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Home » 2013 » Chinese Astrology 2013 Published: October 20, 2012

Chinese Astrology 2013

Chinese New Year 2013 or Chinese Snake Year 2013 is about to come with so many hopes and die heart expectations. You must be wondering what is the Chinese New Year 2013 bringing for you. So, what are you waiting for? Just scroll down to see what your animal sign is bringing for you in year 2013.

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Rat Chinese Astrology 2013

Rat astrology

Chinese Astrology 2013 has got something special for Rats this year. Form career front, you are going to do wonders. You will be appreciated for the quality of your work. You have a lucky charm this year. Just starts exploring your skills and show your talent to the world. Financially, you might have to face a hard time. A short in income is expected. You are advised to keep past mistakes hidden; this will do nothing other than ruining your image. Rats are reckoned for their attractiveness. That is why they also go well in love relationships. But, due to lack of time you might feel that the ship of your relation is drowning in the ocean of tears. It is seen that the time is not favorable from health point of view. You should stay more at home in cover of your elders to help you being safe from health ailments. You are advised to take a sound sleep. If your sensitive meter stays high, you are advised to avoid places like hospitals and funerals. Chinese Astrology 2013 says that it is a Snake year and Rats go well with them. So, just keep a positive attitude this year and you will get good success... More

Ox Chinese Astrology 2013

Ox astrology 2013

Chinese Astrology 2013 states that 2013 is bringing progress for Oxen. You need to keep a control over your rage as well as aggression this year. You may borrow some gentleness from Snake to help you go smooth throughout the year. A change in mind might make you confused as well as troubled. Oxen are considered as the symbol of hard work. They only stop after the completion of a task. They are creative and can find various other ways to complete a task. New opportunities are seen for you for making good money. You are advised to keep your expenditures in control. Generally, Oxen don't go well in love. It is because of lack of socializing skills. They lack good communication skills. Ox females lack feminism. Overall, these people have to more efforts to get success in love life. Oxen are less prone to diseases as they are strong and shielded. By nature, they are stubborn and hardly accept their mistakes. Year 2013 seems to be bringing average luck for Oxen, as per Chinese Astrology 2013. Overall, the year is good except your finance sector. So, look after it. Rest everything will find a way itself with the support of your efforts... More

Tiger Chinese Astrology 2013

Tiger astrology 2013

Chinese Astrology 2013 is wishing you this year for good luck as Snake is ruling this year. This complements your sign too. Things might become unpromising, but you shouldn't get troubled due to this. After all you are a Tiger and Tigers are really strong. Tigers are lucky this year from professional front. You will be appreciated by your seniors at work for your work. However, due to some critics you might feel distressed, which will only waste your time nothing else. Tigers are not very lucky financially as per Chinese Astrology 2013. Businessmen are advised to stay alert from the side of their partners as well as associates. You need to be very careful in terms of money; otherwise you might lose a lot. Whether you are married or single, year 2013 is bringing you love luck. People of opposite sex around you are going to get cupid struck. Married people are advised to cherish the moments of this year as much as possible. Ones who are engaged or married are advised to stay away from opposite sexes as this might create misunderstandings. Minor health ailments will keep on surrounding you this year. Chinese Astrology 2013 says that luck is with you Tigers... More

Rabbit Chinese Astrology 2013

Rabbit astrology 2013

Chinese Astrology 2013 is showing that the year 2013 is overall good and just a month is bringing difficulties out of twelve. Rabbits are advised to stay brave this time. Foreign trips are seen in their cards. Financially, year doesn't seem very good. However, if you work harder, you can fetch all lost treasury back. Just don't be into limelight; otherwise you might become a part of arguments. Some fraudsters might enchant you for fast money. But, don't become the part of their trap. You are requested not to push this money problem too much; let the time go; otherwise you will find yourself standing in remorse. Time is not favorable for love matters. You might get strangled in an argument. However, the time seems good for singles, they might meet someone new. Chinese Astrology 2013 says that this year has brought health luck to Rabbits. You and people around you might have to suffer through some ailments. Luck is not working very well this year. However, if you will work really hard this year, things will turn out in your favor... More

Dragon Chinese Astrology 2013

Dragon astrology 2013

Chinese Astrology 2013 states that this year is going to hit you with a roller coaster ride. Numerous ups and downs might get you nausea. This might sound you funny, but practically you are going to get over-ridden with ups and downs this year. From career front, you might get success, but only after putting your best efforts. Take full advantage of the time and put your best to get best out of it. Your dedication toward work will make you stand out and this will become the reason for your success. From financial front, you are going to do well. However, the path of earning is tough. Therefore, you are advised to keep a control over your expenses. You are advised to stay away from lottery kind of things. For those who are already engaged or married are going to cherish good times with their partners as per Chinese Astrology 2013. However, you might have to face isolation sometimes. Major health issues are not seen in 2013, but Chinese Astrology 2013 is warning you to take care of you and your family as well, as small health ailments might turn out mammoth. Luck of Dragons is looking good this year. You might save good money... More

Snake Chinese Astrology 2013

Snake astrology 2013

Chinese Astrology 2013 has found that Snakes are very much compatible with Roosters as well as Oxen this year. 2013 is bringing you appreciation for your hidden skills. If you had too many ups and downs last year, this year is bringing you stability. From career front, year seems good. It might bring you a good hike in salary. You need to avoid being into arguments, this might ruin your reputation. Money star is coming in your sign this year. However, you are advised to work harder, otherwise your money luck will fly away. Your love life doesn't seem very promising this year. Chinese Astrology 2013 states that you need to be very calm and understanding to balance your love life. From health front, things don't seem positive. Health might make you feel low this time. Feeling of isolation will make you depressed. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. You will be prone to psychological problems more than physical troubles. 2013 is going to give better results, as per their luck. As per Chinese Astrology 2013, this year is going to be more promising than last year. You should control your expenses and concentrate on saving more. Chances are there of meeting a loved one... More

Horse Chinese Astrology 2013

Horse astrology 2013

2013 is another roller coaster ride. Once again, you are going to feel the goose-bumps of ups and downs. The year is not entirely favorable. It is like a 50-50 game. Chinese Astrology 2013 predicts that you will invest more this year. Chinese Ram and Chinese Dragon are the most compatible animals of you this year. Many unlucky stars are coming to shake your career. But, your best efforts can make you come over from them. From financial front too, you might have to face some effect of 2012's bad star this year. Chinese Astrology 2013 doesn't say that this year is not good for finances. It is just that you need to be more cautious because some effects of previous times is seen. Now, we will look from the angle of love life. Chinese Astrology 2013 says that 2013 is good for making or finding love, but stars of marriage seems weak. If you are single and initiate a new relationship, it might not last long. A third party might ruin the beauty of your relationship. Health stars are really bad this time. You need to take special care of yourself. It is advisable for you to take proper sleep. You are suggested to avoid marrying night life. Overall, 2013 is not bringing many luck stars for horses, as per Chinese Astrology 2013... More

Goat/Sheep/Ram Chinese Astrology 2013

Sheep Horoscope 2013

Rams are going to become really sensitive this time. Chinese Astrology 2013 says that Chinese Rams are compatible with Chinese Rabbits and Chinese Horses this year. You people might also get rewarded for some of your good deeds. Overall, the year is favorable, but Chinese Astrology 2013 just want ot be alert for those few unfavorable days or months. Chinese Astrology 2013 has revealed that you are the king of art, creativity, skills and talents. 2013 is going to push you toward unusual things like travel to mysterious places or communication with spirits. Let's look at the darker side now. It is that you are not going to have a promising time from career front. Your boss's trust in you might get over. You need to find out some ways to keep a hold on your position. Career is the main prospective that decides your financial frowth. If your career stars are not promising, you can't cherish wealthy lifestyle. In other words, it is not a very good year from financial front. You need to control your hand from over expenses. Investments should also be avoided. Useless travel will also cause you loss of health as well as money. The rivalry relationship will fetch you clashes in life. As your career star is not good. You will go through a hard time. Just keep patience, things will be fine soon... More

Monkey Chinese Astrology 2013

Monkey astrology 2013

Chinese Astrology 2013 predicts that Chinese Monkeys are going to be very busy throughout the year. This year, Chinese Monkeys are going to do well with Chinese Dragons as well as Chinese Rats. If 2012 was a roller coaster ride, keep your shield up because the ride is still not over. Ups and downs will not spare you this time too. Three lucky stars are guarding the door of 2013 from troubles for you. However, you might get bad at socializing, which will put you in troubles. But, your supporters will also stay around to support you at the time of need. Star of money is very healthy this year. However, money won't come itself; you will have to put efforts. You might get hit by unexpected accidents that will drain off your money. Don't show your heritage to anyone; just keep it hidden and safe from the evil eyes. In terms of marriage as well as love, this will is bringing you joys. A newborn to family might increase the value of your love life. You need to keep your senses awake and power of making love, otherwise love life might shake up. Illness is entering your life this year. Health stars are not doing well as per Chinese Astrology 2013. Overall, year is not that bad and Monkeys are really fortunate this year... More

Rooster Chinese Astrology 2013

Rooster astrology 2013

Chinese Astrology 2013 predicts that Chinese Roosters might have to face trouble sin luck this time. Chinese Roosters are highly compatible with Chinese Ox as well as Chinese Dragons this time. Hard work is really essential this year for fetching success. In 2013, Chinese Roosters are going to learn some good lessons of life. A small unfavorable star is seen in your career path. This might come in the way of your planned tasks. This will do nothing but make your reasoning power brittle. Money stars look in your favor. A good promotion will bless you. Money will shower from various sources. You may take full advantage of luxurious life this time. Generally, Chinese Roosters are emotionally weak. They are generally good when meet with opposite sex. Love stars are really flying high this time. If you are already engaged with someone, a third party might become a cause of trouble in between you. Two unlucky stars are going to affect your health badly in 2013. Chances of bleeding injuries are there. You are requested to use tools properly. Stay alert while driving. Be alert from the surroundings. Overall the year is good and seems in your favor... More

Dog Chinese Astrology 2013

Dog astrology 2013

Chinese Astrology 2013 predicts that Dogs are going to become sharper this time. They will easily handle the difference between professional as well as personal life. Nature of loyalty and protection will boost up. People will start noticing your kindness and soon you will become the center of attraction. Two unlucky stars are coming in your life in 2013. You should concentrate on maintaining good relationships with seniors as well as higher authorities. You will feel stressed most of the times due to senseless arguments. In terms of money, year 2013 is bringing you luck. However, months of summers are bit unfavorable, but your hard work will make everything positive. You are advised to utilize the best of your favorable time. Dogs are possibly going to get a beautiful love life ahead. Married people are going to cherish good times. Unmarried or single people are really lucky this time. All of the Chinese Dog's love desire will be fulfilled this time. But, you need to keep this in mind that love and loyalty are not only things to lead a successful love life. As your stars are looking awesome, health is not going to trouble much. However, small ailments may affect your health. Overall, the year is really awesome... More

Pig Chinese Astrology 2013

Pig astrology 2013

Chinese Astrology 2013 suggests Chinese Pigs to stay around their family as much as possible. This will give them positive energy. You people might take your family to a foreign trip this time. Pigs are going to be the luckiest sign amongst all. Last year, you people had a really hard time, but this time ball seems in your court. 2013 is giving you all what you desire. Just cherish this time and utilize to its best. You are also suggested to share your happiness with your loved ones. This will harmonize the surroundings. Travel is seen for you this year. You might have to work extra hours, but don't expect incentives. If you wish to stay away from troubles in career, jut keep your concentration on work. An unlucky star is going to enter your financial block, which will affect your treasury. You people possess attraction that is why you go well in love matters. But, maintaining a relation always turns out to be a big task for you. You really have to put more efforts to keep things working. Health seems fine this year. However, small ailments might trouble you all the time. You are advised to take proper sleep and avoid late night activities. Chinese Astrology 2013 has said that the best part of Chinese Pig's horoscope is that they are going ot make their destiny own their own this year. No star is present in their fortune block... More

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