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Yearly Sagittarius Horoscope

Year 2018


This Sagittarius horoscope 2018 predicts a year that is very important for you. During this year, you are likely to get many wonderful opportunities that can take you to the new heights both at personal and professional front.

You may find that things are going on smoothly and in the way you want them to be. During this year, you are likely to be surrounded by positive aura, you feel more energetic and more determined.

You may put lots of efforts and chances are high of getting success in a very short period. Luck will stay on your side and you are likely to get success in whatever you will do.

Transit of Saturn will prepare you to work hard for the year 2018. You are likely earn good money around this time and able to fulfill all your responsibilities very easily. Your hard work will definitely show its colours and your wise decisions might fetch you fruitful results.

You are expected to spend more on entertainment and luxuries of life. This year, there be will be a good cash flow during March but your over and unnecessary expenditure might trouble you. So, keep a check on your expenses and a good financial management is required especially during May.

However, things are expected to settle down soon for natives of Sagittarius zodiac sign, but remember that safety is better than cure. If you have taken loan then you might come out of the debts during this period.

At domestic front, you are expected to enjoy a peaceful and harmonious life. Your may have a very good mutual understanding with your partner. Your partner is likely to be very supportive during this time.

Health of your partner might be the reason of your concern during this time. So, keep a good care of his/her health. You might be able to fulfill all the responsibilities of your familial life. But some tiffs are possible with your family members so you need to exercise control over your anger.

Wrong words may ruin your relationship with them. At times, as per 2018 predictions for zodiac sign Sagittarius, you may feel detachment and lack of contentment in your familial life because of excessive work pressure. So, you must maintain a balance between your work and family and avoid such issues.

Children are expected to do perform well in their studies. They might be very laborious and score very good marks in their exams. Time is good for students planning to go abroad and preparing for competitive exams.

Astrologically speaking, your love life is likely to be blissful. Lots of romantic dates are expected. If you are single then you may get your partner during this time.

At professional front, you may get fruit of your hard work around this year. Lots of golden opportunities may come to your way and are advised to take full advantage of it. Also, you may get success in earning a good money.

Investment in new business might be very beneficial for you. If you are in job and planning to change it, then you may get some good options during this time. Though you will work very hard, but you are advised not to be a workaholic because this will create some health issues for you.

So be careful about your health. A good lifestyle, good eating habits will surely help you in getting rid of all the health problems. Overall, a very good year for you.


At work front, you are likely to get many golden opportunities and you are advised not to miss any of it because it will help you to grow further in life.

Lots of positive developments are expected this year and transit of Saturn will prepare you to work hard. You will be able to achieve success in a very short period with your continuous efforts and determination.

According to predictions for 2018, investing in new ventures during this period might fetch you good results. Support of your father in your family business might be very beneficial for you. Chances are high of buying a new house or vehicle during this time.

According to Sagittarius forecast for year 2018, Investing in stock market may give you good benefits. But you are advised to stay cautious in financial matters, especially money related documents. Go through it carefully before signing it.

Also, never trust anyone blindly, because someone close to you may cheat during this period. If your business is related to printing, art and craft, import and export and garments then you might be able to make good money during this period.

Though there might be a good cash flow, but a better financial planning is needed this year. If you are planning to change your job, stars say that some really good options may appear around this time.

You are likely to get good and increased salary and receive appreciation for your wonderful performance at your workplace.

You are advised not be a workaholic because it may create some serious health issues for you. So, it is better for you to maintain a balance between both work and health as well.


At financial front, time appears good for you. There might be a good cash flow during this year. You are expected to enjoy a good life and spend more on entertainment and luxuries of life. Also, you may buy a new house, land or a vehicle around this time.

People of Sagittarius star sign may get new sources of income. If you are engaged in foreign services or having foreign source of income, chances are high of getting unexpected huge benefits. During this year, you are expected to get some golden opportunities which might change your life in some significant ways.

If you are in job, you may get a good raise in your salary along with a high post. Some small work related journeys are on cards.

Planetary positions suggest that you will work very hard in order to strengthen your finances and you may succeed in it. Also, you may buy some expensive items such as a diamond jewellery for your partner.

On the other hand, Sagittarius 2018 astrology says that your expenditure is expected to increase during May. So, stay alert around this time. However, things are expected to be back on track soon and your bank accounts are likely to stay green rest of the year.

Also, if you invest properly and take your financial decisions wisely you need not to worry about your finances. Overall, this year you will not face any financial crunch but you need to avoid extra expenses.


Healthwise, this year needs more attention as there are chances of some serious health related problems. You need to be really very careful especially March to May.

During 2018, issues like abdominal infection, insomnia and eye related issues may trouble you. Also, over aggression may create problems like high blood pressure around this time.

After October, you might feel pressurized due to excessive workload and unable to take proper rest. But remember that health should always be your first priority and you are advised not to play with your it, otherwise you will land in a problem.

Also, your eating habits need to check. Avoid junk, roadside and spicy foods. Drink plenty of water and focus on a healthy diet.

Morning walk, running, exercise and yoga are the best options to keep yourself fit and fine. For mental peace you can take help of meditation.

As per Sagittarius 2018 astrology forecast, avoid haste inside or outside home, because there are chances of sudden injuries during this period. Also, be careful while driving.

Pregnant ladies are advised to keep a good care of their health around this time. Speedy recovery is expected of natives suffering from long term illness recover during this year. Overall, this year seems not so good at health front. So, stay alert and take care of yourself.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

You are likely to enjoy a blissful love life during this year. Lots of romantic dates are on cards and you are likely to spend a very good time with your love partner.

During this time, you may understand the perspective of your partner and which might result in a better relationship. If you are planning to walk the aisle with your love partner during this time, time is perfect to win the consent of your parents.

You are likely to get support of your love partner and you both are expected to be devoted to your relationship.

You both are likely to have a sweetened relationship around this time, but you are advised to keep yourself away from negative situations. Because your inflated ego may create some issues in your married life, which is not good for you.

Give respect to your partner and never take support of lies. Try to keep transparency in your relationship, says Sagittarius horoscope 2018 for love. Also, there are possibilities of going on a small trip with your partner.

You may buy an expensive gift in order to please your partner and your relationship is expected to evolve with new energy.

Good news for singles who are looking for a partner because they might meet their someone special during this time. But make sure you propose in right Muhurat for getting successful. Overall, time is good for your love life and it may beget good results.

Family & Friends

The year 2018 is going to be a good one at domestic front. Your familial life is expected to see a peaceful and prosperous time.

Your relationship with other family members is likely to stay good around this time. Being one of the responsible members, you might be a helping hand for others in your family.

Your life is expected to be very supportive and you both may have a very good mutual understanding.

On the other hand, you might feel pressurized due to excessive workload and your aggression might be the reason of your strained relationship. But try to keep yourself away from negative situations and learn to control over your anger.

Not only this, predictions for Sagittarius in 2018 suggest that you should avoid feeling of detachment and lack of contentment in domestic life. Because wrong words will have a bad impact on your relationship. Also, health of your spouse needs a special attention this year. So, keep a good care of him/her during this time.

There might be a good cash flow this year for people who belong to Sagittarius star sign. You are expected to buy a new house or a vehicle during this time, but keep in mind that extravagant purchases may get you in trouble. A better financial management is needed in a bid to avoid financial crunches.

Your are likely to achieve something extraordinary in your business with the help of your father, suggests astrology. Success of your children might be keep you happy during this time. They are expected to perform very well and their hard work will definitely show its colors in the form of good marks.

Also, your siblings may go abroad for studies and career growth. Healthwise, this year you need to be very careful. A good lifestyle is the key of a happy and healthy life.

So, one should not play with his/her health. Overall, this year is expected to give better results at domestic front.


Perform following remedies to iron out things that might hinder your path:

1. Donate Satnaja (Seven Serial) according to your weight on your birthday
2. Wear a Dhature Ki Jadi (Datura Wrightii) around your neck
3. Consume sweets with liquid content such as Rasgulla and Jalebi
4. Lit a mustard oil earthen lamp under Peepal tree every Saturday in the evening

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