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Home » Festival » Pradosham 2016Modified: September 22, 2016

Pradosham 2016

Pradosham, a day dedicated to Lord Shiva, falls on the 13th day of every lunar fortnight. In each year, there are 24 Pradosham. On Pradosham 2016 day, observe fast, worship Shiva, cherish your dreams and achieve success in all you do.

Lord Shiva is the supreme deity. Before discussing anything about this sacred day, let's know some facts about Pradosham. Through these factual information, we will get motivation to observe Pradosh Vrat in 2016.

Pradosh Vrat 2016: Pradosham Facts

If you are not aware about the facts and significance of Pradosham, going through the below given points is a must for you.

  1. The word Pradosham means eliminating the sins or Doshas.
  2. Duration of Pradosham (Pradosh Kaal) is 2 hours 24 minutes after the sunset. Pradosh Kaal varies from region to region.
  3. Pradosham Kaal is an opportunity to overcome the bad deeds or Karmas.

Pradosh Vrat 2016: Pradosham Of Each Day

All the seven days of the week provide different benefits at the time of Pradosham. Let us know about the rewards of all these 7 Pradoshams.

Monday : Pradosham of this day is also known as Soma Pradosham. This Pradosh helps to attain good health and fulfills one's desires and wishes.

Tuesday : Also known as Bhauma Pradosham, this Pradosham provides relief from diseases and improves the financial condition.

Wednesday : Pradosh of Wednesday is fruitful to gain wisdom, knowledge and blesses the childless couples with child.

Thursday : It is also known as Guru Pradosham. Guru Pradosham helps in surpassing the opponents and enemies.

Saturday : Pradosha of Saturday is known as Maha Pradosham or Shani Pradosham. It is observed by the couples for a harmonious conjugal life.

With the knowledge of Pradosham of each day, make sure to get the best from each day.

Pradosham 2016 Dates Table

Date Day Pradosham
7 January Thursday Budh Pradosham
21 January Thursday Budh Pradosham
6 February Saturday Shani Pradosham
20 February Saturday Shani Pradosham
6 March Sunday Ravi Pradosham
20 March Sunday Ravi Pradosham
5 April Tuesday Bhauma Pradosham
19 April Tuesday Bhauma Pradosham
4 May Wednesday Budh Pradosham
19 May Thursday Guru Pradosham
2 June Thursday Guru Pradosham
17 June Friday Shukra Pradosham
2 July Saturday Shani Pradosham
17 July Sunday Ravi Pradosham
31 July Sunday Ravi Pradosham
15 August Monday Soma Pradosham
29 August Monday Soma Pradosham
14 September Wednesday Budh Pradosham
28 September Wednesday Budh Pradosham
13 October Thursday Guru Pradosham
28 October Friday Shukra Pradosham
12 November Saturday Shani Pradosham
26 November Saturday Shani Pradosham
11 December Sunday Ravi Pradosham
26 December Monday Soma Pradosham

The division of Pradosham as per weekdays is not just about the different Pradoshams; there are many more segregations of this holy event. Let us throw a light on them.

Pradosh Vrat 2016: The 14 Different Pradosham

Pradosham is of 14 types and here, we are providing you information about all of them. Go through them and widen your knowledge about Pradosham.

1. Nithya Pradosham : 90 minutes before the sunset are known as Nithya Pradosh. As per beliefs, worshiping Lord Shiva during these 90 minutes brings positivity in every sphere of life.

2. Divya Pradosham : Worshiping Shiva during Divya Pradosham removes the negative Karmas, strengthens the bond between husband and wife and helps in winning legal matters.

3. Deepa Pradosham : Shani Pradosham (Pradosh falling on Saturday) is also known as Deepa Pradosh.

4. Saptharishi Pradosham : Looking at the sky from the east direction after performing Pradosh Puja is known as Saptharishi Pradosh. During this Pradosham, the observer mentally worships the great saints.

5. Aegatchara Pradosham : Aegatchara Pradosham is that particular Pradosham, which falls once in a year. In this Pradosham, the devotee chants 'OM' while offering prayers to Lord Shiva.

6. Arthanari Pradosham : This Pradosham comes twice in a year. It is observed by the married couples who are facing troubles in their married life.

7. Thirikarana Pradosham : It occurs thrice in a year and is observed to please Ashtalakshmi.

8. Bramma Pradosham : Bramma Pradosham means Pradosh of 4 Saturdays. It helps to overcome the effects of negative karmas and frees the devotee from the burden of his ancestor's sins.

9. Atcharaba Pradosham : Atcharaba Pradosham falls when Maha Pradosham falls 5 times in the same year. Mistakes which are done unintentionally get overcome with this Pradosh.

10. Kandha Pradosham : Pradosham falling on Trayodashi tithi is known as Kandha Pradosh.

11. Jadjapraba Pradosham : When in a single year, seven Maha Pradosh take place then it is known as Jadjapraba Pradosham. It is observed with the wish of getting no rebirth.

12. Astathik Pradosham : Occurrence of eight Maha Pradosham in a year is Astathik Pradosh. It is observed longevity and eternal success.

13. Navagraga Pradosham : Occurrence of nine Maha Pradosham in a year is Navagraga Pradosh. It helps to overcome the effects of Navagraga Dosha.

14. Thutha Pradosham : When in a single year, ten Maha Pradosham take place then it is known as Thutha Pradosham.

Pradosh Vrat 2016: Legendary Story

Now, we will know the glorious legend behind Pradosh Vrat. So, here goes the legend...

Legend says that once Devas (gods) and Asuras (demons) were churning the ocean to extract out Amrit (immortality potion). To churn the ocean they took the help of Vasuki, who was the King of snakes. During the process, Vasuki got scratches and thus, emitted out extremely dangerous poison. Seeing her act, the gods and demons got frightened and approached Lord Shiva for help. To save the world from the deadly poison, Lord Shiva swallowed it. As he took the poison inside, Goddess Parvati stopped it in his throat. As a result, his throat turned blue and he got the name Neelkantha (blue throat).

As per beliefs, it is said that on 13 th Hindu lunar day i.e. Trayodashi, Devas and Asuras understood that by not worshiping Lord Shiva they have committed a mistake. After realization, they requested Shiva for forgiveness. Lord Shiva forgave them and then danced between Nandi's (celestial bull) horns. It is this time which is known as Pradosham. Worshiping Lord Shiva during this time, i.e. Pradosh Kaal results in the fulfillment of every wish and desire.

You may also like to read Pradosh Vrat significance. Click here to know - Pradosh Vrat Significance & Legend

Now, you know Pradosh Vrat 2016 dates, the significance of weekdays in observing Pradosh Vrat in 2016 and the major Pradosham days of 2016. Now comes the turn to know the procedure for observing Pradosh Vrat in 2016.

Pradosh Vrat 2016: Pradosham Puja Procedure

The fast begins with taking bath before sunset. The devotee then worships Lord Shiva along with Maa Parvati, Kartikeya, Ganesha and Nandi. Nataraja form of the Lord or Shivlinga is also worshiped after bathing with water and milk. Kalash (stoup) is filled with water and Durva grass ( cynodon dactyl) is placed over the Kalash. Over the grass, a lotus is drawn. Flowers, betel nuts, betel leaf, coin and rice are offered to the deity. Lord Shiva's Mantra ' Maha Mrityunjaya ' is also chanted 108 times and sacred ash is applied on the forehead. It is believed that lighting a single Diya (lamp) on Pradosham appeases the deity and yields highly fruitful results.

Now, let's go in bit more detail about observing fast on Pradosh Vrat in 2016.

Pradosham 2016: How To Observe Pradosh Vrat?

Observing fast on Pradosham helps one to seek the blessings of the Lord Shiva. Also, it gives the boon of Moksha (salvation), if every ritual is performed with full faith and devotion. Let?s now see how we should observe Pradosh Vrat (fast) in 2016.

Strict observers keep 24 hour long fast and do not sleep at all. Also, they do not eat or drink anything throughout the day and night. Some devotees on the other hand observe partial fast. Such observers begin their fast from sunrise and break it in the evening after worshiping Lord Shiva.

Pradosham Day Power

Pradosham is very auspicious to overcome the negative deeds committed by one in the entire life cycle. Pradosham means removal of Dosha or sins and therefore, worshiping Lord Shiva on this day eliminates all the mistakes and bad karmas. Pradosham falling on Saturday is known as Shani Pradosham and is the most auspicious. Also, Somavara Pradosham i.e. Pradosham on Monday is believed highly favorable. Both these Pradoshams are known as Maha Pradosh.

Let's now read in detail about Shani and Soma Pradosham.

Shani Pradosham

Saturn is a very powerful and strong planet. Observance of Shani Pradosham wards off all the negative Karmas and helps in getting blessings of Saturn.

Read all about Shani, here - Shani Puja, Mantra & Remedies

Somavaram Pradosham

Monday is the day for Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Observing Somavaram Pradosham grants blessings of both the deities. It also reduces the malefic effects of Moon (Chandra) .

Now, when you know so many things about this glorious day, we are sure you can plan out the best Pradosham dates of 2016 and make the best out of them.

Get yourself prepared for Pradosh Vrat 2016 by shopping all the required stuff.

Puja Ingredients & Their Importance

Milk : blesses the devotee with long life
Honey : blesses the devotee with sweet voice
Lemon : helps to overcome the fear of death
Sandal : bestows the devotee with grace of Goddess Lakshmi
Rice : removes all the financial crunches
Cooked rice : also known as Annam, it helps to attain majestic life
Ghee : helps in achieving Moksha or salvation
Panjamrutham : grants prosperity and wealth
Curd : blesses the couple with child
Coconut : for comforts and harmony
Sugar cane juice : grants health
Sugar : removes bitterness

With the above mentioned information, we hope you will make the best of each Pradosham of 2016. Make 2016 a prosperous year and expel out all the negativities.

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