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Venus Transit in Aquarius (9 January, 2020)

The transit of Venus is a major celestial event. Like every other planet, Venus also signifies an important aspect of your life – all your worldly comforts and pleasures. Due to this, the Venus transit brings numerous joyful developments in one’s life. The planet is considered auspicious naturally, and thus, mostly offers beneficial results to all natives, as long as its placement is not unfavourable in one’s kundli. As per astrology, the planet Venus is also the guru (mentor) of demons, Shukracharya. Astrological scriptures offer great importance to Daitya Guru, and if you desire happiness in your life, then you require the grace of Venus; otherwise, you will spend your life in misery.

Venus Transit in Aquarius

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The naturally auspicious planet as per Vedic Astrology, Venus is the significator and provider of materialistic comforts. It also offers the natives a blissful marital life, as well as brings an increase in all modes of pleasure for them. Shukra is considered a feminine planet, which is why those born under the influence of Venus are physically attractive, and people are often drawn towards them. It also offers PCG, as well as provides tremendous success in the fields of acting, art, creativity, and so on. If Venus gets related to the house of education somehow, then the person becomes intelligent and knowledgeable and is counted amongst some great people of their time.

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Planet Venus: The Good & The Bad

Astrologically, the planet of love and beauty is the Lord of zodiac signs Taurus and Libra, and the latter is also its Mooltrikona sign. Simultaneously, it is found in a debilitated state in Virgo but gets exalted while in Pisces.

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As per the Hindu Panchang, Venus presides over the month of Jyeshtha. Among things dear to the planet of love are diamond, opal, silver, shiny white clothes, horses, and so on. The favourable placement of the planet in one’s kundali brings all kinds of joy to their life; whereas, a negatively placed Venus brings a decline in those very pleasures, as well as can lead to STDs.

Coming to the friends and enemies of Venus, Saturn and Mercury are its friendly planets, while the Sun and the Moon are its enemies. To increase the positive influence of the planet, astrologers often advise wearing diamond or opal. Apart from that, carrying or establishing the Shukra Yantra also brings beneficial results for the natives. Serving the cow and respecting women are also things in general that you do, which pleases the feminine planet.

Effects Of Venus

As per Vedic Astrology, the planet Venus holds a special place among the nine planets and is also known as the evening star. It is naturally the provider of love and beauty and has lordship over the nakshatras Bharani, Purva Phalguni, and Purva Ashadha. The propitiously placed Venus in a native’s birth chart brings progress in various aspects of their life. Such people can easily charm and attract everyone towards them. Therefore, natives with an unfavourably placed planet of love in their kundali should follow the remedies for appeasement of Venus.

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Transit Period for Venus Transit in Aquarius

The provider of comforts and joy, Venus will be moving from its current position in Capricorn on Thursday, 9 January at 04:14 am, to enter the zodiac sign Aquarius, the sign of its friendly planet Saturn. As per Vedic Astrology, the duration of Venus transit in any sign is imperative because it brings a wave of happiness in the life of natives and helps accomplish many auspicious tasks. The effects of this Venus transit will also be visible on Aquarius natives throughout the transit period. Let us now take a look at how this Venus transit in Aquarius will influence the natives of other signs a well:

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For Aries natives, Venus is the Lord of your second and seventh house. During this transit, it will enter your eleventh house, the significator of the fulfilment of our ambitions and the House of Profits. Therefore, the influence of this Venus transit will bring an increase in your income, while business people will also successfully expand their enterprise. Some of you can even crack a new deal in this duration and will gain many monetary profits. You will come in contact with many good and influential people of society at this time. Aries natives will spend the majority of their time on entertainment devices during this transit. As for the love life of this sign, it will flourish under the influence of the significator of romance. The passion between you and your beloved will grow, and your bond will improve. You will enjoy some beautiful, intimate moments with your lover, and can even gift them something exceptional which will delight them. However, you need to take special care of your health now, because the nature of excessive enjoyment often leads to physical problems. The members of your kin will lend you a helping hand at this time; while the married natives will also find directions towards profits from their spouse. What this means is that you can receive monetary gains through your life partner, or with their help.

Remedy: For the attainment of extraordinary gains, you should worship Goddess Mahalakshmi on Friday.


Venus is the Lord of your zodiac sign; therefore, its transit will prove to be essential for you. The Lord of your first, as well as your sixth house, Venus, will be transiting through the zodiac sign Aquarius to enter your tenth house. You need to pay more attention to your work, instead of wasting time in vain gossip; otherwise, it can cause problems for you. Abdicating laziness in your professional life will be the best alternative and focusing only on your tasks is what will bring you success. In addition to this, you should keep your behaviour well with your female colleagues. Coming to the family life of Taurians, happiness will return to you, and the members of your household will remain in harmony through this time. Moving on, natives of this sign should not take any debt or loan during this Venus transit; otherwise, you will face problems in repaying it. Especially, business loans should be avoided as this is not a favourable time for the same. Apart from that, you should take out time to rest from your busy work schedule; otherwise, your health can decline. Moreover, you should particularly care about your name and respect in society, and not do anything that can put you in a tight spot.

Remedy: To receive the favour of Venus, you should wear best quality Opal gemstone mounted on a silver ring, in your ring finger, on a Friday.


Mercury, the Lord of Gemini, is a friend of the planet Venus. The latter is the Lord of fifth and twelfth houses for your zodiac sign and will enter your ninth house with this transit. The ninth house signifies distant journeys, the favour of fate, religious work, and honour. With this Venus transit, luck will remain inclined towards you and previously pending tasks will now be accomplished. Not only will this bring your financial benefits, but your business will also pick up the pace. There are indications of changes in your workplace, and yogas of a transfer may also form. Apart from that, student natives will get tremendous success in their higher studies, and may even get admission to their desired course. Coming to the love life of Gemini natives, this is a favourable time for you, and a long-distance trip is also on the cards for you and your beloved. You both will spend an adventurous and joyous time together, on this vacation. You will enjoy your life to the fullest while maintaining faith in religious activities as well. This will strengthen your image in society. Some of you can also plan a picnic with the family during this transit period.

Remedy: Read the Shri Durga Saptashati regularly to receive the blessings of Venus (Lord Shukra).


Venus, being the Lord of your fourth and eleventh house, will be entering your eighth house due to this transit. This house, also known as your House of Longevity is the significator of sudden and unexpected events in one’s life, as well as significant changes. The transit of the Goddess of Love in your eighth house will fulfil your secret desires. Your tendency to enjoying covert pleasures will also bring an increase in your spending tendencies. Some unnecessary trips will also bring an increase in your expenses, which is why you need to attempt to avoid them.

On the whole, there will be constant ups and downs in your income. This transit can also affect your relationship with your mother; thus, you need to pay special attention to the same. You also need to remain cautious about your health in this duration and keep an eye on your diet as well. A function in your spouse’s family is indicated, and you will actively participate and enjoy the occasion. The joy that fills that family will also affect you, and bliss will affect your life.

Remedy: Gifting some Shringar (makeup) items to a female priest on a Friday will be beneficial for you.


Venus is the Lord of your third and tenth houses, and with its transit in Aquarius, the significator of beauty will be posited in your seventh house. This House of Marriage also signifies one’s long term partnerships, their nature, and their spouse. The effects of the Venus transit will bring a shower of love in the marital lives of Leos. What this means is that you will get to luxuriate in the pleasures of your married life. Any efforts that you put in towards your business will rake in substantial profits and success. Whereas the working professionals of this sign will also progress in their field. There are also possibilities of promotion around the horizon for many. However, you need to avoid running after money too much at this time; otherwise, it will adversely affect your health. If your spouse is working, then they also can look forward to a promotion at this time. Although this Venus transit will bring a favourable time for natives, however, some disputes between you and your life partner are also possible. Some of you can even be inclined towards extra-marital affairs, which you should avoid at all costs. Although you will succeed in your endeavours, however, it will not be easy to attain.

Remedy: Feed flour dough to a cow with your own hand, on Friday.


The mentor of the demon has lordship over the second and ninth houses of Virgo natives, and with this Venus transit in Aquarius, it will enter your sixth house. The House of Enemies, Debts, and Diseases also signifies the struggles one has to face in life. With Venus getting posited in your sixth house, Virgo natives will have to face a turbulent time ahead. There are indications of economic losses as well as an increase in your expenses. You will also have to work a lot harder to succeed in your goals. Getting into any kind of argument with a female will be unfavourable for you, and your opponents will also remain active in this duration. Thus, you need to stay cautious. Avoid going on a long-distance trip during this transit period, because they will only bring you problems, and physical pains are also on the cards for some. During this time, your father will surely attain some profits; however, you need to avoid taking loans. Your hard work is the only thing that will take down the path to success, so avoid the tendency to depend on others. Do not get involved in any debate during this time, because it can lead to a loss of money for Virgo natives.

Remedy: To attain special benefits you should recite Durga Chalisa and offer red flowers to Goddess Durga.


As Venus is the Lord of your sign; thus, this Venus transit will be significant for Libra natives. The Lord of your ascendant house also presides over your eighth house and will be posited in your fifth house during this transit period. The House of Children and Knowledge also signifies our mind, intellect, and love life. Many lucky Librans can get blessed by a baby due to the influence of this Venus transit if their tenth house is favourable. Whereas those who already have kids will receive happiness and comforts from them. Student natives of this sign will perform admirably in their studies. Your grasp on your subjects will be firm, and your concentration levels will also improve. Some of you can even receive profits through betting, gambling, and share market. As for Librans in love, this is a favourable time for your affairs. You will want to spend more and more of your time with your beloved, and your mood will remain romantic throughout this time. Librans will enjoy this duration properly and give sufficient time to their entertainment devices. You can watch a movie at this time, or go out partying.

On the whole, recreation will also play a vital role in your daily life during this transit. You will delight in the company of the opposite gender at this time, while the poets of this sign can also write up a masterpiece. There will be an increase in your joys and those surrounding you will praise you. On the whole, this Venus transit in Aquarius will bring a beneficial time for Librans.

Remedy: Start carrying the Shukra Yantra on a Friday, if you wish to increase the positive effects of Venus.


For Scorpio natives, Venus is the Lord of your seventh and twelfth houses, and with this transit, it will get posited in your fourth house. The House of Mother and Happiness signifies all pleasures and comforts of our life. Therefore, this Venus transit brings an increase in the joys of your life. Not only this, but your mother’s health will also remain pleasant, and there will be an increment in the amenities in your home. You can also buy some household item or an appliance like television, refrigerator, air conditioner, and so on. You will remain inclined towards attaining happiness throughout this time. Your family life will be much better, and the love between the members of your household will remain plentiful, which will improve the harmony in your domestic life. Those who live abroad may get a chance to return home during this time.

Moreover, your spouse will also actively and equally participate in all your family functions and complete their responsibilities. These gestures will bring you delight. Things will also remain in your favour at your workplace. On the whole, this Venus transit will remain favourable for Scorpios; however, it will lead you to overspend on household items, in this duration. Your expenses for your spouse will stay on the high throughout the transit period, but these will only bring you bliss. With the blessings of Lord Shukra, some of you can even buy a new vehicle which brings you much joy.

Remedy: Offer a clove Paan to Goddess, on a Friday, for exclusive benefits.


Venus maintains lordship over the sixth and eleventh houses of Sagittarius natives, and with this transit in Aquarius, it will get posited in their third house. This is the House of Siblings, also known as the House of Courage and Valour. As a result of this transit, some short trips are on the cards for Sagittarians, which will turn out to be entertaining. Your younger siblings will also turn in your favour and will help you out as per their ability. Apart from that, you should also make efforts to improve your bonds with your elder siblings. Some of you can receive happy tidings through social media or an online communication channel. There are also indications of get-together with your friends and family or neighbours. This duration requires that you keep your behaviour cordial with your colleagues because you will be able to perform well in your workplace only with their help. Some Sagittarius natives can work on developing their hobby and may even take the initiative to do something new in the field of fine arts. You will also spend a portion of your income on your hobbies and your siblings. However, avoid the tendency of overspending at this time as well as stay away from all disputes. Trips during this transit period will bring you in contact with someone new, who may end up being very close to your heart. Student natives preparing for a competitive exam will need to buckle down and work relentlessly to attain success.

Remedy: Donate sugar on Friday to escape the harmful effects of Venus.


For the natives of the zodiac sign, Capricorn, the planet of love rules over their fifth and tenth houses and is thus a yoga karaka planet for your sign. With this Venus transit in Aquarius, it will get posited in your second house, which will form the Money Yoga, and you will successfully accumulate wealth. The second house is also the significator of speech and will thus bring an improvement in your oratory skills. Your words will charm and influence those around you. As a result, your pending tasks will start getting accomplished. This transit is also bringing you the opportunity to savour delicious cuisines. A family function or auspicious event is also on the cards for Capricorn natives, which will bring a wave of happiness to your household. Not only will successfully save sufficient funds this year but will also get the chance to progress in your workplace. Many of you can be blessed with a baby, and with the grace of Venus, those in love will also enjoy many romantic moments with their beloved. Your partner can also offer you some significant piece of advice for your household chores that will turn out to be quite helpful for you. Your intellect will be vital for your savings, and your father will also receive some monetary profits. Some happy tidings from your sweetheart’s side will fill you both with immense joy.

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesha and offer him Durva grass to turn the influence of Venus even more favourable for you.


The zodiac sign with the lordship of Saturn, Aquarius is hosting the transit of Venus, which means that the planet of love and beauty will be posited in your sign, i.e., your first house. In general, Venus is the Lord of your fourth and ninth houses; thus, a yoga karaka planet for your sign. Hence, Guru Shukracharya plays a vital role in the kundali of Aquarians, and this Venus transit will also bring many positive changes for the natives.

First and foremost, it will bring you mental peace and joy, and you will be seen actively participating in all tasks. The energy of Aquarius natives at this time will be astonishing. There will also be a definite improvement in your personality, while you will also work on further refining yourself. You will charm those around you, and this Venus transit will also bring bliss in your marital life. You will grow closer to your spouse, and the feeling of intimacy between you two will also develop.

Moreover, your life partner can also attain some profit in their workplace or even get promoted. Fate will favour you and your family will also support you when you need them. You will gain money as well as name, fame, respect in society, and you will progress in life. A piece of advice from your mother will turn out to be very helpful for you.

Remedy: Wear Arand/Eranda Mool (Root) to receive the blessings of Venus/Lord Shukra.


For Pisceans, Venus maintains lordship over their third and eighth house, and with its transit in Aquarius, will enter your twelfth house. This duration will bring an increase in your expenses. While some of these spendings will be over unnecessary tasks, others will be concerning your individual comforts. Moving in the same vein, you may also have to spend some money on or due to your in-laws.

Moreover, your siblings can also ask for financial help from you. All these will directly affect your economic front. Sudden trips are also on the cards for natives born under this sign, but these will not be favourable for you. Health issues are indicated for Pisceans, in this duration. Therefore, you should keep an eye on your diet and remain prepared before going on any journey to avoid any inconvenience. There are strong possibilities of your siblings going abroad, or to another state for work. You will take pleasure in luxury, but need to remain cautious of your opponents because they will remain active at this time. Keep your behaviour with women cordial, because if they get upset with you, then that can cause many problems for you. This transit period can bring you possibilities of being a part of a function in your in-laws' house.

Remedy: Donate sugar candy (mishri) every Friday for exclusive benefits.

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