The best online assistant for astrologers: Dhruv Astro Software!

Dhruv Astro Software is the most advanced astrology software ever developed for astrologers, budding students and astrology researchers equipped with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. It accumulates numerous systems of astrology such as Parashari, KP, Lal Kitab, Jaimini, Western, Tajik, Numerology, Horary, Swarodaya & much more.

Designed exclusively for you, this comprehensive tool assists in performing calculations without any loss of data due to system or software malfunction. Quite accessible on Windows, Android & iPhone, this software has been developed by our tech-savvy technicians keeping in mind your needs and requirements. With various exceptional features and key components, Dhruv Astro Software is a highly advanced platform answering your every question and resolving every doubt

Salient Features

Astrologer’s Name, Address

Personalized Branding

What stands out the most is its new feature where you, as an astrologer or researcher, can now add your Name, Address & Contact Details on every page of the kundli. This helps you create your virtual presence among the masses while being assisted by Dhruv Astro Software.

200+ Detailed Kundli

500+ Pages Detailed Kundli In Color

It is very difficult for any astrologer or expert astrologer researcher to get everything in one place. Dhruv Astro Software helps you to over come this problem forever. With the help of this software from AstroSage, you can download or print up to 100 of the most accurate and comprehensive coloured horoscopes, for a month with more than 500 pages of attractive graphics and images.

Save Unlimited Birth Charts

Save Unlimited Birth Charts On Cloud

With Dhruv Astro Software comes the option of saving unlimited birth charts on Cloud Storage. Hence, you do not need to bother regarding the limited storage or entering manual latitude/longitudes and can easily save an indefinite amount of kundlis over the years.

24*7 Access To Astrology Notes

Never Lose Your Data

You gain 24*7 access to your astrology notes and worksheets by upgrading to Dhruv Astro Software even after hardware malfunction. If your computer, laptop or mobile breaks down, or gets affected by any kind of virus, you won’t lose access to any of your details, kundli or notes, as all of these are easily stored on the cloud and accessed anytime you want.

Astrology Consultation

Office Management

Dhruv Astro Software provides you the feature of managing your appointments, day and work schedule.

Ads Free

Ads Free Software

With the latest upgrade, you get ads-free content on your app, which helps you enjoy the details and attain positive user experience. With no ads covering your screen every now and then, you get quick, precise and accurate life predictions, remedies and dashafal.

Huge Discount

Affiliate Program

In Dhruv affiliate program you can earn more by referring AstroSage’s product and services. In case of product it will be 10% of the cost and in case of services it will be 20% of the cost.

Free Pan-India

Free Pan-India Shipping On Products

By investing in Dhruv Astro Software, you get Pan-India free shipping on astrology products such as Gemstones, Yantras, Rudraksha, Jadi, Mala, Feng Shui items, Navagraha Yantras. Hence, this software enables you to seek the best advantage ever!

Most Detailed Kundli

Available In 9 Languages

Dhruv Astro Software is available in 9 Indian languages viz. English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam & Gujarati. Other tradiional astrology software charge you for multi-lingual, modern software do not. Your clients are everywhere and your software is in every language.

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