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Onyx Gemstone - Sulemani Stone

Onyx Gemstone-Sulemani Stone

The word 'ONYX' originates from ancient Greek which means a claw nail or a human fingernail. Onyx is a popular and inexpensive astrological gemstone which is also used as astrological substitutes for many types of primary gemstones, for example Green Onyx is an astrological substitute for Emerald. Onyx Stone is also known as Sulemani Stone in Hindi. The gemstone Onyx is a type of Chalcedony, whose black color is evolved from the presence of iron and carbon. They are hydrothermally formed in cooler hollows of rocks which results in parallel banded layers. The alterations in colors of the bands may vary from white to other shades of stones like black onyx, blue onyx, green onyx, red onyx, red-orange, orange onyx, honey etc. There are many variations of Onyxes which are prominently consumed for Astrological as well as healing or restorative purposes. Black Sulemani having a Trigonal crystal system is formed in the quartz group (the mineral class of oxide). Black Onyx is mainly associated with the planet Saturn, which especially works well to assist control over an individual regardless of what they are surpassing on around them and motivates them to be grounded and composed within themselves. Onyx stone is highly recommended by many gemologists in India, for protective measures in harmonious relationships, to negate any probability of differences between the couple. Sulemani Stone is known to be the mystical birthstone of the month of December. The stone represents the Zodiac sign Leo. It is meant to be gifted on the seventh and tenth wedding anniversaries.


Among the innumerable benefic effects provided by the Gemstone Onyx, few are listed below:

  • The black color of Onyx represents the Base or Root Chakra which helps oneself to reinforce the knowledge that there is no extinction or death and encourages in understanding the circle of life- the birth, death and reincarnation.
  • Sulemani aids in abolishing fear and angst, it also elevates a trust in one's self and brings an awareness of impregnation and aegis.
    Onyx helps in improving the function of the sensory and motor nervous system, it also aids in sharpening the sense of hearing and heals the diseases of the inner
    ear, weakness of the eyes and can fortify the immune system
    against susceptibility to infections.
  • The Gemstone Onyx helps to safeguard and armor against negativity that is consciously directed towards you.
  • Onyxes are best known to protect the wearer from the evil eye.
  • The close union of the layers of black and white onyx embarks the connectivity of romance and bonding. The Sulemani stone or Onyx Stone helps in condensing the indomitable feelings of sexual desires.
  • Onyx as a birthstone provides the structure and authority you crave. It can help you be the master of your destiny and strengthen your confidence.
  • It provides support in crucial times and accumulates your energy in times of mental or physical stress. It also offers the gift of wise decision making to the wearer.


It should be predominantly practiced that onyx should not be worn in normal conditions. Think of wearing it only after recommending by an expert gemstone advisor, and take a note that your nature and your business are in favorable conditions. Then you can opt for wearing this gemstone. If not followed or considered the necessary precautions then it can seriously affect your health and the ups and downs in your life.

The disadvantages of wearing the Sulemani stones in the Middle Age, was anticipated that the stone attracts fear, sorrow and bad luck.

It elevates the signs of disharmony and bickering between the couples and escalates the images of delusions while asleep.

It also carries some of this reputation into modern times as well

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What ratti/ size to wear?

A lot of different perplexing questions arise while approaching to buy the correct and suitable size or also called ratti of the gemstones. The Onyx gemstone can be suggested to be worn to lower the malefic effects of the planet Saturn in one's horoscope. There are two ways to identify the size suitable for you, one by consulting an astrologer- they can prescribe you with the right amount of ratti beneficial for you by calculating the severity of the effect of the planet on your horoscope. While you can also calculate the estimate weight for you to wear the gemstone by dividing your present body weight by 10 and the remainder will be the size appropriate for wearing it, like for example a 60 kg person should opt to wear a 6 ratti/carat Onyx. It's always been said that the bigger the size the greater the benefits will be.

Effects of Onyx on different horoscopes

As we all know that different types of gemstones function differently for individuals belonging to different horoscopes. Let us take a sneak peek of the different effects of Onyx stone on all the 12 zodiacs listed below.

ARIES- The natives of Aries should choose to wear the Onyx stone to boost their self confidence and their sense of responsibility. Sulemani stone helps you in improving your logical, analytical and rational thinking. The Aries people can attain their prominent aspect of their life enhancing clarity in their focus by wearing an Onyx. A three-day trial period is compulsory to test the suitability of the gemstone.

TAURUS- People belonging to the Taurus Zodiac can choose to wear the Onyx, as both the Zodiac Taurus and the Onyx stone belong to the earth element, hence get along well. But one should test it for a three-day trial before finally attaining the gemstone.

GEMINI- The natives belonging to the Gemini Zodiac should guard against wearing the Onyx gemstone as it won't fit with Geminis and can result in ill effects. If anyone individual still wants to test its effects then he should opt for a three-day trial before buying it.

CANCER- Those belonging to the Cancer Zodiac can choose to wear the Onyx stone, even though the affinity of gemstone Onyx with the Cancer is less. A three-day trial period is compulsory to test the suitability of the gemstone.

LEO- The natives belonging to the Leo Zodiac can wear the Onyx stone as it provides beneficial results to the Zodiac sign. The stone Onyx has a special affinity with the Leo enhancing its projective energy; do go for a three-day trial period to judge its initial effects on you.

VIRGO- The people belonging to the Virgo Zodiac can opt to wear the Onyx, as both the Zodiac Virgo and the Gemstone Onyx belong to the earth element, and hence works best for Virgos. Even though Onyx is suitable for Virgo people, it should also be tried for a three-day trial to conform its initial effects.

LIBRA- Those people belonging to the Libra Zodiac can prefer to wear an Onyx, even though the relation of gemstone Sulemani with the Libra is of lesser affinity. One should foremost go for a three-day trial to know its initial effects.

SCORPIO- The natives belonging to the Scorpio Zodiac can wear the Onyx gemstone only after judging the initial effects of the stone on the wearer, with a three-day trial, before finally putting on the stone,

SAGITTARIUS- The same applies for the people belonging to the Sagittarius Zodiac, before wearing the stone, it is imperative to try it on for three days as a trial and continue with it only if the results are favorable.

CAPRICORN- Those belonging to the Capricorn Zodiac should opt to wear the gemstone Onyx as it encourages Capricorn to capitalize on their strengths. The Capricorns should wear the Onyx on the middle finger to enhance their confidence level, organizing skills and help them to stay grounded. Perform a three-day trial to judge the initial effects of the gemstone.

AQUARIUS- People belonging to the Aquarius Zodiac can choose to wear the gemstone Onyx. Both the Zodiac Sign Aquarius and the gemstone Sulemani are governed by the planet Saturn, hence the stone it helps the natives to stay grounded and restrain from unnecessary pleasures. Before finally wearing this gemstone, one should examine its effects by a three-day trial.

PISCES- The natives belonging to the Pisces Zodiac can wear the Onyx gemstone, despite the lesser affinity of the Zodiac with the stone. Though, before opting to wear the stone, it is imperative to try it on for three days as a trial and continue with it only if the results are favorable.

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Technical composition

The gemstone Onyx with its chemical formula SiO2 is known as Silicon dioxide. The physical properties of Sulemani are as follows; its lustre is waxy making vitreous appearance when polished. The hardness measured for Onyx on Mohs scale ranges from 6.5 to 7. The density of the Onyx gemstone ranges between 2.6 - 2.65 g/cm3, but it varies accordingly with the amount and type of impurities. With the translucent and opaque transparency, the fractures on this stone are conchoidal following the Trigonal crystal system. The composition of Sulemani is of a mineral, like marble, granite or quartzite. It is part of the quartz mineral group which shows layers of contrast. Most Sulemani Stones are dyed to make their color uniform. The Onyxes are also heat treated to bring out its color intensity but this doesn't lower its value.

Wearing process

The black Onyxes set in silver, white gold and yellow gold accentuate this mineral gemstone making it more beautiful. The brown and white layered onyx, also known as Sardonyx looks prettiest in antiqued silver. While the red and white layered onyx, also called as Carnelian onyx which is usually set in more rustic-looking silver, is unusually striking against black or tan fabric.

Onyxes can be worn in the little finger of left hand or the middle finger to enhance the Onyx properties. People can opt to wear Onyx Jewelry in the form of Onyx necklace, ring, bracelet and pendant, etc. The majorly preferred metal for the gemstone Onyx to be worn is silver.

How to identify a real Onyx?

There are different procedures to be followed to identify the real Onyx stones. The good and best qualities of Onyx can be confirmed by observing the even color of the stone and its minimal inclusions, always look for untreated and unheated natural stones. Sulemani stone with its hardness range of 7, makes it scratch resistant towards lower number than 7. But to test the authenticity, you can scratch the surface with an item that ranges 1-6.5 on hardness - for example, a fingernail sits at a low 2 hardness, by doing this we you observe a scratch on it, the stone is not authentic.

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Awareness about natural gemstones that we sell

With the time passing by there has been a steady increase in many concocted, fabricated and fraudulent products especially in the market for gemstones to fool to customers, hence one needs to be very particular and stringent while buying these stones as the wrong stone can affect the wearer adversely or lack in providing the desired effects. Many people come under conception that the more the price the higher the authenticity of the gemstones, but this is completely untrue. With the huge variations in gemstone and its prices, the consumers should opt to rely only on the means of authenticating a gemstone with a lab certification by genuine gemstone labs. There are other means as well to test the authenticity of certain gemstones, hence be cautious while spending an extra mile for any gemstone.

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Genuine Gemstone Certification from OJAS

Lab verification provides its customers with the ultimate evidence of the potency and authenticity of the gemstone. Consumers should be keen on purchasing the gemstones from a trusted and most importantly lab certified sellers. AstroSage, helps its customers in getting the authenticated gemstones with a valid and legitimate certificate for all our gemstones. The certificate provided by us is ISO 9001-2008 certified and illustrates a brief description of the weight, shape, color, cut and chemical combination of the gemstone. If you want to opt for a budget friendly option then, AstroSage is the ultimate platform which assists you with all the necessary means.

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