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2013 Astrology

2013 Astrology predictions for moon signs according to Vedic astrology

Get your 2013 Astrology

Astrology 2013 gives you the yearly report and helps you understand the events of the coming year. Read your 2013 Astrology report and pre-plan your year ahead because when you know what's coming up you stay prepared, ready to face the ups and downs with patience. Astrology 2013 is based on your moon sign which according to time tested experience is the most accurate way of prediction, so trust the best and leave the rest. Get to know your 2013 Astrology Varshphal , compiled by well experienced astrologers on our panel that too completely FREE!! A genuine 2013 Astrology prediction is based on several factors like position, angle and aspects of planets etc. Our forecast takes into consideration all this to give free 2013 Astrology Varshphal, for all 12 zodiac signs covering aspects like: Health/Career/ Finance etc...Wish our valued visitors find this useful and with each year we strengthen our relationship of trust!! Get me my year 2013 Astrology.

If you don't know your date, time and place of birth, in that case you can try our astrology of your zodiac sign for year 2013 as follows -

Note: 2013 astrology forecast is based on your Moon Sign. You can find your vedic astrology moon sign here.

Aries Astrology 2013

Aries Astrology of 2013

AstroSage presents you Astrology 2013 with all the details pertaining to the future events that will take place in your life in the year 2013. For Aries, this year is going to be very prosperous. Happiness will prevail your family and you will enjoy a good time with your family members. Matters related to money will turn out to be favorable. Chances of promotion at your workplace are strong. This is a good time for students. Your hard work will pay you. After a long period of difficulties, now you can enjoy the comfort of success. Financial aspect will stay strong this year. Astrology 2013 predicts that travelling for you will prove fruitful. On the darker side, you might get into disputes and suffer a loss of image by getting into a scandal. It is advisable to keep your speech and tone positive to avoid any kind of adverse situation. Curb your tendency of inviting risks. Taking useless risks will give you negative results. Your health might not stay good. Keep control over unnecessary aggression. You might face sudden losses. This will only cause worry and will have detrimental effects on your health and career. Put all your long term plans and expansions on hold. Take good care of your health else you might get some chronic disease. Avoid any kind of dispute with anyone. More

Taurus Astrology 2013

Taurus Astrology of 2013

Year 2013 is fantastic for you. Astrology 2013 reveals that success and joy will flow in your life this year. Chances of promotion are great. You will gain from travelling. The environment in your family will be full of happiness and love. Siblings will help you. Avoid the thought of changing your profession. New opportunities are waiting for you. Progress is seen in your way. There will be an increase in expenditure. Contracts and communication will bring you success. Harmony will prevail the family. Prosperity, fame and good income will come in your way. As per 2013 astrology, bad health might disturb you. Small issues might trouble you. You might suffer from cough, eye related issues and fever. Your outlook will stay optimistic. You will stay energetic and enthusiastic during this period of time. Entering into profitable deals is seen. Success in interviews and victory in competition will keep your morale and confidence very high. Try to put a hold on all your unnecessary expenses. Avoid all kinds of speculations. Work burden might increase too much. Avoid taking risks as every time you might not be successful. Enemies will stay alert and will try to put a stain on your image. Bad health will cause anxiety. You will get inclined toward spirituality...More

Gemini Astrology 2013

Gemini Astrology of 2013

This period is excellent for you and you will be gaining in terms of money. The period is favorable for you. So, make sure that you make the most of this time. This is the best time to make money. Avoid taking unnecessary mental stress when everything is fine. The period of success will remain stagnant. Worthless worries will only cause tensions and messy situations in your life. Be cautious as you are vulnerable to injuries and accidents during this period. This is a highly productive year. Your life will become more stable and you will earn a lot of respect. You may acquire land or a vehicle. According to 2013 astrology for your zodiac, the end of this year will bring you worries and tensions. You might have to face sudden losses. Health problems might take a toll. Personal relationships will not work well. You will feel lack of confidence and morale due to the adverse things that will take place in your life. Your opponents will remain alert and try to tarnish your image. Curb your tendency of taking risk. The period is not harmonious, so avoid taking major decisions. All your efforts to improve the situation will go in vain. Gradually, situations will start turning in your favor. The environment will be full of cooperation. Professionally, you will make great progress. New opportunities will come in your way without making many efforts...More

Cancer Astrology 2013

Cancer Astrology of 2013

According to astrology 2013 for your zodiac, this year will give you mixed results. There will be gains from some parts, while other areas might cause trouble. The beginning of the year might not be fruitful, but gradually you will find success and harmony coming your way. You might not be able to make full use of the opportunities you will get. You might have to take up a long distance journey, but its better that you avoid it. It will not be fruitful. You might enter into some argument or dispute with your colleagues or public. Avoid being overconfident. Travels will result in losses. Peace and harmony in the family will be lost due to silly arguments and disputes. There will be an increase in expenditure. Be more responsible toward your family. You will feel emotionally shattered. However, life is not totally bad. 2013 astrology for you reveals that there is a ray of hope that will start turning adverse situations into the positive ones. Your personal relations will boost up. This is a positive time and you will feel closeness toward your family, siblings and relatives. Travels will turn rewarding. An aristocratic life is waiting for you. Ailments might disturb you. Give more importance to your domestic life. ..More

Leo Astrology 2013

Leo Astrology of 2013

Astrology 2013 for your sign foretells that this is going to be the year of mixed results for you. You will face many ups and downs in your life. You might get involved into unwanted expenditures. Falsehood will only lead you toward problems. Try to stay calm and balanced in your life. With time, you will feel stress free. Family will be very supportive. Professionally, you will gain. This is the best time for you to take up travelling. You will get results of the hard work done by you. Just enjoy them. People around you will appreciate you for your hard work and success. Personal and professional partnerships will be good for you this year. You will earn a lot of recognition and respect during this period. According to astrology for 2013, this is an excellent period for you in terms of travel, higher education, new ventures, profession and many more. Positive changes in your personal and professional life are seen. There are chances of some auspicious celebration in your family. Journeys undertaken in connection to business will be very rewarding. You will come into contact with religious people. Overall, this is a flourishing period for you...More

Virgo Astrology 2013

Virgo Astrology of 2013

This year is going to give you mixed outcomes, says astrology 2013 for your sign. The starting phase will bring financial stability. There is an indication of long distance travel. Ill health of family members might cause disturbance and anxiety. Try not to indulge in unnecessary expenses. Stay very careful about your health. You might gain from property transactions. The best part is that you will gain ample respect and honor during this period. Your inclination toward spending on luxuries will increase. There are chances of acquiring a new conveyance. Gradually, situations might turn odd. You might have to face problems related to money. Avoid taking any kind of risk, as chances of losses are very high. Parent�s health might disturb you. You will stay worried as family expectations will stay unfulfilled. The year will stay average. There will be hurdles in your path. There will be a gradual loss of status. The environment of insecurity will prevail you. However, situations will change with time. There will be harmony in the family. Inclination toward spirituality and religion will increase. You will perform some pious deeds during this phase of life. Personal and professional partnerships will stay good. You will face an awaited life changing experience. ..More

Libra Astrology 2013

Libra Astrology of 2013

The coming year will prove very fruitful to you. According to astrology 2013 for your sign, opportunities for additional earning are coming in your way. You will build good rapport with your seniors and supervisors. There is an indication of increase in income. Overall, this period will be very prosperous for you in every aspect. On the other hand, chances of disputes are very high. Stay cautious while dealing with friends, family and colleagues. From the business aspect, this is not a good time. There are chances of sudden monetary loss, so stay careful. Mental stress and strain will trouble you. Gradually, balance will flow in your life. You will be able to maintain commitments in family and in professional life. Avoid big investments; you will not get anything positive out of it. There are chances of success in career. There might be a rise in expenses. Enemies and legal problems will cause trouble. If you are making some quick earning plans, it is advisable to scrutinize them first and then go ahead. Business partnerships might stay problematic. Curb your risk taking habits. It is advisable to stay very cautious in love matters. They might bring loss of respect in the society. Overall, astrology for the year 2013 will bring you mixed outcomes...More

Scorpio Astrology 2013

Scorpio Astrology of 2013

The year 2013 will commence with prosperous period. As per 2013 astrology for your sign, you will enjoy positive atmosphere everywhere. This is a good time to acquire more knowledge and learning. You will indulge into charitable deeds. Your children will gather a lot of success and appreciation. This will remain a cause for your happiness. Any attempt in the field of education and career will fetch success. Materialistic gain is also indicated. All your desires will get fulfilled during this period. You will be the winner everywhere. Improvement in income and position will give a lot of happiness and success. Success is waiting for you everywhere in each phase of life. Do not miss an opportunity and make the most out of it. You will be able to manage your professional and domestic life with ease. Your life partner will bring a lot of happiness and success. The environment around you will be of joy and you will feel contended. Situations will start turning soon. According to 2013 astrology, you might have to face sudden financial losses. You might lose money in disputes. Avoid taking risks in business matters, as least chances of success are seen. Loss of money will create tensions and anxiety. You might also have to suffer from physical ailments. With time, situations will get under control and prosperity will come in your way...More

Sagittarius Astrology 2013

Sagittarius Astrology of 2013

As per astrology 2013, this is a year of prosperity. However, you might have to face certain ups and downs during this phase. The year will not start with positivity. You might hear a bad news regarding business or any venture. Avoid taking any kind of risk. Financial losses are also seen. Your opponents will create problems for you and this will cause trouble. Some health problems are also seen. Disputes in the family will take away your peace of mind. Rude way of speech might cause problem to you. Heavy losses in business are predicted. Success will come your way only if you are willing to work hard on it. Family will be supportive. The prevailing period will give you fame and respect. You will maintain harmonious relationships with your friends and relatives. Life is like see-saw, likewise some problems will surround you again. You might get into dispute with family and friends. You might have to face disappointment in love life. Take proper care of your health. Positivity will flow in again. You will get into relation with influential people. Love relations will get back to normal and harmonious. Stay calm and handle all the situations with ease. Astrology 2013 for your zodiac indicates a life full of ups and downs in the year 2013...More

Capricorn Astrology 2013

Capricorn Astrology of 2013

According to astrology for 2013, this period will prove to be an excellent stepping stone for growth vertically and will give a rise to your career. You might receive great benefits from your associates or partners. You will be benefitted through trade and foreign travels. Problems related to health might take away your peace of mind. As per 2013 astrology, this time will show you mixed results. This time duration is not favorable for speculation or taking risks. You will fetch great rewards while learning to expand your communication skills and abilities. Be true to your inner self. You will experience changes in your life that will be felt deeply. You will get success in every aspect of life. A dream job offer, reward, recognition, or promotion has great possibility. You might indulge into buying gold items and precious stones. Overall, you will get along very well with your friends or associates and different people you know. Challenges might come in your way and you might have to make new choices, which must be taken carefully. This period will prove to be an excellent milestone for growth. Rise in your career is seen. However, some restlessness may trouble you, mainly because of an intense feeling of wanderlust. Astrology 2013 predicts that your mind will get inclined toward religious activities and spirituality. You might travel to sacred places. Overall, this is a good year for you...More

Aquarius Astrology 2013

Aquarius Astrology of 2013

After making a deep study of planetary positions, astrology 2013 predicts that this year is going to fetch you mixed results. Physically as well as mentally, you might have to face a lot of trouble. Health problems will take away your peace of mind. Avoid your easygoing attitude, as this will only bring tensions. Avoiding situations is not the only solution to any problem. Try not to indulge into any conflict with your enemies, as they will only try to blot your image in front of your family. Your name might appear in some sort of scandal or controversy. This will be a difficult period in terms of finance. Work hard to succeed in every field. From the health point of view, it is a bad period. The ill health of your spouse will cause worry and hamper the peace of mind. Gradually, the period of worry will change. Increase in position and bank balance is predicted for you. Inflow of income is seen from more than one source. Your name and reputation will grow with time. Flow of harmony in life and relations will cause joy and make the relationships more enthusiastic. You might face a phase of immense happiness and satisfaction. According to 2013 astrology, the year 2013 is bringing a lot of success in your life...More

Pisces Astrology 2013

Pisces Astrology of 2013

As per astrology for the year 2013, this is a year of implement your plans into actions. You will get appreciation in every field. The year is good for students, those in job, business or any other work. You will make major accomplishments in life during this period of time. Seniors will lend you full co-operation. You make great progress on the professional side. You might take up important responsibilities. All round cooperation and happiness will be rewarded from your loved ones and the people with whom you associate. You will achieve victory over your opponents with ease. Pleasant functions in your family such as marriage or romantic parties are also seen. You will make money easily. Health problems might take a toll and can be a cause of worry. There are great chances of visiting some sacred place. You will be inclined toward spirituality. Keep on working hard for best results. Huge growth in the job area is seen. However, the work environment will stay stressful and cause tensions. Astrology 2013 predicts that you might get into some controversy and issue with seniors. Foul language might be the reason of your ruined relationships. Try to get control over your language and tone; else you might have to face trouble in family and other areas. In short, 2013 is a great year in every respect...More

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