Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology comprises of 27 constellations and embodies 12 houses, 12 zodiac signs and 9 planets. Each and every planet & house has a significant facet on the humans on Earth. Indian Astrology, avowed as Vedic Astrology can be elucidated as a sphere or field that envisages and elaborates the various planetary manoeuvers and locus in accordance with the day and time. It also envisions the upshots and the culminations on all the zodiac signs that sways the disposition and the persona of homo sapiens. Whenever a person is born, then depending upon the place and time of the birth, the 12 signs are allocated among all the 12 houses and the 9 planets which rests in different houses. If succicinting the Vedic Astrology, it can be said that it nothing but explicating the planetary arrangements which is felicitous for humans and other entities.

Formation of Horoscope Charts

Comprehensively, the Hindu Astrology is termed as the Vedic Astrology which has emanated thousands of years ago in the form of 'jyotish vidya'. Through this jyotish vidya, the learned sages use to foresee and illuminate the psychophysical nature of the individuals. Thus, the Vedic Astrology proves apposite to contemplate the doom and the hereafter of the lives of the people.

When it comes to prophesying the future of a person, Vedic Astrology plays a salient role by devising the charts of the horoscope. Aspects including the time, place and date of birth are considered as the chief elements to deduce the future of a person by analysing the planetary positions i.e. Astrology. Thus, pondering over all such fundamental facts, the astrologers contrive the natal chart of an individual. After perusing all the relevant information profoundly, varied possibilities and inferences about a person's life (Past, Present & Future) is anticipated.

Principle of Vedic Astrology

In the 1600s, Newton derived the law of action and reaction on physical objects, but the irony is that it is applicable on human lives as well. Human life is all about actions i.e. Karma and its desired consequences or the aftermaths and the same is illustrated in the Vedic Astrology as well. Therefore, it can be concluded that an individual's serendipity is decided by their Karma.

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