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Sun Transit in Virgo (17 September 2021)- Meaning and Importance

In Vedic astrology, the Sun is considered as the king of all the planets and the individual who has a positive Sun in their horoscope can attain political success. This 2021, Sun will again change its placement and transit in the zodiac sign of Virgo on 17 September. Know how this planetary transit will impact the lives of all natives.

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Sun Transit in Virgo

The Sun is the Lord of the world because the existence of living beings is due to the rays of the Sun and it also plays a major role in the process of photosynthesis. The Sun’s friends are the Moon, Jupiter and Mars. Mercury is neutral towards the Sun. So, the Sun transit into Virgo and will give rise to mixed results for the natives. The sun is transiting from a fiery sign to an earthy sign therefore its approach will be practical. This is the time for physical body and healing, this is a good moment to set up a doctor and dentist appointment for a check-up. If you get detected in the early stages, it is easier to cure them if it hasn't become a chronic condition.

This period will be a good time to research and then decide on a healthy diet and exercise with you. This is a very good period to learn something new. It is a great time to organise the environment, your time, energy. Set your goals and make sure that you take at least one action every day towards achieving your goal. Sun in Virgo helps you to decide which things in your life you should keep and what is that it helps you to separate, from cleaning, sorting out, planning all the actions that are supposed to be during the Sun in Virgo. Make the best use of your time, organise everything in your life. During the transit you’ll be interested in volunteering some of your time to a charitable cause or join an organisation you feel passionate about.

The transit of The Sun in the sign of Virgo will happen on 17th September 2021 at 1:02 AM to 17 October till 1:00 PM, Till it moves in the sign of Libra.

Let’s find out what results are in store for all the zodiac signs:

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें: कन्या राशि में सूर्य का गोचर

The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Call best astrologers on phone and know in detail about the impact of Sun transit on your life.


For Aries native, The Sun is the Lord of the fifth house and is transiting in the sixth house that is debt, enemies and diseases. The natives will overcome all their enemies now and work-related will also be successful. Things will be very smooth at work, While anything for me comes to an end. For students and working professionals where good results, if you continue to focus on the task at the end. Financially, business native can apply for loans for the expansion of this business, visible to think through the whole process before taking a final decision. Relationship-wise, the transit will not be very favourite as there is a possibility of heartbreak due to ego issues. Married natives have to work on the relationship for a smooth flow of life. Students who want to appear for a competitive exam can come out with flying colours. The individuals suffering from the health element would see an improvement in their health. You are likely to see positive results in all aspects of this transit.

Remedy: Offer water to Sun every day


For Taurus natives, The sun is the lord of the fourth house and is transiting in the fifth house of love, romance, speculation and children. During the transit, you are likely to get some issues during this period and this will not be a very favourable period for you as you may face certain difficulty during the transit. You may have to indulge in some issues with your seniors and your relationship with your superiors might get strained. Professionally you should be highly careful in dealing with the individuals at your workplace and should put in constant efforts to maintain a cordial relationship and avoid interruption with them as there are chances of streaming of relationships with individuals at your workplace. Relationship wise there may be some problem with your spouse and your children might face some health problems during this transit. There might be some misunderstanding with your spouse so you are recommended to avoid it otherwise it would be bad for a relationship. This period is likely to hamper your social status and you may lose respect in society which will disturb your mental peace. Healthwise, you need to take precautionary measures to save yourself from viral infection.

Remedy: Recite Aditya Hriday Stotram daily.


For Gemini natives, The sun is the Lord of the third house and is transiting in the fourth house of mother, comfort and luxuries. During the transit, this is a good time to resolve any family issue and to have an open discussion if necessary. If you are looking to continue your studies after the break the planet transition is sure to bring good news your way. Also, note that it may not be a good time to engage in any conflict with your loved ones as there are chances of miss understanding with each other. Therefore it is advisable to think before you speak, in order to avoid any conflicts or heated debate with your spouse. From a career perspective, the working environment may suffer due to low confidence and native looking to buy property should exercise caution as there are chances of fraud. You may also find it difficult to make decisions during this period, so do take the advice of a mentor before signing off anything to say from any consequences. Relationship-wise, avoid heated arguments with your partner as this time could be very crucial for you. Healthwise, this will be a favourable period for you and you will enjoy good health most of the time.

Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu daily.


For cancer natives, The sun is the Lord of the second house and is transiting in the third House of courage, siblings and short trips. During this transit, you will have a favourable period as you will have a lot of courage and valour and you will provide impetus to your professional life. Your communication skills and ability to convince others will help you to create a new connection and you will be able to impress others with your words. There will be a good opportunity for capturing new deals while working towards the future game. Students who are pursuing higher education will also get favourable results during this period. Financially the natives who want to invest in real estate to require a vehicle should go right ahead and you may have to travel on work during this period which will give you good financial gains. Relationship wise couple will have a great time together and you may also go on a short but happy family trip. Married natives will find happiness in their married life and will get help from friends. Healthwise your health and mental peace would remain above average. Hence, this period is highly favourite for Cancer natives and we can enjoy luxury, wealth, name and fame in society.

Remedy: It is advised to chant Om Ghrni Suryaya Namaha!

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For Leo natives, the sun is the Lord of the first house and is transiting in the second house of Family, wealth and speech. During this transit there will be a sudden gain of money, you may win through speculation and risk-taking, especially, if the sun is well placed in your chart. Your communication skills are likely to be improved and if you are searching for a job abroad you would get a positive result as you have a fair chance of getting gains from a foreign land. Your status and respect in society is likely to improve. It is advised not to indulge yourself in any kind of argument with your seniors and not to take any hasty decisions while doing investments. Financially, you will seek more and more wealth, and you will invest for the long term. Relationship wise the transit is neutral for your relationships with others as some argument and conflict may arise. Healthwise, your health may get disturbed during this transit and some minor accidents can also happen. This is a good time for in-depth learning in increasing your knowledge.

Remedy: Offer water lots and every day at sunrise.


For Virgo natives, the Sun is the lord of the twelfth house and is transiting in the first house of self and personality and nature. During this transit, the Sun will not work well for you on the financial front. Gains here may not be for you which can affect your position on the financial front. Business natives will not get the opportunity to get good profitable deals. Natives in jobs will feel irritated at not receiving the long due incentives. Relationship-wise, relations with your partner will get better if Sun is well placed in your chart, otherwise, a lot of arguments and conflicts can happen. Due to being preoccupied with social work, you may keep your family life at the back end and this is likely to take a toll on your relationships. Keep the communication channel open. Healthwise, this is not a very good period for Virgo natives health as you may face ailments or skin problems that could impact your physical appearance.

Remedy: Donating jaggery on Sundays will be auspicious for you.


For Libra natives, Sun is the Lord of the eleventh house and is transiting in the twelfth house of foreign gains, spirituality and expense. During this transit, this time will prove average for you as this period will give you an opportunity to finish long-overdue projects. You would want to cut down on socialising a bit during this time. This transit may create problems in your studies and you may find it difficult in concentrating. Professionally you should be careful with your investment and business partners during this time. This transit can further increase your troubles and can give you conflicts with people around you or close to you. Those who were trying to go abroad or waiting for an opportunity abroad would get positive results. Financially your expenses are likely to rise but you should not worry as it won’t surpass your income, it is advised to avoid investing in the areas that have a higher risk of returns. Your travel-related businesses should be avoided as they are not likely to give you the desired results. Relationships wise, it would be difficult for you to maintain a balance in your professional and personal life which might cause you distress and give you mental anxiety. Married natives will see mixed results for their married life during this period. Due to the aspect of the Sun on the sixth house, you are likely to apply for a loan and it will get sanctioned in this period as well. Healthwise you would like to get mixed results therefore required precautions have to be taken for health as minor health ailment, injuries, accidents are on the chart. It is advised to take precaution and proper care of yourself during this transit.

Remedy: Serve your father or father figures to attain the blessing of Lord Sun.

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For Scorpio natives, the sun is the lord of the tenth house and is transiting in the eleventh house of income gains and desire. During this transit this will be a favourable period for you as your social connections will flourish immensely, helping them to profit you at your work. You will see success and fame during this transit and will gain wealth through fair means. Business natives will be able to run their business very well and job natives will get due appreciation from higher authorities and the natives will feel happy with their future growth perspective. natives will feel positive from the inside which will help in making everything right in life. Relationship wise you will have cordial relationships with your family, children and friends. Married natives will also enjoy a blissful time during this period. Healthwise, your health would remain good during this period and no health ailments are seen in this period.

Remedy: Offer essential items to the needy on Sunday.

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For Sagittarius natives, the Sun is the Lord of the ninth house and is transiting in the tenth house of career, name and fame. During this transit, you will get an appreciation for your hard work and effort put by you at your workplace. You are likely to achieve opportunities for growth and progress at the job front and there are also chances of promotion. financially, you are likely to get favourable results from the decisions related to investment and your expenses will also remain in control. Relationship wise, you are likely to spend quality time with your loved ones. You will feel self-motivated and you will wish to learn more to enhance your skill and this learning will help you in your future. Healthwise, native suffering for a long time in less can get a cure during this period and for the rest of the natives, this will be a very beneficial period healthwise.

Remedy: Wear Ruby gemstone on your finger on Sunday.


For Capricorn natives, the sun is the Lord of the eighth house and is transiting in the ninth house of luck, fortune and religion. During this transit the natives have to be very careful during this period as your trust may be betrayed by someone known to you, so be vigilant; the possibility of fraud is high during this transit. It is advised not to share any secrets related to your career as some people may use this information against you. If you are planning for a job change or diversification in business then you should postpone the idea for now. It is advised to stay calm during this period and stabilise your position and not make any changes during this transit as it may create problems for you. Financially, financial situations would be average during this time frame and you are likely to get frustrated at some point in time due to limited income. Void any kind of speculation during this period as it would lead to a loss. Relationship wise, marriage native there will be a lack of mental peace in married life. There would be different opinions and few of your family members and this might lead to arguments with them which will again increase your mental anxiety and stress. You can get a chance to travel abroad during this transit. Healthwise, Capricorn natives are advised to remain serious about their health and exercise on a regular basis physically, as well as mentally to keep themselves fit.

Remedy: Doing Surya Namaskar daily in the morning will be favourable for you.


For Aquarius natives, the sun is the lord of the seventh house and is transiting in the eighth house of occult science, sudden loss/gain an inheritance. During this transit, the natives will face many challenges in their career and personal life. Students who are pursuing higher education will also face obstacles in the form of distractions. Professionally, natives will not get any favours from their superiors and the natives might get indulge in internal politics at the workplace. You are likely to be sued due to legal matters and litigation. It is advised that you should avoid any short trips for business as it is going to give you no fruitful results. It is advised to avoid making hasty decisions in your career. Financially, you are likely to get sudden gains in terms of monetary benefit which will give you happiness. You are also likely to get involved in charity and donation during this period. Relationship wise, this time can be good for having a romantic relationship with your partner. If you are having problems in your relationship earlier then this transit will help you make things better. Your relationship with your family members will improve and you can expect a blissful time during this period. Healthwise, you are advised to take good care of yourself as you may get body pain or problems in bones during this transit. It is advised to exercise regularly to stay healthy and fit.

Remedy: Make donations in Temple on Sunday at sunrise.


For Pisces natives, the sun is the lord of the sixth house and is transiting in the seventh house of marriage and partnerships. During this transit, the natives might face some difficulties due to their opponents and you Will be spending most of your time competing with others and being exhausted. Relationships with your spouse and others will also get hampered during this time. There are also high chances of ego clash with your spouse waiting advised to avoid having ego otherwise it would strain your relationship. Therefore, it is advised that you should put the focus on your marriage and not let things get ruined you do this difficult transit. Professionally, this transit will prove average for you as you will get progress in your work but just keep in mind to take due care while communicating with your seniors as there are chances of miss understanding. Avoid any official tour as it is not going to give you any favourable results. Healthwise, you may remain constantly under mental stress therefore it is advised to do proper yoga and meditation to be in a good state.

Remedy: donate copper on Sunday for an auspicious result.

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