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Yearly Virgo Horoscope

Year 2018


This year, as per Virgo horoscope 2018, is likely to stay awesome for you, as lots of positive developments are expected. It may change your life. You may feel that things are going in the way you want them.

Your hard work will give you expected result as success will surely come to your way. Some golden opportunities are waiting for you which might fetch you good result.

At work, some significant improvements are expected in 2018 as per the movements of planets. You may succeed in impressing your seniors by your smart work.

Also, there might be good cash flow this year. You may get new sources of income or some really good options may appear during this time. You may invest in a new business and might get unexpected profit especially in the month of January. But after October, you may achieve a huge success and it appears that you might be able to break all the previous records in terms of finance.

You are expected to get ample opportunities to socialize, indicate stars, and this is the right time to make new relationships and enjoy good companies.

If we talk about your familial life, you are likely to get mixed results this year. You may get support of your spouse, which might be very beneficial for you.

On the other hand, your life partner may feel lack of energy and this might create health issues for him/her. So, 2018 prediction for Virgo suggests to stay cautious and take proper care of your partner during the month of October.

Your children need your love and care around this time. At times, they may feel irritated because some health issues may prevail during this time. Even you are advised to take proper rest along with your work otherwise you may feel pressurized due to excessive workload. You may suffer from joints pain, indigestion and other seasonal diseases.

You are likely to spend some wonderful moments with your near and dear ones. Also, you may get support of your parents and siblings. Work related long journeys are expected this year. These trips are expected to be fruitful and give some unexpected huge benefits.

You may stay away for some time from family because of your work, but at the same time you may succeed in planning a short trip with your family. This might help you in maintaining a good balance between your personal and professional life.

An auspicious occasion might take place at your home. Your long awaited wish is going to be fulfilled during this time. Also, couples wishing for a baby are expected to be blessed around this year.

If you are a student, astrologically speaking, you may face some education hurdles such as lack of concentration. You may get distracted which will surely hamper your studies. Remember, there is no substitute for hard work, so, work hard and focus on your goal.

Overall, a progressive year for you both personally and professionally. All you need to do is to avoid arguments and tiffs with your family members and maintain peace in your domestic life.


Occasional detachment from work is expected this year but don’t worry, because soon things would be back on track.

Astrology for Virgo in 2018 indicates that you are likely to enjoy good finances throughout the year. With you hard and determination you will be able to perform well in your professional life. You have some wonderful skills and many good options may appear this year at work front.

You are expected to leave no stone unturned in order to make your life better. If you are in job and planning to change it, then this is the right time to do so.

On the other hand, at times, natives of zodiac sign Virgo may feel frustrated and irritated because of the delays in getting results of their hard work. But you are advised not to be so impatient because soon you are likely to get some good news and you might be able to accomplish everything.

Also, you may get unexpected benefit from your new business and work related journeys might be very fruitful and beget good results. But you may stay away from your family because of your busy schedule during this year.

If your are in a government job then chances are high of getting promotion along with a high post around this time. Also, if your work is related to printing, garments, iron and steel and import or export then you may get some huge gains. Your long awaited wish is expected to get fulfilled during this year. Overall, this year seems excellent for you at career front.


In the year 2018, income of people belonging to Virgo star sign is expected to increase and they may grow in your career. There is a possibility of travelling abroad in a bid to expand your business. This overseas journey is expected to be very fruitful for you as many new opportunities may come to your way.

Though you are likely to be successful in making good money, but avoid spending in risky affairs.

During this year, you may plan your dream trip along with your family and spend a lot on it. It might be a religious trip. Also, you may buy some expensive items for your house.

Chances are high of good investments this year for example you may buy a new property or a house around this time. Time is favorable to start a new business, because you may get some unexpected monetary benefits, especially in the month of January. It may increase even more after October.

Taking advice of an experienced person in business, indicates your planetary positions, might fetch you good results. Also, you are advised to make a better financial planning and try to spend as per your budget, because over expenditure might trouble you. So, keep a check on your expenses this will definitely help you in your future.

The 2018 Forecast for Virgo zodiac sign says that you should stay cautious in money matters and before signing documents related to finance go through it properly, because one of your closed ones may cheat on you. So, do not trust blindly in money related affairs.

You will invest in the business of iron and steel then chances are high of getting good profit during this time. Overall, this year is going to be beneficial in terms of finance.


Health should be your first priority, because we all know that health is wealth. Wrong lifestyle may trouble you throughout the year. Your are likely to suffer from some health issues during this time.

Problems like joints pain, indigestion and headache might make you low and dull. This would have negative impact on your performance at your workplace. During the mid of the year, you may feel lack of energy and unable to maintain good level of work competencies. You may feel lack of sleep due to restlessness and aggressiveness.

Also, there are chances that you may get injured during this time so you need to stay alert, especially while driving. Save yourself from undesirable haste inside or outside your home, suggest stars in the sky.

People suffering from high blood pressure and heart related issues are suggested to consult their doctor regularly and avoid being careless.

On the other hand, health of your children might be one of the reasons of your tension. They may suffer from bad fitness and might feel irritated at times. They might be unable to perform well in their academics.

Virgo horoscope for 2018 says that you are advised to take proper rest along with your work. A good eating habit with some exercise may help you in getting rid of all the health related problems.

You may also take help of yoga and meditation in order to gain mental peace. Those suffering from chronic illness needs special care around this time.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This year, according to love horoscope 2018 for Virgo, your love life might be full of confusions. Differences with your partner are expected. There are chances of detachment from your love partner because of the misunderstandings and tiffs between you both. Hence it is better for you to avoid unnecessary disputes and tension.

Learn to control your anger and avoid suspecting each other unnecessarily. Try to stay cool and calm while talking to your lover. Also, you both can resolve all the issues by a healthy discussion.

However, things are expected to settle down soon and good time will start from February. During the month of April, you may get many opportunities to go on a romantic date with your lover. You may put more efforts in order to win your partner’s heart.

On the other hand, if you are single and attracted towards somebody, this is the right time to propose, as you may get a positive response–says horoscope for Virgo zodiac sign. You may even plan to walk the aisle with your lover during this year. However, your lover may be affected with health problems. So, keep good care of him/her.

You are advised to take your decisions wisely and never get influenced by others. Because there is a possibility that some of your closed one might take advantage of your strained relationship with your partner and create misunderstandings between you both. So, get ready for the roller coaster ride in your love life.

Family & Friends

Your familial life is expected to stay good, but some issues might trouble you during this year. You are likely to get ample opportunities to socialize which might bring some significant changes in your life.

A hectic schedule might keep you stuck, but you may succeed in taking out time for your family and friends. Also, you may spend some good and memorable time with your near and dear ones. During this time you may get support of your parents and spouse, which might be very beneficial for you.

On the other hand, health of your life partner might be the reason of your concern. He/she might feel low and lack of energy may create health related issues for your partner. So, you need to be very careful during the month of October. Also, avoid tensions and tiffs with your family members and spouse. Try to maintain peace in your familial life.

Natives of Virgo, according to astrological analysis, may plan a small vacation with your family in a bid to spend some quality time with them. Being one of the responsible members of your family, you will always be a helping hand for others and this will surely strengthen your bond with your loved ones.

During this period, your interest may rise in spirituality and a sacred occasion might take place at your home.

You may buy an expensive gift for your partner and express your love and care for him/her. Married couples might be blessed with a bundle of joy around this time.

Overall, the year is good for you at domestic front. All you have to do is to avoid using harsh words while speaking to others and maintain relations with your family members. You will surely blessed with happiness.


Performing following remedies will ward off ill effects of planets and will help you enjoy a wonderful year:

1. Feed street dogs with chapati or bun.
2. Recite Rahu Beeja Mantra.
3. Donate multi-colored blanket to needies.
4. Put a flag at any Hanuman temple on a Tuesday/Saturday.

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