Monthly Libra Horoscope

December, 2017


This month, Saturn will transit through your third house, which will increase valor, courage, intelligence, and skill in you. You will work hard at your workplace. DIspute with siblings and health problems are possible. Child might get success in education. Transit of Jupiter in first house will be helpful in your spiritual growth. Familial bliss will increase. In this duration, transit of Mercury in third house will increase your luck. You will get more results in less hard work. Health of your father will be good. Transit of Rahu from your tenth house may cause change in job, dispute, or transfer. You may go on continuous trips due to work. Your struggling efficiency will be quite good. Transit of Ketu in fourth house will make your mother more spiritual. Her interest will also rise in various esoteric sciences. Transit of Mars in first and Venus in second house will provide you financial success. You may get good profit in business. Transit of Sun from second house is indicating huge financial benefit. In this time, you may also get benefit from property, land, etc. You may also buy property.


Financially, this time will be quite good for you. You will put a lot of efforts to make money. These efforts will be successful. Your expenditure may rise in this duration. It will be great if you can keep a control over your expenditure. You may also get financial support from a friend. Sun transiting from your second house will help your financial situation. This month, you may take loan. However, increment may fetch you benefit. If you are associated with silk, livestock breeding, clothing, milk & dairy, beauty products, etc, benefits are expected for you.


This month, sign lord Venus is transiting through your second house, which may cause you hard work. You will be full of energy and will do multi-tasking. This may cause you physical as well as mental exertion. It is important to look after health along with work. Excess of stress may cause trouble to your health. Spending time with your family will give you mental peace. Additionally, it will make you refreshed if you plan a beautiful trip with your sweetheart. It will be great if you can add daily exercise in your schedule, it will keep you fit.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This time may prove to be amazing for love and married life. You will experience exclusive warmth in your married life. Respect your partner’s thoughts, it will help in strengthening the relationship even more. In this duration, your partner may get a huge success. You will have to stay alert in the matters related to love. Be nice and respectful toward your partner. Traveling to a beautiful place with your partner and giving a gift may make things wonderful.

Family & Friends

A dispute is possible in the family. You may also take loan to fulfill the familial responsibilities. In this time, you may have to stay alert for the health of your siblings. Also, there are chances that they may go on foreign trips. You will get complete support of your father. Also, his health will stay great. In this duration, your child will get unexpected success in education. But, your little one will also have to take care of health. During this time, you may also meet some old friends.


Keep a silver coin in a vessel in water at home.

Lucky Days

6, 15, 24

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