Monthly Capricorn Horoscope

April, 2017


This month Saturn will transit into your twelfth house, which will increase your expenses. Problems related to eyes and feet might make you suffer. Transit of Jupiter in the ninth house will make you and your father religiously inclined. You will go on pilgrimages during this period. Your children will get surprising success this month. Couples wishing to have a baby will see their wish being fulfilled during this period. The transit of Dragon’s tail in the second house might lead to a sudden financial gain or loss. Disagreements with family members are likely to happen. A possible job change or transfer is on cards. The transit of Dragon’s head in the eighth house might create ancestral property dispute. A sudden physical injury is also possible. You might develop insomnia. There will difference of opinion between you and your mother. The transit of Sun and Venus in the third house indicates a possible clash between you and your colleague. Your siblings will face health related problems. You will travel around due to your work. The transit of Mars and Mercury in the fourth house is indication possible purchase of property. You will face your mother’s increased temper. Property related issue might get blown out of proportion.


This month you will have to be very cautious. The lord of the second house Saturn is posited in the twelfth house, which will increase your expenses. You can also invest in business dealing with foreign made commodities. The position of Dragon’s tail in the second house is warning you to be careful while making financial decisions. Investing in share market and lottery will not give you the desired results. Put a tab on your expenses as it is going to be beneficial for you. Hasty investment decisions will lead to long term losses. Service class people are likely achieve great heights in their career. Professionals working for media, marketing ans sales are likely to get a raise as these professions are very lucrative. People working in businesses related to milk, beverages, water, and medicine will gain high profits. Your hard work to increase your income will bear fruits.


It advisable for you to be very careful for your health during this month. You should try to avoid any sort of aggression in this period. You will under a lot of stress while taking decisions of your life. This will lead to restlessness, so it is suggested for you to keep calm. Problems related to eyes and face, diabetes and pain in joints are likely to trouble you. Lower part of the stomach might get infected which could be painful. Take good care of your hygiene and sanitation. Stay away from dirt and pollution. Do not take any chances as carelessness might land you in the hospital.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This month presents its best to you in terms of your married life. Emotional connect between you and your spouse will increase. You will experience amazing chemistry and coordination with your partner during this period. You will be happy to see your partner’s love and dedication. The month also brings joy for people in love. Your love for each other will increase. If you like someone, then stars are telling to express your love now. However, before doing that you should be sure whether you want to be in a serious relationship or a temporary one. You might feel attracted to more than one person during this time. You will be stuck in a tug-of-war of right and wrong.

Family & Friends

This time is going to have mixed results for your family. Your expenses will grow and you will borrow money. You are advised to exercise restraint while talking as otherwise disputes will be inevitable. There will clashes and disputes in the family. One of your family members might ditch you, which lead to stress. Your younger siblings will disappoint you. This will strain your relation with them. There is also a possibility that your siblings will go abroad with your help. Mars is posited in the fourth house and this will make you buy land. Dispute regarding ancestral property is possible. A religious trip is also on cards. You will get your father support and notice his his spiritual inclination. Couples for a baby will see their wish get fulfilled. Due to a job change and transfer you will have to stay away from your family for a while.


Feeding birds will be beneficial for you.

Lucky Days

4, 8,13, 17, 19, 22

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