Venus Transit 2022 Dates & Remedies

Venus Transit 2022 is based on the elements of Vedic Astrology and brought to you by expert astrologers at AstroSage. You get accurate details about Venus transit 2022 dates, timings and its collective impact on all 12 zodiac signs. Know how this Venus Promise Report 2022 for all signs based on its transit throughout the year helps you grab best opportunities and utilise them in the best possible way. Also, follow effective remedies offered after the predictions to attain the blessings of the planet Venus.

Venus Transit 2022

Know The Impact Of Venus Transit in 2022 From Best Astrologers On Call

The planet Venus holds vital importance when it comes to relationships, marriages and children. Venus is also denoted for worldly pleasure, luxuries and wealth in one's life. The influence of business on one’s destiny would vary according to the positioning of the planet. It becomes the strongest and exalted when positioned in Pisces, but the effects will diminish and become debilitated when positioned in Virgo. There are particular territories in conjunction in favour of Venus and certain ones that don't. Saturn, Mercury and Ketu and friendly planets for Venus and Venus remain unhappy when paired up with the Sun, Moon and Rahu.

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Venus is the planet of love and relationship beauty, romance, creativity. According to Vedic astrology, Venus is known as the demon, or in simple terms, often regarded as the master of the Danavs. If we talk about the planet Venus, it takes just 23 days for Venus to complete the transit in one zodiac, i.e. 30 degrees within 23 days, due to which venus transit takes about 276 days to travel the entire zodiac signs. Let us know the Venus transit 2022 dates and predictions.

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Venus Transit 2022 Dates


Venus Transit 2022: Aries

For Aries natives, Venus is the lord of the second and seventh house and is transiting in the sign of the Aries. As a result, it is likely to deliver good results as per Venus Transit 2022 predictions. This transit is favourable on the relationship front. Lovers are likely to experience an auspicious period as the bond will get stronger with a better understanding between you during this period. The transit is also expected to be favourable to the married couple. Singles may get an opportunity to embark on a relationship as there are chances of meeting an ideal partner. The natives planning to be in a lifetime commitment or getting married may come across someone special. You may also spend on luxury items. However, it would be good for you to save money as you may have to spend on your family member’s health. The transit will also bring proximity to resolve family disputes and create harmony among friends in partnership. Healthwise, the period is going to give you favourable results. Still, it is advised to keep a proper diet and exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy.

Remedy: Offer white meals like rice, milk and sugar to pandits.

Venus Transit 2022: Taurus

For Taurus natives, Venus is the lord of the first and sixth house and transiting through the sign of Taurus. This indicates that financially this period will be very sound. The natives will be spending money mostly on leisure items, new clothes, fragrances, etc.. This transit is beneficial for the natives searching for a new job, or some good job opportunities may come their way. It is a good time to take your partner on a date and prepare a romantic surprise for them as per 2022 Venus transit predictions because the planet Venus will assist you in this regard. You may also come in contact with some influential person; Relationship with people works well to push ahead your prospect on the occupational and financial front as well. Make good use of this supportive period to enhance your prospect in general. Things are to move favourably for you now. In personal life, things will move ahead as planned by you. Explore the success in your business and treat it like other important trades of your life. Healthwise, it is advised to take proper care of your health as there are chances of some minor ailments during this period. Hence do not take health problems lightly and take proper precautions.

Remedy: Avoid taking gifts from others or anything for free.

Venus Transit 2022: Gemini

For the natives of the Gemini zodiac sign, Venus is the lord of the fifth and twelfth house and is transiting through the sign of Gemini as per Horoscope 2022 based on Venus transit 2022. During this transit, focus more on yourself. You may perform yoga and exercise to maintain your health, and will also be involved in trying different cosmetic products. This time is favourable for Gemini natives who are in committed relationships as there will be more love, and your partner will feel even closer. If you are a single native, it is time for you to look for a partner. You will share your thoughts and ideas and maybe even purchase the things which you like. Still, you should not purchase stuff to just only show off, or else you will regret it later. Gemini natives will be all set to learn new things in the course of this transit. Natives would appreciate the worth of effort and time while gaining progress. Healthwise, you will take an active interest in your health in your needs. But there are chances of getting allergies. There are no signs which hint that you may face major illness during this transit. There may be an increase in your expenses during this transit. Travel is also foreseen, which will lead to expenses.

Remedy: Donate pure cow ghee to any religious place and start using it regularly in your kitchen; it really helps to calm down Venus’ malefic effects.

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Venus Transit 2022: Cancer

For Cancer natives, this Venus Promise Report 2022 based on the transit of Venus reveals a lot about the impending impacts and life-transforming opportunities. Venus is the lord of the fourth and eleventh houses and is transiting in the sign of cancer. This position indicates pleasant relationships, marital harmony and success. Venus is also a factor of communication, so you will benefit from the internet, social media. Your content will be liked. Natives social standing will also improve in this period, and you will love meeting new people and socialising with them. There will be an improvement in your personal relations, and you are likely to spend quality time with them. Some of you can plan a perfect getaway in your budget. However, Venus transit in Cancer can create issues in your married life as your spouse may not be in the mood or stay cordial. This will hamper your relationship and could also have a negative impact on your mental capabilities, thereby giving you a lot of stress. Healthwise, this period is likely to bring an improvement in your health. There could be an expenditure on medical treatment, but it will be beneficial for you. This period will also give you the ability to figure out new and innovative ways to boost your growth and income.

Remedy: You should use perfumes and silver ornaments, as it is considered one of the effective Venus transit 2022 remedies for Cancerians.

Venus Transit 2022: Leo

For Leo natives, Venus is the lord of the third and tenth house and is transiting in the sign of Leo. This indicates you will have an enigmatic, charming personality during this time, and your focus will remain on enhancing your mannerisms, behavioural patterns and overall appearances. Since love has an extraordinary significance in one's life, you will be more demanding but at the same time equally giving and demonstrative in the matters of love. Both the emotional and physical fulfilments will be extremely important for Leos during this time of the period. For single natives as per yearly predictions 2022 based on Venus transit, it will be an easy ride to get committed with someone you have wanted to be with for a long time. Your presence will be such that it will charm the attention of the opposite sex towards you. You will feel full of confidence and charm during this transit, and the people surrounding you will be awed with your charming personality. You will be more serious about your eating habits, be more precise, and have a taste for sour and Tangy food. Those who are working in the creative field like Decor, music, designing, media, literature, drama and arts will have a favourable time. Your professional life will be excellent, and you will be admired for your creative works. Overall, you will have a happy and healthy life, which will demand minimum and yet genuine efforts on your part to sustain the way it is for a longer period of time.

Remedy: Chant the mantra of planet Venus; Om Shum Shukraya Namaha 108 times daily

Venus Transit 2022: Virgo

For Virgo natives, Venus is the lord of the second and ninth house and is transiting in the sign of Virgo. This indicates that you would be successful in any new task which you undertake during this period. Your competitors and enemies will have a hard time trying to catch up to your pace. One of the Venus transit 2022 effects would be that you may forgo a new romantic relationship during this period. There are higher probabilities for unmarried natives to tie the knot or during this period. Natives in line with doing something unethical or illegal should restrain from such acts during this transit. You are advised not to make any investment, whether on a personal or professional level, during this period as you will end up losing money and your finances will not be very good during this time and you may face some unproductive expenditure. You will be soft-spoken and humble; this will help you resolve most of the problems in your professional and personal life. You may face some blots from younger siblings and will find it difficult to convince them of their love or respect.

Remedy: On Friday, give white food or ornaments to the young girls in need.

Venus Transit 2022: Libra

For Libra natives, Venus is the lord of the first and eighth house and is transiting in the sign of Libra. You will get better health and self-confidence. You will be able to get things done on your own. It would be wise not to purchase any item from an unidentified source as you may get lost. Your mentality will be more inclined towards enjoyment, romance and sex. Expenses might increase during this period. You would see a change in your confidence and in your aura in life. You are likely to see a rise in profit in your business. Your image in society would improve, hereby considered as one of the effects of Venus transit 2022 on Libra natives. Your love relationship can be carried forward to the next level, which can convert into marriage or engagement with your partner. Married couples would find happiness and joy during this transit. Healthwise, you would be above average, and no major health ailments are foreseen during this period. For students, the transit of Venus in Libra will be a promising period for their educational attainments. This period will also offer enough recreational opportunities. For singles, this period will bring in some good marriage proposals. You will come in contact with new people and broaden your horizon of work at this time.

Remedy: Light camphor lamp daily in the evening inside the house to eliminate the negativity.

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Venus Transit 2022: Scorpio

For Scorpio natives, Venus is the lord of the seventh and twelfth houses and is transiting in the sign of Scorpio. This period will boost your confidence, add a certain charm to your personality, and attract others to you. You will feel a sense of fulfilment, contentment and bliss, with a pep in your steps due to deep-seated love for people around you. As per horoscope 2022 based on Venus transit 2022, you are likely to sympathise with everyone you meet and charm them with your wit. The newfound confidence and happiness are going to influence your life in a very positive way. This will have a favourable effect on your married life and increase closeness with your better half. Love is bound to grow between you and your partner as you enjoy the pleasure of life together. A trip with your loved ones would also help you to rejuvenate and bring you closer to them. Some people might have to face ailments during this period, which would upset them. However, with proper exercise, rest and sleep patterns, you should be able to battle through any hurdles that come your way. In order to stay up top, eat your meals on time and make it a point to exercise regularly. On the business front, it is also in favour that you will likely overachieve too ambitious projects, which are bound to give you results in the coming time. However, instead of working on your own, try working with your peers in achieving your target as a team. This would help you brainstorm your ideas and eliminate any risk of blunders in the future. This transit of Venus in your own sign is going to help you reach your ambitious goals. You will likely gain a perfect social standing to build your confidence and candour. All of these details included in Venus Promise Report 2022 based on Venus Transit in 2022 help natives find the right path and attain success.

Remedy: Keeping a square silver item in your wallet or purse also proves helpful in keeping the negativity of Venus to the minimum

Venus Transit 2022: Sagittarius

For Sagittarius natives, Venus is the ruler of the sixth and eleventh house and is transiting in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. During this transit professionally, you are likely to see a rise in your income and come across many opportunities that will help you grow in your professional life and career. Also, professionals Looking for a job change are likely to find jobs in the desired field with higher positions and salaries. Businessmen are likely to earn profits and gains during this period, as Venus is making a very strong yoga in conjunction with the Sun and Mercury. This will provide you with a strong capacity to earn name, fame and wealth during the transit. Personally, your relation with your friends is likely to strengthen in this transit, and you are also likely to host gatherings or small parties in favour of them, which is likely to make them feel loved. However, married couples or committed natives might find their partners complaining about taking the relationship for granted and not spending plenty of time. So make sure to pay importance to your spouse’s demand and maintain a proper balance between work and personal life. Healthwise, things are not looking great, so include yoga, meditation and a healthy diet in your daily routine as it is essential to Avail better results during this transit. When you are fit, only then you will be able to make the best of the opportunities you provide.

Remedy: People born with weak or malefic Venus in their horoscope should also ask for their mother’s blessing whenever they leave home

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Venus Transit 2022: Capricorn

For Capricorn natives, Venus is the ruler of the fifth and tenth house and is transiting in the sign of Capricorn. This transit is considered a wonderful transit in terms of love and relationship. Long-term issues in your marriage life will get resolved during this transit which will make you feel more relaxed as compared to the previous few weeks—good times to spend quality time with your life partner. The mental, as well as your physical health, will be fine if you will enjoy the peace, harmony and come forward. Superiors or bosses will get impressed by the way you are performing the activities at work. Your desire to move abroad will get full support, and you may also get a work permit there. In a relationship, try to show your love and affection to your spouse and be more expressive so that things can be more understood in marital life. Partners will also help each other in making sound financial decisions. Capricorn's Family life will prosper, and the parents will remain full of contentment with their kids. However, relations with siblings might go through a rough time which will pass in due course of time. The transit will prove to be beneficial for Capricorn natives in totality.

Remedy: One of the Venus transit 2022 remedies people should do is to feed black cows or horses regularly.

Venus Transit 2022: Aquarius

For Aquarius natives, Venus is the lord of the fourth and ninth house and is transiting in the sign of Aquarius. People who are seeking good job opportunities will get desirable success. You will get appreciation and recognition from your seniors at your workplace. Business trips will be fruitful during this phase, and you will be able to connect better with business teams. There will be an increase in income opportunities through various sources. Investments for long term purposes will raise good profits. New relationships can be taken forward towards marriage. Singles are likely to get success in finding a partner. Married people will enjoy an outing with their spouse to a romantic destination. Those who were planning a child will have positive results. Students can expect category awards in this phase. You should avoid unnecessary arguments or misunderstandings with your partners or friends. Healthwise, you will feel better and your positive attitude will keep you away from mental worries.

Remedy: Pouring white flowers in a flowing river also helps calm Venus.

Venus Transit 2022: Pisces

For Pisces natives, Venus is the lord of the third and eighth house of the kundli and is transiting through the sign of Pisces. It looks like a challenging time during this transit for you and will provide you with mixed results. Married ones will have a good time with their partner, and their bond will get stronger during this transit. Your artistic calibre and creativity will come to the core, and soft-spoken skills can influence anybody during this transit. This transit looks unfavourable from a health perspective, so take care of your health as well as your partner’s health. Problems related to indigestion, stomach problems may annoy you. So consume simple food and avoid oily or fast food. Besides this, your interest in research, occult and mysticism will increase in this transit, and you may get benefited in these areas during this transit. Do not have the duality of thoughts and try to stick at one thought to attain optimum benefit. Professionally the impact of 2022 Venus transit is also favourable for the business person, bringing them sustainable profit and returns. Your financial positions will remain stable, and a steady inflow of cash can be foreseen. Venus, being exalted and in the highest position in the ascendant, indicates that you will be joyful, play full and full of confidence during this period, which may make you come across many proposals from the opposite gender during this period. You will remain in the limelight during this period. It is a favourable time for those of you looking to take relationships to the next level.

Remedy: Avoid repeating clothes without washing them first. Wearing unwashed clothes could aggravate the negative results of Venus.

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