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Home » Horoscope » Astrology 2014 Published: September 26, 2013

Astrology 2014

Astrology 2014 is here to help you go through the year blissfully. In AstroSage’s 2014 astrology, you get most authentic predictions about the entire year that are written keeping all the aspects of life. Be it love life, family life, career or finance; astrology 2014 will tell your future about everything. If you are married, then 2014 astrology will help you balance your domestic life. If your are not married, then your chances of marriage and luck in love life will be forecasted. 2014 astrology is so designed that it covers everything in simple words, helping your schedule your life in advance. Yes, you heard it right. Horoscopes are awesome to schedule. Why? Because, when you plan your life, finances, career or anything else; you always have a fear of getting that plan ruined. However, 2014 astrology forecasts the fail prone as well as fail proof plans. So, you already know what is possible and what not. Hence, you can schedule your year accordingly. Suppose, you have to make an investment, astrology 2014 will tell you the best and worst time. Similarly, if you are planning to buy a vehicle or property, astrology 2014 again comes to your rescue explaining the effect of the time.

Apart from this, 2014 astrology is useful from many dimensions. You may choose the best time to propose to the love of your life. The best time for planning a child can also be chosen with the help of 2014 astrology. Indeed, 2014 astrology is very useful in many matters. However, there is a drawback. Whenever astrology predicts something, it is merely a possibility. One should not stop putting efforts trusting on these predictions. Yes, it is good to know what time is prone to failure, so that you can take the required precaution. But, not good to sit back and wait for the lucky time to come when you will get the desired results. In many cases, it has been seen that native changed his/her fate with the help of hard work. So, utilize 2014 astrology predictions only where they are required. Astrology 2014 predictions are created by the proficient astrologers of AstroSage. With their years of experience, they have put their endeavor for bringing out best for you. 2014 horoscope has been designed in a way to cover all the important aspects of your life. So, utilize the best of astrology 2014 and make your life merrier.

Aries Astrology 2014

Aries Astrology 2014 Arians, your 2014 astrology predicts positive as well as negative news for you. The beginning of 2014 is awesome with a peaceful and happy family life. Your children will achieve success and your family atmosphere will be quite happening. As per 2014 astrology, there are chances for you to make some charity and serve mankind. Stress and problems will maintain a safe distance from you, according to the predictions made by 2014 astrology. Financially, you will earn huge profits; provided you keep a check on your expenses. In 2014, good news related to progeny is also expected. Due to your friendly nature, you will enjoy the company of friends and some political groups, but be sure to think before you speak. According to astrology 2014, other good things scheduled are purchase of luxury items, a fruitful trip or holiday with friends and popularity between people of opposite sex. In the second half of the year, you might face some health complications from your partner's side and some sudden losses on financial ground. Be careful as there may be some useless allegations against you on work front and your friends can become your enemies. Astrology 2014 suggests you to avoid any sort of travel and quarrels during this period. Relation between you and your partner can also become sour and all your efforts will go unnoticed. More...

Taurus Astrology 2014

Taurus Astrology 2014 Taurians, 2014 is not a very good year for you. The beginning and the ending are not in your favor so try to utilize the best of your capabilities in the mid of the year. In the beginning of 2014, you are advised not to take any risk on business front as huge losses are clearly visible. Astrology 2014 suggests you to avoid going near water because water may harm you. Travelling is also not favorable for you. It will not even yield any positive result. As per 2014 astrology, friends will become foes and will try to harm you in every possible way. Your health may remain affected by fever, cough, eye-problem or any form of injury. Beneficial money matters are also not on the cards. However, in the mid of 2014 you can expect to make the best with your hidden talents such as music. During this time, money will pour in your pocket and your enemies will not dare to trouble you. 2014 astrology predicts that you may go to a pilgrimage or can purchase a vehicle too. Everyone in your family and friend circle will support you and your efforts will be appreciated. Possibilities are that you can buy a land or any other valuable possession. Loan approvals, fame and recognition will follow you. Ending of the year will be same as the beginning with health issues, losses and unexpected expenses. There is a danger on your image too. More...

Gemini Astrology 2014

Gemini Astrology 2014 As per 2014 astrology, this is the year to concentrate on your career as success is waiting for you. You will get profits from business associates and will explore golden opportunities. In 2014, you will also enjoy some beautiful romantic moments with your partner. As per the predictions made by astrology 2014, minor health problems may also occur. Later in 2014, you may face some stress or worries and also some disputes with friends. Don't feel sad as after this struggling time you will again get your share of fruits. You will feel energetic and will get respect from one and all. According to the astrology 2014 horoscope predictions, you can have some successful trips and this time is also favorable for the students. Family life, monetary aspects and promotions can be expected as all are in your kitty. As per 2014 astrology predictions, you may lose the sweetness of your relationship with some loved ones and health and finances can trouble you. Money will come for sure, but will go out with equal ease. Workplace will not give you the best and you can face major disputes leading to a thankless job. 2014 astrology foretells switching job is not a good idea and problem from your child's side is also possible. The ray of hope will reach you in the ending of the year with settlement of all pending issues and problems. Luck and prosperity will come your way and all your hard times would be over. Social acclaim awaits you. More...

Cancer Astrology 2014

Cancer Astrology 2014 Ups and downs are on your 2014 cards. The year is not good in terms of physical and mental comforts. As per 2014 astrology predictions, health troubles will take away the physical relief and mental stress from work place. Ill health of partner is also possible. Keep a close eye on your enemies because they will not leave any chance to tarnish your reputation in your family and among your friends. However, this time holds good opportunities for your relatives like your brothers. As per 2014 astrology, good fortune will bless you with success and material gains. You are a spendthrift when it comes to luxuries and comforts of life and so chances are clear that you will face loss of money. With the progress in the year you might be trapped by quarrels, arguments and disputes leading to loss in the harmony of family's peace. Astrology 2014 suggests you to stay away from women as they can harm you; and jealous people will show their negative side at their best. 2014 is not that good but don't leave any matter pending and avoid getting into any risk or starting new projects. Pressure on work front will give you some mental stress. You are prone to accidents during this period. Spirituality and religious deeds will help you. Rheumatic pains, cough and asthmatic problems are also predictable. You may feel lost and confused in 2014. Ending of the year is somewhat better with possibilities of rewards from seniors and a beneficial journey is expected. Take very good care of your family members to protect them from every health risk. More...

Leo Astrology 2014

Leo Astrology 2014 Lions, complimentary stars are indicating happy married life in 2014. If expecting a child, birth of a girl child is on the cards. For students, the time is good academically and they will excel in their fields. As per 2014 astrology predictions, next few months are not favorable. Financial gains won't let you gain much and the time is risky for the life of one of your family members. In 2014, you may lose peace of mind because of family disputes and heavy losses. You can also expect some bad news from your business and your own said words may harm you. With the ending of hard times, the spotlight of time, prosperity and fortune will shine over you. People will realize your worth and your potential, which will ultimately help you in giving your best. You can take a break from your work and go on a holiday or a trip with your dear ones. Meeting some famous personalities is also possible. With the departure of this favorable period is the arrival of unnecessary expenses and you will feel restless and weak. But again, with the ending of the year, you will get the pleasure of stable life and harmonious family life. Professionally, the period is very good and promotion can be expected. Astrology 2014 says any ceremony or family occasion is also possible. More...

Virgo Astrology 2014

Virgo Astrology 2014 The beginning of 2014 will make you cherish the feel of royalty with showers of pleasant surprises. As per astrology 2014 predictions, you will get some good news from your relatives or spouse. The time is also favorable for wealth gain as well as profits from agreements or contracts. Astrology 2014 suggests you to take care of your health, as neglecting any minor health problem can turn into a major one leading to further problems. Joint pain, vomiting, ulcer, eye or head complications can easily find their way to you. Be careful and alert as some disputes from government authority is possible. If you are trapped in any financial dispute then the result is assured in your favor. 2014 astrology foretells that business journeys will turn out fruitful and you will find new sources of income. A new vehicle, jewelry or spending on luxuries are predictable. Relation with your family and friends will grow stronger and you will live the life at its best. In the mid of the year, health problems of your parents might disturb you and other things can go in unexpected direction. As per 2014 astrology predictions, you will feel insecure and unstable. But with the end of the year, things will get back to their places and you will again get the best in professional as well as personal sphere. More...

Libra Astrology 2014

Libra Astrology 2014 A fantastic beginning for sure with fruitful journeys and promotions is seen in 2014. You will be very clear about your thoughts and would be master in implementing them in the best way. You will enjoy the company of your siblings and people of opposite sex. At work front, pressure of work will increase and you will find yourself under the burden of responsibilities. 2014 astrology predicts eye and ear related troubles and also some health issues from your partner's side. Perfect balance between your professional as well as domestic life will help you take things easily. Your superiors will guide you and possibility of meeting old friends is also there. Some foreign connection is indicated which will help you with extra source of income if you believe in your abilities. A good time is on its way during the mid with probably the best times with your spouse. You will enjoy fame and appreciation and birth of a child is also possible. If you are single and planning for a relationship then the time does not allow you for that. If already in a relation, then some problems with your boyfriend or girlfriend are possible. Ending of 2014 is not good with loss in financial matters and business. As per 2014 astrology, conflicts and disrespect are highly possible. More...

Scorpio Astrology 2014

Scorpio Astrology 2014 What can be more awesome than arrival of a year with get-togethers, appreciation from superiors and financial gain? Scorpions get ready to live the moment as it comes. 2014 astrology predicts progress on the professional front and it is assured though you will feel overburdened with responsibilities of work and home. Be sure to pay enough attention to your children as they seriously demand it. Your position will improve followed by rise of income and huge profits. In 2014, you can expect help from seniors, gain of property, failure of enemies and gain of knowledge. You are courageous and have immense patience and both these qualities will help you win the race. However, making huge investments is not advised as your family members, friends and associates will leave you alone and health can also trouble you. As per 2014 astrology, your good time will be back with everyone coming to you for advices and you will enjoy some quality time at some relaxing and peaceful place. Sudden losses will disturb you and you will feel frustrated and over-burdened. Money loss, enemies, risks; all will cross your way indicating that the period is not satisfactory. Change in place or job is expected in 2014 which won't help much. Year end is fruitful for you with some new and exciting opportunities. A business trip can bring you luck. More...

Sagittarius Astrology 2014

Sagittarius Astrology 2014 2014 brings some unfavorable moments for you. Health complications for you and your parents are predicted by astrology 2014; and you may miss all the professional opportunities coming your way. Disputes and mental stress will trouble you. A fruitless journey is on the cards. With progress in the year, things will get normal; and promotion and recognition will treat you. For students appearing for examinations, success is guaranteed. There will be a boost in your level of confidence. Success, fame, friendly relations and progress will cherish you if you sincerely work for them. You will become a leader and your life partner, friends as well as seniors would love to be around you. In 2014, don't try to switch your job as everything is just perfect the way it is. As per astrology 2014, a family get together is possible and you will have some really mouth watering dishes. Make the best of the moment as everything will be there for you. Just wish for anything at personal or professional front and you will get the best of it. The ending year has some issues related to progeny or travel. Rest all things will go smoothly. More...

Capricorn Astrology 2014

Capricorn Astrology 2014 Beginning of 2014 is not favorable for matters related to heart. Maintain distance from love and romance and try to be calm instead. Unexpected expenses are possible and don't try to indulge yourself in guesswork. If you pay attention toward your career then you will get some very good results. Unnecessary expenses should be avoided. You will feel irritated and unsatisfied as far as your professional life is concerned. Enemies will try to approach and harm you. 2014 astrology foretells old people may face excessive cold and cough problems. Financial loss, health complications, conflicts over small issues will worsen the situation. Eye problem, diseases related to stomach and menstrual trouble for women are also possible. Suddenly all things will start sorting out on their own and there will be a tremendous amount of energy in you. It is advised to concentrate on your work irrespective of looking for the reward. Purchasing land, vehicle or making big investment should be delayed for some time. In 2014, you will get the chance to improve your career and take it on new levels of growth and success. However, you will fail to fulfill expectations of your loved ones. Taking any major decision needs to be postponed. More...

Aquarius Astrology 2014

Aquarius Astrology 2014 2014 is a year of financial stability and reshaping your career in the way you want it to be. Love, romance and friendship all will serve with the best and you will enjoy them for sure. Respect and honor will further improve the situation and you will feel popular among the people of opposite sex. Accidents and major injuries can also be expected, so be careful. Your attitude of switching jobs over a certain period of time will create problems and will give birth to disappointments. Improving your socializing level will help you in getting great rewards. 2014 astrology predicts an auspicious ceremony and prosperity in family is on the cards. In 2014, you will get good news from your children's side as they will climb ladder of success. Astrology 2014 suggests you to control your expenses as you are very much prone to spending lavishly on luxuries. Minor health issues are also possible. Stay safe from your enemies. Luck, prosperity and happiness all are on your side. You will feel cheerful and will enjoy charity. Your income will increase, as a result of your hard work which might cause egoism in you which will drop your popularity level. You will also help your relatives in 2014. Overall, the year 2014 is the perfect year for you if you keep your feet on the ground. Friends, income and fortune all will serve you with the best. More...

Pisces Astrology 2014

Pisces Astrology 2014 After last year's failures and disappointments, 2014 marks a beginning of all good things for you. This is a year of success, your seniors will support you for your highly ambitious nature and dedication for work. You will get high income and will enjoy this period of life. 2014 astrology says luck is in your pocket, but don't let overconfidence harm you. There could be some expenses on health of your family member and travel won't benefit you. In 2014, your family life will be satisfactory and you can make some big investments, provided you pay serious attention to your future plans. Astrology 2014 foretells that you will come in the contact of higher officials, which will lead to increase in your fame. 2014 has a lot to offer you in every aspect. Personal life and professional life would be at their best and you can get an exciting job offer and a great hike in income. You should avoid depending on others and should do your work on your own. Maintain the tone of your voice with your superiors to avoid disputes. Loss of money is also possible. There will be a serious need to take good care of your family members during this phase. You should avoid taking any sort of risk or making investment. In the end of the year, you need to keep a check on your words to avoid conflicts in personal and professional level. Also, the 2014 astrology predicts that the environment of your work place will be highly sensitive. More...

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