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Jupiter Transit 2021: Jupiter Transit Effects, Remedies

Jupiter Transit 2021 Through Jupiter Transit 2021, we will tell you about the transitional and retrograde state of Jupiter in the year 2021. This will reveal the impact of Jupiter’s change of place on your zodiac sign this year. At the beginning of the year 2021, Jupiter, also known as Guru in Hindi, will be posited in the Saturn-ruled sign, Capricorn, and transit from Capricorn to Aquarius at 6:01 PM on Tuesday, April 6. It will remain in this state till Wednesday, September 15, after which it will turn retrograde and enter Capricorn once again at 4:22 AM early morning. This planet will again become direct post November 20, Saturday at 11:23 AM and get posited in Aquarius from Capricorn.

In such a situation, this change in the placement of Jupiter will mark an effect on the natives of every zodiac sign throughout the year. So let's read the Jupiter Transit 2021 predictions for different zodiac signs.

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हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें: गुरु गोचर 2021

Jupiter Transit 2021: Aries

Jupiter Transit 2021 predicts that the planet Jupiter, the ninth and twelfth house lord for Aries, will transit in your eleventh house at the year’s beginning, i.e. from 6th April and remain there till 15th September. As a result, you will attain monetary gains since this transit is more favorable for you financially. Your income will rise, and one or more than one source of income is likely to increase as well. You will be successful in fulfilling many of your ambitions. Your luck will support you, and you can benefit from many foreign sources.

After this, Jupiter will become retrograde and enter Capricorn from Aquarius, and from 15 September to 20 November, it will affect your tenth house. In such a situation, you may face numerous problems in your workplace since the already existing Saturn will confuse you. You will need to focus more on your work. Though there will be happiness in family life, Saturn influencing Jupiter can give rise to health-related issues for your father.

At the end of the year i.e. on 20 November, Jupiter will become direct and get seated again in Aquarius, thereby influencing your eleventh house. During this time, you will get favoured by luck. This time will prove to be the best for you. You will attain a lot of success in your love life. Also, your married life will become blissful. But at this time, you are advised to give up your lazy attitude as there are chances of heavy loss. Jupiter in the eleventh house will give you immense wealth.

Remedy: While leaving the house every day, apply Saffron Tilak on the forehead.

Jupiter Transit 2021: Taurus

According to Jupiter Transit 2021, Jupiter rules the eighth and eleventh house in Taurus sign and will affect your tenth and ninth house throughout this year. From the beginning of the year i.e. 6th April to 15th September, Jupiter will move out from Capricorn and get posited in Aquarius, which will activate your tenth house. During this period, you will face several problems in your workspace. However, time will be good in your family life. Happiness and peace in your family will prevail and make you mentally happy. Your economic side may remain somewhat weak. In such a situation, you will need to work harder than before.

After this, on 15 September, Jupiter will become retrograde and return to Capricorn, where it will remain till the end of the year i.e. November 20, which will affect your ninth house. During this time, you will get multiple chances to go on trips. Health-related troubles for your father will increase. However, this period will remain auspicious for you and you will get favoured by luck. Your interests will lie towards spirituality.

After this, when Jupiter again becomes direct and re-enters Aquarius on 20 November, your tenth house will be activated again. Due to this, there will be chances of a change in your workplace. If you were thinking of changing your job, then it is likely to happen. Your family life will become prosperous. The health of your parents will also improve.

Remedy: Offer food to the Brahmins and needy on Thursday.

Jupiter Transit 2021: Gemini

Jupiter Transit 2021 predictions say that Jupiter is the ruling planet of the seventh and tenth house in the Gemini zodiac sign and will offer auspicious results due to its transit in the ninth house in the year’s beginning itself. From 6th April to 15th September, Jupiter will be seated in Aquarius after moving out from Capricorn, which will add to your luck. As a result, you will attain success in every decision you make. The relationship with your spouse in married life will be better, and his/her respect and honor will increase, thereby leading to monetary gains. There will be chances of going on a pilgrimage. Students may have to move away from their home due to their studies.

After this, Jupiter will enter retrograde and remain posited in Capricorn from September 15 to November 20. This placement will incur adverse outcomes. During this time, your eighth house will get affected, due to which health-related problems can arise. Along with that, some problems in money matters can also arise. Someone from the in-laws’ side will face health troubles as well. This time is not good for father either.

However, from November 20, when Jupiter gets seated in your ninth house by becoming direct, there will be a major decrease in your troubles. Luck factor will enhance, and everything will fall into place. Eventually, your father will benefit. Time will also remain auspicious in married life. Happiness and respect in marital life will increase. You will be seen actively taking part in religious events. Along with this, there will be success in love affairs too.

Remedy: Circumambulate around the banana tree on Thursday and offer Chana Dal or Gram Lentil to it.

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Jupiter Transit 2021: Cancer

As per the Jupiter Transit 2021 predictions, Jupiter is the lord of the seventh and ninth house of Cancer zodiac sign and will transit in the eighth house from Cancer from April 6 to September 15. This will give rise to unfavorable outcomes. Your mind will remain more engaged in spiritual activities. In married life, your children won’t be majorly favoured by luck. Father’s health is likely to go down. Also, there are chances of monetary losses. You may have to go on an unwanted journey. If you were thinking of applying for a loan from the bank, then you are likely to succeed.

After this, Jupiter will become retrograde again and influence your seventh house while being posited in Capricorn zodiac sign from 15 September to 20 November. Due to this, professionals will attain tremendous success in business. Monetary benefits will be incurred. Your respect in the family will increase. But despite this, there will be ups and downs in married life. However, love will prevail in life.

However, after 20 November, when Jupiter re-enters Aquarius by becoming direct, your eighth house will get active and you will need to be more conscious about your health than before. Someone can return the money you had lent a long time ago. You will become highly inclined towards spirituality. Students will successfully understand esoteric subjects.

Remedy: Feed Chana Dal or green vegetables to the cow.

Jupiter Transit 2021: Leo

According to Jupiter Transit 2021, Guru or Jupiter is the lord of the fifth and eighth house for Leo natives and will transit in your seventh house from the beginning of this year i.e. from April 6 to September 15. This time will prove to be very good for your love life. Especially for unmarried natives, who will be likely to get married during this period. On the other hand, those who are married will enjoy happiness in their married life, and your spouse will achieve great benefits and respect at their workplace. There will be constant increase in your income. From the health point of view, time will remain favourable.

After this, Jupiter will become retrograde, get posited in Capricorn from 15 September to 20 November and influence your sixth house. With this, you will successfully pay your outstanding debt. Remain cautious about your health during this time as there are signs of you contracting any major disease. Due to this, your expenses will increase. Although your child will remain prosperous, some problems between you and people from the maternal side may brew.

From November 20, when Jupiter again resides in your seventh house after becoming direct, your married life will become blissful. You will get support from your spouse and success in your endeavors as per your efforts. Financial aspect will strengthen. At the same time, your decision-making abilities will improve. Natives who are thinking of going for a love marriage will get good news.

Remedy: Offer water to the Peepal tree every Thursday without touching it.

Jupiter Transit 2021: Virgo

Guru Jupiter is the lord of the fourth and seventh house of the Virgo zodiac sign and is transiting in your sixth house from April 6 to September 15 this year. This time period will prove to be academically prosperous. Students preparing for competitive exams will attain success. Take care of your eating habits, otherwise weight issues such as obesity can bother you. You will also fail to rein in your expenses. You will remain depressed due to several challenges and obstacles in every work. Unfavourable circumstances will occur in marital life since there will be issues between you and your spouse. Also a property dispute with someone is likely.

After this, your fifth house will get affected due to Dev Guru Jupiter becoming retrograde from September 15 to November 20. Due to this, your child may suffer from health problems. This time will be very favourable for educational purposes. Students will succeed in attaining success in academics after some obstacles. Your income will increase, which will earn you respect.

However, when Jupiter becomes direct from November 20 and re-enters your sixth house, then a decline in your health will be witnessed. Marital life will also remain stressful and there will be a lack of happiness. Due to a negative impact on your economic life, you may suffer from a financial crunch.

Remedy: Feed jaggery and wheat to Gaumata on Thursday.

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Jupiter Transit 2021: Libra

Guru Jupiter is the ruling lord of the third and seventh house of Virgo natives and is transiting in your fifth house from April 6 to September 15 this year. From an academic point of view, this time is said to be favourable. Students will be able to perform well and achieve success in their studies. In case you were thinking of going for higher education, then you are advised to go ahead. Marital life will remain good. The arrival of a guest or someone new is expected in the lives of married natives. Someone who is at a marriageable age in the house can tie the knot. You will also be blessed with a child. Every problem related to money will get eliminated, and income will increase. If you were single, then someone special can come in your life. Also, you will achieve full support from your friends.

After this, Jupiter will enter your fourth house from September 15 to November 20 by becoming retrograde, which may cause health problems to your mother. If you live abroad, you can plan to return to your native country at this time. You will attain benefits from ancestral property. Also, natives who are facing property-related disputes can get desirable outcomes. For this, you will be required to continue your efforts.

In the last part of the year, when Guru Jupiter will become direct and enter Aquarius on November 20, then your fifth house will get activated. With this, you will attain child-related happiness. Every financial crisis will also get dissolved, and you will succeed in your studies as well. You will feel highly capable of taking any decisions on the workplace.

Remedy: Apply a Turmeric tilak on the wheat dough and feed the cow regularly.

Jupiter Transit 2021: Scorpio

The planet Jupiter is the second and fifth house lord of your zodiac sign and transiting in the fourth house from your sign from April 6 to September 15 at the beginning of this year. This transit can give rise to family problems, thereby leading to disputes and arguments between family members. Domestic expenses will increase and a financial crunch is also possible. There are chances of you purchasing or investing in property or real estate. Mother's health may deteriorate, and you will have to spend money. Time does not seem favorable for the children as well. In case your child is thinking of going out, then she/he will attain success in their endeavors.

After this, from 15 September to 20 November, Jupiter will become retrograde and enter Capricorn, which will affect your third house. During this time, you will have to go on many trips. You will attain success through these journeys. You will become more sensitive towards your younger siblings. Interest in religious works will rise. Children will make tremendous progress. Luck will favour you in financial life and you will attain immense wealth.

In the last part of the year, when Guru Jupiter will be seated again in your fourth house by becoming direct, ongoing tensions in the family will come to an end. You will consider buying a property with the help of your family. However, your household expenses will increase because you will be seen spending a significant amount of your money on your house.

Remedy: Wear a top-quality Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire gemstone on your index finger on Thursday.

Jupiter Transit 2021: Sagittarius

Guru Jupiter is the lord of your zodiac sign as well as the fourth house from your zodiac sign. This year Jupiter will transit in your third house from April 6 to September 15, which will give you the opportunity to go on many short journeys. Chances of you going on a pilgrimage are high. You will get love from younger siblings and you will also be seen giving them your full support. Mother's health may weaken, so take care of her. Continue making personal efforts in financial life as only then you will be able to attain monetary profits.

However, on September 15, Jupiter will get in your second house by becoming retrograde, which will bring some peace in the family after stressful events. You can consider renting one of your properties. Benefits from your mother will be attained. You will sympathize with the people in your family. You will get an opportunity to savour a good meal in this period.

After this, on November 20, when Jupiter becomes direct and gets placed in your third house, then you will be required to act cautiously. This is because you may grow lazier and feel hindered in performing every task. Behavioural tactics will turn more religious, but income-related prospects will come into sight. You will get the support of your younger siblings and may have to go on a trip with them.

Remedy: On Thursday during Shukla Paksha, wear Pukhraj gemstone in your index finger.

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Jupiter Transit 2021: Capricorn

The master planet Jupiter is the lord of the twelfth and third house of your zodiac sign and will be sitting in your second house from Capricorn on April 6 at the beginning of the year. This planet will stay there till September 15 after which it will turn retrograde and enter your ascendant, i.e. your first house. In such a situation, you will be supported by your younger siblings in the beginning. An atmosphere of happiness will be seen in the family. The possibility of any celebration or auspicious event being organized in the family is high. Also, there are chances of a childbirth or someone of the marriageable age tying the knot. The merchant class will gain financial benefits from overseas.

However, after this, a direct Guru Jupiter will also give you auspicious results, and situations will remain in your favour till 20 November. You will emerge successful in making profit from foreign sources. Your own personal efforts will lead you towards success, and with this, you will be able to make important decisions without any doubt.

In the last part of the year when Dev Guru Jupiter again becomes direct, you will feel an improvement in your way of speaking, through which you will successfully impress as well as attract others. With this nature of yours, all your hard work and efforts will incur successful results. With this, your income at your workplace will also increase, but you will be required to take care of your health at this time.

Remedy: Distribute the yellow sweet rice to the poor on Thursday.

Jupiter Transit 2021: Aquarius

Jupiter is the lord of the eleventh and second house from your zodiac sign and is transiting in your own sign, i.e. ascendant or first house. When this planet will transit, you will remain mentally at peace from 6 April to 15 September, and as a result, feel capable of making any important decision by yourself. Marital life will remain good. Along with that, the time during this phase seems good as the luck is favouring your love life.

However as per 2021 Jupiter Transit, from 15 September to 20 November, Guru Jupiter will become retrograde and get in your twelfth house, which may give rise to troubles. There will be a tremendous increase in your expenses. One has to remain immensely cautious in terms of health, otherwise a serious problem may arise. Your income will decline, which is expected to cause a loss of money.

After this, when Guru Jupiter will again become direct from November 20, your first house will get activated, which will dissolve all your problems. You will be successful in making decisions. You will be seen rethinking over impending or stuck projects, and attain success in a love relationship. Love and happiness will prevail in married life. Respect and honor will increase in society and your financial side will also remain strong.

Remedy: Offer study materials to students in need on Thursday.

Jupiter Transit 2021: Pisces

Guru Jupiter is the lord of your sign, i.e. first house and tenth house from your zodiac sign and is transiting in the twelfth house from your sign at the beginning of the year, i.e. from April 6 to September 15. The position of Jupiter isn’t favourable in regards to your health. However, it will be an auspicious time for those who wish to go abroad. Your expenses will increase and you will participate more vigorously in religious activities. You will also come across the opportunity to go on a long-distance, work-related journey, during which you will be required to work harder and put in efforts for monetary gains.

Moving forward, when the planet Jupiter gets placed in your eleventh house from September 15 to November 20, you will get tremendous success in every task you carry out. Your good rapport with your seniors at your workplace will highly benefit you during this time. There will be strong chances of wealth gain and you are likely to get benefited from multiple sources. You will be able to improve your image through religious conduct and behaviour. Success in love relationships will be attained, and due to this, love marriage is likely to happen.

However, in the last part of the year when Jupiter again sits in your tenth house on November 20, you will witness a rise in your expenses and downfall in your health at the same time. There are chances that you may have to suffer from feet or leg related problems. Despite this, you will be able to earn good profit through foreign means at this time. But your enemies will keep harassing you all the time or obstructing your path. If there was an ongoing case in the court during this time, then the final decision is likely to come in the favour of your opponent.

Remedy: Chant the Guru Beej Mantra “ॐ ग्रां ग्रीं ग्रौं सः गुरुवे नमः / oṃ grāṃ grīṃ grauṃ saḥ guruve namaḥ” everyday.

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