Monthly Pisces Horoscope

August, 2017


Transition of Saturn in ninth house this month will increase your strength for bearing with tough times. You will work very hard at your workplace. Mother has to take care of her health. There may be disruption in the peace of mind. Transit of Dragon's head in the sixth house is enough to defeat your opponents. Your performance competency will increase. You will keep good health. You will succeed in competitive exams. Transition of Jupiter in seventh house will keep you in good health. It will be expected to benefit from much less effort. Your religious and spiritual activities will increase. Brothers and sisters have a greater chance of remarkable success and your relation will improve with them. Transit of Venus in the fourth and that of Mars in fifth house will increase your energy and courage levels. Your personality will be very attractive. Buying property is also likely to be there. Sun in the fifth house may be helpful in getting successes easily. Children should not neglect their health at all. You nay face the stomach related problems. Transition of Dragon's tail in twelfth house will motivate you to walk on the spiritual path. It is possible to join a religious institution. Transit of Mercury in sixth house can increase family happiness. There is every possibility of getting success in business.


On the economic front, it might be very good time for you. You will be successful in your efforts to earn good money. The collaboration with siblings and friends can get you a great economic success. Receipt of funds from esoteric disciplines is also possible. If you thoughtfully invest in the stock market and Lotteries, you may earn money this month.
Sun's transit from fifth house is pointing out for your economic development. Change in job or getting promotion is possible. You can get financial help from a major breakthrough in the workplace of your partner. If your work is connected with restaurant, beverages, milk and milk products, functional, ready-made garments, beauty products, ground-landlord then you can earn good money in this period.


It could be the best time in terms of health. You will be brimming with courage and quite energetic. The ability to perform multiple tasks at a time will also remain within you. This will ignite your interest in spiritual and religious activities and pilgrimage of religious sites is also possible. In this period, your personality will become the center of attraction and people will be drawn to you. You have to be alert with disorders of the stomach and legs. Jupiter's sight in the first house can lead you towards increase in obesity. Hence morning walk or jogging can be a good choice to stay healthy.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

It will be kind of mixed time for married life. Transition of Jupiter from seventh house can increase spiritual activities in your spouse. During this time, you will feel maturity in their behavior. He/She may spend most of his/her time in satsang and rituals.
Position of the owner of the seventh house in sixth position will require them to maintain vigilance in terms of health. Some important advice of Spouse can lead to success in your own work place. This month, you can go with him/her on a long journey. In love affairs, you do not need to worry at all. Your love will be fully blossomed in this period. Your lover's attitude and cooperation will enhance your pleasure. You both can get a chance to visit some of the beautiful locations. The sweetness of your love life will endure through thick & thin. Alliances for the unmarried people is very possible this time.

Family & Friends

It looks quite good for domestic life this time. It's is likely for you to engage in the activities of entertainment. But for children, it does look a little struggling time. Difficulties are possible in their health and education. Siblings are also expected to support you with the riches and happiness. With their help you can get great achievement in your business. In this duration they may also earn themselves a huge honor and status. Mother should not neglect her own health. You are expected to receive full support from friends. So if your friend is connected to your business, then you can get unexpected success with their support. This period you are likely have more of your father's excessive attachment. Some of his advices may also change the direction of your life.


Feeding a cow with pulses of yellow gram will be good for you.

Lucky Days

16, 21, 25, 30

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