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Sani Peyarchi Palan 2017

Sani Peyarchi Palan 2017

If one had to describe Sani in one word, the word is more likely to be closely related to the group of words that go like, Straightup, impulsive, rash & so on & so forth. You could even say that it is what karma would be, only if it were a graham, as it makes sure that everyone pays their dues, while also making sure that the walk of atonement takes place for the guilty parties involved. Just like the last year, Sani Peyarchi Palan 2017 will also imminently affect every zodiac sign. Sani is believed to teach us the harsh realities & to throw some light on the bitter truth that we can only learn once we rip the bandaid off. Because these wounds are a souvenir we should all remind ourselves of, so that next time, when we are in a same sort of a pickle, we make the correct decision & redeem ourselves forever.

The onset of 2017 shall witness Sani in Viruchigam, after which it’ll commence towards Dhanusu on Thursday, 26 January 2017. After this initial fuss, Sani shall then instigate a retrogradation, on 6th of April this year & would hold this position till the 25th of August. The aforementioned state could also witness a unique situation where Sani could announce it’s return in Viruchigam on Wednesday, 21 June 2017 to settle some old scores, with due consideration about the movement & positioning of all the raasi chakram. After all these movements, Sani moves back in Dhanusu on Tuesday, 19th December, 2017. Once it nears the sun, Sani would then combust on Monday, 8 January 2018.

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To know the implications that this movement of Sani would have on all the raasi chakram, string along while you put your shades on, put the music out & read along ! :


Sani stands tall as the bhavam adipati of your 10th (Profession, Karma) & 11th (Income, gains, achievement) bhavam. This span of time may prove quite a bit of a test for younger siblings as they would find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Adversary could soon turn into a friendship, such would be your appeal that even your greatest of foes would be in awe of you. The rise in your career is there but it sure will take it’s sweet time & you will have to wait & be patient, instead of snapping out & end up doing something irrational, advises Sani Peyarchi Palan. This slow rise in career could be explained by the fact that Sani would move into your 9th bhavam. You would need to give your all at work, if you want to reach the summit of the corporate world that you so dearly desire. As per the Mesham raasi chakra predictions, the time span between June to October shall witness Sani moving back to your 8th bhavam. October end shall mark the movement of Sani back into your 9th bhavam, which could bear some problems for your younger siblings.


Sani would mark its arrival in the 8th bhavam from chandra rasi which could mean that you could bleed a lot financially. Being the bhavam adipati of your 9th (Fame & Fortune) & 10th (profession and Karma) bhavam, you could encounter some minor health issues. Your relations with your father could take a blow or he could run into some health ailments of his own. You would need pull your socks off & get ready to do the donkey work in order to stay clear of hindrances of any sorts. The time around mid year would see Sani head towards your 7th bhavam from chandra rasi which represents that you shall foresee a sharp rise in your career, also you should take care of your health as you might be coming down with a disease. In matters involving financial expertise, you should take every decision very calmly & thinking about all the consequences or you could endure heavy losses. As per the Shani Peyarchi Palan 2017 rasi palan, by the end of October, Sani would make its way back into the 8th bhavam which could ensue a torrid time for you overall.


You are in to get mixed results for one simple reason as the graham Sani announces itself in the 7th bhavam from your moon sign. The bhawan adipati of your 8th (major transformation, longevity) & 9th (Fame & Fortune), Sani would back you up to the full of its ability & due to this perpetual backing, you would be witnessing a steep rise in your professional career. In accordance with the Midhunam predictions, you shall be in the pink of health but you might wanna keep a close eye on your mother’s well being, as chances are that she might run into some minor health setbacks. This is the perfect period to chance your arm in things you thought might not pan put in your favour. The duration between June to October would observe Sani to move back in your 6th bhavam from moon sign, & a golden one in which all the legal disagreements would sway in your favour. The end of October will mark the return of Sani in the 7th bhavam which would bring back the joyous & opportune-ness in your life. You could soon have a new place to live, come the end of the year.


Governing your 7th (Spouse & partnerships) & 8th (major changes, longevity) bhavam, Sani watches over your things like Spouse & partnership, major changes & longevity. The bhavam adipati Sani would move in on your 6th bhavam which be the main reason for your tormented family life that you have recently been facing. A long distanced journey is on the cards too, pretty soon. Pursuant to the Kadagam predictions, you should try & work on your relations with family members, siblings to be precise. The time span from June to October would witness Sani to pull through your 5th bhavam which could generate tensions between you & your partner. Take good care of them & try to be more of a listener & let them open up to you.Some legal disagreements could keep you on your toes. Pay attention to your health as you might encounter a chronic disease of certain kind. By the time October ends, Sani would move back to your 6th bhavam which could then injust a sudden care towards the members of your family.


January of 26th shall mark the glorious move of Sani into your 5th bhavam which would substantially spice things up in your love life. Sani is the bhavam adipati of your 6th & 7th bhavam respectively as it keeps a lookout on things such as struggle,enemies,diseases, spouse & partnership. According to the Sani Peyarchi Palan predictions for Simmam, income would be the least of your concerns as you would literally be printing money. The period post June could try & dwindle your health. You probably would be on board with the idea of giving love marriage a shot. You will be a lannister as you would rightfully repay all your debts. The time after October shall see Sani move back to the 5th bhavam. This could only mean that you might have keep your expenses on the lower side as you would be wooed to your guts to spend big on the luxuries of life.


The start of 2017 would be on hand to witness the movement Sani makes when it moves into your 4th bhavam from your moon sign. This is indicative of a change in residence. Sani is your 5th (education, children) & 6th (struggle, disease, enemies) bhaban adipati. In June of this year, Sani would change its position and move to the 3rd bhavam from your moon sign. This means that your mother might have some health ailments so keep an eye on that. Get ready to pull a rabbit out of your hat because that is exactly what is required from you, if you wish to succeed in your professional life. In consonance with Kanni predictions for the Sani Peyarchi Palan 2017, don’t just chart out a fitness regime, try to stick to it as often as you can. By the end of October , Sani shall reel back to your 4th bhavam from your moon sign. Also, some troubles surrounding the matters of property are likely to keep you engaged.


The graham Sani governs your 4th bhavam which is the significator of happiness, mother and vehicle and 5th bhavam which points out your education status and children. As per your jathakam, Sani has special significance for you. By January end, the graham Sani will move to your 3rd bhavam from your chandra rasi which will give a substantial boost to your conviction and diligence towards your profession. Students aspiring to pursue higher studies may get ample chances in this duration. In June, Sani would move to your 2nd graham causing disturbance in your familial relations. The Sani Peyarchi palan 2017 presages an increase in your expenses, which might urge you to mark down your expenditure and strive harder to maximise your savings. By the month of October, the graham Sani would transit in your 3rd graham from your chandra rasi which would evoke the traveller in you. This Sani transit might not prove to be gainful for your younger siblings. Try to lend them a helping hand and be patient with them during this period. You will be motivated to make fast buck during this transit period.


The graham Sani is the lord of your 3rd bhavam which signifies your efforts, siblings and communication skills and 4th bhavam which indicates your happiness, vehicle and mother. The movement of Sani in your 2nd bhavam from your chandra rasi might result in disrupted family relations and agitation in your family environment. This Sani Peyarchi Palan period would also provide you with plentiful opportunities to succeed in your professional life. In June, the graham Sani will move in your chandra raasi causing mental agony and distress. Physical distance from your family members might give you much needed space and peace of mind during this period. An increase in the inflow of money is also predicted for you in this duration. By the month of October, Sani will move back to your 2nd graham from your chandra rasi. This planetary position will give your finances a boost and will help your savings swell. Your health might need added attention and care during this transit period. Try to incorporate yoga, meditation and regular workout in your daily regimen to keep up your physical fitness.


Sani is the bhavam adipati of your 2nd as well as 3rd bhavam which signify wealth, immediate family, speech, relationships with siblings, efforts as well as communication. You will have your back to the wall as far as your work life is concerned as you would have to really work your fingers to the bone in order to salvage your honour & stay afloat as far as your reputation in the workplace goes. The Sani Peyarchi Palan predictions for Dhanusu raasi chakram cautions about your state of health. It would not be so cheering to put in a subtle way & it is high time that you stop neglecting your health because this is taking its toll on you, both physically as well as mentally. Sibling shall go through a very opportune of times as they would make the most of this time & play all their cards right. Your spouse could also be coming down with something, so make sure to dance attendance to them. It’s time you kept your marriage above everything, else you could experience a marriage gone sour.


Sani would be moving into your 12th bhavam from chandra rasi, which could escalate into losses pretty soon if you do not take this pressing thing seriously. Sani stands as your Ascendant (character, personality, longevity) & 2nd (wealth, immediate family, speech) bhavam adipati. By the time June flies in, Sani would move towards your 12th bhavam which could inadvertently affect your relationship as well as your marriage. The Sani Peyarchi Palan 2017 warns you about your well being, as it shall dwindle a lot during this period. Expenses will send alarm bells ringing so keep an eye on the matters of financial nature. It’s time you put your foot down in money related matters because you would have to have everything planned already or you could experience a crunch in monetary matters or matters that share the similar taste & nature. A trip abroad is on the agenda as well as far your travel plans go. Come the end of October shall see Sani move back to chandra rasi which would then signify that you shall be engrossed in your work completely & in the literal of sense. Try to keep your friends in the loop always or you could go through a lonely period of your own If you are involved in affairs like hospitals & foreign land, you shall make a killing in business which would put your name on the map. Legal troubles of some kind could keep you on your toes.


The graham Sani lords over your 12th bhavam which is a sign of bed comforts, losses, expenses and hospitals and your ascendant which points at your longevity, character and persona. By the end of the month January, the graham Sani will be transiting in your 11th bhavam from your chandra rasi. Minor issues might come up regarding your education and/ or your children during this period. As per the predictions of your jathakam, your elder siblings might find this transit period to be a challenging. You will enjoy the pink of your health during this Sani Peyarchi Palan. Also, any past illness would be cured while this transit lasts. By June, the graham Sani will move to your 10th bhavam from your chandra rasi increasing your inclination towards work and professional success. Your income can also be expected to rise astoundingly in this period. By the end of October, the graham Sani will move back to your 11th bhavam from your chandra rasi giving you benefits from the skills that you have acquired since quite long. Professional and personal enhancement is on the cards for you. Though, matters of love might not flourish during this period. You might find solace in spiritual activities during this period. Try to form a regular habit of yoga and meditation to keep yourself physically and mentally fit.


The end of January 2017 will mark the transit of the Sani graham in the 10th bhavam from your chandra rasi in your jathakam. Currently, Sani lords over your 11th bhavam which signifies your achievements, income and goals and 12th bhavam which indicates your bed comforts, losses and expenses. The movement of Sani in your 10th bhavam is expected to lead to an unnecessary and avoidable hike in your expenses. You could also instigate a long journey overseas for purely business purposes, but you shouldn’t let this time go down the drain. As per the predictions of Sani peyarchi palan 2017 for the raasi chakram, Meenam, you are advised to make the most of whatever life throws at you & be as cheerful as you could possibly be. The fall of June could mark the movement of Sani into your 9th bhavam from your chandra rasi, which obviously means that the limits of patience shall be tested to it’s limit. What’s up with this workaholic thing you got yourself into. Get it out of your system as soon as you can as all your time belongs to your family & deservedly so. The end of October would see Sani take the long journey back to the 10th bhavam which would result in you spending some quality time with your spouse.

AstroSage hopes that you fare well during this transit and get the best results from graham of karma and righteousness.

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