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Venus Transit in Scorpio - 28 October, 2019

Vedic Astrology glorifies the planet Venus as the provider of positive results. The positive effects of this planet are responsible for the possession of luxuries and comforts. According to astrology, this particular planet is the ruling lord of Taurus and Libra zodiac signs. Due to its positive impact on the Kundali, his/her societal stature, creative abilities, luxuries and comforts increases. The concerned individual’s speech and rhetorical abilities also undergo a drastic change.

Venus Transit in Scorpio

Along with these, Venus’ beneficial impact is also promising for the marital and love lives of the natives. On the other hand, due to its malefic impact, a native has to face many challenges in life. Some of those problems are decrease in luxuries and comforts, problems in love life, tensions in married life and hurdles in achieving happiness and prosperity. The native may fall short of vivid sources of happiness which are necessary to lead a blissful life. In the year 2019, the transit of Venus taking place in Scorpio will affect all the 12 zodiac signs in a positive as well as negative manner.

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Timing of Transit

The transit of Venus will take place in the zodiac sign Scorpio on Monday, 28 October 2019 at 8:12 AM in the morning and remain posited in the same place until Thursday, 21 November 2019 at 12:04 PM. This transit will have vivid impacts on all the twelve zodiac signs. Now let us find out natives of which zodiac sign will gain prosperous results and luck will stand in whose favour.

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During its transitory motion, Venus will get posited in the eighth house of Aries zodiac sign. Because of this, your relationship with the people of the opposite sex will become intense. The new bond of friendship so formed will help you to enjoy the benefits of life. At this point, you will be more interested in attaining the luxuries and comforts of life and spend some of your economic resources in buying things which have materialistic values. You will also take some amount of interest in buying materials made of lacquer. On the economic front, you will get profits from an unknown source. Due to such unexpected gains, your economic situation will attain stability, and you will be able to enjoy the benefits of life. At the workplace, you will gain earn recognition for the work done by you, and be able to stand out in the crowd. If you want to try your fortune in the business sector, then this transit may bring some good news for you. With the aid of your sharp intellect and rationality, you may also start a new business. If you are married, then certain relatives of your spouse may pay a visit. To maintain peace and serenity in your married life, you are advised to take good care of them. On the familial front, there will be an atmosphere of peace. You may also buy a new vehicle along with your family members. This will be the reason of happiness for your parents too. Other than that, you may also buy a new house. But, it is necessary to examine the importance of a particular thing before making any decision to buy it. Taking all the astrological calculations into account, it can be said that this transit will bring forward minimal results for the natives of Aries.

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Venus will remain posited in the seventh house of your zodiac sign. Hence, you may get involved in arguments with people belonging to the opposite gender. Married natives may also argue with their respective partners. However, the problems persisting in conjugal life will get tackled if both of you try to resolve them with mutual understanding and patience. But it is better to stay away from such complex situations to keep such problems at bay. During this period, your interest will be seen in sensual activities. But, it is necessary for you to contemplate before taking any specific decision. From the point of view of health, you will remain conscious about it during this point in time. Regular exercise and a nutritious diet will take you one step towards achieving stable health. Natives who have tied the knot recently will spend some romantic moments with your partner. You will spend the honeymoon blissfully. Talking about your love life, you may come across certain difficulties. So, for the natives of Taurus, this transit will bring forward mixed results.

Remedy: Chanting Shri Suktam Mantra can help you to get rid of the ill effects of Venus.

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The sixth house of Gemini natives will host the transit of planet Venus. During this period, you may have to face certain health problems. If proper care is not taken, then more severe problems may crop up in the future. Thus, it is advised to take precautionary health measures now. To see the face of success in your professional life, it is necessary for you to stay away from complex situations and controversies. Getting involved in office politics may have dire repercussions on your career. It is also advised to maintain the same indifferent attitude with regards to your societal stature. You should not get involved in any unlawful activity which can hamper your image in the society. During this period, your enemies will remain active and try their level best to prevail over you. Thus, any such opportunity should not be given to them, which can be used against you. Speaking about the economic front, your expenditures will increase. Buying unnecessary things will also have a negative impact on your budget. Overall, it can be said that this transit will have mediocre effects on the natives who belong to the Gemini zodiac sign.

Remedy: Offer white flowers to Goddess Durga and worship her to witness the inflow of positive results.


The transit of Venus will take place in the fifth house of natives under the Cancer zodiac sign. This transit of Venus may bring a lot of happiness and bliss to your life. Taking a look at the familial front, it can be said that you will spend some joyful moments with your family members. Along with this, Cancer natives will also have a gala time with children and relatives after a long time. The feeling of enjoying such blissful moments of love and serenity with family members after a prolonged period will fill your heart with joy and satisfaction. As far as your love life is concerned, you may go on a trip with your partner. During this while, you may visit a favourite travel destination of yours. On the other hand, this transit of Venus will bring forward mixed results for the married natives of this zodiac sign. On the one hand, there may be disputes between you and your partner, while on the other, you will become satisfied and happy with his/her achievements. On the economic front, you will attain prosperity. Your income will increase, thanks to your artistic abilities and financial state will also become strong. Inclination will grow towards music and acting. Thus, it can be said that this transit will procure ordinary results for the ones who belong to the Cancer zodiac sign.

Remedy: To escape the malefic effects of Venus, it is advised to respect women and worship Lord Shiva while donating rice grains.


The planet Venus will remain posited in the fourth house of your zodiac sign during its transitory motion. While this transit is taking place, you will receive happiness on the familial and societal front. At this point, you may plan to take a trip with your friends and family members. On the other hand, a certain dispute may also give birth to clashes between family members. Thus, it is better for you to save yourself from such arguments and show love and affection towards your family members. During this period, you may also get opportunities to enjoy the luxuries of life. Talking about your professional life, this transit may bring positive outcomes. As a result of Venus’ presence in the fourth house of Leo natives, your concentration at work will increase, and you will be able to improve your image at the workplace. On the other hand, if you are opting for a job change, then you can go for it in this period. If you are involved in business, then there is quite a possibility that your business may flourish. To make your business more prosperous, you may also take a trip. Thus, special benefits of this transit will be achieved by natives of Leo zodiac sign.

Remedy: While worshipping, offer an ittar (perfume) made of Khus to Lord Shiva and ward off malefic effects of Venus.


The third house of Virgo natives will host the transit of Venus, which will be specifically impactful on societal and familial front. During this while, you may witness the inflow of profits from various sources. Meanwhile, your societal stature will also increase. Thus, economic conditions will remain stable, and along with that, you will become established in society. Along with that, your intellectual abilities will also increase, and you will touch new heights of success. Your enemies will try very hard to overpower you, but you will outshine them with the aid of your rational abilities. Student natives may hear any good news via the internet. The hurdles in your way of success may vanish, and you may also obtain the favour of your luck. If you are married, then this transit has some good news in store for you which you have been longing to hear for quite a long while. Happiness is waiting for you in your love life. During this period, you may introduce your partner to your parents and also hear the wedding bells ringing. Thus, this transit will be specifically fruitful for Virgo natives.

Remedy: For specialized results, worship Goddess Durga and offer her Kheer (sweetened rice pudding).


The planet Venus will take nest in your second house during its transitory motion. The impact of this transit will be visible on your economic condition. As compared, you will be able to accumulate more wealth and invest some amount successfully. During this period, you may also gain the possession of your paternal property. If you are married, then you may get blessed with a baby.

Along with this, newly wedded duos will be able to enjoy heartily and make the most of their marital life. You will witness moments filled with love and affection. Talking about your love life, Libra natives are advised to remain cautious in this field. Even an ordinary tiff with your partner may turn out to be ugly and put an end to your relationship. Job holders should also take special care of themselves within their workspace. It is quite possible for someone else to take the credit for your job. Thus, it is necessary for you to remain cautious. Those who are employed in the government sector may earn special benefits from the new policies at their respective offices. The blessings of the planet Mercury will also refine your communication skills, and you will be the centre of attraction amongst your peers.

Remedy: Seek the blessings of small girls and donate sweets (mishri) to them.


Since the transit of Venus is primarily taking place in your zodiac sign, hence it will remain posited in your ascendant or first house. During the transitory motion of Venus, you will be able to enjoy certain worldly pleasures. Natives who are associated with the business may receive profits from any foreign connection. If you have a business partner, then you may have to watch your words while speaking to him/her. Do not speak any such thing which may hurt him/her. To behave in a balanced manner, try to remain patient. You should not let go of your analytical abilities in excitement. This transit will also be specifically beneficial on a familial front. Natives who stay away from their family members will get multiple chances to return home. Relationship with father will become sweet, and a pleasant environment will prevail at home. On a personal note, you will spend most of your time with people of the opposite gender. Married natives will also get the unconditional support of their life partner. To make your married life blissful, you may go on a vacation and experience warmth in your relationship with your beloved. Thus, it can be said that this transit will be especially beneficial for the natives of Scorpio.

Remedy: To curb the malefic effects of Venus, donate batasha at the temple of any Goddess.


During the period of its transit, the planet Venus will remain posited in your twelfth house. As a result, you will undergo specific changes, because of which your inclination will be chiefly towards sensual activities. While indulging in such activities, you will achieve satisfaction, though you must remain careful when taking any decision about it. The future should be taken into account before contemplating such choices. This transit may have a negative impact on your economic status. Expenses will remain on the higher side, which may put a strain on your financial budget. Thus, it is advised to spend your monetary resources wisely to avoid any unnecessary expenses. You may also get opportunities to visit a foreign country to fulfil work requirements. There will be a lot of pressure at work, but it will prove to be beneficial for your future. If you wish to start your business, then you can invest some of your financial resources to get it started. For business purposes, you may have to take a long distance trip. Arguments occurring between you and your life partner may bring bitterness to your relationship. For the natives of Sagittarius, this transit will prove to be averagely fruitful.

Remedy: For specialized results, perform rudrabhishek of Lord Shiva with curd.


The eleventh house of your zodiac sign will host the transit of Venus for the natives of Capricorn. The special impact of this transit will be visible on your economic life. Thus, you will witness the inflow of monetary resources from vivid sources, which will give you access to all sorts of worldly pleasures required to lead a satisfactory life. On the personal front, your friend circle will increase, and you will be able to spend some quality time with them. During this transit, a casual meet up with your friends will eliminate your mental tensions and make you happy.

Due to the impact of Venus, the natives of this zodiac sign will set foot on a life full of comfort and leisure. Thus, you may spend some of your financial resources in buying expensive clothes, jewellery and various fancy items. However, you should calculate the importance of such things before buying them. It is beneficial to invest your money in some project which proves to be profitable for your future rather than wasting your resources in procuring unnecessary items. Your reputation in society will also increase, and you will come into contact with influential people. Due to your dynamic personality on the societal front, you will stand out in the crowd and create a special place for yourself in the society. Married natives will attain the full support of their life partners, and your bond will become stronger during this period. The positive impact of this transit will also be visible in your love life. You will spend more time with your partner, and romance and love will be in the air.

Remedy: For specialized results, chant Durga Chalisa and offer her white prasad.


Venus will transit in your tenth house. The negative impact of this transit may be visible on your professional life. During this period, you may get into a fight with a coworker or take part in unnecessary debates. Your energy and time will get wasted in these activities. Thus, it is advised to maintain your image at the workplace and stay away from office politics, as your reputation can get affected, hereby resulting in defamation. However, luck may favour you, which will enable you to face the challenges of life with determination. However, if you are a government employee, then you may receive a transfer order at this point of time or get promoted. Married natives may take part in arguments with their respective spouses, which will create turbulence in your marital life and become a reason for your unhappiness. Thus, for the natives of Aquarius, this transit will bring forward mixed results.

Remedy: To curb the ill effects of Venus, it is advised to chant this mantra: “ऊं द्रां द्रीं द्रौं स: शुक्राय नम:”/“ūṃ drāṃ drīṃ drauṃ sa: śukrāya nama:”.

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The ninth house of Pisces natives will host the transit of Venus. The primary impact of this transit will be seen in your economic life. As a result, you are likely to gain financial benefits from various sources. Additions will be made to your bank balance, which will enable you to enjoy the vivid aspects of life. You will mainly spend your financial assets on shopping, which would mostly include clothes. Due to the beneficial impact of Venus, you will look at life from a different perspective.

Along with this, you will also become generous during this period. On the familial front, you may get into arguments and clashes with your brothers and sisters. On the other hand, the father’s health may also be a reason for your concern. Thus, it is advised to take good care of his well being. If you are in love, then the beneficial impact of Venus will bring strength to your relationship and the ship of your love life will sail smoothly. In this transit period, natives of Pisces zodiac sign will develop a fondness for spirituality, which will also provide you with mental peace. Taking into account all of the predictions mentioned above, it can be said that the transit of Venus will be fruitful for natives of the zodiac sign Pisces.

Remedy: For specialized results, donate sugar to a priestess on Friday.

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We, here at AstroSage, hope that the transit brings a period of happiness and prosperity for you. May you achieve what you aim for!

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