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Monthly Scorpio Horoscope

December, 2018


In the business, many types of ups and downs and other problems can arise. Chances of hard work and exertion can be more. The conditions may be favorable according to the time. Due to the increase in your courage and enthusiasm, there is a possibility of gaining success in the working areas. Despite the fluctuations in your business, your efforts may make you achieve good success. You can obtain good opportunities for economic benefits. There is a good possibility of gaining social reputation, respect, prestige, and status. If you do a job, then you may have to face problems in this month. There can be an occurrence of delay and hindrance in getting a higher position. Your relationships with your officials and colleagues can worsen. In such situations, it may be better for you to be careful or maintain a warm relationship with everyone. If there are any plans for buying a house, a vehicle, etc. are taking place in this month then, your plans regarding this can be successful. Money can be an advancement promoter from real estate point of view. There is a possibility for your relationship with your close relatives to likely, be normal. If you are a politician then you can get political advantages in this month. You can be capable enough to give a tough fight to your opponents. If you are, a student then from your studies point of view situations can be better. There is a possibility for the mind to stay concentrated in this month. Because of which there can be a growth in your studies. Outside travel will be successful. In this month, your outstation travels may be more. There may be frequent to and fro travels in terms of any of your work. There is a possibility for the trips to be likely successful every time. Your married life can also be better. There are chances of achieving benefits from materialistic comforts and resources. The conditions will be favorable from the business point of view. Because the Sun and Mercury are transiting in Scorpio and the Jupiter is transiting in Scorpio, there is a possibility for gaining prosperity from the work, business and financial point of view. More or fewer problems can arise but you are a brave and mighty person. You can find the capability of doing any work in everything. You are not happy, until the time you have not finished your work. However, any work carried out and any decision taken in a hurry can give you a disadvantage. In this month 3, 4, 12, 13 and 21, 22 are the dates, which are unfavorable for you. In this time, it would be forbidden to expand any kind of work plans or to do any kind of auspicious work.


The economic situations will be favorable in this month. By taking physical and mental efforts, there are chances for you to likely yield good benefits. You are a brave and a mighty person. You try to accomplish any task according to the time. And, you do it with full responsibility. That is why there is a good possibility for you to, likely get good economic benefits in this month. You can also earn good returns even in adverse conditions. Your fortune will also be good with you in this month. Hard work and stressful situations can lead you to achieve good progress. So be patient. Try to do any task with consistency and seriousness. In terms of money, wealth, and real estate there are good possibilities for gaining them. If you want to make any kind of investments, then you can even do that in this month. From which you can gain economic benefits. Have more trust on yourself. You should do any work by recognizing yourself and with full confidence. Do not try to involve any of your close relatives in your works. Whatever you do, do it yourself. Because of which, you may have to suffer financial loss. And, you may not even have to face defamation. You should do any work from time and circumstances point of view. Thereby, you should avoid economic losses. Get financial benefits.


In this month, the conditions will be normal in terms of your health. Occasionally common problems can arise. Such as cold, flu, cough, fever, etc. can occur. In such circumstances, try to be aware of your health. Try to avoid the possibility of any kind of boils, pimples, damages, injuries, etc.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

There is a possibility for you to have a good relationship with your boyfriend / girlfriend in this month. If you are in love with someone, then in this month you can get a chance to meet that person or go out with them. You can give a nice gift to keep them happy. You can share your thoughts with them. The plans, which were made before hand, can be successful. You should try to keep a warm relationship with your boyfriend / girlfriend as well as you should also try to keep a good behavior in love affairs. If you are trying to do any work along with your boyfriend / girlfriend, then, there is a possibility for you to likely, get successful. If you love your boyfriend / girlfriend very much and even they also love you. Then you should try to propose according to time. In this month, you can go somewhere with a purpose of variance. There is a possibility for your married life to likely, be good. You can get the support of your spouse. You might have to face more or less stressful situations. Due to having a verbal fight with each other, there can also be a rise of disputes. Because of which there can also be a distance created among each other for short time duration. However, be careful that there may not be have been much distance created between you both, as even that can happen. So try to be careful in terms of your married life in this month. Try to solve any kind of confusions before it arises.

Family & Friends

The family conditions will be favorable in this month. There is a possibility for an increase in the amount of money with the support of the home family. In this month, you can successfully accomplish any work along with the support of your family members. You can try your attempts to gain money. From the economic benefits point of view, you can obtain support from your family. With having good mutual thinking with one another, there can also, be chances for gaining good success in the areas of your work. There can be the prosperity of happiness in the family at home. There is a possibility for the development of your home and household and the development of yourself. Trying to maintain the mutual synergy can prove to be better. There is a possibility of getting the leisure and comfort from the vehicle, house etc. with the help of your family support. Therefore, you have to try to move forward together with everyone. There is a possibility for you to likely get the blessings from your parents and get the support from your parental side. There is a possibility for you to get the support from your father in gaining some kind of property. Conditions will be favorable from the children’s side. The mind will be happy in terms of the education and career of your children. Your attempts to keep the family problems at bay will be great for you. If there are any minor problems of some kind then you should try to explain it. Due to which the conditions will be favorable and you can do so. There is such a capacity in you that you can make your family members to move forward along with you with a mutual agreement.


Try to be a devotee of Hanuman ji. Try to visit Hanuman temple. Try doing fasts and worshiping on Tuesdays. Donate red items on Tuesdays. Apply a coat of jasmine oil mixed with vermicelli to Hanuman ji. Recite Hanuman Chalisa or Sundar Kand. Doing so may alleviate your problems.

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