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Mercury Retrograde 2021 Dates: Mercury Retrograde 2021 Calendar

Retrograde planets 2021 Dates Mercury Retrograde 2021 Calendar by AstroSage offers Mercury Retrograde 2021 Dates and Accurate Timings and sheds light on this major phenomenon. Mercury, the fastest planet in our solar system, holds a crucial position in Vedic Astrology and has the potential to influence several areas of human lives. It is closest to the sun and three years on Mercury is equal to one year on our planet Earth.

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Mercury Retrograde 2021 Calendar: Mercury Retrograde 2021 Dates

Planet Retrograde starts Retrograde ends From To
Mercury January 30, 2021 20:54pm February 21, 2021 05:49 am Aquarius Capricorn
Mercury May 30, 2021 03:47 am June 23, 2021 02:50 am Gemini Taurus
Mercury September 27, 2021 10:12 am October 18, 2021 20:11 pm Libra Virgo

Mercury Retrograde in 2021: Planet Mercury in Vedic Astrology

In Vedic Mythology, the planet Mercury is called Budh; in Greek Mythology, Mercury is called Hermes, the winged messenger; and in the Roman Mythology, Mercury is represented as a trickster. Mercury symbolizes the fields associated with computers, commerce, trade, banking. Mercury is a significator of one's thought, intellect, communication skills, and how we express ourselves.

Mercury is about quick thinking and rationalized thought process. Speaking, writing, online learning are all in Mercury's domain. The more prominent Mercury is in the native's chart, the more lively and curious the person is. Mercury is considered a benefic planet, but sometimes, it can also turn out to be a malefic one. People having strong Mercury in their birth chart can also have less decision-making abilities and may suffer from anxiety. This planet is also crucial for domestic and family matters and heat-related ailments. Natives with strong Mercury in their birth chart can be seen as reporters, journalists, writers, media personnel, lawyers, salesperson, dealers, business persons, mathematicians, etc.

Mercury rules the sign of intellect and it governs Gemini and Virgo which controls the physiology, habits and routine of the natives. People having a strong Mercury in their birth chart means a strong relationship with their siblings. Mercury makes us look at different sides of each answer. Natives having a strong Mercury are also conscious, well aware and take humanity at their core.

Pisces is the sign of Mercury's detriment. As per Vedic Astrology, Mercury is friends with the planets Rahu, Sun and Venus. With the remaining planets, it maintains a neutral relationship except for the Moon.

Considering the importance of Mercury in Vedic Astrology that orchestrates so many attributes of human lives, one can imagine the significance of the event of retrograde motion of Mercury. This planet goes through various motions like transit, retrograde, combust, direct with each responsible for different impacts in the lives of human beings. Having said this, Mercury retrograde 2021 Calendar will hold an essential role in the lives of human beings. This article will talk about the same, and the next section talks about the general effects of Mercury Retrograde 2021 on different natives.

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Mercury Retrograde 2021 Calendar: What is Mercury Retrograde?

Due to the way Earth's orbit interacts with the other planets in our solar system, those other planets might appear to be travelling backwards with respect to zodiacs when observed in the night sky. This phenomena is actually an illusion and is called the retrograde motion of a planet. In the case of Mercury, since it is the fastest planet in our solar system, this event occurs for about three to four times a year. Once you figure out the importance of how the Mercury retrograde 2021 influences your life, you will realize the significance of knowing when it occurs, what changes it will bring, and what remedies you need to adopt to minimize the harsh effects.

As we know that Mercury can be both a benefic and a malefic planet, Mercury retrograde 2021 will bring many positive and negative changes in the lives of the natives. Keeping track of Mercury Retrograde in 2021 can help you take appropriate measures and remedies. The Mercury Retrograde 2021 dates as per Mercury Retrograde 2021 Calendar are shared in this article, and it will be explained how these significant astronomical events in 2021 will impact the natives of all the twelve zodiac signs.

2021 Mercury Retrograde: Impact On The Kundli & Its Twelve Houses

Mercury, as per the mythology, is a messenger of God. Therefore during the retrogression, the major impact is on the verge of losing authentic information or getting disruptions in the messages. It also makes one restless and anxious since the energy of an individual is scattered.

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The fact that Mercury Retrograde in 2021 provides only malefic results is a myth. The retrograde Mercury affects everyone in a uniform way and natives can feel their results during its transits. The impact of Mercury retrograde is interdependent on the placement of mercury in a natal chart, the aspect of other planets on Mercury and the houses signifying by this planet.

Mercury is a neutral planet as per Vedic Astrology which gives auspicious results if placed or influenced by benefic planets, the consequence may be bad if it is in conjunction or aspect with the malefic planets. The retrograde Mercury will provide intense results as the power of the planet to provide any kind of good or bad result increases during its retrogression period.

The native will be blessed with positive outcomes like improvement in their mental and speaking abilities if Mercury is well placed in their chart. The individuals will face tough times with Mercury retrogression if it is afflicted with unfavourable positioning or impact of malicious heavenly bodies.

Let us now get an insight on the impact of Mercury Retrograde 2021 in all the twelves house of a kundli or the birth chart:

  • Mercury Retrograde 2021: Impact on Ascendant House

The first house or the ascendent house in a kundli describes the self of a native. It describes the physical stature and mindset of the individual. The event of Mercury retrograde in 2021 in this house will make the native impulsive. There will be some prevalent flickering thoughts and individuals will be under reconsideration of the new solutions to old problems. The potential towards getting things done will improve and decision making will be quicker however you are advised to not take any long term commitments during these periods as reasoning skills will be low and hasty decisions might not be a boon in the long run.

  • Mercury Retrograde 2021: Impact on the Second House

The second house in a kundli is for your personal gains and finances, it also represents your abilities and capacity to do things. As per Mercury Retrograde 2021 Calendar, this astrological event in this house affects the earnings from profession and the savings. The natives may rediscover ways to earn and will be glad to find new opportunities in their work life. The caution is not to exploit their resources in buying an asset during this time as any kind of hasty decision may land them in a loss and despair.

  • Mercury Retrograde 2021: Impact on the Third House

The third house in a kundli constitutes the communication skills, intelligence and writing adroitness of a native. It also signifies the siblings and bond with them. Mercury universally signifies communication and intelligence, as per natural horoscope, since it governs the third house. The retrogression here will bring ebbs and flow in the social life. The natives may face some mis-communications and lack of understanding with their dear ones. Although individuals will gain strength in their words and speech. Avoid getting into lengthy discussions and any kind of blame game during this period.

  • Mercury Retrograde 2021: Impact on the Fourth House

The fourth house in a kundli is of the homeland and heritage, representing the nurturing mother and family ethics of an individual. The influencer Mercury here will improve the standards of living.The natives will have a chance to reconstruct and work on their relationships also on the comforts of their sweet home. The individuals will lead a king size life during this time. Further, they will be through some introspection and will try their best to be up with a hail and hearty attitude.

  • Mercury Retrograde 2021: Impact on the Fifth House

The fifth house in a kundli draws out the creativity, artistic ability and sense of reasoning, also it represents the judgemental skills of native. The intellectual levels will be bang on and playfulness will be a hallmark of the natives during this period as indicated by Mercury Retrograde 2021 Dates. They will be up with a brand new approach towards their personal and professional life. Furthermore, they will be frisky with the children around them.

  • Mercury Retrograde 2021: Impact on the Sixth House

The sixth house in a kundli is for competitions, challenges, diseases and enemies.It shows one’s will power and strength to fight for things. The retrogression here will bring some tangles in the daily routine and regime, it will demand some acceptance and different thinking, for native to get adaptable towards the changed situation. They will have to be cautious in their dealings with friend and foe during this time, since there will be probability of landing up into major confrontations with people around them .

  • Mercury Retrograde 2021: Impact on the Seventh House

The seventh house in a kundli signifies the partnerships, short travels and the public image of the native. How an individual’s behaviour recognised by the society can be observed from this particular house. The desire for a union with the perfect partner can be accomplished during this Mercury retrograde.The individuals may also get a chance to mend their ties with the bygone relationship and gain strength in it.

  • Mercury Retrograde 2021: Impact on the Eighth House

The eighth house of a kundli is for sudden and unforeseen incidents. It is for deep down secrets and the world of spirituality. Mercury Retrograde in 2021 here will bring out the divinity in individuals.Their psychic power will improve and they will be better at conveying their interests.The natives will be busy with paying off your debts and relocation of their resources during the period of retrograde mercury.

  • Mercury Retrograde 2021: Impact on the Ninth House

The ninth house of a kundli is for luck, appiness and success.It defines the character and religious instincts of an individual The retrogression of mercury in this house will enhance the scholar abilities of the native and will empower their reputation in society.The relation with elders and father will improve and it might bring a travel to some religious place to seek blessings of a deity or their guru.

  • Mercury Retrograde 2021: Impact on the Tenth House

The tenth house of a kundli is for the ‘Karma Bhava’ and signifies the profession and its growth in a horoscope. As per Mercury Retrograde 2021 Calendar, the native will be in the limelights during this time.The struggling blocks in your work life will be cleared and you will get a smooth sail, especially the freshers who are looking for jobs will be on the go in their dream profiles.

  • Mercury Retrograde 2021: Impact on the Eleventh House

The eleventh house of a kundli signifies the income and prosperity of a native. It is also representative of the friends.The transit of Mercury in retrograde motion in this ‘bhava’ will bring some misunderstandings and conflicts .This is a perfect time to recognise the friends and enemies, since those who hold good opinion will stay and those who were hypocrite will show their real faces during this period. This movement will also bring financial abundance.

  • Mercury Retrograde 2021: Impact on the Twelfth House

The twelfth house of a kundli represents expenditure, desires and detachments. Also it signifies the sleeplessness and addictions of a native. The retrograde Mercury in this house brings strong urge towards inner reflection and psychology. There may be some loss of money or other materialistic things. The native can have insomnia during this period, leading to fragile health. It is not a very favourable time in terms of personal health .

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Mercury Retrograde 2021: Remedies to Observe

  1. A genuine prayer from the core of the heart is the best remedy. Therefore, chant Mercury Beej Mantra 108 times a day during the Mercury retrograde period. This will restore the energy and empower speech.
  2. The planet Mercury bestows favour with the blessings of Lord Vishnu. Hence, reciting Vishnu Sahasranam everyday will be beneficial.
  3. The worship of deity provides protection, in any kind of adversity or unfavourable circumstances. The prayers and offering of Boondi Ladoos to Lord Ganesha on Wednesdays is advisable.
  4. Meditation is the best tool, for relaxation of mind and getting inner peace.Try to meditate every morning and night to release the pressure of unproductive thoughts and stress.
  5. The gemstone for Mercury can balance its negative impact during the retrogression period. Therefore, wearing an Emerald, Green Carnelian or Green Onyx on the day of the event as marked by Mercury Retrograde 2021 Calendar will help in combating the challenges.
  6. The crystals are good in absorbing all sorts of energies, they are also beneficial in enhancing the good effects of the planet.Try to keep a green pyramid or crystal in the North East corner or your room.
  7. The offerings and donations assists in reducing any kind of malefic effects. In Lieu of the same, donate green gram pulse, green leafy vegetables, green bangles or clothes to the needy.
  8. The plantation of trees and shrubs in your garden, or in the outskirts and public parks will enhance the favourable impact of Mercury retrograde 2021.
  9. Mercury enters the environment through natural sources. The watering and nurturing of plants during this time will provide good results.
  10. The clothes and their color makes a lot of difference, not only in the personality, but also in the energy pattern of an individual. Therefore, wear green colored clothes especially on Wednesdays during retrograde Mercury period.
  11. The major impact of Mercury retrograde 2021 is on communication. Hence, avoiding long discussions and extended conversation on a particular subject especially with your dear ones will safeguard you from conflicts. This will also help in keeping away from the misunderstandings.
  12. The decisions pertaining to sale or purchase of property or any other fixed assets should be delayed. The Mercury during this time is inconsistent, which will push towards hasty conclusions, these may not be fruitful in the long run.

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We hope that our article on Mercury Retrograde 2021 dates will help you have a know how about the transit and provide guidance on the same. May you have a great year ahead !

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