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2021 Hindu Holidays in India

2021 Hindu Holidays in India Hindu Holidays 2021 in India offers a detailed list of holidays in 2021 observed by Hindus in India as well as all over the world. With the onset of New Year 2021, natives remain interested in knowing the latest and updated dates for several 2021 Hindu festivals, observances and holidays. With AstroSage, you get an in-depth list of Hindu Holidays in 2021 observed not only in India but also all around the world by the followers of Hinduism. Let us go ahead and know in detail:

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List of Hindu Holidays 2021 in India

Hindu Holidays 2021 in January

Date Day Festival
2 January 2021 Saturday Sankashti Chaturthi
9 January 2021 Saturday Saphala Ekadashi
10 January 2021 Sunday Pradosh Vrat (K)
11 January 2021 Monday Masik Shivaratri
13 January 2021 Wednesday Paush Amavasya
14 January 2021 Thursday Pongal , Uttarayan , Makar Sankranti
24 January 2021 Sunday Pausha Putrada Ekadashi
26 January 2021 Tuesday Pradosh Vrat (S)
28 January 2021 Thursday Paush Purnima Vrat
31 January 2021 Sunday Sankashti Chaturthi
Hindu Holidays 2021 in February

Date Day Festival
7 February 2021 Sunday Shattila Ekadashi
9 February 2021 Tuesday Pradosh Vrat (K)
10 February 2021 Wednesday Masik Shivaratri
11 February 2021 Thursday Magha Amavasya
12 February 2021 Friday Kumbha Sankranti
16 February 2021 Tuesday Basant Panchmi , Saraswati Puja
23 February 2021 Tuesday Jaya / Bhami Ekadashi
24 February 2021 Wednesday Pradosh Vrat (S)
27 February 2021 Saturday Magha Purnima Vrat
Hindu Holidays 2021 in March

Date Day Festival
2 March 2021 Tuesday Sankashti Chaturthi
9 March 2021 Tuesday Vijaya Ekadashi
10 March 2021 Wednesday Pradosh Vrat (K)
11 March 2021 Thursday Mahashivratri , Masik Shivaratri
13 March 2021 Saturday Phalguna Amavasya
14 March 2021 Sunday Meena Sankranti
25 March 2021 Thursday Amalaki Ekadashi
26 March 2021 Friday Pradosh Vrat (S)
28 March 2021 Sunday Holika Dahan , Phalguna Purnima Vrat
29 March 2021 Monday Holi
31 March 2021 Wednesday Sankashti Chaturthi
Hindu Holidays 2021 in April

Date Day Festival
7 April 2021 Wednesday Papmochani Ekadashi
9 April 2021 Friday Pradosh Vrat (K)
10 April 2021 Saturday Masik Shivaratri
12 April 2021 Monday Chaitra Amavasya
13 April 2021 Tuesday Chaitra Navratri , Ugadi , Ghatasthapana , Gudi Padwa
14 April 2021 Wednesday Cheti Chand , Mesha Sankranti
21 April 2021 Wednesday Ram Navami
22 April 2021 Thursday Chaitra Navratri Parana
23 April 2021 Friday Kamada Ekadashi
24 April 2021 Saturday Pradosh Vrat (S)
27 April 2021 Tuesday Hanuman jayanti , Chaitra Purnima Vrat
30 April 2021 Friday Sankashti Chaturthi
Hindu Holidays 2021 in May

Date Day Festival
7 May 2021 Friday Varuthini Ekadashi
8 May 2021 Saturday Pradosh Vrat (K)
9 May 2021 Sunday Masik Shivaratri
11 May 2021 Tuesday Vaishakha Amavasya
14 May 2021 Friday Akshaya Tritiya , Vrishabha Sankranti
23 May 2021 Sunday Mohini Ekadashi
24 May 2021 Monday Pradosh Vrat (S)
26 May 2021 Wednesday Vaishakha Purnima Vrat
29 May 2021 Saturday Sankashti Chaturthi
Hindu Holidays 2021 in June

Date Day Festival
6 June 2021 Sunday Apara Ekadashi
7 June 2021 Monday Pradosh Vrat (K)
8 June 2021 Tuesday Masik Shivaratri
10 June 2021 Thursday Jyeshtha Amavasya
15 June 2021 Tuesday Mithuna Sankranti
21 June 2021 Monday Nirjala Ekadashi
22 June 2021 Tuesday Pradosh Vrat (S)
24 June 2021 Thursday Jyeshtha Purnima Vrat
27 June 2021 Sunday Sankashti Chaturthi
Hindu Holidays 2021 in July

Date Day Festival
5 July 2021 Monday Yogini Ekadashi
7 July 2021 Wednesday Pradosh Vrat (K)
8 July 2021 Thursday Masik Shivaratri
9 July 2021 Friday Ashadha Amavasya
12 July 2021 Monday Jagannath Rath Yatra
16 July 2021 Friday Karka Sankranti
20 July 2021 Tuesday Deva Shayani Ekadashi , Ashadhi Ekadashi
21 July 2021 Wednesday Pradosh Vrat (S)
24 July 2021 Saturday Guru Purnima , Ashadha Purnima Vrat
27 July 2021 Tuesday Sankashti Chaturthi
Hindu Holidays 2021 in August

Date Day Festival
4 August 2021 Wednesday Kamika Ekadashi
5 August 2021 Thursday Pradosh Vrat (K)
6 August 2021 Friday Masik Shivaratri
8 August 2021 Sunday Shravana Amavasya
11 August 2021 Wednesday Hariyali Teej
13 August 2021 Friday Nag Panchami
17 August 2021 Tuesday Simha Sankranti
18 August 2021 Wednesday Shravana Putrada Ekadashi
20 August 2021 Friday Pradosh Vrat (S)
21 August 2021 Saturday Onam/Thiruvonam
22 August 2021 Sunday Raksha Bandhan , Shravana Purnima Vrat
25 August 2021 Wednesday Sankashti Chaturthi , Kajari Teej
30 August 2021 Monday Janmashtami
Hindu Holidays 2021 in September

Date Day Festival
3 September 2021 Friday Aja Ekadashi
4 September 2021 Saturday Pradosh Vrat (K)
5 September 2021 Sunday Masik Shivaratri
7 September 2021 Tuesday Bhadrapada Amavasya
9 September 2021 Thursday Hartalika Teej
10 September 2021 Friday Ganesh Chaturthi
17 September 2021 Friday Parsva Ekadashi , Kanya Sankranti
18 September 2021 Saturday Pradosh Vrat (S)
19 September 2021 Sunday Anant Chaturdashi
20 September 2021 Monday Bhadrapada Purnima Vrat
24 September 2021 Friday Sankashti Chaturthi
Hindu Holidays 2021 in October

Date Day Festival
2 October 2021 Saturday Indira Ekadashi
4 October 2021 Monday Masik Shivaratri , Pradosh Vrat (K)
6 October 2021 Wednesday Ashwin Amavasya
7 October 2021 Thursday Sharad Navratri , Ghatasthapana
11 October 2021 Monday Kalparambha
12 October 2021 Tuesday Navpatrika Puja
13 October 2021 Wednesday Durga Puja Ashtami
14 October 2021 Thursday Durga Maha Navami Puja
15 October 2021 Friday Durga Visarjan , Dussehra , Sharad Navratri Parana
16 October 2021 Saturday Papankusha Ekadashi
17 October 2021 Sunday Pradosh Vrat (S) , Tula Sankranti
20 October 2021 Wednesday Ashwin Purnima Vrat
24 October 2021 Sunday Sankashti Chaturthi , Karva Chauth
Hindu Holidays 2021 in November

Date Day Festival
1 November 2021 Monday Rama Ekadashi
2 November 2021 Tuesday Dhanteras , Pradosh Vrat (K)
3 November 2021 Wednesday Masik Shivaratri
4 November 2021 Thursday Diwali , Kartik Amavasya , Narak Chaturdashi
5 November 2021 Friday Govardhan Puja
6 November 2021 Saturday Bhai Dooj
10 November 2021 Wednesday Chhath Puja
14 November 2021 Sunday Devutthana Ekadashi
16 November 2021 Tuesday Pradosh Vrat (S) , Vrischika Sankranti
19 November 2021 Friday Kartik Purnima Vrat
23 November 2021 Tuesday Sankashti Chaturthi
30 November 2021 Tuesday Utpanna Ekadashi
Hindu Holidays 2021 in December

Date Day Festival
2 December 2021 Thursday Masik Shivaratri , Pradosh Vrat (K)
4 December 2021 Saturday Margashirsha Amavasya
14 December 2021 Tuesday Mokshada Ekadashi
16 December 2021 Thursday Pradosh Vrat (S) , Dhanu Sankranti
19 December 2021 Sunday Margashirsha Purnima Vrat
22 December 2021 Wednesday Sankashti Chaturthi
30 December 2021 Thursday Saphala Ekadashi
31 December 2021 Friday Pradosh Vrat (K)

Know About Various Hindu Holidays and Festivals In 2021: Hindu Calendar 2021

What is a Hindu Panchang?

Hindu Panchang used to evaluate the 2021 Hindu Holidays date and occurrence represents a tabular accumulation of several Luni-Solar Calendars used in the realm of Vedic Astrology. This is a method of time-keeping and staying up-to-date with the latest Hindu Holidays, Hindu Fasts, Festivals and other Cultural Events based on the position of stars and planets. It is considered auspicious to consult a Hinbdu Panchang before performing any auspicious task, ritual or fast or conducting any ceremony. Some of the regional calendars used in India are:

  • Vikrami (Bikrami) Calendar
  • Bengali Calendar
  • Malayalam Calendar

Elements Of Hindu Calendar 2021 or Hindu Panchang

2021 Hindu Calendar, also, as Hindu Panchang, comprises of five major elements:

  • Vaar or the Day of the Week: Hindu Calendar follows a seven-days-a-week pattern, beginning from Sunday and ending with Saturday. Every day of the week represents a specific planet.
  • Tithi or the Lunar Day: Tithi marks the date of the day, when the Moon undergoes one of its phases, i.e. Waxing or Shukla Paksha and Waning or Krishna Paksha.
  • Nakshatra: Nakshatras in a Hindu Panchang represents a group of 27 stars together forming a specific zodiac sign.
  • Karana: The one-half of a Yog is majorly known as Karana.
  • Yoga: It refers to the Luni-Solar Day of a Hindu Panchang.

2021 Hindu Holidays & Festivals As Per Hindu Calendar 2021

  1. Mahashivratri- One of the most popular Hindu Holidays as per Hindu Calendar 2021 would be Mahashivratri, the day of Lord Shiva. As per the Hindu Panchang, this day falls on the Amavasya during the Hindu month of Magha. This day symbolises the night when Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati entered the bond of holy matrimony, and signifies overcoming ignorance and darkness in life. Followers of Hinduism fast throughout this day, chant mantras and prayers, pay a visit to the Shiva temples, and perform the ritualistic Rudra Abhishek of Shivling with great devotion.
  2. Holi- As per the Gregorian Calendar 2021, the festival of Holi falls in the month of March and is celebrated with great passion and happiness by Hindus all around the world. This is widely known as the festival of colours, since people apply colourful Gulal and powered colours to wish each other “Happy Holi”.
  3. Hanuman Jayanti - One of the special and highly significant Hindu Festivals in 2021 is Hanuman Jayanti, commemorating the birth anniversary of the great Hindu God, Lord Hanuman. People pay their tributes to the Bajarangbali by fasting on this day, chanting mantras to appease the deity, presenting religious offerings, organizing Jagrans and performing charity. Since Lord Hanuman dedicated all his life in serving Lord Ram, he is given a special status in Hinduism.
  4. Rath Yatra - Rath Yatra, popularly known as Jagannath Rath Yatra, comprises a public procession with a chariot containing the idols of Lord Jagannath, his brother Lord Balabhadra, his sister Subhadra and his weapon, DSuarshan Chakra. Unlike other Rath Yatras, the Puri Rath Yatra is the most grand out of all. Millions of pilgrims from around the world participate in this lively event and seek the blessings of the Lord.

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  1. Raksha Bandhan - The most anticipated festival as per the 2021 Hindu Calendar is Rakhi, also called as Raksha Bandhan. This day celebrates the sacred bond shared by a brother and sister. Sisters tie a Rakhi around their brothers’ wrists and pray for their longevity and prosperity. In turn, the brothers take an oath to protect their sisters from every challenge and hurdles in life.
  2. Janmashtami - One of the 2021 Hindu Holidays in India is Janmashtami, which commemorates the birth of the eighth Avatar of Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna. This festival is celebrated with great love and devotion all over the Indian subcontinent. Natives fast throughout the day, sing in Lord Krishna's Glory, share satvik food, conduct Jagran and visit temples dedicated to Lord Krishna. Several communities residing in Mathura and Vrindavan organise dance events called Krishna Leela or Raas Leela.
  3. Onam - Onam is a harvest festival and celebrated with great pomp and show in the state of Kerala by Hindus residing there. This is one of the reasons why this festival is listed in the list of 2021 Hindu Holidays as per Hindu Calendar. The tenth day, known as Thiruvonam or Onam, is celebrated on a large scale. On this occasion, people take part in community meets, feasts and other sporting activities such as Valiam Kali or Boat Race, Tiger Dances called Pulikali, Thumbi Thullal, Mask Dance, Martial Arts etc.
  4. Ganesh Chaturthi - Celebrated on a grand scale in the state of Maharashtra, Ganesh Chaturthi is known to be a great deal. Lord Ganesha is worshipped and revered with great passion and devotion during the period of Ganesh Chaturthi. This occasion is celebrated with street processions being carried out, huge idols of Lord Ganesha being taken around, folk dances and enormous public participation. This day is listed as one of the famous Hindi Festivals in 2021.
  5. Dussehra - Dussehra, also called Vijayadashami, marks the triumph of Lord Ram over the demon King Ravana. Huge effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Meghnath are burnt at various places all over the nation signifying the elimination of evil over good.
  6. Diwali - One of the popular Hindu Holidays 2021 celebrated with great passion, love and excitement is Diwali, the festival of lights. This is the day when Lord Ram came back with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman from the 14-year old exile. People celebrate this event by lighting Diyas, bursting firecrackers, preparing delicious meals and exchanging gifts.
  7. Chhath Puja - Chhath Puja is regarded as one of the significant Hindu Holidays in 2021 as per Hindu Calendar 2021, and celebrated on a grand scale in the states of Jharkhand, Bihar, Bengal and Odisha. On this occasion, Chhathi Maiyya and her brother, Lord Sun are worshipped with great reverence and several Hindu rituals are performed to mark this auspicious occasion.

We hope that the information provided on 2021 Hindu Holidays proves to be beneficial. Thankyou for staying connected with us!!!

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