Monthly Libra Horoscope

August, 2017


This month transition of Saturn from second house will raise your valor, vitality, intelligence and courageousness. You will work very hard at your workplace. Differences with siblings is possible besides likely deterioration of health. The child is expected to achieve good success in education. Jupiter's transit from twelfth house may cause siblings to travel abroad. Family happiness is possible to increase. Transition of Mercury in eleventh position will increase your fortune. You will be more benefited from less hardship. Father's health will remain good. The transit of Dragon's head from eleventh house may benefit you from a number of sources. Children will have to be conscious of their health. Transit of Dragon's tail in the fifth house will enhance your spiritual activities. Your interest in mantra, yoga and esoteric disciplines will rise. Deterioration in children's health and some barriers in education are visible. Transition of Venus in the ninth house and that of Mars in the tenth house is pointing towards need of caution on your health. You can get good profit in business. Transit of the Sun in the tenth house is a signal to be conscious of mother’s health. This time you can benefit from the work of real estate. There are also possibilities for you to buy property.


Financially, you have to remain little vigilant. Your spending will remain little higher in this month. It’s better for you to learn keeping your expenditure under control. You will although work very hard at your workplace, but you will be benefited less comparatively. But don't let the pessimism haunt you as some friend may help you financially. Otherwise, transition of Dragon's head from eleventh house will help your finances to get strong enough. You may have to take loan to meet your necessities. Still you may earn benefits by the way of rise in your salaries. You may hope for profits if your works is related with silk, livestock, clothes, milk and milk products, beauty products etc.


Transit of Venus, master of the Zodiac, from ninth house may cause more hardship for you this month. You will be brimming with vigour and vitality and you will be able to complete many tasks successfully. Because of this, you may get tired both mentally and physically. Its very important to take care of your health while worrying about the work. Whereas taking too much of stress will be harming your health. Spending time with family will give you peace of mind. Trip to some scenic place with your loved once may keep you refreshed. Doing daily workouts to keep your fitness level will be very helpful for you.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Love & Married life may be little problematic this time. You may have some differences with your partner this month. You must respect your partner's feeling in order to sweeten your relationship. However your partner may receive some remarkable economical gain around this time. You should also be careful of your love affairs. You should respond your lover with respect and affection. Unnecessary anger will not fetch anything on the contrary it may only spoil your relationship. Trip with your loved once to a beautiful place or some good gift will remove growing bitterness in your relationships.

Family & Friends

At Family front, life may be a bit harsh this time. Transit of Saturn from second house and that of Dragon's head from eleventh house will cause you to work hard to arrange amenities and happiness. You will earn benefit from mother, but she also has to take care of her health. This month, you have to be very patient. Transit of Mars, the master of second house from tenth house may raise controversy in the family. You may have to take loans to meet family responsibilities. Your siblings have to be health conscious at this time. They are likely to travel abroad. You will receive full cooperation from father and he will enjoy good health as well. The child can achieve amazing progress in education during this time. But they also have to take care of their health. It is possible to meet an old friends this time, with whom you were thinking to meet since long.


Wearing some silver on yourself will be good for you.

Lucky Days

6, 15, 24

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