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Yearly Leo Horoscope

Year 2018


This year some amazing opportunities are coming to your way. You will be energetic, enthusiastic and surrounded by positive aura. During this period, according to Leo horoscope 2018, your interest is likely to increase in spiritual and virtual deeds and you may plan to visit a religious place.

The stars suggest that you will try your best to achieve your goal and chances are high of getting success in your efforts. You might be courageous and feel more powerful during this time. Your familial life is expected to stay good. You may get support of your family members and enjoy your familial life. Your spouse may be a pillar of strength for you in your tough times and you both are likely to have a very good bonding.

On the other hand, health of your siblings might be the reason of your tension this year. Health related issues might trouble them so they are advised to stay alert during the month of January to February.

Planets in the sky suggest that a family gathering is expected to take place, which might make your happiness double at domestic front.

Your love life is likely to give you mixed results around this time. You may have some issues with your lover, but soon it is expected to be resolved. You may feel refresh and your love life may blossom. You may go on romantic dates and exchange some wonderful gifts with each other. This will surely strengthen your relationship.

However, you may feel lazy at times, but your passion and seriousness towards your goal will soon bring you back on track. At work front, your performance is likely to be excellent and you may amaze all at your workplace. Your work would be appreciated and your rivals are expected to praise you at your back.

In business, the natives of Leo star sign are likely to get some unexpected profit during the year 2018. Investing in stock market might fetch you some huge benefits. Also, chances are high of travelling abroad this year it might be a business related trip for you. You may earn good money from your father’s business. Financially, you are likely to stay strong and may get some new sources of income.

The 2018 predictions for Leo indicate that children may face some difficulties in their education and need to put lot more efforts in order to get success. But they need your love and support during this time. So, try to cooperated with them and boost up their morale.

Your golden period is likely to start from mid October. During this period, lots of positive developments are expected in your personal and professional life as well. Also, you may gain respect and honour in society.

Pregnant ladies are advised to take good care of their health and stay cautious from January to February.

You may get many opportunities to socialize and this might bring some significant improvement to you. Overall, this year seems good for you with lot of positivity and golden opportunities.


Lions, you are likely to impress your seniors and boss with your excellent performance. Chances are high of getting higher post and promotion, but you may plan to change your current job. You are likely to gain respect and honour at your workplace, but if you want to maintain your dignity then you are advised to stay away from gossips and avoid scandals.

You need to stay alert during the first two months of the year. Also, try to maintain good relations with the females at your workplace.

Work related journeys and a hectic schedule, as Leo 2018 astrology suggests, might make you feel tired during this time. Because of it you might be unable to give your hundred percent. So, take proper rest along with you work and plan some outings with your friends and family.This will surely reduce your stress and refresh your mind.

You might be able to perform well in your business. You are expected to get some good profits. Time is favorable for some big investments. If you are running your business in partnership then your partner may fetch you some wonderful opportunities which might be very beneficial for you. If your business is related to printing press, art or import-export then you may get huge profit.

Sudden proposals might give you fruitful results. Small trips related to your business may help you in making money. Also, people associated with property, communication, garment, restaurant, food chain, fire, electricity, bakery etc are likely to get huge benefit. Overall, this year is going to be amazing for you at work front.


Financially, this year seems awesome for people of zodiac sign Leo. In 2018, you may not face any financial crunch. All money related problems are likely to get vanish and you may get back your blocked money. You are expected to invest in a new property or a land. You may spend on luxuries of life and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Your correct decisions and sharp intellect may give you huge benefits. With the increased finances, your expenses might get high. So, keep a check on your budget and plan your finances.

If you are working in a government sector the you may get good profit and expect name, fame and honor. Long term investments and investing in stock market might be good for you around this time. Chances are high of getting unexpected profit from overseas business.

The more you earn, the more you might be able to save this year, which might help you in accomplishing your future plans. Forecast for 2018 says that you may buy a new house or sell your ancestral property. You may try different methods to make money and you are expected to succeed.

If you are planning to expand your business then take some tips and advice from an experienced person. It might take your business to the peak of success. Stay away from gambling and lottery otherwise you may suffer from monetary loss. Also, don’t trust people blindly in money related matters. Overall, this year you are expected to remain strong financially.


This year, keep good care of your health because health is wealth. If you will avoid it and stay careless you may land in trouble. It might affect you both personally and professionally.

Working more than your ability might be the reason of your health issues. A good lifestyle may help you in getting rid of all the health problems and if you will stay fit you will be able to perform well and success will come to your way.

At times, you may feel lazy, but if you are focused towards your goal nothing can stop stop you. Alignment of planets in the sky indicate that some issues like headache and joint pains might trouble you throughout the year. Also people suffering from cervical are advised to stay careful during this time otherwise it may take you to the hospital.

You may have some pressure because of your own decisions making, indicates Leo 2018 forecast. You may also suffer from pain lower abdomen and infection. So, take care of cleanliness and stay away from dirt. Also avoid being angry because so much of aggression is not good for you around this time.

Getting involved into spiritual activities might be beneficial for you. Also, be careful about seasonal diseases and stay alert while driving because chances are high of getting injured during this period.

Pregnant ladies are advised to take proper care of their health. People suffering from prolonged illness need to stay attentive and consult their doctor regularly.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Your love life is expected to give mixed results during this year. Some tiffs are possible with your lover. At times, your horoscope says, you may have difference of opinion and this might create differences between you.

You are advised to keep control over your speech while talking to your partner because wrong words might hurt your partner’s feelings and sentiments which is not good for your relationship.

You may observe glimpse of aggression in your partner’s behaviour. But, don’t get dishearten because every problem has a solution. Things are expected to settle down soon and all your problems may vanish.

The stars predict that you both are likely to have a new start and enjoy the fresh breeze of love. You both may cooperate with each other and there might be intimacy in your relationship. However you may not get enough opportunities to meet each other but you stay connected via other communication media.

As per Leo horoscope 2018 for love, you may plan a foreign trip with your lover in order to spend some quality time with your partner. You may even exchange gifts with each other. You may even plan to walk down the aisle with your lover during this year and chances are high of getting positive reply from your parents.

On the other hand if you are single then there are strong possibilities that your friendship might take a form of love during this year. But before getting into a new relationship make sure that you want to carry your relationship forward or you are just passing your time. So, be honest with your partner otherwise you may get trapped in an unwanted situation.

Family & Friends

Your familial life might be blissful during this year. You are likely to get support of your family and spouse in whatever you do. Also, you will be blessed by your parents and this might be the reason of your success.

According to astrology analysis for your star sign Leo, your relationship with your partner is expected to remain strong and good throughout the year. You both are likely to share a very good understanding during this time. Help and support of your partner in your work might give you a huge benefit. You both may spend some wonderful moments with each other.

You may go to a religious place with your family and this might strengthen your bond with them. Being a responsible member of the family, you will gain respect and fulfill all your responsibilities. But health of your siblings need special care during this time. There are chances of major health issues which might trouble them.

Some significant improvements are expected in your career and you are likely to earn good money as well–says 2018 astrology for Leo. You may spend on luxuries of life and also travel abroad due to your work. These trips might fetch you good profits. You may buy some new household items.

You will work very hard in order to provide all the comforts of life to your children and you may get success. Your children are expected to enjoy their life but they may face some educational hurdles. This might keep them stressed and they are likely to suffer from health issues. They need your support in their endeavors and this might help them in gaining their power back. With their hard work and abilities they may get success in every walk of life.

You are advised not to share your secrets with outsiders.


In order to tread the path of success and prosperity, and to avoid potholes that might hinder your path during this year, perform following astrological remedies:

1. Wear Ruby gemstone or wear Gold Sun locket
2. Respect your father and serve him
3. Do mopping at the passage to any religious place
4. Distribute medicines to leprosy patients

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