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Mercury Transit in Scorpio (28 November 2020)

Mercury transit in Scorpio

In vedic astrology Mercury is considered as the planet of communication, business sense, analysis and observation. Mercury is considered as a neutral planet, it means the benefic and malefic nature of Mercury depends on which planet it is in conjunction with. Based on that Mercury becomes benefic as well as Malefic for signs. It remains closest to the Sun and Venus in the celestial sphere. Mercury in its benefic role bestows one with flexibility, adaptability and sharp business sense. However, if it is in a malefic role makes one nervous, anxious and indecisive in approach.

Mercury will transit into the sign of Scorpio on 28th November at 06:53 IST. It will remain in this sign till 17th December and move into Sagittarius at 11:26 IST. This planetary change will be helpful in research work along with providing you with strong determination. This is also a good transit to understand yourself better.

Now let’s see what this transit has in store for all the Zodiac signs-

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Mercury Transit in Scorpio


For Aries natives, Mercury is transiting through their eighth house which represents research, transformation and uncertainty. Mercury governs the third house of courage, efforts, siblings and short term travels for individuals born under this fire sign. This indicates that it may not provide auspicious results for them.

As Mercury is the lord of communication and is directly aspecting the second house of your speech and family. This indicates that you have to choose your words wisely before you speak, otherwise, you could find yourself embroiled in some controversies and clashes at the workplace. In terms of personal life also, be careful while conversing with your family members, otherwise, your home environment can get disturbed.

The professionals of the Ram, will find it difficult to convey their ideas and thoughts in an impressive manner during this transit which can result in decreased efficiency and productivity at your workplace. As this is a house of efforts and is in the house of uncertainty, your efforts may not go in the right direction during this transit. This can create frustration, angst and stress, so, it is advised to take it easy and instead of pushing things, just wait for them to happen. This way, you will conserve your energy which you can utilize later on. Also, try and avoid any kind of journeys during this transit, as they might lead to losses instead of providing you with gains.

It also indicates that your enemies may try to dominate you in this period, or try to plot or scheme against you to bring you down. So, try to remain aware and alert during this time frame. Also, stay away from taking any kind of loans and liabilities during this time frame.

The third house also represents siblings in Vedic astrology. This indicates that in this time duration, your younger siblings might face some difficulties or obstacles in their lives. Also, there could be some misunderstandings or clashes of opinion between you and your siblings.

On the health front, you can face some problems related to ears, shoulders and abdomen regions. So, no negligibility on the health part should be there.

Remedy- Donate stationery items to the needy children who cannot afford for themselves.

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Dear Taurus, you will see the Mercury transiting in your seventh house of spouse, relationships and business partnerships. This will be an auspicious time period for Taurus. Mercury governs your house of children, love and romance. This is a very good period to spend some quality time with your children. You can also plan a trip with them, which is likely to strengthen your bond with them. Students of this sign are also likely to perform well in their academics, as the Mercury position here will help them increase their grasping power and attention.

The individuals of this sign who owns business in the form of partnerships are likely to receive gains and profits.

Your organisation and administrative abilities will increase, which will help you achieve high professional status. You will be able to provide structure to your tasks and endeavors properly, which will help you gain good success and prosperity in your profession.

Overall, beneficial transit for the relationships and love life, but sometimes your ego and aggression can create some problems in the relationships. So, try and not let your ego dominate the decision making power.

Remedy- Wear an emerald of 5-6cts in the small finger of your right hand as it will provide beneficial results.


Mercury governs the first house of self, personality and fourth house of inner self, mother and land. Currently, it is transiting in your sixth house that represents diseases, enemies, obstacles and obstructions for Gemini natives. The individuals belonging to this sign will have to be careful about their health in this time duration. If you drive, then drive slowly as accidents, injuries can be foreseen for many. It also indicates that some issues related to skin and abdomen can also bother you in this period. So, no negligibility on the health part should be there.

For professionals, it is the time to be more persistent and hardworking than other times to achieve your goals and ambitions. Though, your seniors will be appreciative and will stand by you throughout this time duration. However, you may have some problems with your enemies as they may scheme or plot to bring you down, but in the end you will be able to prevail over them with ease. You should stay away from taking any kind of loans and liabilities in this period. Businessmen who will follow the current trends running in the market would be able to succeed more in this time duration. So, be more observant and flexible in your attitude to achieve success.

In terms of family life, Mothers health is likely to remain fragile in this duration, which may be a cause of worry and anxiety for you. Also, as the sixth house stands for clashes and conflicts, so, try and stay away from any conflicts and arguments. Otherwise, you are going to find yourself embroiled in some legal battles. However, as Mercury represents the maternal side of the family, you can achieve some benefits and support from them.

Try and avoid any sale, purchase or renovation of the property, land during this duration as you may register losses in the bargain.

Overall, it is the time period to stay awake and alert, rather than taking decisions hastily.

Remedy- Offer prayers to Lord Vishnu daily during sunrise.

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Cancer natives will see Mercury positioned in their fifth house which represents the progeny, ideas, intellect, love and romance. This position of the Mercury will bring mixed results for the cancer natives. The students of this sign wanting to pursue higher studies abroad may see their dreams getting fulfilled. However, the parents of this sign might remain worried and concerned about their child's health and progress during this time duration. Individuals of this sign, working in the fields related to creativity and arts are likely to come across many opportunities to showcase their talents. Also, those individuals who are looking to turn their hobbies into a profession are likely to find new headways and direction during this period. However, business men or professionals of this sign should stay away from indulging in any kind of speculative activities during this time period. Otherwise, you may incur huge losses in the bargain.

In terms of personal life, Mercury in this position sometimes makes one a little harsh in speech which can strain the relationships with your partner. So, choose your words wisely before you speak. Married natives will see their spouse gaining all the benefits of this transit in their respective professional areas or fields. However, certain ego clashes or temperamental differences can create problems between you two. So, be soft and clear in communication with your spouse or beloved, which will help you to clear the air in relationships and strengthen the bond between you two.

Remedy- Offer prayers to Goddess Saraswati.


Leo individuals will host Mercury in their fourth house which represents Mother, land, conveyances, luxuries and comforts. Mercury governs the second house of savings, accumulated wealth and family for the Leo natives. It also governs the house of success, profits and income for the individuals belonging to this fire sign. It indicates that this period will bring auspicious results for them.

This transit of Mercury will be very good for the Leo Signs to gain new experiences and learnings which will help them enhance their skills and upgrade themselves. Your seniors would be very appreciative and supportive of you, which will see you gaining new roles and responsibilities in this time duration. You will feel more confident, self assured in this duration and your leadership qualities will come to the forefront. This would further help you in your growth professionally.

Personally, a very good time that will see you spending some quality time with your family members. You will have happiness and contentment flowing within you as in this time period as you will be surrounded by your family members. Also, mothers health is also likely to improve during this time period, which will also be a source of joy and happiness for you. Meeting with some old relatives after a long time will make you both elated and nostalgic.

Also, there are very bright chances of you buying property and vehicles during this period. If you have been planning to buy them for a long time, then this period will help you with that.

The students of this sign will also find their concentration levels peaking in this duration, which will help them to improve their academic performance.

Remedy- Recite the Budh Beej mantra during the Hora of Mercury daily.


Dear Virgo natives, you will see Mercury transiting in your third house which represents courage, valor, siblings, travel and communication. This position of Mercury will see you getting more courageous, bold in your initiatives and decision making. You will not shy away from making efforts in order to realise your goals and ambitions. As Mercury represents exchange of information and ideas, this transit will help you in terms of clearly expressing your thoughts and ideas to others, which will bring success in both personal and professional spheres of your life. The Individuals of this sign who are in the fields of marketing, sales and public dealings are likely to benefit from this transit of Mercury. However, it can sometimes make you dominating and authoritative and can make you sharp in passing judgement about others. This can create some differences between you and your teammates. So, refrain yourself from doing any such activity in this time period. Also, undertaking short trips related to your business and profession is likely to provide gains and profits. Some of you who were looking for job change may come across opportunities during this transit of Mercury.

This transit will bring your protective side to the forefront, which will see you being warm and generous in attitude with your family members. This will result in bringing joy and happiness in the family environment. Also, the success of your siblings will bring contentment and joy to you. Spending time with your friends and initiating any new friendship will be on the cards during this transit. This is also a very auspicious time to try for the development of a good bond with your father or father like figure, which will help you to clear any previous misunderstandings with them.

Remedy- Wear emerald of 5-6cts. Set it in either a silver or gold ring on wednesday. This will bring auspicious results for the Virgo natives.

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Mercury will be positioned in your second house which represents your accumulated wealth, savings, family and speech. This transit of Mercury will bring auspicious results for the natives born under the sign of balance. During this transit, luck will favor you in all your tasks and endeavors. As Mercury is making a very strong ‘ Dhan yoga”, which will result in good inflow of Money in this time duration. As Mercury governs your house of foreign connections, benefits and profits from off shores can also be predicted in this period for some. However, you may meet certain expenditures during this transit, so keeping a proper balance between your expenditures and savings is a must during this transit of Mercury. The individuals of this sign indulging in family businesses will come across many opportunities that will help them take their family business to new heights.

Personally, this transit will see you inclined towards spending more time with your family members, which will help create a stronger bond within the family. You may also plan for a pilgrimage or any long distance journey with your family. However, your spouse's health may require attention and care in this duration. Also, avoid taking any hasty decisions regarding investments or else it could lead to losses. If you want to make any decisions regarding the investments, then doing so with the help or advice from the experts or your mentors will bring good results.

In terms of health, maintaining proper hygiene and dental care is required, otherwise you may face some problems related to teeth and mouth.

Remedy- Offering water and doing pooja of the Tulsi plant daily will bring auspicious results.


Mercury governs the eighth house of longevity, transformation, research and eleventh house of success and profits for the Scorpio natives. Mercury will transit into the first house of personality and self for the individuals of this water sign. Mercury will be in its directional strength during this transit, which indicates that it is likely to bring mixed results for the Scorpio natives.

This position of the Mercury in your transit will make you gain good social contacts, which will help you in the long run. Your administrative and organisational qualities coupled with sincere efforts will help you gain good breakthroughs professionally. Though,Scorpio natives may face some anxiety and stress related issues during this transit, which may make things more complicated for you and may lead you to make hasty decisions. You may also become over perfectionist and critical in this time duration which can create some problems for you in both your personal and professional spheres of your life. However, you are likely to receive some sudden profits and windfall gains which can be in the form of some inheritance, gifts etc.

This position of Mercury can also make you erratic in your lifestyle and eating habits resulting in bringing negative effects to your health. Some gastric issues and problems related to the digestive system may also annoy you. So, it is advised to indulge yourself in yoga, meditation and physical activity, which will help you channelise your energy in the right direction. This will also help calm the restlessness of the mind leading to positive results on the health.

Remedy- Lighting camphor daily in your office and workspace will help you get positive results of Mercury.


Sagittarius natives will host the Mercury in their twelfth house which represents the expenditure and foreign sources. Mercury governs the seventh house of Marriage, business partnerships and tenth house of career and profession. This indicates that this transit is going to bring mixed results especially pertaining to marriage and partnerships.

However, those individuals working in multinational organisations or who want to settle their career abroad may get some auspicious during this transit. Also, those of you who are in import- export may also see their businesses yielding profits. You may also receive some good aasciation or proposal from foreign, that may help you to establish you and your business successfully abroad

In this period taking decisions according to the resources at your disposal is of paramount importance, otherwise, you can find yourself in financial trouble. Proper planning and budget should be maintained regarding expenditures, that will ensure that you will always have enough money for the things you need and the things that are important to you.

However, some health issues to your spouse can be there,which will be a source of stress and anxiety for you. This period can also see you making expenditures on their medicines and health bills in order to ensure their quick recovery.

Overall health seems to be fine during this time period, but your sleeping pattern might get erratic during this time period. This may result in some complications to health especially related to eyesight, headache etc. So, it is advised to take at least 7-8 hrs. of sleep, which will help bring in positive results to health.

Remedy- Donate green vegetables to your nearby Temple on wednesdays.


Transit of Mercury in the house of success, profits and income will bring auspicious results for the Capricorn natives. This house is also significator of elder siblings and friends, which indicates that you are likely to get good support from your elder siblings and friends during this transit. Meeting with some old friends and acquaintances is also on the cards for some, which is going to open new doors of opportunity for them.

Professionally, this transit may see you receiving rewards and benefits in your workplace. Your competitive energy will be strong which will help you to tackle any competition or obstruction with ease. However, you need to be careful from your rivals especially during the initial phases of your transit.

Luck will be very supportive and on your side during this transit. Any pending legal matters will be materialised and the verdict is likely to go in your favor. This transit will also see you bearing expenses on religious matters or in some family function. This position of Mercury will also see you developing good understanding between you and your partner which will help you in further strengthening the bond between you two.

Overall, an auspicious transit for Capricorn natives that will see their wishes and desires getting fulfilled. However, you are advised to develop patience within you as understanding and maturity will help you in gaining better results from this transit.

Remedy- Reciting "Sankat Nashan" Ganesh Stotram in praise of Lord Ganesha will bring auspicious results.

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Mercury is transiting through the tenth house for the Aquarius natives. The tenth house in Vedic astrology represents career, profession, one’s status in society. Mercury governs the fifth house of love, intellect, progeny and the eighth house of research and transformation. This indicates that this transit is going to bring favorable results for the natives belonging to this Air sign.

Professionally, this period will help you in implementing your thoughts and ideas successfully, which will keep you in good stead among your subordinates and seniors at your workplace. This transit will also see you shedding traditional methods and bringing new and out of the box and creative solutions to the problems at your workplace. This will help you in gaining appreciation and recognition from your seniors and higher management. Those of you waiting for the promotion or increment, may get good news during this transit.

Personally, this transit will see an increase in love and affection between you and your beloved. You are likely to receive good support from your partner which will help in further strengthening the bond between you two. Those of the aquarius natives who are blessed with the child may hear good news about their child’s success. This will bring happiness and joy to you and will help you in building a stronger bond with your kids.

Students preparing for the competitive or government exams are likely to see their efforts bear auspicious results.

Remedy- Worship Goddess Durga daily during sunrise.


Mercury will be positioned in the ninth house which represents luck, fortune, higher education and spirituality for the Pisces natives. The planet of communication Mercury governs the fourth house of Mother, comforts and seventh house of spouse and partnerships for the natives born under the sign of Fish. This transit of Mercury will see students belonging to this sign achieve good results in their academics during this time frame. Those individuals who wanted to pursue higher education in their favorite universities situated out of town or abroad may see their dreams come true finally.

Personally, it is a good period to make amends with your spouse or spend some quality time with them, as the more you keep your partner or spouse happy during this period, the more luck will smile on you. The relationship with the Mother will also improve for some of the pisces individuals. Long distance journeys or travels especially to spiritual places or pilgrimages especially with the family can be forecasted for some. You will be more inclined towards attaining higher wisdom and knowledge during this time duration.

Professionally, you are going to come across many opportunities that will see you gaining income through some new sources. You are also likely to make investments in movable or immovable assets which are likely to yield positive results for you in the long run. You are also likely to gain good support and advice from your mentors and teachers, which will help you get a good direction especially in terms of your profession.

It is also suggested to indulge in yoga, meditation during this transit as it will help you to channelise your energy in a positive direction. Overall, a good transit for you that will see you getting good support from luck and fortune. This will also see many of your pending long term desires also getting fulfilled.

Remedy - Feed green grass to cows every wednesday.

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