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Mercury Transit in Leo (9 August 2021)- Timing and importance

Mercury, the planet of intelligence and humour, governs our expressions, observation, analytical skills and communication. Mercury will transit in Leo on 9 August 2021. Know its accurate timing and importance.

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Mercury Transit in Leo

The planet of youth blesses native with younger-looking personality when placed well in a chart. It disrupts the articulation when ill-placed in the chart of natives. It fosters quick responding and decision-making skills in the individual. The transit of Mercury is of sole importance, as it impacts the major industries. It also brings influence in day to day life, since everyone has some or the other form of communications in their personal as well as professional life. The intelligence will be moving from the mental energy that is from the sign of the Moon to that of the soul, which is in Leo ruled by the Sun. The transit of Mercury will happen in the sign of Leo on 9 August 2021 at 1.23 am and it will stay in this sign till 26 August 2021, 11.08 am, till it moves into the sign of Virgo.

Let’s see what results it has in store for all the zodiac signs-

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The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Call best astrologers on phone and know in detail about the impact of Mercury Transit on your life.


Mercury presides over the third and sixth house for Aries natives and will be transiting through their fifth house. You will be passionate in your endeavours during this transit period. This time will be good for the students preparing for competitive exams, their grasping power will be excellent and their focus on studies will be good. This will bring successful results in their examinations. Those who are employed will get good opportunities to improve their profile at the work front. Their diligent working will be recognised by their seniors and subordinates. You may also get a promotion during this period. Those who are into service providing industry will have a flourishing period, as they will be able to expand their business with their knowledge and skills. Also, you will be able to do good marketing of your services with your ideas and strategies during this period. Those who are in romantic relationships may face some misunderstanding or communication lapses with their partner. You are advised to spend more time with them and learn about their interests, in order to build a better understanding. You will be expansive in your communication and interact with new people and make loads of friends.

Remedy- Observe Fast on Wednesdays.


Mercury rules the second and fifth house of Taurus natives and will be transiting in your fourth house. You will be strong and determined and will have a good command in your speech which will help you in persuading anyone to the best of your interest. The academic students will have a favourable time, your intellectual level will be high and your learning skills will be quick. You also, be good at understanding your subjects and memorising the details, which will help you in getting a good score in your examination. The family atmosphere will be good, and you will have cordial relationships with all the members. You will be witty and will share funny moments with your family. Those who are in love relationships will also enjoy the warmth in their bond, you may also introduce your dear one to your family during this time. Those who are into the education industry, sales & marketing or working as diplomats will have an auspicious time. You will have a command over your speech due to which you will be good at convincing people and selling your products or services. You will be too connected to your mother during this period and your relationship will prosper.

Remedy- Plant and nurture a basil tree.


The transit of Mercury is of vital importance for the Gemini natives as this sign is ruled by Mercury. The lagna and fourth house lord will be in the third house. You will be interested in physical fitness and will indulge in sports and exercises during this time. You will be socially active and will be good at gossip. You will go out on short trips with friends and acquaintances and will make new friends. Your relationship with your siblings will be strong and you may receive support from them in completing your tasks. You will be a little possessive of your brothers and sisters and will spend quality time with them. The writers, authors and magazine editors will have an auspicious time since you will be able to attract crowds with your extravagant writing skills. Those who are into sports or games will also have a favourable time since you will be high in spirits and vitality, which will help you to practise and play well. Those who are employed may get a transfer during this time or may have to stay from home for work. The business owners may also make frequent travel plans for building good public relations and making new clients.

Remedy- Wear a good quality emerald crafted in gold or silver in your right-hand little finger to gain auspicious results of planet Mercury.

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Mercury will be transiting from the second house of Cancer. This transit of the third and twelfth house lord in the second house of accumulated wealth and immediate family will bring expenditures during this time. You will be spendthrift and will spend on household products and electrical gadgets. You will be good in your communication skills and will enjoy a warm relationship with your family. You may face some throat concerns during this period, therefore, you are advised to take care of yourself. The students will have a favourable time, their concentration level will be good, which will help them to learn and memorise well. You will also have a keen interest in gaining more knowledge on multiple subjects. You will be full of humour and good at cracking jokes, which will make you favourite amongst your friends. Those who are into family business will have a favourable period, you will have coordination with your family members, which will help in making big decisions that will be beneficial for the growth of your business. The time is not potent if you are planning to make any big investments, as you will be under losses in the longer run. You will be inspired by the people around you to make more efforts in your professional life in order to achieve success.

Remedy- Donate green leafy vegetables to female servants on Wednesday.

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Mercury owns the lordship of the second and eleventh house of income for Leo natives and will be transiting in the first house. Mercury being the Dhan yogyakarta for Leo natives will be in a strong position during this transit. Your economic life will be good and you may earn from more than one source during this time. You will earn profits from your past endeavours. You will be quick in your decision making and will perform all your tasks well in time. You will be good at taking big risks and convert opportunities into accomplishments. You will make good connections with authoritative and influential people during this period. This will benefit you in your professional life and you will achieve success. You are advised to take good care of your health in order to avoid any diseases since you will be carefree towards your personal health and physical fitness. Also, avoid overthinking or exerting yourself, since you will overboard yourself during this time which will deteriorate your mental as well as physical health. Those who are into politics, media and advertisement will have a favourable period. If planning to invest money, then this is a very good time as you will be able to gain good profits in the distant future.

Remedy- Worship Lord Ganesha and offer him Durva on Wednesdays.


The lord of the first and tenth house will be in the twelfth house for Virgo natives. This transit will be auspicious for the people who are dealing in import, export and business related to overseas clients. You will get good business and customer satisfaction during this period. Also, this time is potent to approach new customers and make expansions in your business. You may make huge expenditures on unproductive things, which may imbalance your earnings and expenditures during this period. You are advised to make a budget in order to avoid absorption of your income. Those who are working in multinational companies will have a favourable period, you will get encouragement for your good work and may earn incentives. You may also get a chance to travel for work, which will be an add on to your profile. If planning to go for a foreign trip, this time is potent as you will be benefited from travelling be it for your personal or professional life. You should take care of your health as your immune system may be weak during this time and you will be prone to seasonal diseases. You are advised to eat healthily and follow a good exercising routine to keep yourself fit.

Remedy- . Keep a green carnelian in the east direction of your room

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Mercury owns the ninth and twelfth house of the Libra zodiac and will be transiting in its eleventh house. Mercury is a beneficial planet for libra natives and its transit in this house will bring good fortune and prosperity. You will be fortunate in your professional life and will make good profits in your business. Those who are on services pertaining to travel, marketing and salesman will be doing good at their workplace and will earn handsome amounts from their minimal efforts. You will make good friends, especially with people from different cultures during this period. These relationships will be beneficial in the long run. Those who are pursuing arts, cultural things will have an auspicious time, as you will be loaded with creative ideas and perform well in your subjects. The government employees will get good recognition and encouragement from the senior officials and management. You may be a bit self-centred and will consider your desires and interest as the top priority. You may also look upto earning from some illegal resources, however, you are advised to not fall into such clings as you may end up bearing major losses in the end. You will share a healthy bond with your elder siblings and will get their support in accomplishing your goals.

Remedy- Listen to stories of Lord Vishnu, it will bring auspicious results.


Mercury presides over your eleventh house of income, gains and eighth house of uncertainties and legacy, it will be transiting through the tenth house of profession. You may face some low tides in your career during this period. There may be some changes in your job profile due to forceful circumstances. Those who were planning to switch jobs should look for the same during this time, as you may get some openings with the help of your friends. Also, the business owners who are planning to make some changes in their business should implement them during this period as the time is potent to bring a change which will be beneficial. You are advised to be cautious in money matters. You will be prone to losing money, therefore do not make an investment in speculative activities or lend money to anyone. You may receive some favours from your ancestors in terms of gift or fixed asset during this time. Those who are into the occult, mystical services will have an approving time, you will be good at your work and earn a handsome amount. The natives working in the insurance sector will also be able to make good clients and earn decent incentives at their workplace.

Remedy- Offer green clothes or bangles to eunuch on Wednesday.


Mercury owns the lordship of the seventh and tenth house of Sagittarius and it will be placed in the ninth house during this transit. You will have an inclination towards foreign culture during this time and will try to learn more about various countries and their ethics. You may also make frequent travel plans to explore and gain more knowledge about different places. You will explore the philosophical side of religion and spirituality during this period and will value more knowledge than rituals or activities. Your commitment plane will be strong and you will deliver whatever you commit at your workplace. You will get good support from your seniors or bosses, also they will appreciate you for your dedication and honest working. Those who are into partnership business will gain good profits and you will have a cordial relationship with your partner. You may invest in fixed assets or property during this time. The married natives will share a strong and healthy bond with their partner during this period. You may plan to go out on a vacation with your spouse. You may have an auspicious event in your family, which will bring joy and merriment to the entire family.

Remedy- Recite Durga Chalisa on Wednesdays.

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The lord of the sixth and ninth house will be transiting in the eighth house for Capricorn natives. This period will not be favourable in terms of your health. You will be prone to skin allergies, nerves disorder, cold & flu. The women may also face some menstrual issues during this period. You are advised to consult a medical practitioner in order to avoid major concerns. You should also be careful while walking or driving on the streets since you will be prone to accidents and incidents. The business owners will find it hard to crack good deals, you will have to work hard and put more than the required efforts as your luck will not favour you during this period. However, your efforts made during this time will drive beneficial results in the future. The students who are into research or the scholars pursuing higher education will have a favourable time, you will be good at exploring and getting into the depth of the subject, which will help you score better grades during examinations. You will have an inclination to occult mysteries and science during this time and will try to gain knowledge by reading through various sources and discussing with the professionals.

Remedy- Donate 800 gm of green lentils in the temple on Wednesday.


At this time, Mercury the lord of the fifth and eighth house will be posited in the seventh house for the Aquarius natives. This time will be favourable for the natives who are in a romantic relationship as their love will flourish. However, if you are planning to get married, then your marriage can get delayed. Even in the case of an arranged marriage, you may face some issues. If you are getting married, there are chances that your partner will be of higher financial status and will be more educated than you. This time is also favourable for students who are pursuing higher education as you will be able to focus and concentrate more on your studies, and you will be able to do well in your exams. You will also get happiness from your children. This time is also favourable for you in terms of gambling, but we will not recommend the same. You will do well at your workplace, and your officials will appreciate you. This time is especially beneficial for the natives who are into a business as there is a good chance of you making profits. You should try to have an open network as your contacts can help you to take your business to new heights. You will be open-minded and will be open to suggestions from others.

Remedy- Donate a green saree to a newlywed girl on Wednesday.


At this time, Mercury the lord of the fourth and seventh house will be sitting in the sixth house for the ascendants of Pisces. This time cannot be considered as much favourable for you. For the married natives, you may see some differences and misunderstandings in your relationship. You are advised to talk through these calmly so that your marriage is smooth. You also need to be careful of your opponents at work as they will be active and powerful at this time, it is recommended that you keep yourself away from office politics. You should also avoid investing in property at this time. Also, avoid borrowing money from the market as you may not be able to pay it back. You may like to spend on materialistic things which can hit you financially. You should spend carefully while keeping your budget in mind. You may also suffer from mental stress, for which it is recommended that you include meditation and yoga in your lifestyle. For students, you can be successful in competitive exams. Those who are into litigation and medical services will have a favourable period, as you will flourish in your profession. There may be some major expenditures on the house or household works during this period.

Remedy- Read Bhagavad Gita for getting the auspicious results of planet Mercury.

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