and a long term union. Those who are in an amateur bond will also have chances to strengthen their connection and take it to the next level. This year is good in terms of attaining relationship goals. You will build a harmonizing bond with your partner and plan your future together. The married natives will also have a good understanding during this time. You may plan a small fortune together and will help each other at the professional front. You may also get into a joint venture with your spouse and start a small project.

Those who are suffering from health concerns have a chance to recover, however, you should follow traditional doctors and medicines for your wellness. Naturotherapy or Ayurveda will suit you best during this time. You can also add some yoga and meditation to your regime to heal your body completely. You should stop worrying about your fitness and health in general, else you will attract diseases.


  • Offer coconut to Kali Temple on Saturdays
  • Feed brown dogs.
  • Offer water to Peepal Tree

Lucky Color Indigo

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Tarot Card Predictions 2021 for Scorpio

This deep sign of water is governed by the planet of fire Mars. The Scorpions are passionate people with loads of energy and power. They have enigmatic nature and are extremely good at keeping secrets, this makes them loyal friends. They believe in emotional intimacy and make one of the most intense partners. Their commitment plane is strong and they believe in loving deeply.

This year will be good for the opportunist, as they will get multiple chances in their professional life to achieve success as indicated by predictions based on Tarot Reading 2021. You will be full of optimism and enthusiasm to turn all the possibilities into fruitful results. The business professionals will get new projects to work and working professionals will get ambiance to pose off their talents and capacity to the fullest. If planning to start something new then this year is auspicious and will bring extraordinary results.

The monetary gains from the endeavors will be good. All your investment will bring good returns. You will get over your debts during this time. Any initiative made for enhancing income will be a great success. The cards suggest that this is the year of quick achievements and auspicious outcomes, so making any short term investments will be favorable. Also, you will make improvements to your savings during this time.

The relationship goals will be fulfilled. You will witness a time of great joy and happiness in your bond. You will be full of love, passion, and nurturing towards your partner and will get the same feelings in return. Any kind of conflicts of the past will be resolved during this year. The singles will get good proposals and start a healthy relationship. You can tie a knot with your lover this year. The married natives will have a blooming year. You will make frequent travel plans with your spouse. You can take your bond to a next level and plan for family expansion, good news is on the way for you.

This year you will be full of vitality and positivity according to the Yearly Tarot Card 2021 Horoscope, which will bring wellness. You should just take care of your eating habits, avoid hot and spicy foods. As you may get acute acidity or gastritis issues. You will be up with your aggressive workout and gym which will keep diseases away from you. A healthy and balanced diet will be more than enough to keep you healthy during this time.


  • Feed Jaggery to Cows
  • Apply kumkum dot on your forehead

Lucky Color: Crimson Red

Tarot Card Predictions 2021 for Sagittarius

Tarot Reading 2021 offers predictions that can shed light on upcoming challenges and opportunities for Sagittarius natives. The symbol of the archer is governed by the planet of grace Jupiter. It is the last fire sign of the zodiac represented with the blazing arrows. The people are high in spirit and energy. They are liberal in their thinking and have good adaptability. The adventure seeker likes versatility in everything. They have a keen interest in attaining knowledge of various subjects. They are friendly and can win the hearts of the crowd they stand-in.

Professional life may bring some struggles and challenges during this year. You will face some confrontations with your teammates which will disturb your peace of mind. You may also feel anxious due to office politics. You are advised to keep a positive attitude despite all odds, as this will help you to deal with the unfavorable circumstances. The entrepreneurs may face issues due to the uncordial relation between the employees, the industrialists are advised to keep a check on labors as they may rebel and go on strikes.

Your love life will be disturbing during this time as predicted by Tarot Horoscope 2021. You will face lots of disagreement and conflicts with your partner. You may also face situations of doubts and feel that your loved one is unfaithful to you. The singles can get into friendship terms, getting into a strong bond will not work out during this period. Those who are married may have a tense relationship which will make you anxious and stressed. You are advised to sort out your differences at the earliest and trust your spouse. A simple conversation can resolve major issues in your relationship, therefore don’t hesitate to talk to your better half during this time.

The health doesn’t look to be too good for you. You may suffer from seasonal allergies and flu. You are advised not to take any self-medication as this will worsen up the illness. Consult a good doctor for the treatment. Practice some deep breathing and meditation to keep your mind relaxed.


  • Keep a red flower in your pocket while traveling
  • Keep yourself hydrated with lots of cold beverage intake

Lucky Number : Orange

Tarot Card Predictions 2021 for Capricorn

Tarot Horoscope 2021 based on detailed Tarot Reading offers a chance to Capricorn natives to stay prepared for what’s about to come. This hardworking and responsible sign belongs to the planet of Karma Saturn. They are goal-oriented and promising people. They generally face challenges and struggles in the initial years of their life, which makes them innovative and playful during the later stages of life. They are workaholic and try to maintain a healthy balance between their professional and personal life.

Professional life will be monotonous during this year. You will feel tired and stuck up in your current work profile. You are advised to look for a switch since you will get better opportunities in moving ahead. You may feel stagnant in your career growth as well, you should talk to the higher authorities and discuss your appraisals and promotion. You will need to be active in making decisions and bringing out the change in your work environment, else you will be stressed and work will be burdensome.

The finances will be fluctuating, you will get your regular income, however, any further expansion or enhancement is not on the cards. The business professional may feel that their payments are getting stuck, you are advised to be headstrong and draw out your hard-earned money else you may face monetary troubles in near future. Investing in a speculative business is not advisable as you will be under major loss.

As per Tarot Reading 2021, those who are in a relationship will have a good time. You will be more attracted towards your partner and will make plans to spend time with them. You will be emotional and will be over-sensitive during this period. You are advised not to be possessive about your lover as they might start feeling choked and eventually ignore you. The singles will be up with their crushes and blushes, getting into a sincere relationship will take some time. The married natives will share an intense bond with their spouse. The love between you two will enhance and you will be more inclined towards your partner.

The health will be on a delicate side as indicated by Annual Tarot Card 2021 Predictions. The females will be prone to hormonal disturbances. In case you have a history of imbalance or PCOS then you are advised to consult a professional for the treatment. You are advised to listen to the messages of your body, since it will give you alarming signals about the illness and diseases during this time. Consulting a female doctor for any kind of major concern will be helpful during this period.


  • Wear white clothes, especially on Mondays.
  • Feed black dog with milk

Lucky Color : Milky White

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Tarot Card Predictions 2021 for Aquarius

This highly independent sign belongs to the planet of discipline Saturn. They are innovative and think big. They have a good taste in the interior and will keep their surroundings clean and tidy. They have an urge for improving society, due to which they often ignore their family and dear ones. This makes them appear aloof, however they are good in determination and achieve their goals if they decide on it.

The career will go through some trolls during this year according to Tarot Reading 2021. You may be unhappy with your office ambiance and may face lots of miscommunication with your colleagues. This will affect your work performance and you will be under pressure and stress. You may also lose your job during this period. Your professional will make you sad and thoughtful, you will keep planning for alternatives to keep your work-life secure.

Economic life will be unstable. You may face some unforeseen circumstances and financial loss. You are advised not to make any new investment, whether in the form of assets or expansion of business or property. Starting anything new this time will put you under big monetary pressure. This time is to reflect and learn from your past mistakes, secure your income, and existing money. The cards suggest that lending or borrowing money should also be avoided during this time. Any kind of financial movement will bring big losses.

According to Annual Tarot 2021 Predictions, the love life will also be affected due to your professional life. You will face conflicts with your partner to the extent that they will reconsider, to continue with the relationship or separate. You are advised to take your bond slow and keep your work-life stress away from your dear one. The singles have a chance to find someone new during this time , however, you should not get too emotional for anyone during this period. The married natives will face some miscommunication and doubts in their relationship, which will eventually hurt you. You are advised to trust your spouse instead of outside influences and share your feelings with your partner to build a better understanding.

The mental stress will be reflected in your body and may bring high BP issues. Tarot Reading 2021 for Aquarius natives predicts that they will be stressed and anxious during this time. Regular check of pulse rate and blood pressure is advisable. Do not take your health concerns casually. You may also get disturbed, due to the ill health of someone dear to you during this period. Relaxing your mind with some calming music or meditation will help you.


  • Drink 4-5 glasses of water on an empty stomach every day
  • Donate bananas to children on Thursdays.

Lucky Color : Light Grey

Tarot Card Predictions 2021 for Pisces

This last sign of the Zodiac is a water sign and governed by the planet of wisdom Jupiter. The Pisces are intuitive and have artistic abilities, they are empaths and have a good understanding of life and death. This sign is represented by two fishes in opposite directions, therefore, natives also have two-dimensional thoughts or flickering mindset. They make faithful and loyal partners, once in a relationship.

As predicted by 2021 Tarot Horoscope, Professional life will be good if you will work hard towards it. The card spread suggests that you should keep your fear and insecurities aside and look upwards, as success is a surety if you put some efforts. This time is to trust your caliber, instincts, and move in full swing. If you want an increment or promotion then ask for it, you will get it since you deserve it. If planning to begin something new, then start it with your dynamism you will get fruitful results. The achievement will be yours, however, you just have to be optimistic and leave all your negative emotions aside.

The finances will be stable this year as per Tarot Reading 2021. However, do not make any impulsive decision pertaining to money. You are advised to maintain a good budget and avoid spending on unproductive things during this time. You may get opportunities for increasing your sources of income. Be practical while making big investments or lending of money, since you may be cheated because of being emotional or over-sensitive during this time.

The love life will be exciting for Pisces. Your bond with your loved one will grow stronger and you will be close to each other. The singles will have a great time and they may meet the person of their dreams. You may also get hitched to your someone special during this period. The married individuals will have to be patient and handle their better half well since they might be too aggressive and impulsive in their approach towards you. You will figure out different aspects of love in your relationship. However, your bond will stand strong by the end of the year and you will have a better understanding of your relationship.

As indicated by Tarot Card 2021 Horoscope, the health concerns will not be bothering, in fact if you had a prolonged illness then this is a good time for recovery. You may get affected with seasonal cold and flu during this period. You are advised to keep your water intake high and protect yourself from extreme temperatures. A healthy lifestyle and good food will keep you fit during this period.


  • Add a pinch of turmeric to your bathing water.
  • Apply saffron tilak on your forehead.

Lucky Color: Coral

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We hope that the year 2021 is promising and prosperous for you. Happy New Year from AstroSage!

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