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Mercury Transit in Cancer - 03 August, 2019

The prince of the nine planets, Mercury, is considered to be the Lord of the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo. This dualistic planet is said to be the significator of our language, speech, communication skills, mind, intellect, consciousness, and business, and any person who has Mercury in a strong position in his birth chart (kundli) succeeds in these fields, in life. While, as per Vedic Astrology, Mercury is said to be a beneficial planet, yet sometimes when it gets in contact with an inimical planet, it can turn unfavorable for the natives. In order to escape such malefic effects, one should do remedies and take precautionary measures to pacify Mercury.

Mercury Transit Cancer Predictions

Effect Of The Planet Mercury

As per Hindu Astrology, Mercury is directly connected to our intelligence, which is why it is known as the significator of our intellect and speech. The prince of the navagraha, it governs over communication, logical abilities, business, and commerce, etc. in a native’s birth chart. The positive effects of this planet boosts one’s intelligence and communication skills, and such people have the ability to charm others with their pleasant manner of conversing. Mercury remains debilitated in the zodiac sign Pisces and exalted in Virgo. In addition to this, while it is friendly with the planets Sun and Venus, on the other hand, it maintains enmity with the Moon. As for its relations with the other planets, it remains quite neutral towards them.

Transit Period

Planet Mercury transited in the zodiac sign Cancer on Friday, 21 June 2019 at 02:19 AM morning. Afterwards, it became retrograde in this sign on 8 July, and moved into Gemini on 30 July, 2019, Tuesday around 12:25 PM afternoon. It will again become direct on 1 August and enter into Cancer on 3 August 2019, Saturday around 05:44 AM in the morning. The effect of Mercury transit will be seen on all the zodiac signs in this duration.

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Aries natives will find this Mercury transit to be moderately beneficial for them, as the planet moves into the fourth house in their birth chart. Your family life will be blissful in this duration as there is harmony and peace between the family members. However, on the other hand, the malefic effects of Jupiter in your sign can result in a decline in the health of your parents which will make you restless and tensed. Coming to the professional side, this transit will provide you plenty of benefits as per your hard work. Therefore, the harder you work, the better results you receive. Furthermore, you will have the support of your senior officials and colleagues at work. Moving on to your finances, you may get involved in a dispute concerning land, property, and inheritance, etc. but, on the flip side, some Aries natives can finally buy or begin construction of their new home. This Mercury transit will bring luck for married natives as there is a strong possibility of their spouse getting promoted at work.

Remedy: Donate fruits (faldaan) to Brahmins on Wednesday to avoid the negative effects of Mercury.


Mercury’s transit in the third house of your birth chart will bring a better chance of good results in competitive exams for student natives. This planetary movement will fill you with determination and you will rest only after completing any task you take in hand. As for your family life, you will be rather helpful towards your siblings, financially. Additionally, there will be a special improvement in your communication skills. During this transit, it is advised that you trust yourself rather than others. Taurus natives will get success in all their small attempts, and these endeavours will be financially beneficial for you as well. You may go on a short trip during this time, which will turn out to be rather favorable. Some natives can take steps towards beginning a new relationship in this duration. In the same vein, married natives can look forward to a normal marital life, however try to stay away from any situations that can lead to quarrels.

Remedy: Serve a cow to escape the malefic effects of Mercury


As Mercury transits through your second house, the time will be quite beneficial for Gemini natives. The planetary movement will bring a pleasant change to your communication skills, and you will be successful in attracting people towards you as a result. You may boost the morale of those you come in contact with in this duration. Economically, this transit will mainly encourage you to accumulate wealth, as a result of which, you can buy a new property. You will lead a luxurious life during this time – where on the one hand your wish of buying your own home may get fulfilled, on the other, you will also get the chance of savoring delicious cuisines. Coming to your family life, if your mother has been ill for a long time, then you may finally see an improvement in her health. Moreover, in addition to all this, some Gemini natives can also look forward to attaining certain worldly pleasures thanks to this transit.

Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu for special benefits, and offer him sandalwood.

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Mercury will be transiting in your own sign and hence will be posited in your first house, i.e., your ascendant house. However, this planetary movement will be quite harmful for you physically, as some of you can face a decline in health and may even come down with a disease. On the flip side, economically, there is a strong possibility of tremendous profits for you, through foreign sources. Additionally, this transit will prove to be beneficial for Cancer natives on a personal level and you will be quite satisfied with the way your life is at present. Working professionals will also reap benefits as the time is favorable for them as well. As for your family life, you will receive the support of your siblings and they will be right beside you in any situation. Married natives too can look forward to special gains through their spouse.

Remedy: Donate camphor in a temple on Wednesday to escape the malefic effects of Mercury.


Mercury brings with it, mixed results for Leo natives while it makes its transit through Cancer and gets posited in Leo’s twelfth house. Economically, this planetary movement will be harmful for these natives as your expenses may increase. Therefore, you need to control your expenditure and spend money only on things you need, not want. Someone from your family can go on a foreign trip in this duration, and if you are associated with some kind of business, then you can undertake a long trip as well. Much of your time during this transit can be spent in resolving a dispute, which is why it would be better for you to utilize your time in important tasks instead of unnecessary quarrels. The time will be beneficial for you, from the work point of view, as Leo natives will fulfill all their obligations at their workplace. You will definitely reap the benefits of this in the future.

Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu with pure ghee and camphor for special benefits.


Mercury will remain posited in the eleventh house of your zodiac sign, as it transits through Cancer and bring special benefits for Virgo natives with it. With this transit, there is a possibility of fulfillment of one of your wishes. The time is going to be quite beneficial for your health, and you will find yourself energetic and physically strong. You will also be quite active socially and get to spend some blissful and relaxing moments with your near and dear ones. Virgo natives in love can go on a trip to a place of their choice with their beloved. In this duration, you will also grow mentally and spiritually, which will prove to be rather beneficial for you. Your exceptional communication style will impress a special someone and may even lead to the beginning of a new relationship. You will focus chiefly on increasing your income during this transit, but be cautious and don’t take such a step that you may come to regret later on.

Remedy: Chant the ‘Shri Vishnu Sahasranama’ daily to escape the negative effects of the planet Mercury

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The transit of the dualistic planet Mercury in your tenth house can bring some good news for the Libra natives pertaining to your business or job, that will make you very happy. Many Libra natives may get a promotion at work or success in a project that they have been working on since a long time. Socially as well, there will be an increase in your respect and as you get more active and involved in social activities, you will reap the benefits as well. Beneficial impact of the transit is on the cards from your family point of view too, as you’ll get to spend some good time with your family members and as a result, harmony will prevail amongst them. Foreign sources can bring in some profits for you, and with some effort, you can put the good luck of this duration in use, for this period to be fruitful for you in the future also. Fate is on your side, therefore, if you are planning on commencing something, then go ahead with the idea. Overall, this transit will prove to be favorable and beneficial for the natives born under the sign of the balance, in every way.

Remedy: Offer a gift to your sister or aunt (father’s younger brother’s wife) for special benefits.


This Mercury transit brings many ups and downs for Scorpio natives as the planet gets posited in their ninth house. However, unexpected gains are possible in many matters. From your family point of view, you need to take special care of your mother as her health may decline. A sudden and unexpected trip is on the cards for many, and student natives who wish to pursue further studies abroad can also get a chance now. In addition to that, many of you will take a special interest in religious and spiritual activities and spend more time in charitable work. Economically, Scorpions can get an increase in income but they need to work hard, especially for that.

Remedy: Donate green vegetables on Wednesdays to avoid the harmful effects of Mercury.


Mercury will transit in your eighth house and this planetary movement can prove to be quite harmful for Sagittarius natives, healthwise. Since your health can decline, you need to take care of yourself in this time. Married natives should try to strengthen their relationship with their spouse and avoid getting into fights as there is a possibility of an argument during this time. The interest of some Sagittarius natives may increase in religious and astrological subjects during this transit period, and you may even obtain knowledge about some special type of mantras. Your family life will be shaky because your father can face some financial loss, however, by helping him in this time of need, you can become even more dear to him. Your respect amongst other family members will increase as well due to this. Overall, this transit will be quite beneficial for the natives born under the sign of the archer.

Remedy: Feed green fodder and jaggery to a cow to avoid the malefic effects of Mercury.

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The transit of Mercury in the seventh house of Capricorn will give average results to its natives. This transit will chiefly impact your career as promotion as well as a hike in income is probable for you. Healthwise, you will find yourself energetic and physically healthy. Special financial profits for your father are probable during this time and peace will prevail in your family life as you get to spend some happy times with your family members. Take care that you do not get into an argument during this transit as its negative impact will affect your reputation as well. Married natives should try to remain cordial with their spouse in this duration, and remember that a relation is like glass and needs to be looked after. Therefore, try to resolve any problematic situations calmly. If your mother has been ill for a long time, then you will see an improvement in her health now.

Remedy: Take the blessings of eunuchs to avoid the negative effects of Mercury.


Aquarius natives may finally become free of an old debt as Mercury makes its transit in their sixth house, as you are successful in paying them off. Economically, there can be an increase in your expenses, therefore keep an eye on your spending habits, lest some financial crisis befalls you. Legal matters may get resolved in your favor during this time, but on the other hand, the transit can prove to be harmful for you healthwise as you may observe a decline in your health. Student natives born under the sign of the water-bearer will get special benefits in competitive exams due to this transit as they reap the fruits of their hard work. People with a short fuse need to keep their temper in check, otherwise you will have to face its negative consequences in this duration. On the whole, this transit will be beneficial for Aquarius natives on a mediocre level.

Remedy: Donate pure ghee on Wednesday for special benefits.


The son of Moon, planet Mercury, will be transiting in your fifth house, and many Pisces natives can get fascinated with learning and gaining knowledge about new things. The time will be rather beneficial for student natives as they are able to focus better in subjects like mathematics and commerce. As a result, their performance in studies will be good. The economic conditions of many Pisceans will also improve as a consequence of this transit. Married natives can congratulate their spouse for some accomplishment at work, while those in love can even go ahead with their plans of love marriage. If you want, you can set up a meeting between your family and your beloved for things to move forward. In this duration, a near and dear one will understand your emotions and you will be able to have a heartfelt conversation with them, conveying all your personal feelings. Overall, this transit period will be very beneficial for Pisceans.

Remedy: To escape the harmful effects of Mercury, worship Lord Ganesha and offer him Modak and Durva (grass).

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