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Career Horoscope 2021: Yearly Horoscope 2021 For Career

Career Horoscope 2021- This article consists of Yearly Predictions 2021 for Career as per zodiac signs and details of how various professional changes will be seen in the lives of natives. As we all know, the year 2020 has almost been marred by the Corona pandemic, which saw the economy coming to shambles and many of us had to either shut our operations or if employed, live in the uncertainty and anxiety of job loss. 2021 Career Horoscope offers us a ray of hope and allows us to understand how the upcoming times can shape our professional life and career graph.

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At the beginning of the year 2021, the planets Saturn and Jupiter will form a conjunction in Capricorn, where the planet Sun will also transit in the middle of January. Rahu will be in Taurus, whereas Ketu will be in Scorpio and Mars will remain in its own sign, Aries. Different planets will transit during the year 2021 as per Horoscope 2021 for Career, thereby affecting your career significantly.

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Big companies or organisations responded to this health crisis by layoffs, salary cuts and by freezing new hirings. Many small operations had to shut down their shops and big businesses had been affected by losing their businesses in the form of dipping sales and supply chains. So, we can say we are facing a tumultuous time. But, now as we are coming out of this stronger than ever and are ready to embrace the year 2021 with open arms, let’s see what positives it brings for us in terms of career. Through this yearly horoscope, you will come to know of the productive areas, months and the things that you should be careful of in order to achieve great results in profession and business.

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So, here is the Yearly Career Horoscope 2021 for all the 12 Moon signs.

Aries Career Horoscope 2021

Aries Love Horoscope 2021 According to Career Horoscope 2021, Aries natives are likely to get beneficial and desired results in the year 2021. The effect of multiple planets positioned in your tenth house of career and profession at the year's beginning will provide you with extreme directional strength and capacity to achieve your goals and ambitions. The placement of Saturn and Jupiter will make you willful and action-oriented, that will see you accomplish many great feats in your professional field. You will come across many opportunities during this time of the year, which will create a strong foundation for the rest of 2021 to follow.

Also, the tenth lord Saturn in its own house throughout the year indicates that it will help you become focused, responsible, structured and organised in your work which will lead to improved performances at the workplace. Some of the natives born under the sign of the Ram also might get the opportunities to work for some foreign-related organizations or bring benefits and promotion to those of you who are already working in foreign organisations. Seniors will remain appreciative of your work and you are likely to enjoy the full support of your peers during the year 2021.

However, sometimes you might become lethargic, indulge in victim complexes, prone to negative thinking and desire to get appreciated and rewarded for each and everything that you do due to specific planetary transits and placements. These are the personality traits that you need to work on to get full benefits of the transits this year. The months of January, April and September will be very crucial for the Aries professionals as these months will be filled with tremendous opportunities.

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Businessmen may witness slow results till March month, but from April till November 2021, things will remain steady and smooth. But again from November 2021, till the end of the year they might have to rethink their plans and policies as, during these months, results or profits might not be there as per your accordance. Those in business partnerships will fare better results during this year. Use of new forms of technology and social networking will play an important role in enhancing the visibility of your business.

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Taurus Career Horoscope 2021

Taurus Love Horoscope 2021 On the occupational front, 2021 Career Horoscope indicates that the planets and nakshatras seem to favour the Taurus natives as your lord of the profession and career Saturn will be positioned in the house of luck and fortune throughout the year. This indicates that your ideas and efforts will be ably supported by luck and fortune which will see grow leaps and bounds in your career. As this house denotes seniors also, indicates that you will get full appreciation and recognition from your seniors and higher authority this whole year. As Saturn is positioned in the twelfth house from itself, which indicates that travels undertaken will bring you great benefits this year. Some of you in government jobs are likely to get favourable transfers along with promotion or increment.

However as per Yearly predictions 2021 for your career, from 23 May to 11 October 2021, with Saturn retrograde, try and recheck everything that you do, and keep your contact direct with seniors instead of going through channels to avoid misunderstanding and miscommunications. Also, during these months, you might have to put in more efforts than usual as you may face recurrent obstacles in your profession and work resulting in delays.

The businessmen born under the sign of the Bull may witness ups and downs, fluctuations during this whole year as per Career Horoscope 2021 for Taurus zodiac sign. Initial few months will be struggling for them, but from 17 March to 22nd June, the period will be good, which will see you initiating new products, taking right risks and registering profits during these months of the year. But, after June, the starting periods or months will be there for you to consolidate the profits or gains received during the initial months and prepare the foundation and strategy for upcoming months instead of initiating something new. Those of you in partnerships may need to keep things clear or plan an exit strategy if something goes wrong, as this year is not fruitful for partnerships.

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Gemini Career Horoscope 2021

Gemini Love Horoscope 2021 The year 2021 is going to be a year that will be filled with ups and downs, surprises and changes in terms of career and profession for the natives born under the sign of the twins.

At the beginning of the year, from January till March with maximum planets including your tenth house lord Jupiter positioned in the eighth house of transformation and changes, you are going to face some unprecedented challenges and obstacles in your career. The maximum planetary positions in this sign indicate that some of you may also have to face unpleasant transfers or job changes during this period. However, you may face this duration with optimism and try to work on your skills and experience during this tenure as it will serve as a great foundation for the upcoming months.

If you are professional and employed, the months starting from March till September’21 are going to be crucial and provide you with many opportunities to grow in your fields as per Horoscope 2021 Career Predictions. The transit of Jupiter from its debilitated position to your ninth house of fortune will see lady luck smiling on you and you also getting proper appreciation and recognition from seniors. Some of you may also get their due promotion during these months.

However, from 14 September till 21 November, you have to be careful in terms of making decisions in your professional field, as these periods may bring recurrent obstacles. The self proprietors or self-employed Gemini businessmen will register more success in the year 2021, but be careful during the months of June, September and October. Those in business partnerships may incur losses or face deceit during the initial few months, but from mid of April 2021, things will start to settle down and your business will move towards the positive direction.

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Cancer Career Horoscope 2021

Cancer Love Horoscope 2021 Things are looking great for the Cancer professionals according to Career Horoscope 2021 predictions, as they will start the year with great aplomb and energy with the position of the Mars, your tenth house lord in its own house presenting you with great will power and strength to accomplish the pending tasks and initiate new ones. There will be a promotion, increment and higher positions of authority for some of you since planets and nakshatras may be in your favour. The presence of Saturn in the seventh house of vocations throughout the year will bring great rewards for the professionals or servicemen. This position of the Saturn will also be good for the natives looking to start their side business apart from their main profession or service.

However, from April 6, 2021, till 14 September 2021, you have to be a little careful, as the transit of Jupiter, your sixth house lord in the eighth may see you getting involved in some controversies, arguments with your seniors and subordinates making things a little difficult at your workplace. You may face unnecessary delays and obstacles and you might also come to think that nothing is going right for you. However, do not take any hasty or emotional decisions and try to maintain your composure during these months, as the last few months will be promising for you, especially December. The months to look out for will be January, February, March, April and December. There will be many opportunities for you to travel abroad for the Cancer natives, especially from January till April 2021.

The position of Saturn and Jupiter in the seventh house will provide favourable results throughout the year 2021 for businessmen belonging to the sign of the Crab. They are likely to earn from diverse fields during this period. This year will be special to undertake travels as indicated by Career Predictions 2021, as they will provide you with great rewards coupled with new opportunities. Those indulging in import-export business will also see their pockets and hands full during this year. Your status in your social circle is also likely to increase as you will be seen indulging in a lot of philanthropic activities during this year 2021. However, the months of February, June, August, October and December, will be the months where the careful analysis should be done before making any financial decision or investment.

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Leo Career Horoscope 2021

Leo Love Horoscope 2021 According to the Career Predictions 2021 based on Vedic Astrology, the Leo natives are likely to get brilliant results in terms of the profession throughout the year 2021. The presence of Saturn, the lord of discipline, hard work in the sixth house and the planet associated with diplomacy and tact Rahu, positioned in your tenth house throughout the year will help you achieve great achievements in your professional fields. The presence of maximum planets in your Earth signs indicate that you will be hardworking, productive and efficient at your workplace and your diplomacy and tactful behaviour will help you tackle difficult situations with ease winning you brownie points among your senior management.

With auspicious planetary positions, your leadership and administrative abilities will come to the forefront, which will help you garner great recognition and respect at the workplace. However, the presence of benefic planet Jupiter in your sixth house is not good when it comes to enemies, as they may try to bring your image down or try to embroil you in some controversy, especially during the starting months from January till April 13th and from November till the end of the year. So, try to remain aware and alert during these periods.

The start of the year will also be great for you as indicated by the planets and nakshatras, as the “Yogakaraka” planet of your horoscope Mars will be positioned in its ninth house of fortune, from where it will move towards its strongest houses, tenth and eleventh as we move forward with the year. However, remain careful during the tenure starting from mid of July till mid of August, as you may face some unprecedented situations and health problems during this period, which might affect your professional performance as well. Avoid undertaking travels during the months of June, July, September and October as it will only add on to mental stress and worries. Overall, the year for professionals seems to be heading in the right and positive direction.

The businessmen born under this zodiac sign might have to remain content with mediocre results during this year 2021. During the maximum part of the year, your quadrant houses will be sans planets, which indicates that this is not the year to initiate any new work or make any new investments, otherwise, there are high chances that you may incur huge losses. Rather, utilise this period in learning from previous mistakes, consolidating previous investments and making proper planning and strategy for upcoming years. Take the advice from experts, father or fatherly figures while making important decisions.

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Virgo Career Horoscope 2021

Virgo Love Horoscope 2021 The professionals of the Virgo sign will start the year on a promising note with the presence of multiple planets in your fifth house providing you with great observation and analytical skills, which will help you move forward in terms of career. However, the presence of Saturn in your fifth house may provide you with a lapse in concentration and incline you towards job change, which you are advised against, especially during the initial months. The period between the months of April and September will be crucial and indicate significant results as Jupiter will have a direct aspect on your tenth house, which will be a great period to switch jobs or make important decisions related to the profession.

However, the month of April needs special caution from your side especially from 16 April to 01 May, as your ascendant lord will be in debilitated condition and aspected by eighth house lord, Mars. This indicates that during this period, you will be hasty, confused and anxious, so avoid taking any important decision related to the profession.

The period between September and November will be good for those looking for transfers to their favourite locations, as they are likely to get them during this time of the year. Overall, a great year to move ahead with your plans.

The businessmen will also get great benefits during the initial months of the Year 2021, especially till 06 April 2021, as maximum planets will be in the earth signs which are good for finance and business-related activities. Those running their business in the form of partnerships are also likely to get benefits during these periods. However, as indicated by Career and Job Horoscope 2021, from April 7 till 14 September, you are advised to tread cautiously, as the position of Jupiter will not be favourable to undertake business proceedings. The period after September 14 till November 21, 2021, will be a good period that will provide you with a chance to grab opportunities that were missed before. However, the stars this year will be more profitable for the natives who are doing their business in self proprietorship.

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Libra Career Horoscope 2021

Libra Love Horoscope 2021 As per Career Horoscope 2021 for Libra zodiac sign, the natives might see themselves getting indolent, moving into their comfort zone, taking their work for granted during the initial months of the year especially from January till March 2021, which will see you missing many good chances to grow. You are advised to be action-oriented as the stars will take a turn with the eleventh house lord Sun transiting through your sixth house during the month of March as it will present you with new opportunities in your professional field. Further, the presence of Jupiter in your fifth house of intellect from 7 April till 14 September will see you filled with great ideas getting appreciation for the same from your higher authorities.

The movement of Mars in your tenth house in the month of June according to Horoscope 2021 predictions will further prove advantageous and help you achieve higher positions of authority. However, sometimes your need for validation and aggression can play spoilsport, so, working on these traits of personality will help you achieve great results. The planetary movement this year will be favourable, so make the most of it by putting in hard work and moving out of your comfort zone.

Businessmen will get beneficial results during this whole year, 2021 due to the favourable placement of planets and nakshatras. However, instead of putting their money and energy in one big project, they should invest in small and diverse projects, which will provide them with a good inflow of cash and visibility. The initial few months will be a good time to initiate new tasks, as maximum planets will be in the movable signs, which indicates that they will get completed soon. However, those working in partnerships should keep their communication clear with their partner.

The months of April, May and June will be profitable as the movement of Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury will bring you gains from social contacts and foreign connections. The end of the year will also see you getting good gains from previous investments and good periods to undertake travel abroad. The months penning in between from August till November will also see lady luck smiling on you. However, be sure to make only those promises, which you can fulfil, otherwise, you may be under stress and pressure.

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Scorpio Career Horoscope 2021

Scorpio Love Horoscope 2021 According to the Scorpio Career Predictions 2021 as per Vedic Astrology, the position of maximum planets in their third house and movable signs will prove to be a spoilsport for the Scorpio natives as it may result in overconfidence, lethargic traits which may see them procrastinating things till the last moment, resulting in inconsistency and lacklustre performance. The placement of malefic planet Ketu in your ascendant may also make you restless and aggressive leading you to take hasty decisions, which you might regret later on. Try to work on these tendencies as the planetary alignment is also not favourable for you especially during the first half of the year, ie. till 15th July. So, do not do anything that proves hazardous for your profession. If you are planning to switch jobs, initiate new projects, it is advised to delay them during this tenure. Instead, try to work on your skills and experience to gain benefits in the upcoming months.

The period, especially from 17 August 2021 when your fifth house lord, Jupiter will be in mutual aspect with tenth house lord, the Sun. This will provide you with great confidence and self-belief, making it easier for you to initiate and execute new tasks. However, July will be a favourable month for those looking for transfers or switching their jobs. The end of the year will also be favourable for undertaking journeys to foreign lands and getting benefits from them, especially after 22 October 2021.

The businessmen will see themselves travelling extensively throughout the year, which will help them to earn new contacts and increase their fortune in the process. Overall, it is a year that will be busier than usual and full of profits for traders and merchants. However, the months of January, February, July and August are the special months for doing business as indicated by 2021 Career Predictions, so, try and utilise them wisely.

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Sagittarius Career Horoscope 2021

Sagittarius Love Horoscope 2021 Sagittarius Horoscope 2021 for Career suggests that the natives will see 2021 as a year full of promises and achievements, as far as their career and profession is concerned. Though, the initial months between January to April 2021 will require consistent hard work and efforts, as your ascendant lord is in a debilitated position. This may also see you struggling a little bit in terms of conveying the right message across to subordinates, which might lead to loss of confidence and negativity, impacting your performance at the workplace. However, from April 2021, when Jupiter will move into your third house, you will become more proactive, courageous and full of confidence, leading to improved performance at the workplace.

Further, the months of May, June, August, September months will be crucial for you according to 2021 Career Horoscope as per Vedic Astrology, as the movement of your Fortune lord Sun will be favourable during these times. You will be seen executing your tasks with great efficiency, which will help you win accolades and recognition from higher management. Those of you looking for a job change will find beneficial opportunities coming their way in the months of May and September. The last months between October and December will see you undertaking long journeys, providing you with great benefits and profits.

The businessmen born under the sign of the archer will also taste the fruits of success during the Year 2021. They will start the month with great aplomb as Venus and Saturn, both will be in conjunction during the start of the month, helping them to earn great profits and providing a solid foundation for the whole year 2021. Further, the months that will bring them special benefits will be March, April, July and September 2021. Those owning their business in partnerships will get full support from their partners. This will ensure huge profits for them in the process. The ending months of the year will see traders making deals and business, especially from foreign lands, as multiple planets will be transiting through their twelfth house during that time.

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Capricorn Career Horoscope 2021

Capricorn Love Horoscope 2021 The year 2021 as per Yearly Horoscope 2021 for Career will provide auspicious results professionally for the natives born under the sign of the Sea-Goat, i.e. Capricorn.

Saturn placed in your ascendant will have its exalted aspect on your tenth house indicating that you will be more structured, organised and responsible towards your work, helping you to gain great rewards and recognition. The presence of Jupiter along with it, also indicates that you will be philosophical in your approach while facing problems, which will help you to resolve them with great ease. The presence of multiple planets and favourable transits initially will see you growing by leaps and bounds in your career and profession. This conjunction will also see you getting good support from luck and fortune in all your endeavours.

The aspect of Jupiter on your tenth house from 6th April will further enhance the positive results, but, you may have to be extra careful and patient from June till October 2021, as both Saturn and Jupiter will be in retrograde motion during this time of the year. This indicates that you may face recurrent obstacles and may have to put in extra efforts than usual to achieve success. This year may also see you travelling extensively since initial days as maximum planets are in movable signs, the journeys could be towards foreign and offshores. Though, you are likely to gain benefits from them. Though, the whole year is full of promises, but, the months of March, April, October, November and December are very special, if you want to change your job or are looking for a promotion.

Those in business, whether they are self proprietors or in partnerships, will achieve success and profits during the months of January, February, March, June, October, November and December since planetary transits will influence you favourably. The months to watch out for them will be from 15 July 2021 to October 11, 2021, as indicated by Sagittarius Career Predictions 2021. So, try to avoid taking any important financial decisions between these periods. Also, during the month of August and December, try and not indulge in speculation, shortcut or scrupulous activities to gain money, otherwise, you may have to face extreme consequences.

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Aquarius Career Horoscope 2021

Aquarius Love Horoscope 2021 According to the Yearly Horoscope 2021 for Career, the position of the maximum planets in their twelfth house at the start of the year is likely to bring many ups and downs in the professional life for the Aquarius natives and this is going to follow for the rest of the year. However, with Mars positioned in their third house at the start will see them overcome obstacles with their sheer will power and strength. The natives looking for new jobs are likely to see the months of January, February and April giving them the desired results. During this tenure, the natives in their present jobs will also get support from their peers, which will see them accomplish their tasks with great ease and efficiency.

From June till 14 September this year will see Jupiter transiting through their ascendant bringing them good luck and opportunities to prosper in their career as per Career Horoscope 2021 for Aquarius natives. However, the debilitated Mars in your sixth house during the months of June and July might see your facing problems from your enemies, this would be a temporary phase but might give you some mental worries. The natives looking for a transfer to other states or journeys to foreign lands are likely to see their desires fulfilled during the month of October. The last months November and December will also be great for consolidating your position at the workplace and will also help to achieve higher positions of authority. However, the year with Saturn posited in your twelfth house might provide favourable results for the natives working in foreign organizations or MNCs.

Those doing business might have to travel extensively throughout the year to achieve results right from the month of January. The Months that will churn out favourable results for them would be January, February, May, August and December. So, be persistent in your efforts during these months. However, the position of the Ketu in your tenth house throughout the year indicates that you may sometimes jump into the tasks without proper analysis, which may prove detrimental to your success. So, try to work on this tendency to get good results.

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Pisces Career Horoscope 2021

Pisces Love Horoscope 2021 As indicated by Career Predictions for Pisces zodiac sign, the natives born under the sign of the fish are likely to receive great profits right from the start of the year till March with multiple planets transiting through your eleventh house, providing you with profits and gains in every endeavour and task that you undertake. You will be busier than usual during this period and will get full support from your subordinates and senior management during this time of the year. However, this also indicates that you may become over desirous and might take on more work than you can handle, affecting your consistency at work. So, working on these tendencies can help you gain better results. You may also need to ramp up your efforts to communicate with your seniors and subordinates, which will enhance your reputation at the workplace.

Those of you looking for new opportunities in their profession, the months of May and August will be favourable for them in accordance with planetary transits and movements. The months between 07 April to 14 September will see you undertaking travels related to profession, though you may need to take care of your health in this duration. The natives looking for promotion might get lucky during the month of December. Those looking for opportunities to change their jobs or profession will find the month of June and August providing them with positive results.

Businessmen, born under this sign are also likely to earn great profits, as the eleventh lord Saturn will be placed in its own eleventh house of gains, throughout the year. However, the months of January, February, June, July, November and December will be the months that will provide them with special opportunities to earn profits. So, be more proactive with your efforts during these months.

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So this was all you need to know about Career Horoscope 2021. Thank You so much for connecting with AstroSage!!

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