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Cancer Woman

Cancer people are born between 22 june and 22 july. A woman belonging to the Cancer horoscope gives off those motherly vibes. They live by the words " I feel". The Cancerian woman is sensitive - very sensitive - but not only to her needs, but to the needs of others, making her one of the most sympathetic and caring women of the Zodiac.

Cancer Woman

The cancer female is regulated by the lunar cycle and so are her moods. She is both quiet and passionate, fluid like water. She is a tidal force of confusing feelings and at the same time she can be reluctant, comply, angry and docile. This is the least accurate sign of the zodiac and a Cancer woman in the crowd is impossible to pinpoint. She is confident and strong, but she can be reserved often if she is troubled or provoked and drawn away into her own shield.

It can be taken personally, and not forgiven if you criticise her!

This is the first water mark of the zodiac and the moon is controlled by the Cancer woman, which gives her incredible insight and creativity. She's profoundly intuitive and if she is saying she's not feeling perfect, it's worth noting. That one won't know exactly, but it is inevitable that sooner or later it will be correct. Similarly, if someone is to be trusted, her preternatural instinct would tell her at once.

Cancer Woman Personality Traits

The personality characteristics of a Cancer woman are controlled by their emotions, and while they think they do a good job of hiding that fact, a Cancer in a huff can produce quite a little passive aggression hurricane. So if you hear doors closing or feet stomping, it may be better to find her and see if she wants to talk about it. Her significant element is water, describing her intrinsically related intuition and the normal way her emotions are in contact - and her emotions are so many.

A cancer lady will first be very uncomfortable and guarded, but once you win her trust and let her warm up, she'll be a true lifetime companion. But if her trust is betrayed, she will completely cut you off and will never speak your name again. Cancers do their best to learn how to handle their feelings and talk freely about what's going on inside them. This sign would benefit from a commitment to spirituality, especially one linked to the phases of the moon and women's cycles- body, mind, and soul.

If you are a woman of cancer, you are a negotiator, a peacemaker. You don't like conflict, but you prefer to do it without hesitation if you have to wait for a friend. Cancer is typically the strongest sign of the zodiac. The Cancerian essence has all dimensions, from shyness to a desire for limelight. Sensitive, kind, creative, romantic, quirky or flamboyant women could be Cancerian women.

Cancer Female Career and Lifestyle

Women born under the sign of cancer move in a zigzag manner much like the crab, in her life she does not approach something straight. Just because the Cancer woman has a low profile in the job sometimes does not mean that she is not involved in change. Being a strong character judge and possessing sharp instincts, this woman is an exceptional business person. She is the worker to look for, quiet but professional.

The Cancer Woman treats money carefully most of the time. Keenly sensitive, she knows how to communicate with individuals. Combine these two characteristics and she's going to have no issue with teaching, nursing, therapy, or journalism professions.

The female cancer is concerned with household and home. She wants to be around kids and pets. She is very artistic, musical and intelligent and also has the instincts of murderous company. However the true calling of the nursing woman of cancer does not operate outside her house - it operates a company or her own from her home.

As gentle as they are, equally gentle their lifestyle is.

You're going to have to learn to deal with the mood swings of a Cancerian woman, which is not so hard as she's so sweet in every other way. This lady does best away from busy streets or noisy neighbours in search of a peaceful place where she can relax and be nourished by beauty and good food, and preferably lives close to a large body of water.

For this water-baby, a seaside cottage or a lake house will be perfect roosting places, but if that is not possible, it is always important for a cancer to be within a few hours drive to the ocean. They feel supported and held by the surge of tides and the salty air, and it is a blessing for them to be able to swim regularly in the sea. For hours, they could float, reunited with their primitive mother of the ocean.

Seriously, this sign of the star is attracted to the ocean, well to the sea, like a crab. It's more than just a cleansing workout, it's an excuse to contemplate, daydream, indulge in pampering and slip away from real life for a while. They're big on self care and bathing. The home of a cancer woman sometimes feels womb-like, hanging around a lot of fuzzy cloth, with not many sharp edges. They are also drawn to stucco or clay hand-built houses, with custom rounded curves that mimic living inside the whorls of a sea-shell.

Cancer Female Compatibility With Other Signs

Compatibility is a must for a cancer female. Cancers like to be everybody's mother and are thoughtful friends. A cancer friend is the one who ensures that everyone gets safe at home following a drunken evening, and who calls to make sure you do all right after your flu. There's something calming about friendships with a woman with cancer, and you know she's going to be there to look after you if you ever need her.

Signs that are compatible with the crab are mainly water signs. Earth signs work well to co-create a shared life with water signs. The Earth gives form to water and includes the many energies and ideas that flow from the signs of water. Water signs nurture the earth and help to make ideas profitable businesses and houses and families. So a cancerian female will be well suited with Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer, Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo.

Cancer Woman in Love

The feelings of cancer are already close to the surface. To find the ultimate source of emotions involves only a very light scratching. The crab has a strong instinct for anyone in relationships that fits her best. Her definition of becoming a great partner is someone who likes to snuggle together on the sofa, watch TV, and pour wine for her.

Nothing better describes this woman than' home is where the heart is.' Family and friends are a high priority, and where she feels most comfortable is her home world. The Cancer Woman is the caregiver in her relationships, naturally maternal and domestic. She may wish for more equality often but she lovingly embraces her position as a giver. A cancer woman enjoys a lover's treatment, perhaps because in her life she cares too much and pampers others.

Cancers tend to be intensely caring and passionate about their partners in their relationships, and they want to bond deeply with one person when associated with them. Cancers fall deep in love to take you to a hidden place like a womb where the rest of the universe is lost. While it can feel wonderful when both of you are here those connections can also become symbiotic and contribute to emotional neediness for women with cancer.

When a female cancer loves, her motherly instincts can be difficult to manage. Although her sexual and maternal loving relationships can be a perfect distinction, true feelings can cause her to be confused. If she comes into a partner who doesn't feel the way she does, her desire to give everything that she can to the person she loves without regard to their own happiness might easily hurt her. She is a non-selfish giver and therefore open to all kinds of emotional buffs, so her boundaries must be held secure and reasonable enough to understand each side possible.

Cancer Women Celebrities

They shine in absolute glory, once they realise their undeveloped potential and welcome it. There's something happening in their lives that drives them to be the strong ladies they are.. While emotional and misunderstood, she is passionate, inspired and genuinely desires to make a better place for the world. She's got a smile that searches for inner certainty. But her apples will be popular in an enticing way. And her eyes always have a slightly lighter tone, or the arc-down eyebrows make her appear lighter. The eyes are moist and full of affection and feeling.

To get an idea of the classic Cancerian personality traits and types, we need only to look at some of the most famous cancer women: Princess Diana, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Solange Knowles, Nicole Scherzinger, and Lindsay Lohan. You could say all of these people wear their heart on their sleeve.


1. Are cancer female good gal-pals?

Trust us, there is no other girl pal you would be more happy to have in your life than the motherly cancer.

2. Why is Pisces so compatible with the Cancer?

The emotions of both of these signs run deep. But this is again the case of so much similarity. A couple of Pisces and Cancer could be pushed too far away from it and caught on the beach in a rip tide or worse. In order to succeed in this once-in-a-lifetime love, one partner would, apart from metaphors, need to be better grounded in reality.

3. Are cancers a great leader?

Cancers become great leaders, motivational speakers and friends, but this sign contains a few flaws! Cancers may find themselves with complexes and an inclination to overreact.

4. What kind of gifts a cancer woman likes?

She likes a gift of sentimental value. It's best to choose by listening to her words and experiencing her responses to things. She's not going to take care of particular occasions if you demonstrate awareness of her emotional reactions and the needs that form along the way. So try choosing something that's realistic, not too costly and most important, something that feels like it.

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