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Ketu Transit 2020: Effects on your Zodiac Sign

Ketu Transit 2020 According to Vedic Astrology, Ketu is a planet shrouded in mystery. Ketu Transit 2020 explains It does not have a physical entity and is therefore, known as a shadow planet. It bestows upon a native all the riches and luxuries if it is benefic. However, the wealth that Ketu brings often slips out of one's fingers in a blink of an eye. There is sense of enigma about Ketu. Due to the influence of Ketu, a person can become self-centred. Also, it confers upon them creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

From the beginning of the year, Ketu will be posited in the Sagittarius Zodiac Sign. At 08:20 a.m. on 23rd September 2020, Ketu will transit in Scorpio from Sagittarius and remain posited in the same Zodiac Sign till the end of the year. Like Rahu, Ketu follows backward motion. Thus, Ketu is always in retrograde motion. Let us take a look what the transit of Ketu holds for you in the year 2020.

हिंदी में पढ़ें - केतु गोचर 2020

Ketu Transit 2020: Aries Horoscope Predictions

Ketu will be posited in the ninth house from your Moon Sign right from the beginning of the year as per Ketu Transit 2020. The ninth house signifies luck and religion. Due to Ketu’s presence in this house, you will get a chance to go on religious journeys. You will get inclined towards religion and spirituality and perform religious deeds. Some unnecessary journeys may put a strain on your health and budget. If there is any problem existing between you and your father, you should try to find the crux of the matter and solve the problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, a rift may be created between you and him and you will have to bear the loss of your ancestral property. Investing in land and property should be avoided at all costs. In September, the transit of Ketu from your ninth house to your eighth house will bring significant changes in your life. Subjects related to research and development will pique your interest. If you want to go abroad, this transit will prove to be the time you have been waiting for. Laying the foundation of something new will yield positive results. Try to curb unnecessary expenses if you do not want to face financial problems.

Remedy: Hoist a red colored flag in a temple on Tuesday and feed roti (bread) to dogs.

Ketu Transit 2020: Taurus Horoscope Predictions

The shadow planet Ketu will transit in your eighth house as per Ketu Transit 2020. This will be a period during which you will immerse yourself in religion. Also, the field of research will attract you like a magnet. Those who are already in this field will get exceptionally good results. This transit does not seem to be much favourable for your family life. A chaotic environment might prevail at your home front. Extravagance will push you into a whirlpool of financial problems. Pain in your calf muscles and legs will trouble you. You should seek medical advice for the same. Regular exercise will help you get rid of it. The transit of Ketu in September might trouble your married life. Avoid taking major decisions during this period. You may feel mentally tensed at time due to which your relationships may become sour. Avoid lending money to others during this time and be cautious in carrying out monetary transactions.

Remedy: Recite Shri Ganapathi Atharvashirsha and donate multicoloured blankets to the poor and the needy.

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Ketu Transit 2020: Gemini Horoscope Predictions

According to Ketu Transit 2020, from the beginning of the year, Ketu will be posited in the seventh house from your Moon Sign. This may create problems in your married life. You may get entangled in arguments with your spouse. If you are looking forward to get married, you should avoid choosing your partner during this period. There are high chances of making a wrong decision. If you are stepping into a new business, you should be very careful. If you are already in a business partnership, you should not argue with your partner as it may create differences between both of you. Spending time with an old friend of yours will bring happiness. The transit of September may fetch you a transfer in job. You may also switch your job. Extra efforts from your end will be required to get the desired results in your education and your career.

Remedy: You should wear the root of Ashwagandha and worship Lord Ganesha daily.

Ketu Transit 2020: Cancer Horoscope Predictions

Ketu will be posited in your sixth house before its transit in September according to Ketu Transit 2020. This might create obstacles in your way to success. You may feel that some of your tasks that were expected to yield beneficial results might disappoint you. Your enemies will try to harm you and tarnish your image in the society. Students preparing for competitive examinations should focus on their studies if they want to race ahead of others and achieve success. Don't let your mind wander, least you should deviate from the right track. Your married life will run smoothly. You will settle the existing differences with your spouse. There might be some problems with your children after the month of September. Their deviation from studies might stress you up. You might get back to your lost love during the end of the year. Take care of your health, otherwise, you will have to face harsh consequences.

Remedy: Wear the Nau Mukhi/Nine Faced Rudraksha and then chant the following mantra: “oṃ hrīṃ hūṃ namaḥ/ॐ ह्रीं हूं नमः।” Apart from this, you should bathe using the shower daily and if possible, go take a bath in a waterfall too.

Ketu Transit 2020: Leo Horoscope Predictions

Ketu Transit 2020 predicts that the shadow planet Ketu will be present in your fifth house as the year 2020 begins. This may put your mind in a muddle and confuse you. You will have a hard time in decision making due to the same. Confusion may suffocate you at times. There are chances of differences cropping up in your love life. Letting misunderstandings destroy your bond of love is foolish. Solve the problems before it's too late. Bringing about a significant change in your life while time is not favourable is definitely not a good idea. Your financial status, however, will remain stable. You will be able to fulfill all your basic needs and that of your family, comfortably. Keep a check on your words. Ketu will transit into your fourth house in September. Avoid making any investment related to land and property during this period. Do not waste your money unnecessarily for show-off. Maintaining your budget will help you in the long run.

Remedy: Offer four bananas to Lord Hanuman on Tuesday. Also, fasting on this day will prove to be very favorable for you.

Ketu Transit 2020: Virgo Horoscope Predictions

Right from the beginning of the year, Ketu will be present in the fourth house from your Moon Sign as per Ketu Transit 2020. You will be devoid of mental peace during this transit. You will have to strive hard to keep yourself calm and patient. The transit may not turn out to be favourable for your mother and her health. You will find stress prevailing over your mind. Your family life will be affected as well. You should be careful while driving, otherwise, you may get hurt. Property related investments will not yield good results and should be therefore avoided. There may be some problems in your business, which are required to handle with care. Seek the advice of your seniors and elders. Avoid performing your tasks in haste. Short distance journeys are predicted. During September, Ketu will transit into your third house. This will make you travel a lot. You will be excited to start new work. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your siblings is recommended.

Remedy: Worship the Matsya avatar of Lord Vishnu and feed the fish.

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Ketu Transit 2020: Libra Horoscope Predictions

Ketu Transit 2020 prediction explains that from the beginning of the year, Ketu will be posited in your third house. As a result of Ketu’s position, you will have to travel frequently and that too, unnecessarily. There are chances of conflicts with your siblings, especially younger ones. You may have to spend a handsome amount of money for treatment of a family member. Your income might be erratic, causing you stress. Your life partner will fetch a big achievement making you proud and happy. The stars guide you to spend quality time with your spouse and take care of their health. Sports lovers might plan to enjoy watching a live game or playing it. You might also develop a religious bent of mind. An enemy of yours might be masquerading as a friend. Do not trust anyone blindly if you do not want to be deceived.

Remedy: Recite the Ganapati Atharvashirsha and offer Durvankur or Durva grass to Lord Ganesha on Wednesday.

Ketu Transit 2020: Scorpio Horoscope Predictions

According to Ketu Transit 2020 Scorpios are having Ketu posited in their second house in the beginning of the year 2020. It is a warning sign for those who speak their heart out. Sometimes you need to deliberately choose your words to avoid welcoming trouble. Harshness in your speech may ruin your relationships. Don't make promises in the first place, and if you do, be a man of your words. You may garner respect and praise in the society during the month of March. If you are into a field of sports, you will excel. If you are up for doing the groundwork of a novel venture, you should seek the advice of your seniors. Do not take decisions when you are confused. Investing your money without considering all the possible angles of return may lead you to financial problems. The transit of the shadow planet Ketu on 23rd September might deviate you from your goals. Try to concentrate and avoid making hasty decisions.

Remedy: Apply saffron tilak on your forehead every day and chant the mantra of planet Ketu: “oṃ keṃ ketave namaḥ/ॐ कें केतवे नमः”.

Ketu Transit 2020: Sagittarius Horoscope Predictions

Due to the transit of Ketu in your own Sign, you will fall prey to confusion predicts Ketu Transit 2020. You will be afraid to make a move towards your own goals. Your lack of trust in yourself will serve as a parasite for you. You should try to meditate and perform yoga to calm yourself and attain mental peace. Travelling to religious places and involving yourself in religious deeds will help. You will possess a remarkable sense of intuition and your creative skills will be out of the box. Do not argue with your father as it may hurt his sentiments. Switching your job or taking a major decision related to business does not seem to be a bright idea for you. Your marriage might face some ups and downs. If any misunderstanding arises, you should make sure to resolve it. Ample opportunities will await you at your career front. On 23rd September 2020, the transit of Ketu in your twelfth house will set you up on foreign journeys. However, you will be required to manage your expenses well, otherwise, you may end up spending more than you can afford.

Remedy: You should sow an Ashwagandha plant and water it daily. In addition to this, you should also donate blankets to the poor and the needy.

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Ketu Transit 2020: Capricorn Horoscope Predictions

Ketu, the shadow planet, will be posited in your twelfth house. Travelling is going to consume most of your time. Your expenses will rise steeply. Cut off unnecessary expenditures as some unexpected expenditures are on their way. Long religious journeys will bring peace and harmony in your life. You will develop a serious approach to life and will work towards self-improvement. You will have a hard time expressing yourself to others. The transit of Ketu in the month of September will move it into your eleventh house. You will discover new methods of income. There are chances of conflicts with your children due to the generation gap and difference of perception. You might face health issues related to your digestive tract and should, therefore, take care of what you eat.

Remedy: Recite Durga Chalisa regularly and chant the following mantra of Goddess Durga: “oṃ duṃ durgāyai namaḥ/ॐ दुं दुर्गायै नमः”

Ketu Transit 2020: Aquarius Horoscope Predictions

Ketu Transit 2020 explains that the presence of Ketu in your eleventh house will increase your expenses. You may plan to buy a new vehicle and spend your money for the same. You will get several opportunities to give a new direction to your career. You will gain both name and fame. Do not let your ego sow the seeds of differences between you and your spouse. You need to understand your partner well if you do not want your relationship to fall apart. You will spend money for decorating your house. Investments made for land and property will reap fruitful results. The transit of Ketu in your tenth house during September will not be favourable for commencing new work. Investments should not be made during this period. Avoid entangling yourself in conflicts with your business partner.

Remedy: Wear the Nau Mukhi/Nine Faced Rudraksha and worship Goddess Mahalaxmi and Lord Ganapati together.

Ketu Transit 2020: Pisces Horoscope Predictions

The position of Ketu will be in the tenth house from your Moon Sign as per Ketu Transit 2020. As a result, you may find yourself in a muddle. You will have a hard time in making decisions related to your work and family. You will feel restless and uneasy at times. You should try to have faith in your own abilities. Stay focussed and work hard to achieve your goals. Avoid investing huge amount of money. The jobs related to sales and marketing will reap benefits. There are chances of conflicts with your mother and you should try your best to avoid the same. She might feel impatient. Take her for a religious journey. You will enjoy a happy married life. Due to the transit of Ketu in your ninth house, you will get a chance to travel abroad. Take care of your father’s health after the month of September.

Remedy: Chant the Beej mantra of planet Ketu: “oṃ srāṃ srīṃ srauṃ saḥ ketave namaḥ/ॐ स्रां स्रीं स्रौं सः केतवे नमः”. Also, donate items related to the nakshatras of Ketu, i.e., Ashwini, Magha, or Mool such as sesame, bananas, or blanket.

We hope that Ketu Transit 2020 pans out to be favourable for you. May it bring all the joy and happiness that you have been waiting for. Best wishes from AstroSage!

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