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Home » 2013 » Tarot 2013 Horoscope - 2013 Tarot Astrology Published: November 01, 2012

Tarot 2013 Horoscope - 2013 Tarot Astrology

Tarot Card for 2013 Horoscope

Reading Tarot 2013 will give you a complete insight of the year 2013. Tarot has always been a topic of interest for the believers of occult sciences. Tarot card reading is the science with the same purpose of prediction like astrology, numerology or psychic reading. Concept of Tarot card reading is consisted of the deck of 78 Tarot cards and these cards are divided into two sections � Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.

Major Arcana consists of 22 cards and believed to be endowing greater secrets. Following are the 22 card names from Major Arcana:

The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress, The Emperor, The Hierophant, The Lovers, The Chariot, Strength, The Hermit, Wheel of Fortune, Justice, The Hanged Man, Death, Temperance, The Devil, The Tower, The Star, The Moon, The Sun, Judgement, The World and The Fool.

Minor Arcana is believed to be carrying lesser secrets than Major Arcana. There are 56 cards in Minor Arcana that are further divided into 14 decks. Each deck includes 4 court cards and 10 numbered cards. The four court cards are � King, Queen, Knight and Jack.

Tarot 2013 will predict from your destiny card. Let's know what your zodiac sign has brought to you this year.

Tarot 2013 for Aries

Queen of Wands Tarot Card for 2013 Aries Horoscope

Aries has got the card of 'Queen of Wands' from the Major Arcana. Queen of Wands is consisted of Queen's water aspect and the aspect of fire of the Wands suit. She is the Goddess of female forces. Therefore, she is the true Goddess for females and brings the attraction for opposite sex in males. She shapes the female forces naturally with ignition of energy and die-hard passion. Wands Goddess is the reason of a happening personality. The personality, who is the center of attraction and world, revolves around him. The queen keeps on renovating old for a unique new. That is why Arians are going to run before the world. She has got the magic like water that can take any shape or color. It seems that 2013 is going to be highly energetic for you from the eye of Tarot. Good and positive times are hard to come. And, if they have faced toward you, you should not let them go in vain. As per Tarot 2013, this year is really amazing with lots of zeal and gusto inside you. Use the best of this time in whatever deeds you wish to do.

Tarot 2013 for Taurus

Ten of Coins Tarot Card for 2013 Taurus Horoscope

Card for Taurus people this year is 'Ten of Coins'. As the name suggests, it is a wealth card. However, wealth doesn't come suddenly in this card and not also for those who try wrong means for wealth. If this card is in your fate then you must put your endeavor to grab all the wealth from it. This wealth is not all about leisure pleasure. It also includes wealth of love, harmony in family and allied aspects. The couple shown in this card has received both material wealth as well as family harmony. They made their own way. So, you are the one who is going to get luxuries in life, but not going to bother those pleasures. As we know when a cycle ends, a seed for the new cycle generates. This is how this universe works. Overall, this is a really important time for family persons. Ones who are single are tend to be getting mingled this year. A new member will add happiness to your family in the form of a new bride or a newborn.

Tarot 2013 for Gemini

Three of Wands Tarot Card for 2013 Gemini Horoscope

'Three of Wands' is the Tarot card for Gemini people. You might get confused while taking decisions this year. You need to stay aware in advance and know your place. You need to know from where you belong. This card shows a female trying to concentrate on her desires to decide her path. She is helping herself in igniting the necessary spark to live her ambitions. The main tools for this year are clear inner vision and creativity. You need to be really creative this year. You should know that each moment of your life is precious. You cannot waste even a single moment. There is just one way in life that is the one where we actually want to go. Otherwise, there is no other way left in the world for you. If you find many ways standing in front of you, it means that you want to travel all these ways. However, if you cannot live all these ways, you need to choose first the most desired one and if you still have confusion, just start working on all of them together; soon you will get to know your best desired one.

Tarot 2013 for Cancer

King of Wands Tarot Card for 2013 Cancer Horoscope

'King of Wands' is the card for you for the year 2013. This card is the Lord of the Power of Change! In this card, the King of Wands stands in the circle of power. He increases his energy by using the Earth and partially hidden full Moon behind the trees. However, being the King of Wands, he uses fire to relate, convey and create the primal energy of the universe. He channelizes energy using his fiery wands. However, you will be really confused to decide the path for your future. Your search will never stop and you will keep thinking for the newer ways even after choosing one. However, you people are going to be really energetic this year. However, you need to keep a control over your rage; otherwise it might become fiery. Women are going to become less feminine this year. On the other hand, you people will do wonders in the fields of sports as well as arms. As compared to other people, Tarot 2013 predicts that your energy is going to be highest and health ailments will also not be able to affect you.

Tarot 2013 for Leo

Two of Cups Tarot Card for 2013 Leo Horoscope

Tarot 2013 suggests that card for you this year is 'Two of Cups'. This card shows two drinks, which indicates partnership. This partnership could be friendship, business, romantic or anything else, doesn't really matter. This card indicates that there will be two of you, who will sit down and share drink together. You two will share a synchronicity between you. You will share the good times of good tuning with each other. This is a good time for get together. You will meet more people and get good chances to socialize. Time is really good for the ones who are in the field of media, social service, marketing and other allied fields. Utilize this time to its best for your desires. You people are going to become center of attraction during this time. Everybody will love you and would like to be the part of your surroundings. It is good time for starting up new deals professionally and new relationships personally. However, if you are already engaged with someone, things might start revolving in opposite direction due to your demand in public as well as liking in opposite sex. People of opposite sex will become quite attracted toward you, which will create trouble for you.

Tarot 2013 for Virgo

Nine of Coins Tarot Card for 2013 Virgo Horoscope

'Nine of Coins' is the card for you, Virgo. She will be an independent man or woman of sources. Therefore, you people will become the source of positivity for the people around you. This enjoyment will be physical and tangible without selfishness. However, you will be getting this reward only after doing hard work. Basically, these rewards will be the result of the culmination of discipline as well as hard work. Due to this card, you will not be dependent of anyone. Rather you are advised not to be dependent because you have got enough strength to lead your life. You are a born leader who is meant for helping himself and people around as well. People will start recognizing you for your kindness. Your hard work will fetch you promotion and an increment in salary at workplace. From career front, year seems really awesome. Additionally, you will follow a disciplined life. This year, you are going to experience some drastic changes in your personality. Overall, the year will bring some notable changes to your life.

Tarot 2013 for Libra

Five of Coins Tarot Card for 2013 Libra Horoscope

'Five of Coins' is the card for Libra people. This card indicates struggle for you in financial matters. Gathered things will split. It could be family or treasury. Stationary aspects will come in motion this time. Stagnant prospects of life will step above toward success. This is a hard changing time for, which is going to bring big changes to your life. If your financial situation was not well, things will change eventually. This card indicates rage, due to which you might become furious at times. Therefore, you are advised to think before acting. Things might become different as they seem to you. Don't trust your eyes every time, they might troll you. You need to be really calm and patient this time. Card is going to give you a roller coaster ride. Keep all your 5 senses on all the time, even while sleeping. Work harder but don't let your rage overlap your actions. This year is going to be an important time for you. Some life changing moments will encounter you this time, don't miss them.

Tarot 2013 for Scorpio

Knight of Wands Tarot Card for 2013 Scorpio Horoscope

'Knight of Wands' is the card for you this year. This card indicates a fast paced lifestyle and impulsiveness. This knight of wands doesn't let any fun opportunity go to enjoy. The knight is very impatient and cannot wait for long. She just jumps onto the opportunity and lives it to the fullest. Her energy is immeasurable that is why she uses it up to the best without fear. Her lightning speed helps her in fleeing invisibly, at this time she goes really frenzy. On the other hand she is idealist and knows how to defend her ideals. She is an accomplished fighter with all the skills to fight with her enemies. You may join her, she will feel pleased, but if you cannot keep up with her speed, she will leave you back. She just cannot become slow. Similarly, time will leave you if you will not cope-up with it. You need to be really fast and planned this year. Schedule your tasks in advance to overcome the time issues. You might lose many important chances just because of your speed. Planning is always good to keep pace with the time.

Tarot 2013 for Sagittarius

The World Tarot Card for 2013 Sagittarius Horoscope

'The World' is the card for you. It predicts journeys for you this year. It is a threshold for many upcoming journeys for you. Your understanding power will increase. You will recognize the correct path just by looking at the overall picture. The ruler of this card is basically The Fool, who has completed the journey and inherited the world. It signifies that after watching the world a fool becomes intelligent. So, you are advised to look and analyze the things before acting on them. This card indicates that we are the part of something bigger, which is bigger than us. Therefore, we have to understand, adapt and manage accordingly because after all we are the part of it. We have grown up with what we have learned and those who came before us. This card indicates that you will complete a task till the end. And, you will be intelligent enough to recognize what is important. Everything around you will be in your mind. You will not veer the path you are on at any cost. Tarot 2013 indicates that this year is going to be a really interesting time for you.

Tarot 2013 for Capricorn

Queen of Swords Tarot Card for 2013 Capricorn Horoscope

'Queen of Swords' is the card for you this year. This card indicates that this time your verbal skills are going to give you a hard time. You won't be able to balance your words. Also, people might take your sayings into other meanings. There could be thousands meanings of your words made during this time. You really need to shut your mouth as much as possible this year. You should not argue unnecessarily on the other's point of view, it will only be misinterpreted. From professional front, your time is going to get a hard time. Don't be into arguments and avoid socializing for certain period of time. Tarot 2013 predicts that your energy will be at its best during this time. Utilize it for accomplishing your laborious tasks. Avoid travelling too this time. You should try to be polite with others and speak less. You should think twice before uttering a word. Any word of yours might be taken in a wrong way, which will hurt your loved ones. Your loved ones might also take you wrong. Apart from this, you might also get some troubles in your love life.

Tarot 2013 for Aquarius

Judgment Tarot Card for 2013 Aquarius Horoscope

Card for you this year is 'Judgment'. It indicates introspection. This year your internal eyes are going to open and see the things with a much clearer view. You will keep an eye over the happenings of your surroundings. If needed then change your path to start a new beginning. The love of God has the power to change ugly into beautiful. The background of this card is of blush pink color, which is signifying love. The wings of an angel that are actually a chalice can be seen behind the main feature of the card. Chalice in this card is filled with various fruits, which represents the wrong and dark deeds. A whipped cream is poured on the fruits, which is indicating the gentle love of God. This has made the content more delicious altogether. The blush pink color signifies the holy love. The wings of angel behind the chalice say that we are not alone. Overall this card is really pious and indicates that the blessings of almighty are all with you this time. You are going to experience the pleasure of spiritual awakening this year.

Tarot 2013 for Pisces

The Sun Tarot Card for 2013 Pisces Horoscope

'The Sun' is the card for you this year. It indicates, precision, truth, new opportunities, contentment and openness. You are going to feel ecstasy of contentment from all the aspects of life as well as spiritual awakening, as you are going to be very tilted toward spirituality, You will become broad-minded and outspoken. But don't be rude with your openness. New opportunities will come to you toward success. Tarot 2013 indicates that you are going to shine in the light and understand the prospects of knowledge. The colors that are compatible to this card holder are yellow, golden, orange and similar colors. The card upholds a warming as well as cozy glow and reflects it onto the seeker. These colors indicate constancy. Sun itself signifies the energy of male and of new things to grow. It is almost like a flower in image. A queen bee at the hive indicates the process of production as well as feminism and working together with male aspect. The bee represents success as well as dignity in one's life.

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