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Sun Transit in Leo (17 August 2021)- Timing and importance

The Sun is the life force of the earth. All the planets revolve around this star of heat and light. In Vedic astrology, the Sun is considered as a planet and it constitutes the soul energy of a native. Know the accurate time and importance of Sun Transit in Leo on 17 August 2021 and fins out more about its impact.

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Sun Transit in Leo

This masculine planet is the karaka of father for a native. A good placement in the chart brings fame to individuals. The supremacy and heat of the Sun are engulfed in the water sign of Cancer ruled by the Moon. It will be transiting from this feminine sign to its own sign of dynamism and aggression that is Leo. This transit will bring a kick start in all the held tasks. It will bring vigour and vitality in the individuals. One will feel confident and unbeatable during this period, gushing with energy and strength to accomplish everything.

This transit will take place on 17th August 2021 at 1.05 an and Sun will remain in this sign till 17th September 2021, at 1.02 am. Thereafter, it will move to Virgo. Let’s have an insight into the impact of this transit on all the zodiac signs-

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The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Call best astrologers on phone and know in detail about the impact of Sun Transit on your life.


The Sun governs over the fifth house of education, creativity and joy for Aries. It will be transiting in its own house during this period. You will gain back your confidence during this time and your aspirations will be sky-high. You will also be attention demanding during this time and would look up for appreciations from people surrounding you, for all your endeavours. The students will have a great time, as their understanding of the subjects will improve and they will be passionate towards learning and gaining more knowledge from every possible source. This period will also be good in terms of financial aspects, the flow of income will be smooth for employers as well as employees. There are also possibilities of earning from more than one source. Those who are into self practice or dwelling on their hobbies will get good opportunities to earn from the same. Those who are working in the government sector will also have an auspicious time, you will be able to make an impression on your subordinate with your enthusiasm and high spirits at the workplace. Overall this time will be favourable for the Arians, however, you will need to be cautious with your eating habits. As you may face some acute acidity and gastritis issues.

Remedy- Offer Arghya to Sun every Morning


The Sun presides over the fourth house for the Taureans and will be placed in its own house during this time. You will be uplifted in your spirits and will be in a cherishing mood, also will seek joy and pleasure in all your tasks. Your conscious will be highly activated and you will be good in your sense of judgement during this period. You will work towards gaining recognition and building a reputation in your society with your good works. If in a relationship then this time you will make some strong promises, which will bring stability and commitment to your bond. Those who work from home will get good benefits and favours from your respective organisation. Your mother will be a little headstrong and dominating during this time, which may disrupt the peace at home some days. However, it will not bring major tensions or fights. Your mother may also suffer from minor health concerns related to blood pressure or stomach issues. If planning to invest in property or fixed assets, the time is favourable as you will be able to crack a fair deal. You may also plan to buy a vehicle during this period. The business entrepreneurs will have an auspicious time as you will be able to gain command over your products you are dealing in.

Remedy- Consume Ginger every day.


The Sun rules the third house of Gemini natives and will be well placed in its own house during this period. This period will bless you with outstanding stamina and strength. You will be overflowing with energy, dynamism and will look up to performing multiple tasks at a time. You will get good support from your siblings and friends in accomplishing your endeavours. You may go out on short fun trips or long drives with friends and acquaintances. Your articulation will be good and you will be able to persuade people around you. You will be brilliant and bright in your ideas and people around you will appreciate your sage words of wisdom. The writers, authors and people involved in sports will have a favourable period. You will give charity and donations to earn a good reputation in your community. Thereby, you will find your happiness in serving society. You will be inclined towards your physical fitness and will do aggressive exercise or gyming to keep yourself in shape. Your relationship with your father will be good and he will appreciate your good work. The general students will be good in their writing skills, which will help them in completing their projects well in time.

Remedy- Chant Gayatri Mantra ‘108’ times every morning

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The sun rules over the second house for Cancer natives and will be transiting in its own sign. You will be quite sensitive and sophisticated during this time. You will be straightforward in your speech, which might hurt your dear ones sometimes. Your morality will be high and you will think twice before performing any task. Those who are running a family business will have a favourable time as your focus and creative ideas in business will lead you to new heights of success. The academic students will do well in their studies, your concentration and learning skills will be outstanding during this period. You will be imaginative and creative in carrying out all your tasks, this will give you an edge over others and your work will be appreciated. You will also get support and encouragement from your family, especially your mother during this period. You will be a little shy and reserved during this period and will take time to get along with new people. However, you will be good with your existing friends and will bear all their secrets well. Your finances will be blooming and if planning to make any investments then the time is potent, as it will bring good benefits in the distant future.

Remedy- Recite Aditya Hridya Stotra everyday

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The lord of your zodiac sign will be moving in its rising sign. The royal planet in its own kingly sign of lion is dominating. You will be bursting with energy and self-confidence during this period. Always bright and cheerful in disposition during this period. You will be extra conscious of your appearance and fitness during this time. You will be good at taking risks, this will be a boon to those who are running their own business. You will be proud of yourself and believe in making productive deals in whatever you do. You may be a little arrogant and self-centred, which may hurt your friends and family at times. Those who are into top management or administrative jobs will do good, since you will have a stronghold on your work and team. You will be too commanding, which will help you in getting the work done from your juniors and subordinates. Those who are in government jobs or preparing for government jobs will have a favourable time. The married natives will not have a very good time, you will face some confrontations with your partner. Also, you will be too strict to understand their feelings and a bit rude in your actions, which may not be appreciated by your spouse. You are advised to be humble and loving in your attitude in order to avoid rifts with your partner. Your spouse may face some health concerns during this time.

Remedy- Feed cow with chapatis made of wheat flour


The transit of the sun will be in your twelfth house in its own sign. You will be self-opinionated and critical about your appearance during this time. You will be too hard on yourself and follow strict rules and reservations during this period. You will make a huge expenditure on your dressing sense and personality, in order to keep yourself updated and match the people surrounding you. You will also b interested in making huge expenditures on travelling, professionally as well as personally. Those who are dealing in business related to overseas will have a favourable time, as you will have a strong command over the market and your product line. Those who are into travel agencies or multinational companies will also have an auspicious period. You may get an opportunity to travel for work, which will improve your profile at your workplace. You will be influenced by people in power or authority during this time and will make efforts to meet their standards of living. You will be practical and proficient in your work, this will help you in completing your assignments on time. Also, you will actively use your past experiences in your current working in order to be extra cautious in dealings.

Remedy- Keep a red handkerchief in your pocket or wallet while going out.

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The eleventh house lord Sun will be placed in its own house during this period. You will be confident and high in determination during this time. You will be spontaneous in your dealings and will be a bit centred and materialistic. You will be good at beating your enemies and winning over them. Your economic life will be balanced, those who are employed may get some increments. The business owners will earn good profits, which will increase their income flow. Those who are planning to start their work will have a potent time, as you will get quick earnings from your investment and efforts. The research students and scholars will have an inclination towards their subjects, also the concentration level will be good. This will benefit them in studying and memorising the subjects. Those who are into romantic relationships will have a taxing period. You may have frequent fights with your loved one, which may lead to breaking apart of the relationship. Try to keep your ego aside and deal with the issues sensitively in order to avoid the negative impacts of this transit. The parents will be proud of their children’s achievements. Your children’s accomplishments will make you happy and cheerful.

Remedy- Respect your father and take his blessings before leaving from home.


At this time, the Sun will be posited in the tenth house which is the house of Leo for Scorpio ascendants. You will be very bold, and courageous during this time, which will reflect on your personality. Your appearance will be magnetic, and people will like to be around you. However, at this time, you will not be able to accept any kind of criticism positively. You will have high self-respect, which may sometimes turn into ego and arrogance as well. At work, you will be someone on whom your management can rely, and you will get easy success at your work. You will be quick in completing your tasks, and will be able to make a good reputation in your organisation. You will be very successful if you are in some administrative position or government job. Your leadership skills will be well appreciated. Your opponents will be inactive looking at your charisma, you will give them a fierce defeat during this period. You will be appreciated in your society as well for your social work and charity. You will get happiness from your children, they will obey you religiously. You may gain money from unknown sources or ancestral property.

Remedy- Donate 1.25 metres of red cloth in temple on Sundays.


At this time, the Sun will be placed in the ninth house for the Sagittarius natives. During this phase, you will be bold because of the fierceness of the Sun. But at times, you can be very expressive, which may appear very dramatic to others. You will not like anyone dominating or controlling you. Your wardrobe will be full of colours which will give a very positive vibe. You can plan to travel abroad as well at this time. You will develop an interest in artwork and different cultures, and will make efforts in gaining knowledge of these subjects. The student will have a favourable time, you will be lucky in getting good results. You will be able to concentrate well on your studies. Students looking for higher education can also get a scholarship. You will have a good sense of humour during this time, which will add more stars to your personality. You will be successful if you are a teacher or guru. You will be able to convince, motivate and influence others with your words at this time. You will have an inclination to religious works and will make donations for social activities. You may also go on a pilgrimage to find inner peace and strength

Remedy- Donate Pomegranate in the temple on Sundays.

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At this time, Sun will be in Leo, which is the 8th house for the Capricorn natives. At this time, you will have a charismatic personality, and you will dress up very well in an elegant and sophisticated manner. You will be full of confidence and courage, and you will be doing excellent if you are in a leadership role. With your leadership skills, you will leave an influence on people, and they will follow you. However, you will not like someone who is opposing your thoughts, which may make you aggressive as well. In these situations, you may need to calm your mind, for which you can also adopt meditation in your lifestyle. You will speak only when you are very well versed on the topic; otherwise, you will prefer to be a silent listener. You will be active socially, and people would love to be around you. You will like to learn and gather knowledge, and you will be successful if you are in the teaching profession. You will like to spend on luxurious items as well, and at this time, you should be aware and careful about your financial health. At the same time, you will also like to get engaged in spiritual activities.

Remedy- Feed Bananas to Monkeys.


During this time, the lord of Leo, Sun will be posited in the seventh house for the Aquarius natives. This position can bring mixed results for you. You will be very bold in your actions and will not fear anything. You will be very compassionate in nature, but at times, you may become short-tempered, and you will easily react to small things. It is advised that you should stay calm and probably adopt meditation and yoga in your lifestyle. For the married natives, this time cannot be considered as very favourable. You may see some fights because of ego-clashes, also you may feel distanced from your partner due to difference of opinions. So again here, you need to remain calm for a peaceful married life. Also, try to spend some time going on small trips or dinner with your spouse to strengthen your relationship. Those who are in a job, your management and bosses will appreciate you. It would be good if you take care of your health at this time, especially your stomach and digestive system. You are advised to eat healthy food and adopt a good lifestyle at this time. You will be successful if you are a scientist, politician, social worker or artist.

Remedy- Feed Jaggery to Cows, especially on Sundays.


At this time, the Sun will be posited in Leo, which is the sixth house for the Pisces native. This time is very favourable for you from a health perspective. You will be having good immunity and physical strength at this time. However, you should try and avoid eating acidic food during this period. You will gain fame in your social circle, and you will be appreciated at your workplace for your leadership skills. The students who are preparing for competitive exams will be successful, you will clear your exams with distinction. You may get into an argument mode if someone criticizes you or holds opposite thoughts for you. You will overpower your enemies, they will not be able to harm you in any sense. You will be successful if you are working in an administrative or a government position. You will be particular about your dressing sense and will wear updated clothing, which is in accordance with the latest fashion trends. This will enhance your personality and will add to your charm. Your intuition power will be good at this time, and you will be able to understand others very well. This will help you in making correct judgements against situations and people.

Remedy- Donate Jaggery and black roasted chana in temple on Tuesdays.

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