Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020

Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020 Arunachal Pradesh Holidays 2020 – AstroSage is here with the extensive list of holidays and festivals that will be celebrated by the natives of Arunachal Pradesh in the coming year of 2020.

Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020: About The State

‘The Paradise of Botanists’ and the largest of the seven sisters, Arunachal Pradesh is the northeasternmost state of the country. It shares its borders with Bhutan, Myanmar, and China. Majority of the population of Arunachal Pradesh are descendants of the great Abo Tani, about whom there are numerous scriptures in the ancient libraries of Tibet. Tibetans referred to Tani people as Lhobhas; where ‘lho’ means south and ‘bha’ means people. This state is home to many diverse cultural spheres, like Monpa in the Tibetan area, Nyishi, Apatani in the Tani area, and near the centre are the Galo people, along with Karka, Lodu, Bogum, Lare and Pugo among others. Owing to its ethnic and cultural diversity, the natives of this state celebrate a myriad of different events. Let us take a look at these Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020.

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List of Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020

Date Day Festival
6 January Monday Si-Donyi, Tagin tribe
January/February (DTBD)
Boori Boot
20 January Monday Pangsau Pass Winter Festival
1 February Saturday Reh, Idu-Mishmi
2-5 February Sunday Donggin, Bori-Adi
14 February Friday Sanken
20 February Thursday Statehood Day
28 February Friday Nyokum
7 March Saturday Unying/Aran
February/March (DTBD)
Losar Festival, Monpa
April (DTBD)
5 April Sunday Mopin, Galo
14 April Tuesday Bohag Bihu
5 July Sunday Dree Festival
July/August (DTBD)
October/November (DTBD)
1 Dec Tuesday Indigenous Faith Day

*DTBD = Dates to be Declared

Note: The dates in this table are tentative and subject to change, as per the government norms.

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Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020

Arunachal Pradesh is home to numerous tribes, therefore, a multitude of cultures and traditions. As a result, the natives of this land celebrate multifarious Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020. Let us take a look at each of these celebrations indigenous to the state:


Si-Donyi is one of the significant Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020 celebrated by the Tagin tribe. It occurs between 4 to 6 January every year. During the festival, God Si (Atu Si – a male spiritual form of the earth) and Goddess Donyi (Ayu Donyi – a female spiritual form of Sun) are worshipped in their spiritual form. The local priest, Nibu, chants UI (a type of verbal prayers), praying for the prosperity of the community, to stop malicious spirits from creating destruction, and to ask permission for quality crops and health. Dances such as Chungne, Konyi Bokar, Riabu, and Takar Ghene adds to the beauty of the celebrations of this.

Boori Boot

Among the Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020, the Boori Boot festival is Nyishi tribes’ way of offering gratitude to the gods for a successful harvest. This three-day festival is a time for everyone to get together irrespective of caste, creed, age, and sex and celebrate the arrival of spring. They pray to the spirit of the Boori Boot for prosperity and good health. In this Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020, Nibu, a high priest, performs rituals and conducts sacrifice. People from all over Arunachal Pradesh come to Upper and Lower Subansiri districts to be a part of this fest.

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival

The Pangsau Pass Winter Festival is one of the modern Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020. This three-day festival takes place in January each year, in Nampong, Changlang district. People from across the state come together to celebrate their extravagant ethnicity by performing folk dances and sing folk songs. From handicraft to handloom articles, not only does this Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020 offer a platform for the exhibition of the culture and tradition of Arunachal, but also to the neighbouring country of Myanmar.


Reh is the most vibrant festival of the Idu people of the Mishmi community, amongst the Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020. Celebrated during February (by Idus living in lower elevations and plains) and July (by tribesmen residing in snowy areas), these festivities seek prosperity and welfare of families and crops. As per the beliefs of the Idu people, their mother is Nanyi Inyitaya, and the only way of receiving her blessings are the rituals and celebrations of Reh. Thus, people will start preparing for the fest, months in advance. The offering to the great mother is the sacrifice of buffaloes, and relatives are gifted with money and pigs. Another essential factor in this Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020 is the preparation of rice beer, ‘Yunyi Phri’, which begins almost three to four months before the actual celebration.

This six-day celebration, among the Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020, begins with Andropu, where natives offer prayers that the festival may continue without any obstacles. The second day accompanies animal sacrifices, and one entertains their guests with rice, meat, and beer. The third day, Iyili, includes a royal feast, while on Ilyiromunyi, the fourth day, there are rituals for wealth, prosperity, and well-being. The fifth day of this Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020 is called Aru-Go. On this day, one will share the remaining food and drinks between different villages. On the last day of the festival, Etoanu, one sows blood-smeared seeds in the fields and pour Yunyi Phri for the goddesses.


Donggin is one of the significant Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020 for the Bori tribe of the Adi people. Donggin is an Adi word, meaning ‘spring season’, and this celebration welcomes the arrival of spring. Falling from 2 to 5 February every year, this festival is a commemoration for a good harvest as well. Much like most Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020, this fest also begins with animal sacrifice and prayers. The Adi people sacrifice mithuns, pigs, and chickens to the Goddess, Ane Donggin, and pray for health and prosperity. This festival is about abundance and affluence for peace and prosperity of humanity. The natives pray to the gods and goddesses for freedom from natural calamities, accidents, diseases, and the malefic effects of evil spirit during this Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020.

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One of the most important, religious Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020, Sanken or Sangken is a three-day festival that falls on 14 February each year. Although mainly attributed to the Khampti tribe of Lohit district, it is celebrated in the entire state of Arunachal Pradesh. This fest marks the beginning of the New Year. The Sanken festival begins with prayers for the well-being of all, offered by the beating of drums and gongs. Unlike most Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020, Sanken does not include any sacrifices. Instead, the people abstain from killing animals, drinking, and indulging in illicit sexual activities. They even refrain from all forms of manual work, gambling and also cutting trees. Instead, the entire celebration includes bathing the idols of Buddha and holy shrines, as well as sprinkling clean water on each other. Due to this, it is also called the festival of water. On the final day of this Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020, the idol is re-established in the main temple, and the natives organize a community feast.

Statehood Day

On 20 February 1987, Arunachal Pradesh was officially declared a state of India. Ever since then, this day has a special significance among the Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020, as the region’s Statehood Day.


Among the Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020, Nyokum celebration of the Nyishi tribe commemorates the harmony and prosperity of the people. Falling on 28 February every year, this two-day festival includes singing, dancing, and gatherings of the entire tribe. Nyokum is a portmanteau from the native dialect where Nyok means Land and Kum means collectiveness or togetherness. People believe that when they celebrate Nyokum, they invite all the Gods and Goddesses of the Universe. One invokes the spirit forces in nature to pray for the harmony, prosperity, and well-being of all. They create a particular prayer structure, called yugang, made of bamboo, and tether sacrificial animals to it. High priests perform the rituals in this Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020, and every one offers prayers to the spirits that they may bring tranquillity and prosperity to each household.

Unying Aran

Falling on the 7 March, Unying Aran, amongst the Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020 heralds the season of shifting cultivation. All the male members of a family would go on a hunting spree (open season) during this time, and it is customary for them to stay in the jungles for one week. On their return, they bring with them, their kills, including deer, birds, squirrels, fish, and so on. The male elders will sing ‘Bari’ songs while the children will perform the ‘Yakjong’ dance, and narrate the stories of the origin of this festival. Unying Aran is the first festival of the year that Adis celebrate, amongst all Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020.


One of the oldest, agriculturally significant festivals, amongst all Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020, Longte Yullo is celebrated by the Nyishi tribe of the state. This celebration is the harbinger of a new season. The natives begin sowing seeds on cultivated fields after this celebration. This fest also commemorates the segregation of humans from evil forces. This separation is attributed to a blockade that was placed at the dawn of time. This gala differs from the other Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020 in the way that there are no sacrifices or ritualistic chantings during it. Yet, it includes a decorated altar bedecked with white feathers of domestic fowl and bamboo adorned flowers to mark the occasion. During this Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020, Longte-Yullo, natives celebrate the onset of the spring season in April, with traditional gaiety and devoutness.

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Losar Festival

Losar is one of the principal Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020, celebrated by the Monpa tribe (the dominating tribe of Tawang and West Kemang district) to welcome the new year. This festival goes on for about 8 to 15 days in February or early-March. People clean their homes, offer prayers, hoist religious flags, read holy scriptures and light lamps with butter. They decorate their houses with Tashi Dargye, eight auspicious symbols, namely; the precious umbrella, a victory banner, two golden fish, a right coiled white conch shell, a lotus flower, a vase of treasure, the Dharma Wheel, and The Eternal Knot. A traditional noodle soup, guthuk, contains dumplings made from flour and water with a stuffing of nine different fortune symbols is an integral part of the festivities. It is said to determine the fortune of the person in the next year.

Marking the start of spring and the first day of the lunar calendar, Losar is one of the popular Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020. Monpas celebrate the day to ward off evil, by lighting torches, and welcome the new year with health, happiness, and prosperity. The day before, people decorate their homes. Whereas, the day of the festival is reserved for prayers and offerings, as well as preparation of guthuk in the evening. The next day, called Gyalpo Losar is reserved for the King. People visit their friends, participate in traditional mask dance, Aji Lhamu, and light torches in the evening.

Mopin, Galo

The Mopin Festival, the agricultural festival of the Galo tribe, is one of the principal Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020. It falls in the Galo months of Lumi and Luki, coinciding with March-April in the Gregorian calendar, officially fixed on 5 April. However, the festivities begin three days earlier, i.e., 2 April, and ends a few days later on 7-8 April. This New Year celebration is devoted to the main Goddess of the Galo people, Mopin Ane, the deity of fertility and prosperity. With the observance of these Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020, the natives hope to drive the malefic shadows away and bringing blessings, peace, and prosperity for all humankind.

On this day, people dress up in their most beautiful white traditional clothing and drink Apung/Poka, which is an alcoholic beverage popular in the state prepared by fermentation of rice, and distributed among the locals in a bamboo cup. The natives eat several indigenous cuisines like Aamin (made of rice, meat, and bamboo shoot) and pray for wealth and prosperity for the entire community. Rice is the staple food of the Galo people, and thus, applying Ette, rice flour, to others faces is considered a symbol of unity, purity, and love. Local traditional dance, Popir, adds to the exhilaration of this Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020. Sacrificing a Mithun (Gayal) is another essential factor, and its blood after the sacrifice is taken back to their homes and villages as a blessing.

Bohag Bihu

Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu is not only one of the essential Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020, but also most of northeastern India. The Assamese New Year usually falls in the second week of April, and the celebrations continue for seven days. These seven days are Raati Bihu, Chot Bihu, Goru Bihu, Manuh Bihu, Kutum Bihu, Mela Bihu, and Chera Bihu. Although, Raati Bihu is the first night of this Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020, however, Goru Bihu is often considered to be the preeminent day the festival begins. Raati Bihu is a gathering for the local women beneath an ancient tree or in an open field illuminated by burning torches. Men mostly participated ceremonially, by playing a Pepa, a buffalo hornpipe or the Bholuka Baanhor Toka which is a split bamboo musical instrument. The second day, Chot Bihu or Bali Husori, is the day for Bihu songs and dances.

The last date of Chot month and the first day of Rongali Bihu, Goru Bihu, is committed to the caring and upkeep of livestock along with a cattle show. Customarily, in this Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020, the day begins with collective washing of the cattle of a village with a combination of symbolic herbs. These include mah-halodhi (black gram and turmeric paste), whipped dighloti (litsea salicifolia, a plant with longleaf), makhioti (flemingia strobilifera), tonglati (a plant with flower-like soft plastic butter-fly), and pieces of lau (bottle gourd) and bengena (brinjal). Numerous activities like Exho Ebidh Haak (101 types of vegetables) and many other symbolic harvest related traditions, and the occasional food fight add to the festivities. The day ends by burning rice bran to create smoke. Next comes Manuh Bihu, where natives seek the blessings from their elders. On this Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020, one presents their elders or Manuh with a ceremonial patch of Bihuwan or the Gamusa cloth, to be worn as a symbol of cultural pride.

During Kutum Bihu people visit their families, relatives, and friends while on Mela Bihu fairs, carnivals and cultural events are organized. In the olden times, the King and his escort would come out to such shows or bihutolis to mingle in the Bihu celebrations. The fourth and final day of this Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020 is Chera Bihu or Bohagi Bidai or Phato Bihu. This wraps up the festivities with contemplation and future resolutions.

Dree Festival

Dree Festival, celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm, is a crucial part of the Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020. A festival of the Apatani tribe, people offer a sacrifice of fowls, eggs, and animals to the Gods on this day, and pray to the deities Tamu, Metii, Danyi, and Harniang. God Tami is the protector of plants from harmful pests and insects, while Metii controls famine and epidemics. Simultaneously, Danyi offers the protection and prosperity of humankind, and God Harniang ensures the fertility of the soil and prevents the paddy plants from drying. During this Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020, every house prepares a local beer called Apong.


Solung is one of the popular agriculture festivals, among the Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020 celebrated in the first week of September, by the Adi Tribes. Natives pray for a healthy harvest and protection against evil spirits during the commemoration. During the fest, there are three primary phases. First, Sopi-Yekpi is the sacrificial day during which mithuns and pigs are sacrificed and offered to Dadi Bote, the god of domestic animals. While on Binnayat, one gives offerings to the Goddess of crops, Kine Nane. Then comes Ekop, also called Taktor, and the rituals of this day protect the natives against evil spirits. In this Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020 people pray to Doying Bote and Gumin-Soyin for protection against evil spirits, and the traditional Ponung dance by ladies of all ages is a unique feature. The date for the Solung festival is decided by Kebang or the village council each year, as per the convenience of the villagers.


Loku or Chalo Loku, the principal celebration of the Nocte Tribe among the Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020 bids farewell to winter. The word Loku is an amalgamation of two words of local dialect: Lofe meaning ‘to drive out’ and Rangku meaning ‘season’. This three-day festival of February begins with Phamlamja, the day of slaughtering pigs and buffaloes for meat and everyone commences preparations for the next day. The second day, Chamkatja is when the Noctes enable male members of a family to become full-fledged members of the Paang (decision-making committee). All male members who have attained adolescence must perform Chamkat on this day. Then, on the third and final day, Thanlangja, everyone participates in folk dances. Families observing Chamkat, during this Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020 invite the dancers to their houses and offer them food and drinks in return.

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