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Jupiter Transit

Jupiter, karak planet for wisdom and children, is a benefic planet in Vedic Astrology. It is known to be as a drop of nectar during the times when things do not go well accordingly. Jupiter provides us wealth, wisdom, knowledge, great teachers etc, if it is placed well in your horoscope. It takes 12 years to complete the full cycle of all 12 zodiacs signs during Jupiter transit. It passes over natal planets and different rashis while transitioning. The effects of the transit of Jupiter for every individual is different.

Jupiter Transit Jupiter transit bestows an individual with things one desires for. As per Vedic Astrology, it is believed that no event can take place without the influence or blessings of planets Jupiter and Saturn. These are Dharma and Karma planets and very important in astrology. “Mangal Karya” can be performed with the blessings of Jupiter in your horoscope.

Transits of planets are important as it narrates the occurrence of any event in one’s life. However, first of all, promising factors and Vimshottari Dasha must be checked in a horoscope. If there is any promising factor in horoscope regarding the occurrence of certain event and favourable dasha period running, then only transit would impact a person or provide results as per the promise of the kundali. If it is not, then probably dasha will not accept the results drawn by the transit.

Likewise, Jupiter transits also affect the life of an individual based on the promising factors and running dasha system. However, Jupiter is a benefic planet, hence it will not do worse with the person if not bad. In any case, it will not harm the person, though it may teach you during transit but will devoid any harm.

Jupiter is the planet which expands things related to that particular house. It enlarges our personal perceptions. Jupiter transits permit growth and expansion according to the nature of house and planets associated with that house. Your confidence level and joy will boost up in those areas of life. You would feel motivated throughout the day or may gain maximum results in those areas.

Problems do arise only if we over perform or overdo tasks, and become over confident and don’t think about the consequences. Just like Saturn, Jupiter also makes us realise that we won’t be able to achieve anything if we don’t trust ourselves.

Jupiter is the planet which gives hope and build enthusiasm. It is the planet of possibilities and always confers us promises. Jupiter is the planet of joy and hence jovial influences are casted over natives. Everyone needs that energy time to time. If it transits over any natal planet, it confers the results as per the house and planets associated with that house. Hence it will boost your capabilities and abilities related to particular house. It create some faith towards the divine within us.

Jupiter transits are always beneficial to us, only you need to grab the opportunity within the time frame allotted by your horoscope. You should not always wait for the things to happen. In spite of that, you must take an initiative by your own to make opportunities happen. For all, you must take care of your overdoing actions, you need to understand your potential and based on your potential, you can move ahead with your optimistic approach.

According to Vedic Astrology, Jupiter confers the results if placed in benefic houses or the houses which it signifies. It confers good results if placed in 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th house from your natal moon. In remaining houses, it may provide you some negative results too. Since it is the most beneficial planet in Vedic Astrology, hence its transit is reckoned very crucial due to slow movement after planet Saturn. It takes almost one year to move from one Zodiac sign to another, hereby making it almost 12 years to complete the full cycle in 12 zodiac signs. We can conclude that it spend one year in every sign. So if it changes its sign during transit, its impact will last for few months unlike the other fast moving planets like Sun, Mercury, Venus etc as they change signs within days or less than a month.

As we have discussed about the importance of Jupiter transit, now we will discuss about the results of planet Jupiter in every house reckoned from natal moon:

  1. If it transits over your natal moon , it forms the Gaj Kesari yoga, which is considered as an auspicious yoga in Vedic Astrology. However, it will bring some hurdles and dissatisfaction. Jupiter is the planet which always gives strength to the houses it aspects, i.e. 5th, 7th and 9th house from itself but will not illuminate the house in which it sits in. Hence native may suffer some mental disorder, lack of contentment. It may also affect the health of the native. But this period will be good for spiritual enlightenment as it will provide anxiety, fear to the native which may lead to the path of spirituality and virtuous deeds. Meditation and spirituality will come out as a best remedy during this transit period.

  2. If it transits into 2nd house of the horoscope from your natal Moon , it is considered beneficial and will help you with wealth and income gains. You may get rewards or recognition from society. You will try to always speak truth or what you say often comes out as truth. Your relations with family will improve. Health will improve. For married people, it will be a good time to give birth to a child as Jupiter here indicates the expansion of your family.

  3. If it transits into 3rd house of your horoscope reckoned from natal Moon , you will experience some challenges in life. Your business will slow down due to obstacles coming in your way. It won’t be considered as a good period in terms of monetary gains and finances. There may be possibility of losses as well. You may have problem at your workfront with your employer. Relations with siblings and friends may suffer during this period. You need to take care of your health. You may go on short religious trips during this transit or indulge in some religious and spiritual deeds.

  4. If Jupiter transits in your 4th house of horoscope reckoned from natal position of Moon , it would confer mixed results. You should be very cautious about your relations with your family and relatives. There might be loss on cards if you invest in property as it may give you heavy losses, so it would be better to avoid it. You should avoid travelling and need to take care while driving too. You should try to decrease your expenses to maintain your financial balance. Your relation with your mother may also suffer. You may borrow money during this period in order to run your business as your business may go through some ups and downs.

  5. If it transits in your 5th house of horoscope reckoned from natal position of Moon , it is highly favorable and beneficial. You will experience lots of improvement in all concerned areas. You will find yourself being more romantic and compassionate. Your children will be supportive towards you. It will be a good period for your children too. You will get well wishes of many people. Your reputation and position in the society will improve during this transit. You will get inclined towards spirituality. It is a good time period for speculations and investment. Your financial position will improve during this transit. Singles may meet their life partner or someone special during this transit. It is a good time for matters related to study related to any subject.

  6. If it transits in your 6th house of horoscope reckoned from Natal Moon , it is considered inauspicious in Vedic Astrology as 6th house is a malefic house along with expanding quality of Jupiter. In this case, it increases expenditure, debt, health issues and problems with co-workers and subordinates. You need to pay attention in these areas in order to maintain mental peace and happiness. You need to be careful of theft. Competitors or enemies may affect you in a negative way during this transit. It is recommended to you not to indulge in any arguments and doubtful activities as it may arise some legal issues with you.

  7. If it transits in 7th house in your horoscope reckoned from natal moon , you may get some relief in certain areas of life. Businessmen will look for some new partnerships. Your relationship with your bosses will improve. There will be harmonious relations with your spouse and children. More or less, you may enjoy good health, better status and cordial relationships. You may go on some fruitful journeys too. You may also get married during this period as it is activating your 7th house (House of marriage and life partner). You will enjoy your social circle of friends.

  8. If it transits in your 8th house of horoscope reckoned from your natal Moon , you have to work hard to achieve success in your life. During this period, you will spend excessively and may travel a lot. There might be possibility of sudden issues in business. Health may also go down. You need to be careful in court and litigation affairs. It is recommended to avoid any argument with your family and friends in order to capture peaceful moments.

  9. If it transits in your 9th house of horoscope reckoned from Moon , it is considered good. Since it is a lord of Sagittarius, which is the 9th sign in Zodiac, it feels at home when entering that house. It is a good time to grow exponentially in your profession. Your financial position and relation with your bosses may also improve. You can expect increment in your income or promotion during this period. It brings prosperity and blessings for you. There might be a lot of activities taking place. It would be a good time to get married. You may also travel to abroad during this period.

  10. If it transits in your 10th house of your horoscope reckoned from natal moon , it brings negativity and emotions within the mind of person. You may feel dissatisfied with your career due to unfulfilled desires. It would be better for you to avoid any discord or conflicts with your family members and seniors. There may be loss in real estate business or matters related to property. It can cause mental distress. Hence you must be more patient and calm during this transit. It would be better if you visit a religious place (Pilgrimage, temples etc)

  11. If Jupiter transits in your 11th house of horoscope reckoned from your natal Moon, it is good position of Jupiter. It will bring lots of respect, position and pride for you. Your children will be supportive and loving during this period as it aspects the 5th house from its 7th aspect from itself. You may get success in your all endeavours. You may get the chance to enjoy material comforts of life like jewellery, vehicle, property etc. You may also meet someone special during this period. Income may shoot up and you may gain profits in business. You will enjoy good social reputation.

  12. If it transits in your 12th house of horoscope reckoned from Moon , Expenditure may shoot up during this transit. However, you would be inclined towards the spiritual deeds. You need to stay away from your birth place and children during Jupiter transit. You need to enjoy solitude during this period. You may find your interest towards spirituality. You may go for long journeys. This period may bring obstacles in business, hence you need to be cautious.

Hence in conclusion, it is really an important transit for all. Jupiter is considered as “Guru of Devtagan”. Hence no work can be performed without blessings of planet Jupiter. We hope you like this article on Jupiter Transit and get answers for all your queries.

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