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Pongal 2014 - Pongal Greetings & Pongal Wishes

Pongal, a four day long harvest festival is extremely popular in South India. The second day in the four days is the most significant day as it is the actual Pongal. The excitement of the festival Pongal is more intense than any other festival among the South Indians and they wait eagerly for Pongal every year. People take the festival Pongal as the beginning of a new session or a new cycle of life and therefore they discard many old things to make space for the new ones. The trend of wishing Pongal with Pongal wishes and greetings is also very famous during the four days of Pongal. People like to stay connected and celebrate such a grand festival together. Bonfire or any other major event is also organized so that people can come together to have fun and celebrate Pongal together. The four days of Pongal are different from each other and each day has got something unique with it. Therefore, be aware of all the facts and informations related to this fascinating festival Pongal that is a platform to thank the Lord Sun. Hence, it is also a South Indian Thanksgiving Day. Click on the given links and get to know everything about Pongal.

The main objective of the festival is to show respect toward the Lord Sun and it is celebrated when Sun enters the zodiac sign Capricorn. This phenomenon usually occurs after the 21 days of winter solstice. With the arrival of Sun in Capricorn, the journey of Sun in the northward direction starts which is known as Uttarayana. This astrological event also holds great significance as it is believed that it is the beginning of fortunate time. Therefore, there are various impressive reasons to celebrate Pongal. Pongal is a festival that brings people together to honor the kindness of Lord Sun and nature. A good harvest is only possible with the good and suitable climatic conditions. Hence, Pongal is the best way to express the gratitude toward Lord Sun. Pongal leaves a smile on each face and satisfies the inner soul with peace and a feeling of completeness.

Pongal is such a beautiful festival that people even like to carry forward the ambience created by the festival Pongal through the wallpapers of Pongal. There is a variety of wallpapers available on the website so that a person can choose according to his choice. All the Pongal wallpapers are designed in a way that they help you to relax and take your mind away from all the unnecessary worries about life. The wallpapers of the festival Pongal will not only add beauty to the screen of your computer but will also create an atmosphere that attracts positive vibes. The links present on this page will take you to the desired destination in just one go. The complete information about Pongal is here, and being aware of all the rituals will make your festival pongal even more interesting and enjoyable for you as well as your family. With this, we hope you get to know about Pongal from all dimensions. Happy Pongal!