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Blue Sapphire - Neelam Gemstone

Blue Sapphire Gemstones

Although a sapphire can be of any colour but red, the blue sapphire gemstone is considered to be the most tenacious & expeditious of the sapphire lot. Since aegis, the blue sapphire has been considered the symbol of royalty & romance. It's not only known to fend off covetousness and abhorrence, but to inveigle riches & repletion. The Greeks have been anciently known to wear blue sapphire when seeking opinion from the oracle at the time of their greatest need. The oracle had been a long admirer of this gem of the gems & heeds only those who possess this precious rock. The blue sapphire is also revered by Necromancers, for their ability to clout spirits & other entities of similar kind. Wearing a blue sapphire not always brings changes that are good for you, it also opens the doors to changes that could leave you all torn up & bummed out. However, in the imitation and real stone industry, the Blue sapphire jewelry is also renowned and liked globally. Following are the Advantages & Disadvantages of the palatial & sublime Blue Sapphire:-


  • Blue sapphire or Neelam stone is known to bring results in a jiffy. It leaves you high on the hog, brings affluency, prosperity & good times in abundance.
  • If the sapphire & you are in perfect sync, it then leads you straight down the path of miraculous results, observed specifically during the Saturn transits. You may then witness a boost in metabolism, vitality & zeal
  • The Blue sapphire acts as the perfect guardian as it protects you against witchcraft, necromancy,hatred and malignity.
  • When the Blue sapphire reaches its full force, it makes you know your own mind, simplifies even the most complicated of things & instills tranquility in life.
  • It also enhances digestion, not only will the blue sapphire suck lethargicness out of your life, you'll be so bouncing off the wall that you will have to hold your horses.
  • The Blue sapphire shows exemplary healing properties to soothe the senses & bring a notion of calmness into play.


  • If due to some reason the blue sapphire does not agree with you, you may incur hefty financial losses.
  • Minor mishaps or accidents are all signs that the blue sapphire you own is not in sync with you & you should stop wearing it at once.
  • The Blue sapphire, if not suitable for you could cause you insomnia and stress.
  • The Blue sapphire has a habit of sparking of a falling out or vendetta against your family members.
  • You could look a bit down in the mouth, primarily due to your career as it will take a tumble & turn for the worse.
  • Blue sapphire is no joke & should be worn only once you have consulted with an experienced & skilled Astrologer as it can have nocuous effect on you, so much that it could even end up with you kicking the bucket, so avoid wearing it without having a word with the wise.

What ratti/carat gemstone is suitable for you?

When you are purchasing an astronomical gemstone such as Neelam, you have to get everything spot on, this is how it works. According to Vedic Astronomy, Neelam is largely associated with Saturn; which in itself is a "comeuppance - sort - of - a - planet", which usually dishes out decisions based on your past deeds.

If you are planning on wearing a Blue sapphire, just remember that you wear at-least 2 carat of it as, that is the minimum amount of sapphire needed to exert its effect. If you wear any amount less than that, it might not be able to bear desirable results. Further, you have to make sure to wear the ring on a Saturday, in the middle finger of your right hand, after the Neelam has been soaked in pure cow milk, honey & gangajal for about 15-20 minutes. Burn 5 incense sticks, before taking out the stone form the mixture & chant "OM SHANISHCHARAYE NAMAH" 11 times. If you wish to buy lab certified Blue Sapphire, you can place your order here:

(Disclaimer: We recommend our users to consult an expert astrologer before wearing any gemstone.)

Astrological Analysis ; effects on various zodiac signs

The Blue Sapphire should be wore with a lot of care and precautions. The Blue sapphire stone price varies in terms of quality and clarity, but one should consult an expert astrologer before wearing the same.


Aries born are governed by Mars, which shares a rocky relationship with the house lord Saturn. Such would be the let down in this period that you shall find it really hard to see any real opportunity coming your way. Although you are advised not to wear it, still people who have Saturn positioned in their 2nd, 5th, 9th & 11th house could give this a shot if they want to.


You don't have to think twice before wearing this beautiful gemstone, as history has it, the ruling planet Venus shares an immaculate bonding with Saturn. This could only mean that you are in for a time of your lifetime and this only makes the effect of Neelam all the more stronger & impactful.


Despite of the pleasing relationship that the ruling planet Mercury & Saturn share, it is still an astute thing to seek advice of an astrologer before you go on wearing it. The Neelam gemstone should be worn during the Saturn period in order to draw out the best of results.


The crabs should be the last of the zodiac sign to wear this gem since the native Moon shares the same relationship as Mars does with Saturn. Saturn is positioned in the 7th & the 8th house which is widely regarded as unfavourable & ill omened time.


The ruling planet Sun does not share a friendly bond with Saturn. This sour relationship clearly explains why people of this zodiac should not wear this beautiful crystal.


The relationship between the ruling planet Mercury & Saturn is a neutral one. Wearing the gem won't bring drastic results similarly, won't be catastrophic as well. They could wear it when the Saturn period is going on to improve or slightly bolster their situation.


As the ruling planet Venus enjoys a rather cordial relationship with Saturn, people of this zodiac should wear this gem to reap the maximum out of the situation that they would be in.


The vibes shared between the ruling planet Mars & Saturn is musty to say the least. So this shouldn't come as a surprise that if you wear this stone apart from a few; whose Saturn is positioned in their 5th, 9th or 10th house, as it would do you more harm than good.


The ruling planet Jupiter has a rugged history of enmity with Saturn. Needless to say that if people of this zodiac ever, try this gem on themselves, the results would be catastrophic to say the least.


Saturn, being the ruling lord of this zodiac, the blue sapphire glorifies the lives of its natives as it sprinkles your life with good fortune & bliss. It also shields you from evil & other things, just as bad.


The Neelam stone drastically changes the fortune of people who belong to this zodiac & happen to have this gem on them. The fact that the ruling planet is Saturn does help its cause in terms of extracting the best out of the time ahead.


The ruling lord Jupiter & Saturn share a relation of being arch nemesis. This means that people of this zodiac should avoid wearing this marvel of a gem because the ill effects could be life threatening as well.

The blue sapphire is also known by the name 'Shanipriya' - lord Shani's favorite, as it is widely believed that the said stone is encapsulated in the center of the crown of Lord Saturn (Shani).

From the ancient civilizations of Greece & Rome, to Princess Diana ; the lady love of Prince Charles, everyone has been awestruck by this piece of bedazzling nature's wonder. Second only to Diamond in term of toughness, the Blue sapphire gemstone gem puts any other piece of artistry to shame, & rightly so. Also known as the heart of the ocean in the famous movie TItanic, this marvelous gemstone got lost along the rubble of the ship & the fact that people still look for it only comes to symbolize how attracted people are towards this magnificent marvel & the level of craziness that people are ready to hit, in order to successfully find this highly influential gemstone.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and is associated largely with restriction & limitation. Although Saturn relates to abjectness, it brings organisation & structure in our lives. In order to assuage Saturn & not let it cause any detrimental effect upon oneself, people go for this blue colored gemstone. Neelam is said to be the fastest gemstone in terms of giving results. It brings affluency, harmony, & subdues all the ill-effects that Saturn might bring with it.

Technical Composition of Blue Sapphire

More popularly known as Neelam, Blue Sapphire is an aluminium oxide (Al2 O3) with a gravity range of 3.99 to 4.00 and a refractive index range of about 1.760-1.768 and 1.770-1.779. The Blue Sapphire stone belongs to the corundum group as its hardness is 9 on the Mohs scale. It is considered to be next hardest mineral after diamond. The beauty and purity of this gemstone lies in its transparency and the different shades of its magnificent blue colour. The most auspicious time to wear a Blue Sapphire stone is a Saturday evening to appease or to derive better results from the planet Saturn.

Wearing Process

It is of utmost importance to wear any gemstone in its prescribed manner so as to avoid its negative results. The apt way to wear a Blue Sapphire is as follows-

  1. The most important step to be taken before wearing a gemstone, especially a Blue Sapphire, is to consult an astrologer to know if the stone suits your horoscope. Wearing a Blue Sapphire on your own can lead to mishaps and ill luck.
  2. Once your astrologer has given you a green flag, you can go ahead and buy an authorised and legitimate Blue Sapphire gemstone as a false stone will not bring out the desired results.
  3. After the purchase of the gemstone, the next important thing to know is the most suitable metal to fix the Blue Sapphire into. Blue Sapphire can be worn in Gold, Silver or Ashtadhatu (A mix of eight metals).
  4. It is believed that the effect of the stone depends on its weight. Heavier the stone, more effective it would be. Usually, one can wear a Blue Sapphire ranging from 3 carat to 6 carat.
  5. Saturday evening is believed to be the most felicitous to wear a Blue Sapphire/ Neelam.
  6. It is advised to dip the ring in Holy water or milk before wearing it on to eliminate all the impurities that the ring might have.
  7. After the ring is cleaned, keep it on a black coloured cloth on which Saturn Yantra is drawn using Kumkum.
  8. The ring can now be worn in the middle finger of the right or left hand, depending on the gender. Males can wear the Blue Sapphire in their right hand while the females can wear it in their left hand. The stone, usually, loses its effect in 4.5 to 5 years and needs to be changed thereafter.
  9. Make sure to clean the ring of dirt and dust everyday.

How to identify a real gemstone?

Determination of an authentic gemstone is of utmost importance. Read on to know how you can distinguish between a real and a fake gemstone:

  1. Carefully examine the gemstone with naked eye in daylight. Microscopic examination is not required if the gemstone is a certified one.
  2. An authentic gemstone can be marked by its colour which is a perfect combination of the desired hue, tone and saturation. One needs to know how an authentic gemstone looks like when observed under sunlight. Pay close attention to the shine that it carries. If it's shiny to the naked eye, then the gemstone is impure.
  3. Observe the surface of the gemstone. A rough gemstone is not classified as an authentic one. It should feel smooth when touched on the surface.
  4. The shape of an authentic gemstone should not be flexible. If a gemstone does not have a fixed shape then it is more likely to be an ore and not a stone.
  5. A variety of synthetic stones are also available in the market which look exactly like the real gemstones but lack their properties and effects. These imitation stones can be identified by the fingernail patterns that they carry on themselves.
  6. Transparency is another property of an authentic gemstone. Check if the light passes through the gemstone to know of its purity.
  7. Confirm the strength of the stone and that of its effects through lab certifications before buying a Blue Sapphire or Neelam stone.

Awareness about our natural gemstones

Because of the hike in availability of spurious products in the market, buyers have now become more careful and assiduous while buying a gemstone. Consumers ought to be extremely careful while buying a gemstone as the most expensive one does not always guarantee authenticity. A broad spectrum of stones are available in terms of quality and price. Usually, an expensive stone is considered to be more impactful than the cheaper ones but one should only trust the authentic lab certification so as to distinguish between the fake gemstone and the real ones. Also, consumers can ascertain the quality of the stones themselves before finally buying them. Be cautious of the spurious products that are widely available.

Genuine Gemstone Certification from OJAS

The best way to be assured of the quality of a gemstone is through its lab certification. Most of the sellers provide such certificates as a proof of the authenticity and credibility of their gemstone. AstroSage provides a certificate for all their gemstones to confirm its validity and legitimacy. The certificate is ISO 9001-2008 certified and provides all the information about the gemstone pertaining to its colour, weight, shape and magnification. By making a purchase of your gemstones from AstroSage, the risk remains minimal.

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