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Retrograde Planets 2019 Dates

Planets in Retrograde Motion in 2019 Planets are moving bodies. Their positions as well as their movements have a significant impact on our lives. As we know, our birth chart or Kundali is prepared on the basis of the planetary positions, keeping in mind the time and place where we are born. Planets tend to be in motion when observed from the Earth. The motions observed in planets are direct motion and retrograde motion.

Direct motion of a planet is the normal motion during which it moves in the forward direction. A planet generally follows a direct motion and moves in a clockwise direction round the Zodiac belt, thereby covering all the Zodiac Signs.

Planet in retrograde motion is the type of motion when a planet moves backwards. The planets that show retrograde motion are known as Retrograde planets. They are known as Vakri Grahas in Hindi. Vedic Astrology considers Earth to be the point of reference from which we perceive the motion and position of other planets. Sometimes, planets appear to retrograde because of the Earth's own position and motion. During retrograde, a planet appears to stay longer in the previous zodiac sign. It is believed that retrograde planets or Vakri Grahas are closer to Earth and during their retrograde period, they tend to become stronger than they are in direct motion. As per the Vedic scriptures, an exalted retrograde planet give results like a debilitated planet and a debilitated retrograde planet give results like a exalted planet.

If a person has a retrograde planetary movement during the birth time, his or her natal chart gets affected by it. It is believed that all the planets give results of the house from which they start retrograding, except for Jupiter which gives results of the house in which it is posited during a person's birth time. Also, it is a general consideration that malefic planets become benefic while benefics tend to give bad results if they are placed in the 4th, 7th or 10th house during birth.

Different planets have different type of motion and retrograde accordingly. Know which planets are retrograde right now in 2019? The luminaries, the Sun and the Moon are the only two planets that never retrograde. The fast-moving planet Mercury retrogrades for three times during a year. The shadow planets, Rahu and Ketu are always in retrograde motion, which means that they always move in the backward direction. Saturn and Jupiter retrograde for some months during each year. Mars and Venus retrograde once in two years.

Effects of Retrograde Motion of Planets

Different planets lead to different consequences on 12 Zodiac Signs while they retrograde. However, there are some general characteristics exhibited by them during retrograde motion which are given as follows:

1. Mercury

As we know that Mercury is the fastest moving planet, due to which it retrogrades more often than other planets. The planet Mercury is associated with speech, communication, wit, intelligence, etc. During its retrograde motion, the previously mentioned aspects of an individual's personality gets affected. During its retrograde motion, Mercury gets stronger. Generally, it is a good planet and produces good results. A strong Mercury helps a person in career and financial life while a weak Mercury affects his or her profession negatively during retrograde motion. Mercury retrograde is known to make the individual more creative and witty. People with a strong Mercury in their birth chart possess the positive traits of communication, intellect and creativity.

The retrograde of Mercury in fiery signs will bring innovative thoughts to the natives and endow them with creativity and intellect. In earthy signs, Mercury retrograde might pose money related problems. If Mercury is in retrograde motion in airy sign, communication and discussions will be frequent. Mercury's retrograde in watery signs will bring about a wave of emotions in the individual's life.

During Mercury retrograde, a person's sixth senses and creative mind will be exceptionally good. It is believed that Mercury is a diplomatic planet and picks up the nature of the planet it is with. It acts beneficial with a benefic planet and malefic with a malefic one. Thus, natives with a strong Mercury develop diplomatic skills during its retrograde motion. Switching jobs and travelling to far away places should be avoided during Mercury retrograde. Also, shifting to a new place should be avoided during Mercury retrograde.

During the year 2019 Mercury will retrograde thrice.

  • The first retrograde will start on March 5, 2019 (Tuesday) at 11:49. It will again become progressive on March 28, 2019 (Thursday) at 07:29.
  • The second Mercury retrograde will start on 08 July 2019 (Monday) at 04:45 and will end as soon as it becomes progressive on 01 August 2019 (Thursday) at 09:28. During this retrograde, Mercury will be in retrograde motion for 25 days. This will be the biggest retrograde time period for Mercury during the year 2019.
  • The third and last Mercury Retrograde for the year 2019 will begin on 31 October 2019 (Thursday) at 21:11. After this, Mercury will become progressive on 21 November 2019, making this period to last about 21 days.

Read more about Mercury Retrograde in the year 2019 here: Mercury Retrograde 2019

2. Venus

Venus is the planet associated with luxuries and love and married life. During its retrograde motion, Venus affects love life, married life, intimacy, money, beauty, fashion, etc. It is important to rethink and reconsider facts before making a move during Venus retrograde. If you find your relationship falling apart during Venus retrograde, you should do your best to keep them strong and healthy.

Venus retrograde is not generally considered a good time to invest your money for luxuries and comforts. However, planning for a good financial life often pans out to be productive during Venus retrograde. It is during Venus retrograde that misunderstandings may take the form of a whirlpool, which will not be easy to get out of. Venus retrograde is considered to be the best time for looking at financial aspects and drafting financial plans. Avoid going for beauty treatments as they may end up blowing in your face.

Also, trying new beauty products should be avoided. You should try to be patient in your love life or married life. Venus retrograde has a major effect on intimacy and romance. You might feel that your partner is disinterested in you and you might lose your interest in them as well. Your fashion sense may get weird during Venus retrograde and this is why, you should not experiment with your clothes.

During the year 2019, Venus has no retrograde motion.

3. Mars

The fiery red planet Mars is associated with courage and valour. It is a planet responsible for boosting up the the enthusiasm and productivity level of an individual. When Mars is in retrograde motion, it might make the person very energetic or aggressive. If a person has retrograde Mars in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house in the birth chart at the time of birth, the person may be filled with too much of self respect. Such a person will find taking help from others to be a disgrace and will try to do everything by himself or herself. This might make him/her selfish and adopt immoral ways to achieve his/her goals.

Buying a vehicle should be avoided during retrograde motion of the planet Mars. Any medical surgeries must to avoided unless deemed necessary. Use of tools and weapons during Mars retrograde does not seem to be a bright idea. Reciting Hanuman Chalisa will help you to tackle with the negative impact of Mars retrograde in your life. It is believed that shifting to a new home might pose difficulties in your life. The results of Mars retrograde depend on position of other planets in a person's birth chart.

During the year 2019, Mars has no retrograde motion.

4. Jupiter

Jupiter is one of the most influential planets and known to be a benefic planet. Jupiter gets in retrograde motion for about four months each year. It is a slow moving planet and takes twelve years to complete the cycle. During its retrograde motion, Jupiter endows the natives with unimaginable abilities and makes them able to do certain tasks that they couldn't have done during its forward motion. Jupiter is the lord of fourth and seventh house. It is also believed that the retrograde motion of the Jupiter in the fourth house increases spiritual bent of mind. If Jupiter is in exalted position or in its own sign, it gives good results during its retrograde motion in the fourth house.

The mother of the native lives a happy life and turns out to be his/her lucky charm. The retrograde motion of Jupiter in the first house bestows financial success to the native. Jupiter retrograde in the seventh house might cause delay in marriages. The retrograde motion of Jupiter in the 10th house makes the native inclined towards education. This may also pave their way to becoming a scholar or teacher. It has been observed that Jupiter gives results according to its position and nature in your birth chart. Also, it is believed that a planet gives the results of its Karaka bhava during retrograde motion. The retrograde motion of Jupiter will give the results of fifth bhava from it. A person with retrograde Jupiter in the Lagna house will give good advices to others and serve as a guide to people he/she interact with. An exalted Jupiter in retrograde motion in the first, fifth or ninth house makes the native righteous and kind.

Effective remedies should be taken to make the retrograde favourable. Observing fasts of Thursdays and chanting “Om Gum Gurwaya Namah” will help you to maximize benefits.

During the year 2019, the planet Jupiter will have one retrograde motion. Jupiter will start the retrograde motion on April 10, 2019 (Wednesday) at 22:17. This retrograde motion will end when Jupiter becomes progressive on August 11, 2019 (Sunday) at 19:18. This will make the total Retrograde period last for 123 days.

5. Saturn

Saturn is known as the planet of justice. It is a very slow moving planet. When Saturn gets in retrograde motion, its impact on our live increases multifold. In general, a benefic Saturn in retrograde motion helps one to complete due tasks. A retrograde Saturn yields good as well as bad results depending upon the position of Saturn in your birth chart.

Completion of old projects should be done but initiation of new tasks should be avoided during Saturn retrograde. Also, you will have a good time if you work hard and put your best efforts in whatever you do. Worshipping Lord Hanuman during Saturn retrograde will help you to get positive results while minimising the problems that you face. Reciting Hanuman Chalisa will help you to sail through difficulties.

During the year 2019, the planet Saturn will have one retrograde motion. Saturn will start the retrograde motion on April 30, 2019 (Tuesday) at 06:42. The retrograde motion of Saturn will end when it will become Progressive on September 18, 2019 (Wednesday) at 14:08, after a period of total 142 Retrograde days.

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